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About LAP

" Kein geneis kanaf - Cain gnais canaf Byt vndyd mwyhaf - byth onddyth moyav Lliaws a bwyllaf - Líows o boylav Ac a bryderaf - ac o boryddarav Kyfarchaf y veird byt - covarcav yr vairth Pryt nam dyweid - poryth na'm dowaith Py gynheil y byt - Pa gonail y byth Na syrch yn eissywyt - na soroc yn eishoyth Neur byt bei syrchei - nour byth bai sorochai "


Hello - I'm interested in more or less anything industrial, or to do with caves - both underground and surface. Favourite spots would have to be:


Location Somewhere between Carnforth/Carn-Ffyrdd, and Milnthorpe. Avatar of LAP

Website http://lapsphotos.fotopic.net/
Occupation Biologist (in the future...) or Linguist?
Joined 04/02/2007
Posts 1199 [View Posts]

LAP's Workplaces

It would appear that LAP has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by LAP

Aberllefenni User Album
Ailsa Craig User Album
Arcow User Album
Argyle User Album
Banks Archive Album
Banks User Album
Barmouth User Album
Barony Archive Album
Barony User Album
Bellver User Album
Betsy Crag User Album
Birkside Gill User Album
Black Hole (Cathedral Cavern) Archive Album
Black Hole (Cathedral Cavern) User Album
Black Hole User Album
Blue User Album
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Brock Barrow User Album
Buferrera User Album
Bumesha Bay User Album
Burlington Archive Album
Burlington User Album
Burtersett User Album
Cae Coch User Album
Caiston Glen Trial User Album
Caplecleugh High Level User Album
Carnglaze User Album
Carrick Du User Album
Cartmell Fell User Album
Castle Crag User Album
Caudale User Album
Caw User Album
Cill Airne/Killarney User Album
Common Wood User Album
Coniston User Album
Corrie Lower User Album
Corrie Upper User Album
Cove User Album
Crookhaven User Album
Cwm Eigiau Archive Album
Cwmorthin Archive Album
Cwmorthin User Album
Daylight Hole User Album
Dinorwig Archive Album
Dinorwig User Album
Dorothea Archive Album
Dunald Mill User Album
East Pool and Agar Archive Album
Elterwater Quarry User Album
Falun User Album
Fell Exhibition User Album
Ffestiniog Archive Album
Florence Archive Album
Force Crag User Album
Gawthwaite High User Album
Carrera Marble Mine General Photos
Gleann Dá Loch User Album
Glengowla User Album
Glen Sannox User Album
Glynrhonwy Isaf User Album
Great Orme near Llandudno N Wales User Album
Grimcrag User Album
Grimes Graves User Album
Haig Pit User Album
Hardendale User Album
Hasard Cheratte User Album
Hen Gloddfa User Album
High Fell User Album
Troutbeck Park High Quarry Archive Album
High Pike User Album
hodbarrow User Album
Hodge Close User Album
Honister User Album
Jack Scout Trial User Album
Jenny Brown's Point Archive Album
Jenny Brown's Point User Album
Jumb Archive Album
Kennecott User Album
High Crag User Album
Kimberly 'Big Hole' User Album
La Antigua Cantera - Güímar User Album
Lamb Holm User Album
Lanterdan User Album
Lingmoor East User Album
Lingmoor Quarries
Lingmoor User Album
Lingmoor West User Album
Little Langdale Quarries
Llanberis Archive Album
Llanberis Archive Album
Llanfair User Album
Llechwedd User Album
Longlands User Album
Longyearbyen User Album
LoughRigg Fell (Rydal Cave) User Album
Low Mere Greave Archive Album
Macraes User Album
Martha User Album
Mina de la Jayona User Album
Mina de São Domingos User Album
Mine de la Pouliche User Album
Mines de Kailo User Album
Mountain Mine Archive Album
Murcia, Spain User Album
Nant Gadwen Manganese Mine User Album
New Glencrieff User Album
Oakeley Archive Album
Olavsgruva User Album
Old Ingleton User Album
Old Man Archive Album
Old Man User Album
Over Kellet East User Album
Pen Argyl User Album
Portals Vells User Album
Porth Wen Brickworks and User Album
Prince Edward User Album
Quey Foot User Album
Cauldron Archive Album
Cauldron User Album
Rainsbarrow Wood User Album
Rano Raraku User Album
Red Rake User Album
Rhosydd User Album
Rigghead User Album
Saddlestone, Moss Head, Spion Kop and Scald Cop - August 2007
Saltom User Album
Sandside Quarry User Album
Sawrey's Wood User Album
Smallcleugh User Album
South Cumberland User Album
Stainton Ground Lower User Album
Stainton Ground User Album
Steel Rigg Archive Album
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Stickle Pike East Trials User Album
Stickle Pike North User Album
Tara User Album
Thompson's Level User Album
Threlkeld Quarry User Album
Tilberthwaite-Deep-Adit Archive Album
Tilberthwaite User Album
Trowbarrow Archive Album
Trowbarrow User Album
Tyddyn Isa User Album
Ty'n-y-bryn User Album
Valentia User Album
Walna Scar User Album
White Creek User Album
Wieliczka User Album
Wrengill User Album
Yew Craggs User Album
Mines added by LAP

