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Mine Exploration Forum Random 50 Topics

Topic In Forum
Posted 04/11/2009 22:03:00 by mappakernwick
South West England
Old Maps
Posted 07/06/2013 08:29:36 by lipsi
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Alan Hawkins
Posted 13/10/2011 12:35:27 by Moorebooks
General Chat
any info on this
Posted 19/04/2011 06:54:57 by Boggy
North West England
Visiting UK & have questions
Posted 12/07/2008 01:00:29 by GreyKat
General Chat
Is this a real lamp ?
Posted 14/06/2012 19:18:52 by Aditaddict
General Chat
Valley Works - Rhydymwyn
Posted 27/08/2009 12:35:26 by Vanoord
North Wales
shildon engine house
Posted 10/03/2008 22:27:38 by rodel
North East England
Gas in Cwmorthin?!
Posted 01/07/2013 04:29:51 by Xan_Asmodi
North Wales
Catherine & Jane Consols
Posted 08/05/2010 17:44:20 by Tamarmole
Wealden iron
Posted 19/03/2009 14:31:53 by Peter Burgess
South East England
Abandoned Engineering
Posted 24/05/2018 10:18:04 by crickleymal
General Chat
LED Light - Aldi
Posted 22/04/2011 17:01:23 by Moorebooks
Lamps & Lighting
Mine without photo albums?
Posted 02/11/2009 12:15:47 by rikj
Site Updates, Suggestions & Corrections
Walking Through History
Posted 01/12/2013 23:46:29 by Coggy
North West England
Tanygrisiau greasy spoon
Posted 12/11/2007 12:36:45 by SimonRL
General Chat
Rock from above Cwmorthin
Posted 05/01/2014 14:58:27 by dwarrowdelf
North Wales
New Gold Min for Northen Ireland.
Posted 29/11/2017 09:47:18 by Lister
Northern Ireland
Pentrich - Waterloo Pit at SK392525... Ducks Mark the Spot (photo)
Posted 12/01/2009 15:16:28 by Anji
Posted 16/06/2007 19:28:05 by sparty_lea
General Chat
Winsford on the BBC
Posted 17/02/2016 08:53:01 by AR
North West England
Bolton Family & London Lead Co
Posted 21/02/2015 11:16:01 by catsam
North East England
Slates of Glyn Ceiriog - John Milner
Posted 15/05/2017 00:52:44 by johnny boy
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Keswick MM walk - Hartley Birkett & Nine Standards Mines 30/09/12
Posted 02/03/2012 12:40:13 by John_L
Nangiles Engine Houses/Shaft names/recent use
Posted 11/12/2011 20:28:25 by stuey
South West England
mining-history email list
Posted 24/04/2009 23:47:14 by davel
Mining Heritage
Mining for Metals in Wales, FJ North 1962
Posted 09/01/2008 08:51:22 by Wyn
General Chat
Santa SRT
Posted 23/11/2010 15:35:38 by mcrtchly
SRT Equipment & Training
PETZL equipment safety check videos
Posted 12/09/2007 10:22:33 by Barney
SRT Equipment & Training
Bolts and bolting
Posted 08/05/2010 11:46:10 by Vanoord
SRT Equipment & Training
Thursday Nighters - 29th of September
Posted 29/09/2016 09:01:25 by Willy Eckerslyke
North Wales
Newbee - from Durham
Posted 03/12/2010 19:22:30 by tin head
New recruits!
Posted 20/07/2008 12:12:47 by ICLOK
South West England
Middle Peak Quarry User Album (album)
Posted 21/11/2008 20:59:49 by Mr.C
Posted 30/05/2014 00:24:53 by davel
North Wales
Tin Mine Tavern, Trewellard, Pendeen
Posted 31/05/2015 11:19:00 by jhluxton
South West England
Danby Level Lead Mine - Information Required!
Posted 27/09/2011 11:15:55 by Vanoord
North East England
Mine name
Posted 13/06/2016 20:33:35 by Zac Holland
New recruits!
Thursday Nighters - 6th of September
Posted 05/09/2018 16:35:16 by Willy Eckerslyke
North Wales
Slate Mine near Ysbyty Ifan
Posted 08/08/2016 12:51:01 by Ian A
North Wales
Isle of Man Mines?
Posted 16/09/2016 19:15:47 by Ian A
Middlehope Lead Mine (mine)
Posted 30/01/2018 08:31:55 by Jim MacPherson
North East England
Croesor - Warning, Damaged Equipment - NOW REPAIRED
Posted 09/02/2016 11:00:52 by Ian A
North Wales
Corroded Ali Crab Failure
Posted 07/06/2013 17:11:45 by Mr Mike
SRT Equipment & Training
Books for sale
Posted 09/12/2008 11:41:54 by spitfire
General Chat
Oakeley Slate Mine News
Posted 04/09/2008 15:20:25 by JohnnearCfon
North Wales
Photo Competition Entry 2013. Morlock
Posted 11/08/2013 01:17:36 by Morlock
The 2013 AditNow Photography Competition
Thursday Nighters - 31st Jan 2013
Posted 28/01/2013 15:31:28 by SimonRL
How to clean a Pentax K7.
Posted 11/06/2010 20:45:43 by Earth Worm Jim
Underground Photography & Video
Solving the runoff problem?
Posted 16/07/2012 23:23:45 by carnkie
General Chat
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