L and CR Woodhill cutting

This is the L and CR's trackbed at Wood Hill in 1964. Duchy woodland R and the Wood Hill-Crossman's Wood level crossing is ahead, out of sight. In 1964 the crossing gates were still in position, closed after the last train passed in 1917. The Woodland underwent a change of ownership in 2017 and is being actively managed using heavy equipment: the crossing gates with their massive granite hinge posts are long gone. A few stretches of GWR fence strainers and post-and-wire fencing cling on- these were part of an extensive refurbishment of the Caradon Branch from 1909 to at least 1912, by the GWR's Plymouth Divisional Engineer, H D Smith. Smith used secondhand materials displaced from elsewhere in his Division, but even this was of a signficantly better quality than the L and CR's life expired permanent way.

[Revised 13 December 2019]

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