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About carnkie

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."


I'm a member of the Carnkie History Forum and currently researching a book on the mines of the area with particular ref. to social conditions. Diffficult to get a new angle as obviously much has already been written.


Location camborne, cornwall Avatar of carnkie

Occupation retired
Joined 07/09/2007
Posts 2211 [View Posts]

carnkie's Workplaces

It would appear that carnkie has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Gold Hill Archive Album
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Gold King Archive Album
Gold King Archive Album
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Kenai Archive Album
Kenilworth Archive Album
Kennall Vale Gunpowder User Album
Kennecott User Album
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Kennecott Archive Album
Kennecott User Album
Kennedy Archive Album
Kentucky Fluorspar Company Archive Album
Kertassi Archive Album
Keystone Archive Album
Khewra User Album
Kieve Mill Archive Album
Kimberly 'Big Hole' Archive Album
Kimberly 'Big Hole' User Album
King Edward Archive Album
King Edward User Album
Kingston Archive Album
Kiruna User Album
Knapp's Ranch placer Archive Album
Knob Hill Archive Album
Koffiefontein User Album
Kohinor Archive Album
Kolar Gold Fields User Album
Kongsberg User Album
Kumtor User Album
Lackawanna Archive Album
La Coipa User Album
Ladyshore Archive Album
La Escondida User Album
La Grange Archive Album
Lake Superior Archive Album
Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Archive Album
La Pensée Archive Album
La Plata Archive Album
Las Médulas User Album
Las Minas Jimmie Archive Album
Laura Archive Album
Laurel Archive Album
lavender Pit User Album
LAVRIO Archive Album
LAVRIO User Album
Laxey User Album
Lay Archive Album
Lebanon Archive Album
Lebanon User Album
L'Éclaireur Archive Album
lee Moor Complex Archive Album
Lees Ferry Archive Album
Lehigh and Mahanoy Archive Album
Lehigh Crane Archive Album
Lehigh Valley Archive Album
Lehigh Valley User Album
Leicester and Swannington User Album
Levant Archive Album
Levant User Album
Leviathan User Album
Lewisburg Archive Album
Lewis Merthyr Colliery User Album
Liberty Bell Archive Album
Liberty Bell User Album
Liberty Historic District Archive Album
Lick Run Archive Album
Lille Archive Album
Little Fannie Archive Album
Littlejohns Archive Album
Little Treviscoe Mill Archive Album
Llwynypia Archive Album
Loch Cuithir Diatomite User Album
Logan Wash User Album
Lomas Bayas User Album
Longdowns User Album
Long Gulch Archive Album
Longhorn Archive Album
Lop Nur User Album
Lost Horse Mine Archive Album
Lost Sheep Archive Album
Lucerne Archive Album
Luckie 2 Tungstan Archive Album
Lucky Tiger Archive Album
Lupin User Album
Luss Archive Album
Lydenberg Archive Album
Lyle's Archive Album
Lyle's User Album
Macdonald Archive Album
Magee Archive Album
Magna Archive Album
Mahoning Archive Album
Maidsville Archive Album
Malakoff Diggins User Album
Mammoth Cave Nitrate Archive Album
Mammoth Archive Album
Manzanita Archive Album
Maple Hill Archive Album
Mapple Hill Archive Album
Marblehead User Album
Marianna Archive Album
Mariscal Quicksilver User Album
Marquette iron ore Archive Album
Marriot's User Album
Martin Archive Album
Marvine Archive Album
Maryland Coal Co Archive Album
Maryland Shaft No. 2, Archive Album
Mary Murphy Archive Album
MARY (PORTREATH) Archive Album
Masara Archive Album
Mathies Archive Album
Mauch Chunk switchback gravity Archive Album
May Day User Album
Mayflower Archive Album
M & C Archive Album
McCulloch Archive Album
McGavock's Dolomite Archive Album
McGavock's Dolomite Archive Album
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Meikle User Album
Mercoal Archive Album
Mercur User Album
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Miami User Album
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Mintaro User Album
Mirny User Album
