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About Barney


Location Warwickshire Avatar of Barney

Joined 01/12/2005
Posts 963 [View Posts]

Barney's Workplaces

It would appear that Barney has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Mines added by Barney

Alley Coal Mine
Alsagers Bank Coal Mine
Alvecote Coal Mine
Alveley Coal Mine
Amblecote Bank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mixed Mine
Amblecote Clay Mine
Amington Coal Mine
Ansley Hall Coal Mine
Apedale Coal Mine
Arleston Clay Mine
Arley Coal Mine
Ashcroft Coal Mine
Baddesley Coal Mine
Bage Lead Mine
Baggeridge Coal Mine
Ball Eye Lead Mine
Barn Pit Coal Mine
Bedworth Charity Coal Mine
Benthall Mixed Mine
Berry Hill Coal Mine
Birch Coppice 1 & 2 Coal Colliery
Bird Lead Mine
Black country museum Coal Mine
Blackfordby Coal Mine
Black Ox Mixed Mine
Blakemere Pit Mixed Quarry
Blists Hill Mixed Mine
Blue John Fluorite Mine
Bog Lead Mine
Boothorpe Coal Mine
Borough Clay Mine
Boulton Moor Gypsum Mine
Brandlee 2 Coal Mine
British Gypsum Gypsum Mine
Bronygadair Copper Mine
Brownhills Coal Mine
Bulls Meadow 2 Coal Mine
Burgam Lead Mine
Burley Lane Coal Mine
Caddicks Farm Coal Mine
Callow Hill Lead Mine
Calton Hill Mixed Quarry
Cannael Row Coal Mine
Cannock and Leacroft Coal Mine
Cannock Chase 1, 3, 7, 8 Coal Mine
Cannock Old Coppice Coal Mine
Cannock Wood Coal Mine
Castle Farm 1 Clay Mine
Catherine and Jane Consols Copper Mine
Chellaston Hill Gypsum Mine
Chittol Wood Copper Mine
Clogau Gold Mine
Clough Hall 3 Coal Mine
Coleorton Coal Mine
Common 1, 2, 3 Coal Mine
Conduit 3, 4 Coal Mine
Coppice Farm 1, 2 Coal Mine
Cothercott Baryte Mine
Cottage Pit 2 Coal Mine
Cow Hole Lead Mine
Crich Limestone Quarry
Crown 5 Coal Mine
Cwmystwyth Lead Mine
Daw Mill Coal Mine
Dearleap Coal Mine
Deep pit Clay Mine
Delph 7 Coal Mine
Devonshire Lead Mine
Dibdal 1, ,2 3 Mixed Mine
Dimple Fluorite Mine
Dock Drift 2 Coal Mine
Donisthorpe 1 & 2 Coal Mine
Dumolo's Coal Mine
Rednal Copper Mine
East Cannock Coal Mine
Ecton Hill (Bonsall Trials) Mixed Mine
Ellistown Coal Mine
Ellowes Coal Mine
Enderby Mixed Quarry
Engine Close Lead Mine
Ettingshall Farm Mixed Mine
Exhall Coal Mine
Exhall old Coal Mine
Fall Hill Gypsum Quarry
Farm 1 - 6 Coal Mine
Figra/Vigra Copper Mine
Fireset Lead Mine
Florence Colliery Coal Mine
Forest Rock Granite Quarry
Foxfield Coal Mine
Foxholes Lead Mine
Freezland Lead Mine
Friday Lead Mine
Furnace Coal Mine
Gayfields Clay Mine
Gillow Heath Coal Mine
Gipsy Lane Clay Quarry
Glascote Clay Mine
Glascote Clay Mine
Glascote Coal Mine
Glasshouse 1 Coal Mine
Glebe Coal Mine
Glitchfield Level Coal Mine
Glory Fluorite Mine
Golconda Mixed Mine
Good Hope Clay Mine
Grange Colliery Coal Mine
Granville Coal Mine
Gregory Lead Mine
Griff Coal Mine
Griff Granite Quarry
Grosvenor Clay Mine
Gwynfynydd Gold Mine
Hall Field 1, 2 Coal Mine
Hamstead Coal Mine
Hanging Flat Lead Mine
Haunchwood Coal Mine
Hawbush 2 Mixed Mine
Hawksebury Coal Mine
Hayes Wood 8, 9 Coal Mine
Heathcote Road Footrail 3 Coal Mine
Heath End Coal Mine
Heather Coal Mine
helton Deep Coal Mine
Highley Coal Colliery
High Rake Lead Mine
Hillocks Lead Mine
Hilton Main 1, 2 Coal Colliery
Hockley Hall Coal Mine
Holditch Coal Mine
Hollandtwine Lead Mine
Hollinwood Coal Mine
Holly Bank 3, 5, 7, 15 Coal Colliery
Huglith Baryte Mine
Huntington Coal Mine
Ibstock Coal Mine
ilverdale Coal Mine
James Hall over engine Lead Mine
Kemberton Coal Mine
Keresley Coal Mine
Kettlebrook Coal Mine
