Hydraulic Pumping Engine

This shows one of the two hydraulic pumps installed underground at Penrhyn Quarry benaeth Red Lion floor at the level of the main drainage adit. The three-throw pumps lifted from Lady floor. Water was supplied to the pumps from a header tank on Sinc Bach Floor, thence down the Lord balance shaft. The photo is taken from "The Penrhyn Quarry - over 150 years of progress" which was published by the North Wales Chronical in the 1920's. My scan was taken from a surviving copy of the original. The two engines were built by Easton, Amos & Anderson and DeWinton's, although who built which bits and how is open to discussion.

This photograph is by grahami and was uploaded November 15th 2007. © grahami please do not copy or distribute without prior express permission.