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About Peter Burgess


Location Merstham. Or is it Godstone ...... ?
Website www.wcms.org.uk
Occupation Complete Amateur Historian
Joined 01/07/2008
Posts 2021 [View Posts]

Peter Burgess's Workplaces

It would appear that Peter Burgess has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by Peter Burgess

Aberaman Colliery Archive Album
Aberbaiden Colliery Archive Album
Alsó-Csinger - Coal Mining Museum, Ajka User Album
Amberley Archive Album
Archer Wood Archive Album
Backways Cove User Album
Bagalow User Album
Bargoed Colliery Archive Album
Barnhill Archive Album
Basset User Album
Betchworth Archive Album
Blackpatch Hill Archive Album
Blue Hills User Album
Botallack User Album
Brecon Forest Tramroad User Album
Bridford Archive Album
Brightling Archive Album
Britannia User Album
Brockham Archive Album
Bryn Colliery Archive Album
Budd's Copse Minepits Archive Album
BUSY (GREAT) User Album
Butterley Ironworks User Album
Bwamaen User Album
Bwllfa No2 Archive Album
Caerau User Album
Cambrian Colliery No 1, 2 & 4 Archive Album
Camden Park Archive Album
Cannock Chase 1, 3, 7, 8 Archive Album
Glyn Valley Archive Album
Carnarvon New Archive Album
Caroline User Album
Chaldon Firestone Quarries User Album
Chilmead Farm Fullers Earth Archive Album
Cissbury User Album
Clydach Merthyr Colliery Archive Album
Coegnant Archive Album
Colley Hill Hearthstone Mine Archive Album
Colley Hill Hearthstone Mine User Album
Conglog User Album
Crawstone Level Archive Album
Crowhurst Archive Album
Croydon Merstham and Godstone Iron Railway User Album
Cwmcorrin User Album
Dansing Ledge Archive Album
Dare Colliery Archive Album
De Lank Archive Album
Devon Great Consols Archive Album
Dolcoath User Album
Ferndale Archive Album
Frinsted Archive Album
Garreg Fawr User Album
Garreg Fawr User Album
Garw Colliery Archive Album
Geevor Archive Album
GILSONS COVE Archive Album
Glamorgan Archive Album
Godstone Village Archive Album
Graig Merthyr Colliery Archive Album
Hammond's Wood Minepits Archive Album
Honister Archive Album
Ingleton User Album
JENKIN User Album
Jug Holes User Album
Kilmar Tor User Album
King Edward User Album
Kitty User Album
Lanterdan User Album
Levant Archive Album
Levant User Album
Liskeard and Caradon Railway Archive Album
Maerdy Archive Album
Magpie User Album
Maindy Archive Album
Merstham Archive Album
Middleton Limestone Mine Archive Album
Morse's Level Archive Album
Mouldridge User Album
Mount Wellington Archive Album
Nenthead Archive Album
Nentsberry Haggs User Album
Newbridge Furnace User Album
New Phoenix Archive Album
Noddings Farm Minepits Archive Album
Oxted Archive Album
Penallta Archive Album
Pentewan User Album
Penyrorsedd Archive Album
Poldice Archive Album
Redruth and Chacewater Archive Album
Seacombe Archive Album
Snowdon Brittania User Album
South Crofty Archive Album
South Wheal Francis User Album
St. Johns Colliery Archive Album
Stream Furnace User Album
Swanage Archive Album
Taynton Archive Album
The Grove (Rusper) Minepits Archive Album
The Hawth Minepits User Album
The Hooketts Archive Album
Tilly Whim Archive Album
TOLGUS Archive Album
TREWAVAS Archive Album
UNITY WOOD Archive Album
Upper Silica User Album
Úrkút Csárdahegy User Album
Úrkút User Album
Waldron Furnace Archive Album
Wellhope Archive Album
West Somerset Mineral Archive Album
Wet Earth User Album
Wheal Jane Archive Album
Windber Archive Album
Winning User Album
Winspit Archive Album
Witton Hall Archive Album
Worth Forest Furnace User Album
Wotherton Archive Album
Wren's nest Archive Album
Mines added by Peter Burgess