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Modoc User Album
Mogollon Archive Album
Mogollon User Album
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Monongahela User Album
Monson User Album
Monson User Album
Montana Archive Album
Monte Cristo Archive Album
Montgomery Shoshine Archive Album
Montour No 4 Archive Album
moorgreen colliery User Album
Moose Creek Archive Album
Moose Archive Album
Moratock User Album
Morenci Archive Album
Morenci User Album
Morenci Southern Archive Album
Morenci Southern User Album
Morley Park User Album
Morning Glory Archive Album
Morwellham Quay User Album
Mouat Archive Album
Mountain Con Archive Album
Mountain King Archive Album
Mountain Mine User Album
Mount Kembla User Album
Mount Pendeli User Album
Mount Savage Archive Album
Moyer Archive Album
Muirkirk Archive Album
Mulga Archive Album
Murphys Archive Album
Mutorashanga User Album
Nant-y-glo No 1 Archive Album
Nassawango Archive Album
National Explosives User Album
Naturita Vanadium Archive Album
Nauru Phosphate User Album
Neath Abbey User Album
Nephi Plaster Co. Archive Album
Neves Corvo User Album
New Almaden Mercury Archive Album
New Almaden Mercury User Album
New Cornelia User Album
New Hartley Archive Album
New Jersey Zinc Company Archive Album
New Madrid aluminium Archive Album
Newmont Twin Creek Megapit User Album
Newport Archive Album
Nicholia Archive Album
Nittany Archive Album
Nkana User Album
Noble Archive Album
Noble Electric Steel Company Archive Album
Noble Electric Steel Company User Album
Norcross Brothers Archive Album
Norfolk and Western Archive Album
Norrie Archive Album
Norrie Archive Album
North Antelope Rochelle User Album
North Bloomfield Archive Album
North Columbia Archive Album
North Columbia Archive Album
North Star Archive Album
North Wheal Basset Archive Album
Nuttallburg Archive Album
Ogden Portland Cement Company Marl Archive Album
Oignies User Album
Ok Tedi User Album
Old Ben No. 8 Archive Album
Old Dominion Archive Album
Olympic Dam User Album
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Ontario Archive Album
Oranje Nassau IV User Album
Oreana Archive Album
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Pachuca Archive Album
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Palmetto Gulch Archive Album
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Pandora User Album
Panian User Album
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PARBOLA (SOUTH) Archive Album
Par-Luxulyan User Album
Par Archive Album
P.C. Company's Archive Album
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Penhalonga Archive Album
Penna Benton Archive Album
Penna Archive Album
Pennsylvania Coal Co Archive Album
Pennsylvania Railway Ore Archive Album
Pennsylvania Railway Ore User Album
Pennsylvania Ralston Archive Album
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Penrhyn Archive Album
Penryn Archive Album
Pentewan User Album
Penydarren Archive Album
Penydarren User Album
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Perseverance Gold Mining Company Archive Album
Philadelphia Mint Archive Album
PHILLIPS Archive Album
Pibble Archive Album
Piceance Basin prototype tract C-b User Album
Piedmont User Album
Pike Hill Archive Album
Pilgrim's Rest User Album
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Pinos Altos Archive Album
Pinto Wye Archive Album
Pioneer Archive Album
Pipestone Catlinite Archive Album
Pipestone Catlinite User Album
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Pittsdown Archive Album
Pittston Archive Album
Pleasley User Album
Polar Star User Album
Pontsmill China Stone Archive Album
POOL EAST Archive Album
POOL EAST User Album
Porgera User Album
Porter Archive Album
Portland Gold Mining Company's Archive Album
Portreath User Album
Potosi Archive Album
Pratt Archive Album
Pribram Mining User Album
Primos Chemical Company's Vanadium Archive Album
Prosper Archive Album
Pumpkin Vine Archive Album
Pumpkin Vine User Album
Puzzle Archive Album
Pyhäsalmi User Album
Pyne Red Ore Archive Album
