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About Imageo

"I'm a Geo 'There's a very fine line between a hobby and mental illness.'"


Clambered around old mines in Cornwall, the Lake District and North Pennines as a lad. Now overseas but still in the mining game.


Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Avatar of Imageo

Occupation Geologist
Joined 03/05/2009
Posts 83 [View Posts]

Imageo's Workplaces

Rocks Clay Quarry Between 1973 - 1973
Pikwe Nickel Mine Between 1977 - 1979
Selebi Nickel Mine Between 1979 - 1979
Bethanga Mixed Mine Between 1986 - 1986
Mt Leyshon Gold Mine Between 1986 - 1994
Big Rush Gold Mine Between 1995 - 1996
Rishton Gold Mine Between 1997 - 2001
Far Fanning Gold Mine Between 1998 - 2001
Hadleigh Castle Gold Mine Between 1998 - 2002
Blue Gold Gold Mine Between 1999 - 2000
Eloise Copper Mine Between 2002 - 2006


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Albums containing photos by Imageo

Acland User Album
Amdals Verk User Album
Battery User Album
Blue Gold Archive Album
Boeng Mealea River User Album
Botallack Archive Album
Botallack User Album
Box Flat User Album
Brilliant Block User Album
BUNNY User Album
Burra User Album
Cardiff User Album
Cassis User Album
Chillagoe Consols User Album
Chillagoe Smelter User Album
City User Album
Cligga Head Archive Album
Columbia User Album
Dawson User Album
Delabole Slate User Album
Dover - Martin Mill User Album
East Pool and Agar Archive Album
Eclipse User Album
EDWARD User Album
Eidsborg Whetstone User Album
Einasleigh User Album
Eloise Archive Album
Enoggera User Album
far Fanning User Album
Ghost Hole User Album
Girofla Archive Album
Girofla User Album
Golden Boulder User Album
Great Northern East User Album
Griffiths User Album
Hadleigh Castle User Album
Irvinebank Company User Album
Jinguashi User Album
Kangaroo Point Cliffs User Album
Kapunda Archive Album
Kapunda User Album
Katoomba Colliery User Album
Kawau Island Copper Mine Archive Album
Kawau Island Copper Mine User Album
KIT HILL SOUTH Archive Album
Kongens Gruve User Album
Lady Jane User Album
Lancelot User Album
Levant Archive Album
Liontown User Album
Longstone Edge Archive Album
Martha User Album
Masson Hill Archive Album
Merrivale User Album
Montana Tunnels User Album
Moonta User Album
Mountain Camp User Album
Mount Fitton (South) User Album
Mt Leyshon Archive Album
Never Beat User Album
Noyant d'Allier User Album
Nundah User Album
O'Connelltown User Album
OK User Album
Pandanus User Album
Parkandillick Archive Album
PENDARVES Archive Album
Penzance User Album
Perseverance User Album
Piako County User Album
Pikwe Archive Album
Prince of Wales ( Cornwall ) Archive Album
Queenslander User Album
Red Hill and Hunt User Album
Rishton Archive Album
Ruddygore User Album
Selebi Archive Album
Shakespeare User Album
Shi Ti User Album
Skuterud User Album
Sovereign Hill User Album
Stordo User Album
Stordø User Album
Sugars' User Album
Taiwan Coal Mine Museum User Album
Ti-tree User Album
Tresayes Feldspar User Album
UQ Experimental Mine User Album
Venus Battery User Album
Vigsnes User Album
VIRGIN User Album
Vulcan User Album
Wallaroo User Album
West Moreton User Album
Wheal Ellen Archive Album
Wheal Jane Archive Album
White Island User Album
Wieliczka User Album
Windsor User Album
Yew Tree Archive Album
Zillmanton User Album
Mines added by Imageo

Amdals Verk Copper Mine
Baal Gammon Copper Mine
Battery Copper Mine
Blue Gold Gold Mine
Boeng Mealea River Sandstone Quarry
Box Flat Coal Mine
Brilliant Block Gold Mine
Brilliant Deeps Gold Mine
Brilliant Freeholds Gold Mine
Bruoux Ochre Mine
Cardiff Coal Colliery
Cassis Limestone Quarry
Chillagoe Consols Lead Mine
Chillagoe Copper Smelter
City Coal Colliery
Columbia Gold Mine
Dover - Martin Mill Chalk Railway
Eclipse Gold Mine
Eidsborg Whetstone Other Rock Quarry
Enoggera Granite Quarry
Ghost Hole Gold Mine
Girofla Lead Mine
Golden Boulder Gold Mine
Griffiths Copper Mine
Jinguashi Copper Mine
Kongens Gruve Silver Mine
Krisuvik Other Rock Mine
Lady Jane Copper Mine
Lancelot Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Moggill (Williams) Coal Mine
Montana Tunnels Gold Mine
Mountain Camp Gold Mine
Mount Fitton (South) Copper Mine
Never Beat Gold Mine
Noyant d'Allier Coal Colliery
Nundah Coal Colliery
O'Connelltown Other Rock Quarry
Pandanus Gold Stamp or Dressing Floor
Penzance Copper Mine
Perseverance Gold Mine
Piako County Tramway Gold Tramway
Pikwe Nickel Mine
Puzzler Gold Mine
Queenslander Lead Mine
Reid & Boyland's Coal Mine
Ruddygore Copper Mine
Selebi Nickel Mine
Shakespeare Tin Mine
Shi Ti Coal Mine
Skuterud Cobalt Mine
Sovereign Hill Gold Mine
Stordo Other Rock Mine
Sugars' Other Rock Quarry
Taiwan Coal Mine Museum Coal Mine
Témoin Coal Mine
Ti-tree Copper Mine
UQ Experimental Mine Lead Mine
Venus Battery Gold Stamp or Dressing Floor
Walter Gray's Coal Mine
Warren Farm Well Chalk Shaft
Welcome Gold Mine
West Moreton Coal Mine
White Island Sulphur Mill
Windsor Other Rock Quarry
Zillmanton Copper Mine
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