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About Jimbo

""PDHMS, WMRG, DCC, Welsh Mines Society, Northern Mines Research Group, Nenthead Mines Society and General Forum Gobshite!""


It''''''''s grim ooop North!!!


Location Ooop North Avatar of Jimbo

Website www.mine-explorer.co.uk (Admin)
Occupation Engineer (Heavy Civils)
Joined 30/03/2007
Posts 431 [View Posts]

Jimbo's Workplaces

It would appear that Jimbo has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Mines added by Jimbo

Apedale Lead Smelt Mill
Ailesbury Iron Mine
Aysdalegate Iron Mine
Ayton Banks Iron Mine
Ayton Iron Mine
Barwick Whinstone Quarry
Bathhurst's Lead Smelt Mill
Beckhole Iron Mine
Beldi Hill Lead Smelt Mill
Belmont Iron Mine
Belnahua Slate Quarry
Billingham Anhydrite Mine
Bird's Iron Mine
Birks Lead Smelt Mill
Birtley Iron Mine
Blakethwaite Lead Smelt Mill
Blea Hill Rigg Whinstone Quarry
Bolam Whinstone Quarry
Bobscar Lead Smelt Mill
Bolton Gill Lead Smelt Mill
Boosbeck Iron Mine
Boulby Iron Mine
Boulby Potash Mine
Burton Lead Smelt Mill
Brandy Bottle Incline Lead Mine
Brotton Iron Mine
Buckden High Lead Smelt Mill
Carlin How Iron Mine
Cat Beck Iron Trial
Chaloner Iron Mine
Cliffe Iron Mine
Cliff Rigg Whinstone Quarry
Clints New Lead Smelt Mill
Clints Old Lead Smelt Mill
Coate Moor Iron Mine
Coatham Stob Whinstone Quarry
Cobscar Lead Smelt Mill
Cold Moor Iron Trial
Commondale Iron Mine
Cragg's Hall Iron Mine
Cupola Lead Smelt Mill
Dolly Level Lead Mine
Ellerton Lead Smelt Mill
Eskdale Iron Mine
Esk Valley Iron Mine
Eston Iron Mine
Farndale Iron Mine
Fryup Iron Mine
Gaunless Lead Smelt Mill
Glaisdale Iron Mine
Glaisdale Whinstone Quarry
Goathland Whinstone Quarry
Slacks Whinstone Quarry
Gribdale Whinstone Quarry
Grinkle Iron Mine
Grovebeck Lead Smelt Mill
Haggs Iron Mine
Hartforth Lead Smelt Mill
Hay's Iron Mine
Hob Hill Iron Mine
Hollins Iron Mine
Holly Gill Iron Mine
Houghton (Mines Rescue) Other Rock Mine
Howl Sike Whinstone Quarry
Grinton How Lead Smelt Mill
Huntcliffe Iron Mine
Hunter's Scar Jet Mine
Hutton Iron Mine
Keld Heads Lead Smelt Mill
Keldside Lead Smelt Mill
Kettleness Iron Mine
Kettleness Jet Mine
Kilton Iron Mine
Kirkleatham Iron Mine
Langbaurgh Whinstone Quarry
Langley Lead Smelt Mill
Lease Rigg Iron Mine
Lego City Gold Mine
Levisham Iron Mine
Lingdale Iron Mine
Lintzgarth Lead Smelt Mill
Liverton Iron Mine
Loftus Iron Mine
Long Acres Iron Mine
Lonsdale Vale Iron Mine
Lounsdale Whinstone Quarry
Lownathwaite Lead Smelt Mill
Lumpsey Iron Mine
Marrick High Lead Smelt Mill
Middleton Tyas Copper Smelt Mill
Moulds Low Lead Smelt Mill
Moulds Old Lead Smelt Mill
New Mill at Langthwaite Lead Smelt Mill
New Lead Smelt Mill
Normanby Iron Mine
North Loftus Iron Mine
North Skelton Iron Mine
Nunthorpe Whinstone Quarry
Octagon Lead Smelt Mill
Old Gang Lead Smelt Mill
Ormesby Iron Mine
Pike Hill Whinstone Quarry
Port Mulgrave Iron Mine
Preston Lead Smelt Mill
Raithwaite Iron Mine
Rookhope Old Lead Smelt Mill
Roseberry Iron Mine
Rosedale East Iron Mine
Rosedale West Iron Mine
Sandsend Iron Mine
Sargill Lead Smelt Mill
Scale Cross Whinstone Quarry
Schofield Green End Whinstone Quarry
Scott's Lead Smelt Mill
Sir Thomas Wharton's High Lead Smelt Mill
Sir Thomas Wharton's Low Lead Smelt Mill
Skelton Iron Mine
Skelton Park Iron Mine
Skinningrove Iron Mine
Slapewath Iron Mine
Sleights Bridge Iron Mine
Slei Gill Lead Smelt Mill
Snotterdale Jet Mine
South Skelton Iron Mine
Spa Iron Mine
Spawood Iron Mine
Spout Gill Lead Smelt Mill
Stainton Moor Lead Smelt Mill
Stainton Whinstone Quarry
Stanghow Iron Mine
Stanhope Lead Smelt Mill
Stoney Marl Moor Ganister Quarry
Summer Lodge Lead Smelt Mill
Surrender Lead Smelt Mill
Swinnergill Lead Smelt Mill
Tocketts Iron Mine
Upleatham Iron Mine
Upsall Pit Iron Mine
Waitwith Lead Smelt Mill
Warren Moor Iron Mine
Washton Copper Smelt Mill
Waterfall Iron Mine
Watergate Lead Smelt Mill
Watersykes Level Lead Mine
West Mire Howe Whinstone Quarry
Whitecliffe Iron Mine
Whitehall Pit Iron Mine
Wilton Iron Mine
Wintergill Iron Mine
Witham Hall Whinstone Quarry
Wood End Whinstone Quarry
Wreckhills Iron Mine
Woodsmith Potash Mine
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