Alsó-Csinger Coal Museum
Amberley Chalk Pit
Ardingly Furnace Iron Smelter
Arundel Holt Minepits Iron Mine
Ashburnham Furnace Iron Smelter
Ashurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Backways Cove Slate Quarry
Bagalow Slate Quarry
Baker's Pit Iron Mine
Balneath Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Barden Furnace Iron Smelter
Barkfold Furnace Iron Smelter
Batsford Furnace Iron Smelter
Bearah Tor Granite Quarry
Bearland Wood Iron Mine
Beckley Furnace Iron Smelter
Bedgebury Furnace Iron Smelter
Bedgebury Minepits Iron Mine
Beech Furnace Iron Smelter
Benzell's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Benzell's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Betchworth Chalk Pit
Beverton Iron Trial
Bewbush Furnace Iron Smelter
Biddenden Hammer Mill Iron Smelter
Blackfold Furnace Iron Smelter
Blackland Iron Mine
Blunden's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Boarzell Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Boothland Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Bough Beech Furnace Iron Smelter
Boxalland Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Brambletye High Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Brambletye Minepit Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Brecon Forest Tramroad Coal Tramway
Brede Furnace Iron Smelter
Bridge Reeds Minepits Iron Mine
Broadfield Minepits Iron Mine
Broadhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Brockham Chalk Pit
Brookgate Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Broomfield Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Buckholt Forge Iron Smelter
Buckland Chalk Pit
Budd's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Bullocks Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Bungehurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Burningfold Furnace Iron Smelter
Bush Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Bushman's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Bwamaen Silica Mine
California Iron Mine
Cansiron Forge Iron Smelter
Glyn Valley Clay Quarry
Carew Iron Mine
Carnarvon New Iron Mine
Carnarvon Old Iron Mine
Caroline Slate Quarry
Catsfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Chaldon Firestone Other Rock Quarry
Chilmead Farm Fullers Earth Other Rock Pit
Chingley Furnace Iron Smelter
Chittingly Furnace Iron Smelter
Clayhill Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Colehook Common Minepits Iron Mine
Colley Hill Hearthstone Other Rock Mine
Colley Hill Whiting Chalk Pit
Colton Iron Mine
Coombe Furnace Iron Smelter
Coombe Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Copygrove Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Coushopley Furnace Iron Smelter
Cowbeech Furnace Iron Smelter
Cowfold Furnace Iron Smelter
Crippenden Minepits Iron Mine
Crowborough Warren Furnace Iron Smelter
Crowhurst Brickworks Clay Pit
Crowhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Croydon Merstham and Godstone Iron Railway
Cuckfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Cwmcorrin Silica Mine
Dale Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Dane Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Darfold Furnace Iron Smelter
Darwell Furnace Iron Smelter
Dedisham Furnace Iron Smelter
Denyards Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Derby's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Dickhurst Great Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Dorking Chalk Pit
Dria Slate Quarry
Dundle Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Durrant's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Ebernoe Furnace Iron Smelter
Eisen Hill Iron Mine
Elworthy Iron Mine
Eridge Furnace Iron Smelter
Ewhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Ewood Furnace Iron Smelter
Faygate Forest Minepits Iron Mine
Fernhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Fernhurst Furnace Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Fernhurst Furnace Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Fernhurst Minepits Iron Mine
Fertorákos Limestone Quarry
Florey Hill Iron Mine
Fore Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Fowlshatch Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Foxhole Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Frillinghurst Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Frith Furnace Iron Smelter
Frith Furnace Iron Smelter
Frith Minepits Iron Mine
Fuller's Shaw Minepits Iron Mine
Fulwick Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Furnace Moor Minepits Iron Mine
Garreg Fawr Iron Mine
Gasson Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Gerrards Rough Minepits Iron Mine
Gillow Slate Quarry
Glaziers Minepits Iron Mine
Godstone Firestone Other Rock Quarry
Godstone Village Sand/Gravel Pit
Gosden Furnace Iron Smelter
Gospelgreen Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Gotwick Farm Minepits Iron Mine
Gravetye Furnace Iron Smelter
Gupworthy Old Iron Mine
Gupworthy New Iron Mine
Hambledon Hurst Minepits Iron Mine
Hambledon Minepit Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Hammond's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Hamsell Furnace Iron Smelter
Haselden Minepits Iron Mine
Hawkhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Hawksden Forge Iron Smelter
Heathfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Hendall Furnace Iron Smelter
Henley Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Henly Furnace Iron Smelter
Heron's Ghyll Minepit Wood Iron Mine
High Birch Hill Minepits Iron Mine
High Field Row Minepits Iron Mine
Highland Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Hogs Hill Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Holes Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Holmbush Forest Minepits Iron Mine