Queensboro Archive Album
Quincy Archive Album
Quincy User Album
Quincy Archive Album
Quincy User Album
Racing Boy Archive Album
Radstock User Album
Rainbow Gilsonite Archive Album
Rammelsberg User Album
Rare Metal Ores Company Archive Album
Rawlins Stone Company Archive Album
Razsolnaia Archive Album
Redboy Archive Album
Red Devil Quicksilver Archive Album
Red Devil Quicksilver User Album
Red River Archive Album
Redruth and Chacewater User Album
Reinheimer Brothers Archive Album
Renard Archive Album
Republic Iron & Steel Co Archive Album
Republic Archive Album
Reskadinnick User Album
Réussite Archive Album
Revenue Archive Album
Revloc Archive Album
Rex No. 1 Uranium Archive Album
Rhoade-Hall Archive Album
Rhoades - Hall Archive Album
Richards Archive Album
Richmond Granite Co. Archive Album
Richmond Archive Album
Richmond Vale Archive Album
Rico Archive Album
River Slope User Album
Robinson Deep Archive Album
Robinson Archive Album
Robinson's User Album
Rockerville Archive Album
Rock Archive Album
Rollins Archive Album
Roost-Warendin User Album
Rosiclaire Fluorspar Company Archive Album
Rossi Tungsten Archive Album
Royal Consolidated Archive Album
Royal Tiger User Album
Rubislaw Archive Album
Rubislaw User Album
Ruby Archive Album
Ruffner Red Ore Archive Album
Ruggles Mica User Album
Sabatier User Album
Sacremento Archive Album
Sado Archive Album
Sainte Barbe Archive Album
Sainte Barbe no. 2 Archive Album
Sainte Barbe no. 3 Archive Album
Saint Louis Archive Album
Saint Mark Archive Album
Saint Mathieu Archive Album
Saliuktin mine Archive Album
Samp's Archive Album
San Agustín Archive Album
San Bernardo Archive Album
Sanders Salem User Album
Sandusky Ore Archive Album
San Juan & New York Mining & Smelting Company Archive Album
San Lick Archive Album
Santiago de Cuba Archive Album
Satkinskii Iron Furnace Archive Album
Schow Archive Album
Scrabster Archive Album
Scranton User Album
Seleggan Archive Album
Senador Mercury User Album
Senghenydd Archive Album
Senghenydd User Album
Service Archive Album
Seward Peninsula Archive Album
Shakespeare Archive Album
Shannon Archive Album
Sheep Creek Archive Album
Shelby Archive Album
Shell's User Album
Sherman User Album
Shilovskii Archive Album
Silver Islet User Album
Silver King Archive Album
Silver King User Album
Silver King Archive Album
Silver Lake User Album
Silverton Archive Album
Silverton User Album
Silverton Northern Archive Album
Silverwood Archive Album
Simsbury Archive Album
Sing Sing Archive Album
Siston Hill Colliery User Album
Sixes User Album
Skidoo Archive Album
Skyline User Album
Sloss Archive Album
Sloss Red Ore Archive Album
Sloss User Album
Smith Archive Album
Smith User Album
Snowdown Archive Album
Solomon's Archive Album
Soudan Archive Album
Soudan User Album
South Bethlehem User Album
South Crofty Archive Album
South Crofty User Album
South Wheal Francis Archive Album
South Wheal Francis User Album
Spingfied Archive Album
Spring Gulch Archive Album
Springhill User Album
Spruce No. 1 User Album
Standard Consolidated User Album
Standard Lime & User Album
Standard Archive Album
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Tatarinov Archive Album
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Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co's Archive Album
Terraville Archive Album
Texas Gulf User Album
The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Archive Album
The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range User Album
The Granite Archive Album
The Historic Center of Lewarde mining User Album
The Omaha and Grant Archive Album
The Philadelphia and Reading Archive Album
The World Mining User Album
Thiers Archive Album
Thornton Aggregate User Album
Timbuctoo Diggings Archive Album
Timnah Ancient Archive Album
Timnah Ancient User Album
Tincroft User Album
Tintic Standard Archive Album
Tip Top User Album
TITLE: Loyal Hanna Coal & Coke Company No. 6 Archive Album
TOLGUS User Album
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Mines added by carnkie

