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Mine Exploration Forum This Week's Topics

Last Post In Forum
Re Use off Images
Posted 22/10/2018 09:22:44 by inbye
Zombies take over Welsh mine|
Posted 22/10/2018 08:10:58 by John_Smith
Mid Wales
Cwmorthin - geology question
Posted 21/10/2018 09:35:44 by dwarrowdelf
North Wales
Bwlch Glas
Posted 20/10/2018 11:32:09 by joso
Mid Wales
Tywarnhayle area.
Posted 19/10/2018 23:53:59 by minexplorer
General Chat
Mallorca Lead Mines
Posted 19/10/2018 22:40:44 by ptpeaty
Bat rabies
Posted 19/10/2018 20:19:15 by John Lawson
General Chat
Warren Moor Iron Mine (mine)
Posted 19/10/2018 12:44:46 by christwigg
North East England
Wazzon Next Week
Posted 18/10/2018 20:49:02 by Karl Marx
North Wales
Western Cyffty via Parc. Anyone been lately?
Posted 18/10/2018 19:19:23 by sinker
North Wales
Mining out in the Nevada desert
Posted 18/10/2018 17:04:59 by Wormster
North America
Rescue in Arizona
Posted 18/10/2018 17:03:21 by Joanne
General Chat
Thursday Nighters - 18th of October
Posted 17/10/2018 15:39:57 by John_Smith
North Wales
North Bute (Montana) copper mine disaster 1917
Posted 17/10/2018 13:57:25 by John_Smith
General Chat
Ystrad Einion
Posted 16/10/2018 20:10:43 by royfellows
Mid Wales
Quarry for sale....
Posted 16/10/2018 18:59:57 by ivortheengine
North Wales
nenthead collapses status ?
Posted 16/10/2018 18:54:28 by TheCret!n
North West England
Hello from Copenhagen
Posted 16/10/2018 11:16:14 by Henryfunk
New recruits!
Wapping Mine/Cumberland Cavern Video
Posted 15/10/2018 22:07:02 by Paul Marvin
Machrihanish Coal Mine
Posted 15/10/2018 20:06:06 by somersetminer
Posted 15/10/2018 19:44:28 by somersetminer
South West England
Mines of Gwydyr Forest - reduced price
Posted 15/10/2018 15:14:31 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Mines in Northern Greece
Posted 15/10/2018 12:06:55 by Moorebooks
General Chat
Thursday Nighters 4th October
Posted 15/10/2018 09:02:13 by Willy Eckerslyke
North Wales
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