Faggergill (Sloate Hole) circa 1972

I felt obliged to upload at least one of the Series 2(?) LandRover (Miles -M tells me it's a Series 1 (1954 JGM tells me)) that John MacPherson largely re-built and provided the transport for many mine adventure in the late 60's and early 70's, I'll have a scout round OS mapping and see if I can work out where, exactly, on the moor this is (NY988071 seems about right). RWM is shown practising being a long-haired trainee student at the tailgate. The other great joy was the interior heating which was limited to whatever came out of the gearbox/transmission housing in the front of the cab and as the canvas cover wasn't a good insulator, it was very cold in winter.

This photograph was uploaded February 25th 2016 by Jim MacPherson.

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