401 West Boardman Copper Mine
43 West La Plata Copper Mine
937 Sutter Street Copper Mine
Aberdare East Coal Mine
Aberdeen Granite Quarry
Ableman's Narrows quartzite Other Rock Quarry
Abril Zinc Mine
Absaloka Coal Mine
Accidental Gold Mine
Active Silver Mine
Adams Iron Mine
Adirondack Iron Smelter
Admiralty Silver Mine
Agache Coal Mine
Aglaé Avaleresse Coal Mine
Aijala Zinc Mine
Aikal Gok Other Rock Mine
Aitik Copper Mine
Ajax Mixed Mine
Ajo Copper Mine
AK-Dovurak Other Rock Mine
Akzo Nobel Salt Mine
Alabama Marble Quarry
Alabastine Company Gypsum Quarry
Alaska Railway
Albert Motte Coal Mine
Albion Coal Colliery
Alcoa Fjarðaál Aluminium Smelter
Alder Gulch Gold Mine
Alder Gulch Gold Mine
Alfred Auguste Descamp Coal Mine
Algatcha Silver Mine
Al-Hassa and Al-Abiad Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Alibates Flint Quarry
Alice Antimony Mine
Allegheny Iron Smelter
Allers Park Copper Mine
Alligator Ridge Gold Mine
Allihies Copper Museum
Allihies Copper Mine
Allison Coal Mine
Almaden Cinnabar Other Rock Mine
Alphonse Lecocq Coal Mine
Alpina Iron Smelter
Alsukari Gold Mine
Altman and Last Dollar Gold Mine
Alvarado Gold Mine
Alyki Marble Quarry
Amazon Silver Mine
Ambelouzos Labyrinth Limestone Quarry
American Firemen's Mining Company Fluorite Mine
American-Nettie Gold Mine
American Radiator Coal Mine
Amvest-Fola Complex Coal Mine
Anaconda and Neversweat Copper Mine
Anaconda Copper Mining Company's Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Anastasia Coquina Other Rock Quarry
Anatole Deschamps Coal Mine
Andacollo Cobre Copper Mine
Andina Copper Mine
Andina Tin Mine
Angarrack Tin Smelter
Angevin Slate Quarry
Annaglogh Lead Mine
Annapolis Lead Mine
Annear Copper Mine
Anselmo Copper Mine
Antamina Copper Mine
anthracite coal mining Coal Mine
Anthracite Heritage Museum
Antietam Iron Smelter
Antimony Consolidated Antimony Mine
Antimony Peak Antimony Mine
Antler Gold Mine
Antofagusta Copper Port
Anvil Creek Gold Mine
Aoust Coal Mine
Apollo Gold Mine
Aquia Creek Sandstone Quarry
Archevêque Coal Mine
Arctic Copper Mine
Arenberg 1 Coal Mine
Arenberg 2 Coal Mine
Arenberg 3 & 4 Coal Mine
Argo Gold Mine
Argonaut Gold Mine
Argus Coal Mine
Argyle Other Rock Mine
Arigna Coal Mine
Arkansas Valley Lead Smelt Mill
Arlit Uranium Other Rock Mine
Armin Akna Coal Mine
Asarco Copper Smelter
Ashio Copper Mine
Aspen Contact Silver Mine
Astley Deep Pit Coal Mine
Aswan Granite Quarry
Atlas Asbestos Other Rock Mine
Attica Gold Mine
Auby Coal Mine
Audenried Coal Mine
Audiffret Pasquier Coal Mine
August Dupire Coal Mine
Auguste Victoria Coal Mine
Aurora Iron Mine
Aurora Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Avery Island Salt Mine
Avoca Copper Mine
Avondale Coal Colliery
Ayoree Clay Quarry
Badger Gold Mine
Badger State Copper Mine
Bagdad Copper Mine
Baily Coal Mine
Bakalskii Iron Mine
Baken Other Rock Mine
Baker Iron Mine
Bald Mountain Gold Mill
Baley Gold Mine
Balkhash Complex Copper Mine
Ballachulish Slate Quarry
Ballarat Gold Mine
Ballards Coal Mine
Ballycorrus Lead Mine
Ballycummisk Copper Mine
Ballygahan Copper Mine
Ballyhickey Lead Mine
Ballyhighland Lead Mine
Ballymurtagh Copper Mine
Baltic Copper Mine
Bampfylde Copper Mine
Banabu Island Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Bankhead Coal Mine
Banner Coal Mine
Barberton Gold Mine
Barberton Limestone Mine
Barentsburg Coal Mine
Barnaul Silver Smelter
Barnburgh Main Coal Colliery
Barnesville Coal Mine
Barnsley Coal Railway
Barre Granite Quarry
Barrois Coal Mine
Barrystown Lead Mine
Barton Pits Iron Mine
Basset Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Basset Tin Mine
West Wheal Basset Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Basset Tramway
Bast Coal Mine
Battle Mountain Silver Mine
Bau Gold Mine
Bay City Gold Mine
Bear River Coal Company Coal Mine
Bear Spring Iron Smelter
Beauvois Coal Mine
Beaverbrook Antimony Mine
Beaver Hill Coal Mine
Beaver Valley Coal Mine
Beer Limestone Quarry
Beer Mixed Mine
Beesh Ligaii Bighan Gold Mine
