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About sparty_lea

"There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that do not!"


Ex climber, Ex potholer who found a mine one day and forgot to come out again. Interested in anything to do with rock


Location Weardale Avatar of sparty_lea

Joined 26/04/2007
Posts 551 [View Posts]

sparty_lea's Workplaces

It would appear that sparty_lea has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by sparty_lea

Allen User Album
Almaden Cinnabar User Album
Ashes User Album
Ashgill Field User Album
Barnhill User Album
Barrasford User Album
Bedford United User Album
Birkshead User Album
Bishopley Quarry Archive Album
Bixslade Stoneworks User Album
Blackett Level User Album
Bollihope User Album
Boltsburn User Album
Botallack User Album
Boulby User Album
Brandon Walls User Album
Broadsike User Album
Broadwood Archive Album
Broadwood User Album
Brownley Hill Mine User Album
Buckden Gavel User Album
Bunton Level User Album
Burtree Pasture User Album
Cae Coch User Album
Calvert User Album
Cambokeels Archive Album
Cambokeels User Album
Caradon Quarry. User Album
Carricks User Album
Carrock User Album
Carr's Level User Album
Chopwell Colliery Archive Album
Clargillhead User Album
Cligga Head User Album
Closehouse User Album
Cobblers Venture Archive Album
Copt Hill User Album
Corrantee User Album
Cowgreen User Album
Cranecleugh User Album
Crarae Archive Album
Crookburn User Album
Cupola User Album
Cwm Ciprwth User Album
Cwmorthin User Album
Cwmorthin Surface Workings And Surroundings
Deepcleugh User Album
Deepgrove Wyke User Album
Easdale User Album
Eastgate Archive Album
Eastgate User Album
EDWARD User Album
Fell End Low User Album
Flinty User Album
Florence User Album
Flow Edge Drift User Album
Force Garth User Album
Forcett User Album
Friar's Goose Archive Album
Geevor User Album
Glendalough User Album
Great Orme (Penmorfa) 15/06/2008
Great Sleddale User Album
Greenfoot User Album
Greenhurth User Album
Greenlaws User Album
Greenside User Album
Greystone Quarry User Album
Groverake Archive Album
Groverake User Album
Haltwhistle to Alston Mineral User Album
Hamsterley John User Album
Harden User Album
Harehope Gill User Album
Harehope User Album
Harnisha Burn User Album
Harsondale Cleugh User Album
Harthope Bank User Album
Hartside User Album
Heights User Album
Hilton User Album
hodbarrow User Album
Honister User Album
Hopewell Colliery User Album
Hownes Gill Quarry User Album
Hudeshope West User Album
Keepershield User Album
Kelly User Album
Kettleness User Album
Killhope User Album
Knoydart User Album
Lady's Rake User Album
Lanehead User Album
Lintzgarth User Album
Little Gill User Album
Lochaline User Album
Lodgesike User Album
Loop Wyke User Album
Low Skears User Album
Pikedaw User Album
Marsden Archive Album
Marsden User Album
Merrifield User Album
Michaelley Syke User Album
Middlecleugh User Album
Mootlaw User Album
Mousethwaite User Album
Murton User Album
Nenthead User Album
Nentsberry Haggs User Album
Newbiggin User Album
Newlandside User Album
New Mill at Langthwaite User Album
Priscilla Level User Album
racketgill User Album
Rampgill Firestone Level User Album
Rampgill User Album
Reahope Burn Level User Album
Red Vein Level User Album
Rhosydd User Album
Rogerley User Album
Rotherhope Fell User Album
Round Hill User Album
Scaleburn Vein (Mine)
Settlingstones User Album
Shap Pink User Album
Sharnberry User Album
Sidehead User Album
Sikehead User Album
Sipton User Album
Skears User Album
Skelton Park User Album
Slitt User Album
Smallcleugh Archive Album
Smallcleugh User Album
South Skelton User Album
Stanhopeburn User Album
St Lawrence Archive Album
Stotsfield burn User Album
St Peter's Archive Album
St Peter's User Album
Strontian Archive Album
Strontian User Album
Stublick User Album
Surrender User Album
Swinhopehead User Album
Swinhope User Album
Threlkeld User Album
Threlkeld Quarry User Album
Thringarth User Album
Turners Archive Album
Tyndrum User Album
Tynebottom User Album
UNY User Album
Walltown Archive Album
Washington F Pit User Album
West Rigg User Album
Wheal Coates User Album
Wheal Owles User Album
Wiregill User Album
Woodhorn User Album
Wythburn User Album
Yorkshire silverband User Album
Mines added by sparty_lea