Holmen's Grove Minepits Iron Mine
Home Wood Minepits, Gotwick Iron Mine
Hopkiln Reeds Minepits Iron Mine
Horsmonden Furnace Iron Smelter
Horsted Keynes Furnace Iron Smelter
Houndsell Minepits Iron Mine
Huggetts Furnace Iron Smelter
Ifield Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Imbhams Furnace Iron Smelter
Iridge Furnace Iron Smelter
Iron Plat Furnace Iron Smelter
Jay's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Kennesome Hill Iron Mine
Killinghurst Great Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Kilmar Railway
Kilmar Tor Granite Quarry
Knepp Furnace Iron Smelter
Lambels Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Lamberhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Lamb's Brickworks Clay Pit
Lambshouse and Gull Point Slate Quarry
Lancecombe Iron Mine
Langham Hill Iron Mine
Langley Furnace Iron Smelter
Lanterdan Slate Quarry
Leazers Wood Ironpits Iron Mine
Lily Beds Minepits Iron Mine
Liskeard and Caradon Railway
Little Forge Iron Smelter
Liveroxhill Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Lluest and Tongylfach Silica Mine
Lodge Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Long Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Long Down Flint Mine
Long Grass Slate Quarry
Longshaw Minepits Iron Mine
Lord's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Lothbrook Iron Mine
Lower Common Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Luckyard Wood Iron Trial
Lurgashall Furnace Iron Smelter
Marchants Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Maresfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Markly Furnace Iron Smelter
Marshalls Furnace Iron Smelter
Mayfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Maynards Gate Furnace Iron Smelter
Merstham Chalk Pit
Milland Furnace Iron Smelter
Mill Place Furnace Iron Smelter
Mountfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Mountfield Gypsum Mine
Netherfield Furnace Iron Smelter
Newbridge Furnace Iron Smelter
Newhouse Great Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Newland Copse Minepits Iron Mine
New Langham Iron Mine
New Phoenix Tin Mine
New Place Furnace Iron Smelter
Nightingale Farm Minepits Iron Mine
Noddings Farm Minepits Iron Mine
Northiam Furnace Iron Smelter
Nutley Marlpits Iron Mine
Oaken Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Oak Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Oldlands Furnace Iron Smelter
Old Mill Furnace Iron Smelter
Orznash Minepits Iron Mine
Owlbeech Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Oxted Chalk Pit
Pallingham Furnace Iron Smelter
Panningridge Furnace Iron Smelter
Parrock Furnace Iron Smelter
Pashley Furnace Iron Smelter
Pashley Pits Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Penhurst Furnace Iron Smelter
Perry Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Pippingford Furnace Iron Smelter
Poldice Tramway
Pond Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Pounsley Furnace Iron Smelter
Quell Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Race Hill Minepits Iron Mine
Raleigh's Cross Iron Mine
Reigate Hill Chalk Pit
Reigate Park Lane Sand/Gravel Mine
Riverhall Furnace Iron Smelter
Robertsbridge Furnace Iron Smelter
Roman Iron Mine
Roundwick Furnace Iron Smelter
Russell's Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Scarlets Furnace Iron Smelter
Scragg Oak Furnace Iron Smelter
Seacombe Limestone Quarry
Selborne Sandstone Quarry
Sharpthorne Brickworks Minepits Iron Mine
Sheepwash Gill Minepits Iron Mine
Sheffield Furnace Iron Smelter
Shillinglee Furnace Iron Smelter
Shoyswell Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Silver Hill Minepits Iron Mine
Singehurst Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Slaugham Furnace Iron Smelter
Smallcombe Bottom Iron Mine
Socknersh Furnace Iron Smelter
Sopers Minepits Iron Mine
Spruce Hill Minepits Iron Mine
St Leonards Lower Furnace Iron Smelter
Stockland Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Stone Furnace Iron Smelter
Stream Furnace Iron Smelter
Stroud Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Strudgate Furnace Iron Smelter
Stumbletts Furnace Iron Smelter
Swanage Limestone Quarry
Target Hill Minepits Iron Mine
Telvet Close Minepits Iron Mine
The Grove (Rusper) Minepits Iron Mine
The Hawth Minepits Iron Mine
The Hooketts Chalk Mine
The Minepits, Colgate Iron Mine
Tickerage Furnace Iron Smelter
Tilgate Furnace Iron Smelter
Tilly Whim Limestone Quarry
Timwood Tunnel Iron Mine
Tinsley Minepits Iron Mine
Tugmore Shaw Minepits Iron Mine
Turner's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Upper Rapelands Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Úrkút Csárdahegy Manganese Mine
Úrkút Manganese Mine
Vachery Furnace Iron Smelter
Vann Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Vauxhall Furnace Iron Smelter
Vauxhall Minepits Iron Mine
Verdley Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Vowells Gill Minepits Iron Mine
Waldron Furnace Iron Smelter
Warbleton Priory Furnace Iron Smelter
Warnham Brickworks Minepits Iron Mine
Warnham Furnace Iron Smelter
Warren Furnace Iron Smelter
Weekfield Iron Mine
Westlands Farm Minepits Iron Mine
West Slate Quarry
West Somerset Mineral Railway
West Stoke Flint Mine
Wet Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Wheal Margaret (Lelant) Tin Mine
Whitter's Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Willard Copse Minepits Iron Mine
Willets Farm Minepits Iron Mine
Windfall Wood Minepits Iron Mine
Winning Coal Colliery
Winspit Limestone Quarry
Witton Hall Salt Mine
Worth Forest Furnace Iron Smelter
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