L and CR Granite sleeper block on Minions (Rillaton) Goods Shed siding

This photograph is taken from the 'stop block' end of the goods shed siding - the platform and building would have been about a metre to the right of the photographer - looking down the linking spur line of 1884 which is curving away to the R distance to join the Kilmar Railway and the Kilmar Junction Railway.

Virtually in situ, the sleeper block is drilled for a two-hole chair fixing.

The 1844 L and CR route to Cheesewring Quarry can be traced leading straight into the distance, between the South Phoenix Miners' Dry and the trees surrounding the Mine's Carpenter's Shop and Count House. In the centre mid-distance a Platform associated with the 1844 route (or, possibly, the former Narrow Guage system serving Phoenix United) may be discerned.

[Revised 13 December 2019]

This photograph is by Alec and was uploaded October 28th 2008. © Alec please do not copy or distribute without prior express permission.