Aislaby Jet Mine
Aldermoor Clay Mine
Alma Coal Mine
Anstey Chalk Quarry
Antron Hill Granite Quarry
Apsley Chalk Quarry
Arbour Low Calcite Mine
Ardale Head Iron Mine
Arne Clay Quarry
Arreton Chalk Quarry
Ashes Limestone Quarry
Ashgill Field Lead Mine
Ayle Burn Zinc Mine
Ayle Colliery Coal Mine
Backdale Minerals Fluorite Quarry
Balcombe Chalk Quarry
Bankhead Clay Mine
Bantycock Gypsum Mine
Bardon Hill Limestone Quarry
Barhaugh Colliery Coal Mine
Barnhill Sandstone Quarry
Barrasford Whinstone Quarry
Barrington Chalk Quarry
Barrow Gypsum Mine
Barton Mills Chalk Quarry
Bashamere North Level Iron Mine
Beacon Hill Chalk Quarry
Bedford United Copper Mine
Bedwell Chalk Quarry
Beer Chalk Quarry
Beldon Lead Mine
Billing Shield Fluorite Mine
Birkshead Gypsum Mine
Bixslade Stoneworks Sandstone Factory
Blackett Level Lead Mine
Blackpool Clay Quarry
Blagill Lead Mine
Blakelow Lane Fluorite Quarry
Blantyre Clay Mine
Blodwel Other Rock Quarry
Bodelva Clay Quarry
Bollihope Limestone Quarry
Bolton Hill Other Rock Quarry
Boltsburn Lead Mine
Borthwick Other Rock Quarry
Bosahan Granite Quarry
Boulby Alum Shale Quarry
Bradgate Other Rock Quarry
Bramling Limeworks Chalk Quarry
Brandon Walls Lead Mine
Breckonsike Mine Lead Mine
Brightling Gypsum Mine
Broadway Clay Quarry
Broadwood Limestone Quarry
Buckden Gavel Lead Mine
Builth Other Rock Quarry
Burtree Pasture Lead Mine
Butser Hill Chalk Quarry
Cabbish Baryte Mine
Caer Glaw Granite Quarry
Caistor St Edmunds Chalk Quarry
Calvert Lead Mine
Cambokeels Lead Mine
Cashwell Lead Mine
Castle Acre Chalk Quarry
Castle Drift Coal Mine
Castlegate Lane Fluorite Quarry
Caughley Clay Quarry
Chalk Farm Chalk Quarry
Chalto Chalk Quarry
Chance Fluorite Mine
Charnwood Other Rock Quarry
Cheverton Chalk Quarry
Chinnor Cement Works Chalk Quarry
Chopwell Colliery Coal Mine
Chywoon Granite Quarry
Clarghyll Colliery Coal Mine
Clargillhead Lead Mine
Claydon Lime Chalk Quarry
Clay Lane Clay Quarry
Clee Hill Other Rock Quarry
Cliffe Chalk Quarry
Cliffe Hill Granite Quarry
Closehouse Baryte Mine
Cocking Chalk Quarry
Cocknowle Chalkpit Chalk Quarry
Codicote Chalk Quarry
Copt Hill Whinstone Quarry
Corrantee Lead Mine
Courtmoor Clay Quarry
Coves Lead Mine
Cowhorse Lead Mine
Cragmill Whinstone Quarry
Craighouse Other Rock Quarry
Cranecleugh Sandstone Quarry
Crarae Granite Quarry
Cresswell Part Fluorite Quarry
Cresswell Parts Fluorite Quarry
Croft Other Rock Quarry
Crookburn Lead Shaft
Crooked Bridge Vein Level Lead Mine
Crundale Limeworks Chalk Quarry
Dean Valley Chalk Quarry
Deepgrove Wyke Jet Mine
Denistone Clay Quarry
Detling Chalk Quarry
Devis Hole Lead Mine
Dirtlow Rake Calcite Quarry
Divethill Whinstone Quarry
Dog and Gun Clay Quarry
Donington Island Clay Quarry
Dorey''s Clay Quarry
Dorothy Clay Quarry
Douks Lead Mine
Downend Chalk Quarry
Drumshangie Coal Mine
Dry Gill Lead Mine
Dufton Fell Baryte Mine
Duncton Chalk Chalk Quarry
Dun Fell Iron Mine
Dunton Green Chalk Quarry
Duxmore Chalk Quarry
Eastgate Limestone Quarry
East Grinstead Chalk Quarry
Edwin Richards Whinstone Quarry
Ellington Colliery Coal Mine
Fauld Gypsum Mine
Flinty Sandstone Quarry
Florence Iron Mine
Flow edge Lead Mine
Follonsby Coal Mine
Force Garth Whinstone Quarry
Forcett Limestone Quarry
Foss Baryte Mine
Friar's Goose Coal Mine
Frilsham Chalk Quarry
Furzeyground Clay Quarry
Galligill Sike Lead Mine