Abhainn Mòr Other Rock Quarry
Ailsa Craig Granite Quarry
Almadén Quicksilver Mixed Mine
Applethwaite Slate Quarry
Arcow Slate Quarry
Arnaudet Chalk Quarry
Auchenharvie Colliery Coal Colliery
Backbarrow Iron Smelt Mill
Bank House Slate Quarry
Banks Slate Mine
Barmouth Manganese Mine
Bellver Limestone Quarry
Betsy Crag Slate Quarry
Black Hole (Cathedral Cavern) Slate Mine
Black Hole Slate Quarry
Blue Slate Mine
Bougival Chalk Quarry
Brimfell Copper Mine
Brock Barrow Slate Quarry
Brodick Sand/Gravel Quarry
Bumesha Bay Copper Mine
Burlington Slate Mine
Bursting Stone Slate Quarry
Burtersett Sandstone Mine
calf Howe - Hodge Close Slate Tramway
Calf Howe Slate Mine
Cantera Brunita Mixed Quarry
Carajás Iron Mine
Carnglaze Slate Quarry
Carrera Marble Quarry
Carrick Du Mixed Mine
Cartmell Fell Slate Quarry
Castle Crag Slate Quarry
Caudale Slate Mine
Cawdale Slate Mine
Caw Slate Quarry
Chimenea Alumbres Mixed Smelt Mill
Cill Airne/Killarney Copper Mine
Clash na Bearnaich Other Rock Quarry
Clintsfield Colliery Coal Mine
Common Wood Slate Mine
Coniston Copper Mine
Corrie Lower Limestone Quarry
Corrie Upper Limestone Quarry
Cove Slate Quarry
Creute Vaille Limestone Quarry
Crogarry Beag Other Rock Quarry
Daylight Hole Iron Mine
Delta Slate Quarry
Dry Rigg Slate Quarry
Dunald Mill Limestone Quarry
Elterwater Original Slate Mine
Elterwater Quarry Slate Mine
Falun Copper Mine
Fell Exhibition Slate Mine
Foredale Limestone Quarry
Foredale Slate Quarry
Gairbh Eilean Other Rock Quarry
Gawthwaite High Slate Mine
Gawthwaite Low Slate Mine
Gleann Dá Loch Zinc Mine
Glengowla Lead Mine
Grimcrag Slate Mine
Grimes Graves Flint Mine
Güímar Other Rock Quarry
Hard Hill Slate Mine
Helwith Bridge Slate Quarry
Hezin-ar-Mengleuzioù Iron Mine
Troutbeck Park High Slate Quarry
High Pike Coal Mine
Hodge Close Slate Mine
Holme Park Mixed Quarry
Honister Slate Mine
Horton Limestone Quarry
Rainsbarrow Cove Slate Quarry
Wilson Wood Coal Colliery
Jack Scout Trial Iron Mine
Jaguar Chalk Quarry
Jenny Brown's Point Copper Mine
Jumb Slate Quarry
Tongue Slate Quarry
Kennecott Copper Mine
High Crag Slate Quarry
Kentmere Pike South Slate Quarry
Klondyke Slate Quarry
La Antigua Cantera - Güímar Other Rock Quarry
Lamb Holm Sandstone Quarry
Langdale Axe Other Rock Mine
Lanterdan Slate Quarry
Les Lions Chalk Quarry
Les Montalets Chalk Quarry
Lingerbay Other Rock Quarry
Lingmoor East Slate Quarry
Lingmoor Slate Mine
Lingmoor West Slate Quarry
Loch Carnan Other Rock Quarry
Longlands Slate Quarry
Longyearbyen Coal Mine
LoughRigg Fell (Rydal Cave) Slate Mine
Low Mere Greave Slate Quarry
Macraes Gold Mine
Martha Gold Mine
Mina de la Jayona Iron Mine
Mina de São Domingos Mixed Mine
Minas de Mazarrón Lead Mine
Mine de la Pouliche Iron Mine
Mines de Kailo Wolframite Mine
Montrouge les bains Limestone Quarry
Montrouge Poitou Limestone Quarry
Mosedale Slate Mine
Nord GRS Limestone Quarry
Olavsgruva Copper Mine
Old Ingleton Slate Quarry
Old Man Slate Mine
Over Kellet East Limestone Quarry
Over Kellet West Limestone Quarry
Pen Argyl Slate Quarry
Pen-y-Ghent Coal Mine
Pets Slate Quarry
Portals Vells Limestone Quarry
Pyhäsalmi Mixed Mine
Quey Foot Slate Mine
Cauldron Slate Quarry
Rainsbarrow Wood Slate Mine
Rano Raraku Other Rock Quarry
Red Rake Iron Mine
Rigghead Slate Quarry
Sainte Ann Limestone Quarry
Saltcoats Coal Mine
Saltom Pit Coal Colliery
Sandside Slate Port
Sandside Quarry Limestone Mine
Sandside Slate Quarry
San Sebastian Other Rock Quarry
Sawrey's Wood Slate Mine
Skirwith Slate Quarry
Slyudyanka (Phlogopite) Other Rock Quarry
Stainton Ground Slate Mine
Steel Rigg Slate Quarry
Stickle Pike East Trials Slate Mine
Stickle Pike North Slate Quarry
Tara Zinc Mine
Thrang Crag Slate Mine
Tilberthwaite Mixed Mine
Troutbeck Park Slate Quarry
Trowbarrow Limestone Quarry
Tyddyn Isa Slate Port
Valentia Slate Quarry
Walna Scar East Slate Quarry
Walna Scar Slate Mine
Wennington Coal Mine
Western Talc Quarry
White Creek Iron Mine
White Moss Slate Quarry
Wieliczka Salt Mine
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