How to stop bats getting in your mine.

In about 1943, this area was getting a lot of attention for Wolfram and G.A.P Moorhead opened this shaft up to have a look for the source of wolfram in hedge-stones. He couldn't find it, but the shaft remains pretty much the only one open in the area. Whilst stumbling across this shaft about a year ago, we were surprised to note that the usual wire cone had been wrapped with a tarpaulin. We obviously removed it.

A subsequent trip down the shaft revealed a fair sized stope with evidence of bat excrement and mud bird nests on the shaft walls.

Lord Falmouth has been threatening to do something spectacular with bits of mining land around here and driving past the engine house yesterday, it appears work is finally underway.

Looking at the paperwork on "some" website might indicate that a bat survey was not done. Perhaps the tarpaulin just fell there....

Either way, the plans would suggest this shaft, it's habitat and ventilation are about to be plugged and under "Unit 9". Of yet another bloody industrial estate of empty units.

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