Garesfield Coal Mine
Garnwen Other Rock Quarry
Ghyll Scar Other Rock Quarry
Ghyll Scaur Other Rock Quarry
Glebe Clay Quarry
Goonbarrow Clay Quarry
Goonvean Clay Quarry
Great Blakenham Chalk Quarry
Great Longstone Clay Quarry
Greenfoot Whinstone Quarry
Greenlaws Lead Mine
Greensplat Clay Quarry
Greenwich Chalk Quarry
Greys Pit Chalk Quarry
Groby Other Rock Quarry
Groverake Fluorite Mine
Great Wheal Prosper Clay Mine
Gunheath Clay Quarry
Gwyndy Granite Quarry
Hagdale Chrome Quarry
Harden Other Rock Quarry
Hard Rigg Edge Lead Mine
Harehope Gill Lead Mine
Harehope Gill Lead Mine
Harehope Limestone Quarry
Harnisha Burn Lead Mine
Harrowbank Limestone Quarry
Harsondale Cleugh Coal Mine
Hartside Baryte Mine
Hawkpost Clay Quarry
Headon Clay Quarry
Healeyfield Lead Mine
Hegdale Chalk Quarry
Heights Limestone Quarry
Hengae Other Rock Quarry
High Hundybridge Level Lead Mine
High Nest Iron Mine
High Sedling Fluorite Mine
High Smithstone Clay Mine
Hillington Chalk Quarry
Hilton Lead Mine
Hindhay Chalk Quarry
Hodbarrow Iron Mine
Hollywell Lead Mine
Hope Level Fluorite Mine
Hopewell Colliery Coal Mine
Howick Whinstone Quarry
Hownes Gill Quarry Sandstone Mine
Hudeshope West Fluorite Mine
Huggate Chalk Quarry
Hunter's Vein Lead Mine
Hurlet Alum Shale Mine
Hurstbourne Priors Chalk Quarry
Indian Queens Granite Quarry
Ivinghoe Chalk Quarry
John Acres Lane Clay Quarry
Keepershield Whinstone Quarry
Kensworth Chalk Quarry
Kessel Downs Granite Quarry
Ketley Brook Clay Mine
Kettleness Alum Shale Mine
Killhope Lead Mine
Kilvington Gypsum Mine
Kingsclere Chalkpit Chalk Quarry
Knapside Lead Mine
Knapton Chalk Quarry
Knoydart Mica Mine
Lampart Lane Fluorite Quarry
Lanehead Limestone Quarry
Langtae Head Lead Mine
Lean Whinstone Quarry
Lease Rigg Whinstone Mine
Leaton Whinstone Quarry
Lee Moor Complex Clay Quarry
Levelgate Lead Mine
Littlejohns Clay Quarry
Lochaline Silica Mine
Lodgegill Lead Mine
Lolly Scar Mine Lead Mine
Longcleugh Mine Lead Mine
Long Fell Baryte Mine
Longhoughton Whinstone Quarry
Long Meg Gypsum Mine
Longriggs Gypsum Mine
Longstone Clay Quarry
Loop Wyke Jet Mine
Lower Froyle Chalk Quarry
Low Fulwood Lead Mine
Lund Chalk Quarry
Mainband Colliery Coal Mine
Mancetter Whinstone Quarry
Mansgate Hill Chalk Quarry
Marblaegis Gypsum Mine
Marley Hill Coal Mine
Marsden Limestone Mine
Mauricewood Iron Mine
Medomsley colliery Coal Mine
Melbur Clay Quarry
Meldon Other Rock Quarry
Melton Ross Chalk Quarry
Melton Whiting Works Chalk Quarry
Mere Chalk Quarry
Merrifield Lead Mine
Merrivale Granite Quarry
Michaelley Syke Lead Mine
Middlehay Fluorite Quarry
Middle Mill Other Rock Quarry
Milkwellburn Coal Mine
Milldam Fluorite Mine
Milltown Fluorite Quarry
Minffordd Other Rock Quarry
Mohopehead Lead Mine
Monk Sherbourne Chalk Quarry
Moons Hill Other Rock Quarry
Mootlaw Limestone Quarry
Moss Rake Calcite Quarry
Moss Rake East Calcite Quarry
Mountsorrel Granite Quarry
Mousethwaite Lead Mine
Murrayshall Whinstone Quarry
Murton Lead Mine
Nanhoron Granite Quarry
Nassington Clay Quarry
Needham Chalk Quarry
Nettleton Bottom Chalk Quarry
Newbarn Chalk Quarry
Newbiggin Gypsum Mine
Newbridge Clay Quarry
New England Whinstone Quarry
Newtimber Chalk Quarry
Ninebanks Level Lead Mine
No 11 Clay Mine
No 5 and No6 Clay Mine
Norden No 6 Clay Mine
Northfield Whinstone Quarry
Northfleet Chalk Quarry
