Wheal Hermon, in its Lofty Position besides Porth Nanven, c1912

The first of the 20th century reworkings of the mine occured through the somewhat philanthropicefforts of a local man, Henry Francis Olds, who refurbished the mine in its shallow parts and installed a mill in cot valley. This was one of the last mines to be floated for tribute, which was a welcome and familiar custom for the recently discharged miners of Botallack, amongst others.

Sadly the worst often comes to the best of character, and Olds tragically had a fatal accident falling down the main shaft in November 1914. Hermon Hill is incredibly exposed to winter gales, which may have played a factor. The mine struggled on, but through lack of competent management closed once the ore stock piles were exhausted in December 1915.

In this photograph, you can see the ruined remains of the Wheal Rose Stamps and the water leat to Letcha Cliff. During the 1840s this flank of the hill side was known as "Wheal Gallish", "Gallows Work". Maybe this area has a much longer morbid heritage than often appreciated.

This photograph is by Karl Marx and was uploaded February 19th 2019. © Karl Marx please do not copy or distribute without prior express permission.