Belcher Silver Mine
Belden Silver Mine
Bell 1 Coal Mine
Bell Diamond Copper Mine
Belle Ayr Coal Mine
Belle Ayr Coal Mine
Bells Mountain Clay Quarry
Bell Vean Tin Mine
Belmont Copper Mine
Belvidere Other Rock Mine
Ben Bow Chrome Mine
Benguérir Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Bennetts Explosive Factory
Benton Zinc Mine
Benxihu Coal Colliery
Berezovskii Gold Mine
Berkeley Pit Copper Mine
Bernard Coal Mine
Bernicourt Coal Mine
Bessie Coal Mine
B & H Gold Mine
Big Bonanza Gilsonite Other Rock Mine
Big Bonanza Zinc Mine
Billy Gould Coal Mine
Bingara Gold Mine
Birmingham Copper Smelter
Birmingham Mineral Railway
Birsely Brae Coal Mine
Bissoe Tin Smelter
Bissoe Arsenic Factory
Blaauwbank Gold Mine
Black Angel Zinc Mine
Blackbird Cobalt Mine
Black Butte Coal Mine
Black Butte Mercury Other Rock Mine
Black Dragon gilsonite Other Rock Mine
Black Hawk Gold Mine
Black Hawk Gold Mill
Black Heath Coal Mine
Black Hills Company Sandstone Quarry
Black Hills & Fort Pierre Railway
Black Hills Mining Museum
Black Hills Railway
Blackjack Lead Mine
Black Rock Coal Mine
Blackstone Lead Mine
Blackstone Lead Mill
Black Thunder Coal Mine
Blagodat Mountain Iron Mine
Blantyre Coal Mine
Bleuse-Borne Coal Mine
Blevin Coal Mine
Blignières Coal Mine
Blignières N° 1 Coal Mine
Bliss Coal Mine
Bloomery Iron Smelt Mill
Blowinghouse Tin Blowing House
Blue Bell Gold Mine
Blue Gravel Gold Mine
Blue Jay Gold Mine
Blue Ribbon Gold Mine
Bluffton Limestone Quarry
Bobs Creek Gold Mine
Bobtail Gold Mine
Bochum Mining Museum
Boddington Gold Mine
Bodie and Benton Railway
Bodilly Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Bois du Cazier Coal Mine
Boliden Copper Mine
Bonaire Salt Mine
Bonanza Copper Mine
Bonanza Lead Mill
Bonnel Coal Mine
Boone Iron Smelter
Boonton Iron Smelter
Borate and Daggett Railway
Boriana Tungsten Other Rock Mine
Boron Borate Other Rock Mine
Boroo Gold Mine
Botallick Tin Mine
Boudenoot no. 4 Coal Mine
Bourbon Iron Smelter
Bowling Green White Rock Limestone Quarry
Bradleys Antimony Mine
Bremner Gold Mine
Bridger Coal Mine
Brierfield Iron Smelter
Brimpts Tin Mine
Britannia Coal Colliery
British and Colonial explosive Factory
British and Foreign Explosive Factory
Briton Ferry Copper Smelter
Brodsworth Coal Colliery
Brooketon Colliery Coal Mine
Brookhouse Coal Colliery
Brooks Coal Mine
Brookside Coal Mine
Brown Coal Mine
Brown's Flat placer Gold Mine
Bruay-la-Buissière Coal Mine
Brunton Explosive Factory
Brymbo Iron Quarry
Brymbo Ironworks Iron Railway
Buckeye Gold Mill
Buckhorn Iron Smelter
Buckland Copper Mine
Buck Ridge Coal Mine
Buckskin Coal Mine
budgery Copper Mine
Buena Vista Iron Smelt Mill
Bullfrog Gold Mine
Bullion Beck Gold Mine
Bullion Gold Mine
Bullo Pill Railway
Bunker Hill Lead Smelter
Bunker Hill Lead Mine
Burden Iron Works Iron Smelt Mill
Burgin Lead Mine
Burgotha Clay Quarry
Burra-Burra Copper Mine
Burra Copper Mine
Bushy Fork Coal Mine
Butcher Knife Coal Mine
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway
Buttgenbach Company's Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Butugycheg Tin Mine
Caballo Coal Mine
Cabin Hollow Coal Mine
Cactus Silver Mine
Cadder No. 15 Coal Mine
Cadia Gold Mine
Caestert Limestone Quarry
Calcite Limestone Quarry
Calera Limestone Quarry
Calhoun Gold Mine
Calico Silver Mine
California Gold Mine
California State Mining and Mineral Museum
California & Virginia Silver Mine
Callahan Copper Mine
Calstock Port
Calumet-Hecla Copper Mine
Cambria and Indiana Railway
Cambria Iron Company Iron Smelter
Caminches Copper Mine
Cammeray Sandstone Quarry
Camp Bird Gold Mine
Cananea Copper Mine
C and C Shaft Silver Mine
C and C Silver Mine
Candelaria Copper Mine
Candelaria Silver Mine
candelaria Tin Mine
Canoe Iron Smelter
Cannon Creek Lead Smelter
Cantung Tungston Other Rock Mine
Capitol Granite Quarry
Cappagh Copper Mine
Capper Pass Tin Smelter
Captain Jack Gold Mill
Carajás Iron Mine
Carbonero Gold Mine
Caribou Silver Mine
Carissa Gold Mine
Carlin Gold Mine
Carlota Copper Mine