Northgate Level Iron Mine
North Ormsby Chalk Quarry
Northrigg Clay Mine
Old Cliffe Hill Other Rock Quarry
Old Fall Lead Mine
Osmondcroft Drift Coal Mine
Oxlee Clay Quarry
Oxted Chalk Chalk Quarry
Park Burn Fluorite Mine
Park Clay Quarry
Park Iron Mine
Partridge Hall Chalk Quarry
Paulsgrove Chalk Quarry
Peace Wood Clay Quarry
Penhale Clay Quarry
Penlee Other Rock Quarry
Pike Hall Lane Fluorite Quarry
Pinden Chalk Quarry
Plascwrt Other Rock Quarry
Playhatch Chalk Quarry
Povington Clay Quarry
Queensgate Chalk Quarry
Quidhampton Chalk Quarry
Quilkiestone Other Rock Mine
Rampgill Lead Mine
Reahope Burn Level Lead Mine
Red Vein Level Lead Mine
Renwick Copper Mine
Rhyndaston Other Rock Quarry
Ringslade Clay Quarry
Riplingham Chalk Quarry
Rispey Iron Mine
Rocks Clay Quarry
Rogerley Limestone Quarry
Ropley Chalk Quarry
Rostowrack Clay Quarry
Round Hill Sandstone Quarry
Rowling Chalkpit Chalk Quarry
Sacheveral Lane Fluorite Quarry
Selset Limestone Quarry
Settlingstones Witherite Mine
Shap Blue Granite Quarry
Shap Pink Granite Quarry
Shapwick Grange Chalk Quarry
Shaugh Moor Clay Quarry
Sheepwalks Witherite Mine
Shibden No 2 Clay Mine
Shildon Lead Mine
Shillingstone Chalk Quarry
Shorewell Chalkpit Chalk Quarry
Sidehead Limestone Quarry
Sil Howe Whinstone Mine
Silverband Baryte Mine
Silverdikes Level Lead Mine
Sipton Lead Mine
Skears Limestone Quarry
Slinter Top Baryte Quarry
Smalldale Head Fluorite Quarry
Sombourne Lime Chalk Quarry
Southacre Longmarsh Clay Quarry
South Ferriby Chalk Quarry
South Medomsley Coal Mine
South Tanfield Coal Mine
South Thoresby Chalk Quarry
Springwell Coal Mine
Springwell Sandstone Quarry
Stannon Clay Quarry
Steeple Morden Chalk Quarry
St Lawrence Coal Mine
Stockleigh Moor Clay Quarry
Stotsfield burn Fluorite Mine
Stover Clay Quarry
St Peter's Lead Mine
Strontian Baryte Mine
Stubbs Level Fluorite Mine
Sundrum Other Rock Mine
Swathbeck Lead Mine
Swinburne Whinstone Quarry
Swinescaif Chalk Quarry
Swinhopehead Lead Mine
Swinhope Lead Mine
Taflins Chalk Quarry
Tanfield Lea Coal Mine
Tarring Neville Chalk Quarry
Tearsall Farm Fluorite Quarry
Tetford Hill Chalk Quarry
Thorngreen Limestone Quarry
Threlkeld Side Baryte Mine
Thringarth Limestone Quarry
Tonfannau Other Rock Quarry
Totternhoe Chalk Quarry
Tows Bank Colliery Coal Mine
Trefor Granite Quarry
Trelavour Clay Quarry
Trenoweth Granite Quarry
Trevassick Other Rock Quarry
Treviscoe Clay Quarry
Trigon Hill Clay Quarry
Turners Whinstone Quarry
Twizell Coal Mine
Ulceby Vale Chalk Quarry
Virginia Clay Quarry
Wager Burn Lead Mine
Walltown Whinstone Quarry
Wardley Coal Colliery
Warren Farm Chalk Quarry
Washington Chalk Quarry
Watersaw Fluorite Mine
Waterswallows Whinstone Quarry
Westbeare Clay Quarry
Westbury Chalk Quarry
Westernhope New Lead Mine
Westernhope Old Lead Mine
West Pelton Coal Mine
West Rigg Iron Quarry
Wheal Martyn Clay Mine
Wheal Remfry Clay Mine
Whitecleaves Whinstone Quarry
White Lead Mine
Whiteparish Chalk Quarry
White Pit Clay Quarry
White Rake Baryte Quarry
Whitesmith Lead Mine
Whitfield Brow Lead Mine
Whittle Coal Mine
Whitwick Other Rock Quarry
Willerby Chalk Quarry
Windegg Lead Mine
Woodlands Level Baryte Mine
Wooladon Clay Quarry
Wrytree Coal Mine
Yetwen Other Rock Quarry
Yew Tree Lead Mine
Yorkshire silverband Lead Mine
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