Kingsbury Coal Colliery
Kingswood Coal Mine
Ladywell Mixed Mine
Lawley 3, 4 & drift extension Coal Mine
Lawley Coppice 1-12 Coal Mine
Lecett Coal Mine
Lilleshall Limestone Mine
Lincoln Hill Limestone Mine
Lindridge Coal Mine
Little Irchester Iron Mine
Littleton 2, 3 Coal Mine
Llynclys hill Limestone Mine
Lodge Coal Mine
Longcliff Lead Mine
Long Rake Lead Mine
Magpie Lead Mine
Magpie Sough Lead Mine
Mandale Lead Mine
Maskhill Lead Mine
Masson Hill Mixed Quarry
Merlin's Lead Mine
Merry Hill 1,5 Coal Mine
Mid Cannock Coal Mine
Milking Bank Clay Mine
Millclose Mixed Mine
Miry Wood 2 Coal Mine
Mitchells Wood Coal Mine
Moelwyn Zinc Mine
Moira Coal Mine
Monday Lead Mine
Moorfurlong Lead Mine
Morley Mixed Quarry
Mossfield Coal Mine
Mount 4 Coal Mine
Mount Pleasant 2 Coal Mine
Mount Pleasant Coal Mine
Nestus Fluorite Mine
Netherseal Coal Mine
Newdigate Coal Mine
Newfield Coal Mine
Newhurst Mixed Quarry
New Venture Lead Mine
Nickergrove Lead Mine
Nook and Great Wyrley Colliery Coal Mine
North Midland Coal Mine
Norton Coal Colliery
Nunckley Granite Quarry
Nuneaton Coal Mine
Odin Lead Mine
Old Ham Iron Mine
Old Millclose Mixed Mine
Old Park 3 Coal Mine
Old Park Coal Mine
Old Tor Fluorite Mine
Old Wham Vein Lead Mine
Old Wilkin 8 Coal Mine
Pantywrach Copper Mine
Park Hall 5, 6 Coal Mine
Park House Coal Mine
Parklands 1 Coal Mine
Pike Lane Mixed Quarry
Pim Hill Other Rock Mine
Plants Farm Coal Mine
Plough Flats Coal Mine
Pocketgate Slate Quarry
Podmore Hall Footrail Coal Mine
Pool Clay Pits Mixed Quarry
Pooley Hall Coal Mine
Pool Hayes Coal Mine
Pool Lane Coal Mine
Potsherd Coal Mine
Prices No. 1 Clay Mine
Princes End Coal Mine
Raddle Pits Lead Mine
Randle Coal Mine
Raven Lead Mine
Ravenscliffe 3 Coal Mine
Redhall Coal Mine
Red Street No 1 & 2 Footrill Coal Mine
Reservoir Colliery Coal Mine
Rhaiadr Copper Mine
Ricklow Lead Mine
Ritton Castle Lead Mine
Robin Hood Coal Mine
Rock Coal Mine
Roman Gravels Mixed Mine
Rookery 3 Clay Mine
Rookery Colliery Coal Mine
Rorrington Lead Mine
Sacheveral Farm Mixed Mine
Salop Street 2 Clay Mine
Sandwell Park Coal Mine
Shelve Mixed Mine
Shining Cliff Lead Mine
Shrubbery Coal Mine
Slayley Mixed Quarry
Sling Coal Mine
Smalldale Baryte Quarry
Smalley Hill 1 Clay Mine
Smalley Hill 2 Coal Mine
Snailbeach Mixed Mine
Snelston Lead Mine
Sneyd Coal Colliery
Snibston Coal Mine
South Leicestershire Coal Mine
Speedwell Lead Mine
Springhill Mixed Quarry
Spring Meadow 1, 2 Coal Mine
Squilver Hill Lead Quarry
Stafford 1, 2 Coal Mine
Standhills Coal Mine
Station 1,2 Coal Mine
Stockingford Coal Mine
Stonesfield Slate Mine
Sunday Lead Mine
Swan Coal Mine
Sygun Copper Mine
Talke Green 5 Coal Mine
Tar Tunnel Bitumen Mine
Tear Breeches Fluorite Mine
The Beeches Coal Mine
Thingdon Iron Mine
Thistleton Iron Mine
Tipton Coal Mine
Turners Yard Clay Mine
Tyddyn Gwladys Gold Mine
Upper Gornal 1 Clay Mine
Victoria Coal Mine
Walsall Wood Coal Mine
Wapping Lead Mine
Watermills Footrail 4, 5, 6 Coal Mine
Wellington 5 Coal Mine
West Cannock 1, 2, 3, 5 Coal Mine
West Coppice Coal Mine
Westcott Mixed Mine
Whim Lead Mine
Whitwick Coal Mine
Wilderley Copper Mine
Wilkin Coal Mine
Wimblebury Coal Mine
Windy Knoll Lead Quarry
Witheld Hesketh Coal Mine
Wolstanton Coal Colliery
Woodhouse 1, 3 Coal Mine
Woodside Coal Mine
Woodstock Footrail Coal Mine
Wren's nest Limestone Mine
Wrentnall Baryte Mine
Wryley 3 Coal Mine
Wyken Coal Mine
Yard Drift 2 Coal Mine
Ystrad Einion Copper Mine
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