Carlton Gold Mine
Carn Brea Copper Mine
Carn Brea Granite Quarry Granite Quarry
Carn Brea Tin Mine
Carnegie-Illinois Corporation Iron Smelter
Carn Grey Granite Quarry
Carnmarthen United Lead Mine
Carnon Tin Stream
Carnsew Granite Quarry
Carn Wartha Tin Stream
Caroline Silver Mine
Carrie Iron Smelter
Carter Coal Mine
Carvedras Tin Smelter
Casimir Périer Coal Mine
Caspar Coal Mine
Castle-an-Dinas Wolframite Mine
Castle-an-Dinas Granite Quarry
Castle Gate Coal Mine
Castle Wary Works Tin Stream
Cataclews Point Other Rock Quarry
Catoca Other Rock Mine
Catoctin Iron Smelter
Cavanacaw Gold Mine
Cavan & Leitrim Coal Railway
Cayeli Copper Mine
Cedar Talisman Silver Mine
Cedrum Coal Mine
Cempaka Other Rock Mine
Centennial Eureka Gold Mine
Center Coal Mine
Central Iron Smelter
centralia No 5 Coal Mine
Central Iron & Coal Company Iron Mine
Central Pacific Coal Mine
Cerrejón Coal Mine
Cerro Colorado Copper Mine
Cerro Colorado Copper Mine
Cerro Colorado Gold Mine
Cerro Colorado Silver Mine
Cerro Corona Gold Mine
Cerro de Pasco Silver Smelter
Cerro de Pasco Copper Mine
Cerro Vanguardia Gold Mine
Chabaud Latour Coal Mine
Chambishi Copper Mine
Champion Copper Mill
Champion Lead Mine
Chance Lead Mine
Changana Tal Coal Mine
Chapin Iron Mine
Chapman Slate Quarry
Charles Tilloy Coal Mine
Charlestown Tin Smelter
Charlestown Port
Chasnala Coal Mine
Chatanika Gold Mine
Chauncey Coal Colliery
Chemtou Marble Quarry
Cherokee Gold Mine
Cherry Coal Mine
Cherry Tree and Dixonville Railway
Cherry Tree Coal Mine
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
Chesterfield Coal Company Coal Mine
Chesterfield Coal Railway
Cheswick Coal Mine
Chinakuri 1/2 Coal Mine
Choctaw Coal Mine
Cholwichtown Clay Quarry
Christiane Iron Mine
Christmas Copper Mine
Christmas Island Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Chrystal Gold Mine
Chuckanut Stone Company Sandstone Quarry
Church Rock Uranium Other Rock Mine
Chyandour Tin Smelter
Cimarron Gold Mine
Cinnabar Other Rock Mine
C. & J. Camp Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Clark and McCormack Pink Granite Quarry
Clayton Silver Mine
Clear Creek Coal Mine
Clearfield Coal Mine
Clementine Coal Mine
Clemow's Tin Shaft
Cleveland Lead Mine
Cleveland Lead Mill
Cliff Gold Mine
Cliff Iron Mine
Clifton Copper Smelter
Clifton Hall Coal Colliery
Cligga Head Wolframite Mine
Clijah and Wentworth Copper Mine
Climax Molybdenum Other Rock Mine
Clynelish Sandstone Quarry
Coalbasin Coal Mine
Coal Creek Coal Mine
Coal Creek Coal Mine
Coal Glen Coal Mine
Coalinga Asbestos Other Rock Mine
Coalmont Coal Mine
Cobre Copper Mine
Cold Spring Wolframite Mine
Coldwind Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Coleman Bros Zinc Mine
Collinsville Granite Quarry
Colonial no.1 Coal Mine
Colorado Central Railway
Colorado Fluorspar Corporation Fluorite Mine
Colorado Fuel and Iron Company Fluorite Mine
Colorado Lead Smelt Mill
ColoWyo Coal Company's Coal Mine
Columbia Gulch placer Gold Mine
Columbia Steel Corporation Iron Mine
Colvennor Moor Tin Stream
Colver Coal Mine
Comet Mine Lead Mill
Comstock Gold Mine
Concepcion Silver Mine
Concord Coal Mine
Concord Granite Quarry
Condurrow Tin Mine
Confederate Gulch Gold Mine
Congress Gold Mine
Connoree Copper Mine
Consolidation Coal Company No. 11 Coal Mine
Conyngham Clay Mine
Cook's Kitchen Tin Mine
Coom Copper Mine
COOPER'S Iron Smelter
Coosebean Tin Blowing House
Coosheen Copper Mine
Copper Blossom Copper Mine
Copper Hill Nickel Smelter
Copper Hill Copper Mine
Copperhill Copper Mine
Copper Hill Copper Mine
Copperhouse Copper Smelter
Copper Mountain Copper Mine
Copper Point Copper Mine
Copper Ranch Copper Mine
Copper River and Northwestern Railway
Copperstone Gold Mine
Cora Belle Gold Mine
Cordero Coal Mine
Cordova Port
Corncockle Sandstone Quarry
Cornish Tin Stream
Cornstock Gold Mine
Cornuault Coal Mine
Cornwall Iron Smelter
Cornwall Blasting Powder Factory
Corrennie Granite Quarry
Corta Atalaya Other Rock Mine
Cortez Gold Mine
Cortonwood Colliery Coal Mine
Corwin Coal Mine
Coryell Coal Mine
Cosawes Explosive Factory
Cote Blanche Island Salt Mine
Coubronne Coal Mine
Council City & Solomon River Railway
Council Ridge Coal Mine
Country Boy gilsonite Other Rock Mine
Courcelles-Les-Lens Coal Mine
Courrieres Coal Colliery
Cowpens Iron Smelter
Coy Coal Mine
Cozzodisi Sulphur Mine
Crab Orchard Limestone Quarry
Cranberry Iron Mine
Crandall Canyon Coal Mine
Crandall Coal Mine
Crawcwellt West Iron Mine
Creede Lead Mine
Creetown Granite Quarry
Creighton Nickel Mine
Crespin Coal Mine
Crested Butte Coal Mine
Creve Coeur Gold Mine
Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine
Cronebane Copper Mine
Crookhaven Copper Mine
Cross Mountain Coal Mine
Crow Butte Uranium Other Rock Mine
Crown Copper Smelter
Crown Gold Mine
Crown Jewel Gold Mine
Crown Point Gold Mine
Crown Reserve Silver Mine
Cullinan Diamond Diamond Mine
Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railway
Cumberland Coal Mine
Cummer Lumber Company Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Cunningham Gold Mine
Cunningham Gulch Silver Mine
Cupanada Iron Mine
Currie Slate Quarry
Cuvinot Coal Mine
Cuyler Coal Mine
Cwmamman Railway
Daisy Bell Coal Mine
Dalbeattie Granite Quarry
Dalcooth Tin Mine
Daly Silver Mine
Damtshaa Other Rock Mine
Danube Iron Mine
Daqin Coal Railway
Darley Dale Lead Smelter
Darr Coal Mine
Davenport Lead Smelt Mill
Davey explosive Factory
Dawson Coal Mine
D. Barrois Coal Mine
Deadwood Gold Smelter
Deadwood Central Railway
Deadwood Gold Mill
Deadwood Silver Mine
Dean Other Rock Quarry
Dechy Coal Mine
Deep Rift Coal Mine
Deepsykehead Sandstone Quarry
Deepsykehead Limestone Smelt Mill
Deer Park Coal Mine
Déjardin Coal Mine
Delabole Slate Quarry
De Lamar Silver Mine
De Lank Granite Quarry
Delaware and Hudson Coal Mine
Delaware and Hudson Coal Railway
Demidovskii Copper Mine
Denaby Main Colliery Coal Mine
Denver and Rio Grande Railway
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railway
Desert Queen Gold Mill
De Sessevale Coal Mine
De Sessevalle Coal Mine
Désirée Coal Mine
De Smet Gold Stamp Mill
Desperado Coal Mine
Detroit Salt Mine
Devon Great Consols Copper Mine
Dewey Gold Mine
Dhanbad Coal Mine
Dhurode Copper Mine
Diavik Diamond Other Rock Mine
Dionysos Marble Quarry
Discovery Gold Mine
Dolaucothi Gold Mine
Dolcoath Copper Mine
Domaniale Coal Mine
Dominique Avaleresse Coal Mine
Dongling Lead Smelter
Donibristle Coal Mine
d'Onnaing Coal Mine
Donovan's cyanide Gold Mill
Don Valley Clay Quarry
Dooneen Copper Mine
Doornkop Gold Mine
Dorrance Coal Mine
Dream Gold Mine
Drumlummon Gold Mine
Druon Coal Mine
Dry Fork Coal Mine
Dry Fork Oil Shale Mine
Duck Pond Copper Mine
Ducktown Copper Mine
Dugout Coal Mine
Duke of Cornwall Gold Mine
Duluth Port
Dumas Avaleresse Coal Mine
Duncan Gold Mine
Duncannon Iron Smelter
Duporth Other Rock Quarry
Durango and Silverton Railway
Durfold Clay Quarry
Dutch Flat Gold Mine
Dutch Run Coal Mine
Dutemple Coal Mine
Dyce Granite Quarry
Dyffryn Llynfi and Porthcawl Railway
Eagan Mountain Coal Mine
Eagle Butte Coal Mine
Eagle Gold Mine
Eagle Shaft Coal Mine
Easdale Slate Quarry
East Wheal Basset Copper Mine
East Boulder Other Rock Mine
Eastburn-Jeanes Limestone Quarry
East Cornwall Gunpowder Factory
East Cornwall Gunpowder Factory
East Cornwall Mineral Railway
East Wheal Crofty Copper Mine
Eastern Area Coal Railway
East Pool and Agar Tin Mine
E.D. Gilman's Iron Mine
Edna Coal Mine
Ekati Other Rock Mine
El Abra Copper Mine
El Abra Limestone Quarry
Elba 1 and 2 Copper Mine
Eldev Coal Mine
Eregli Coal Mine
Élie Reumaux Coal Mine
Eliza Iron Smelter
Elizabeth Iron Smelter
Elizabeth Bay Other Rock Mine
Elizabeth Copper Mine
Elizabeth Copper Mine
Elizabeth Furnace Iron Mine
Elkins Coal & Coke Company Coal Mine
Elk Mountain Coal Mine
Elkol Coal Mine
Elkton Gold Mine
Ellingswood Copper Mine
Elliot Lake Nuclear Museum
Elliot Lake Other Rock Mine
El Marchal de Enix Lead Mine
Elm Orlu Copper Mine
El Paso Gold Mine
Elshitsa Copper Mine
El Soldado Copper Mine
El Teniente Copper Mine
El Tesorro Copper Mine
Ely Copper Smelter
Ely Copper Mine
Emery Coal Mine
Émile Bigo Coal Mine
Emma Coal Mine
Emma Silver Mine
Empire Gold Mine
Empire State Gold Mine
Empire Zinc Mine
Enclos Coal Mine
Erdenet Copper Mine
Eregli Coal Mine
Erestine Coal Mine
Ernest Gwynn Coal Mine
Ernest Henry Copper Mine
Eshidiya Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Eska Coal Mine
Espérance Coal Mine
Esperanza Copper Mine
Estevan Coal Mine
Euboea Marble Quarry
Eureka and Palisade Narrow Gauge Railway
Eureka No. 40 Coal Colliery
Eureka Slate Quarry
Europambeca Copper Mine
Evander Gold Mine
Evanston Coal Mine
Everest Platinum Other Rock Mine
Ewen Coal Mine
Excelsior Iron Smelter
Factory Butte Coal Mine
Fairbanks Exploration Company Gold Mine
Fairfield Coal Mine
Fair Haven Slate Quarry
Fair Lawn Coal Mine
Falkirk Coal Mine
Falling Creek Iron Smelter
Falmouth and Sperries Mixed Mine
Farmer Boy Gold Mine
Farmington Coal Mine
Farrer Coal Mine
Fauske Marble Quarry
Federal Mill No 3 Lead Mill
Félix Bollaert Coal Mine
Fénelon Coal Mine
Ferndale No 8 & 9 Coal Mine
Ferreira Gold Mine
Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia Railway
Fimiston Open Pit Gold Mine
Finsch Other Rock Mine
Fire King Coal Mine
Florence and Cripple Creek Railway
Florida Canyon Gold Mine
Floride Fluorite Mine
Folldal Mine Copper Museum
Forest Copper Smelter
Forest Queen Silver Mine
Former Bay Gold Mine
Formosa Copper Mine
Fort knox Gold Mine
Fort Robertdeau Lead Mine
Foster Gulch Coal Mine
Four Points Coal Mine
Four-Twenty Gold Mine
Fox Creek Gold Mine
Franklin Zinc Mine
Fraterville Coal Mine
Freda-Rebecca Gold Mine
Freedom Coal Mine
French Corral Gold Mine
Fresnillo Silver Mine
Frickley & South Elmsall Colliery Coal Mine
Frisko Silver Smelter
Fronlwyd Silver Mine
Frood-Stobie Nickel Mine
Furnace Iron Smelter
Gabal Abu Dukhan Porphyry Other Rock Quarry
Gabriel's Gully Gold Mine
Gaby Copper Mine
Gagnon Copper Mine
Galena Silver Mine
Galena Silver Mine
Gale Silver Mine
Gannt's Marble Quarry
Gantois Coal Mine
Garbutt Gold Mine
Garfield Copper Smelter
Garibaldi Copper Mine
Garnant Coal Colliery
Gary Coal Mine
Gastineau Gold Mill
Gaston Coal Mine
Gaths Other Rock Mine
Gatsuurt Gold Mine
Gayant Coal Mine
Gaylord Coal Mine
Gay Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Gebel el Ahmar Sandstone Quarry
Gebel el-Silsila Sandstone Quarry
geldenhuis Gold Mine
General Chemical Company Pyrrhotite Other Rock Mine
Germania Numbes 1,2,3 Copper Mine
Germania Silver Smelt Mill
Gertrude Gold Mine
Getchell Gold Mine
Gew Graze Soap Stone Other Rock Quarry
Giant Mine Gold Mine
Giffen Coal Mine
Gilberton Coal Mine
Gilman Zinc Mine
Gilpin Tramway
Gilt Edge Gold Mine
Giza Limestone Quarry
Glacier Creek Gold Mine
Glandore Manganese Mine
Glebe Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Glendon Iron Smelter
Glennies Creek Coal Mine
Gobbet Tin Mine
Gold Acres Gold Mine
Gold Coin Gold Mine
Gold Dust Gold Mine
Golden Bank Sandstone Quarry
Golden Cycle Gold Mine
Golden Fleece Gold Mine
Golden Gate Gold Mill
Golden Grove Zinc Mine
Golden Queen Gold Mine
Goldfield Gold Mine
Gold Hill Gold Mill
Gold Hill Silver Mine
Gold King Gold Mine
Gold King Gold Mill
Gold Queen Gold Mine
Gold Run Placer Gold Mine
Good Hope Silver Mine
Goodrich Sandstone Quarry
Goonrawe Tin Blowing House
Gothers Clay Quarry
Gould and Curry Silver Mine
Grand Condé Coal Mine
Grand View Copper Mine
Grand View Gold Mine
Granite Mountain Copper Mine
Grasberg Gold Mine
Grasshopper Creek Gold Mine
Great Boulder Gold Mine
Great Eagle Mining Company's Fluorite Mine
Great Laxey Mine Railway
Greenbarrow Clay Quarry
Green Butte Copper Mine
Greenhill Ochre Mine
Greens Creek Silver Mine
Greenwood Iron Smelter
Gregory Gold Mine
Wheal Grenville Tin Mine
Gresford Coal Mine
Grey Coal Mine
Greystone Quarry Other Rock Quarry
Guelb Moghrein Copper Mine
Guixi Copper Smelter
Gulf Creek & Cornish Copper Mine
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railway
Gustas Bros. Gold Mine
Gweek Tin Port
Gwithian Tin Stream
Gypsum Gypsum Mine
Hafod Copper Smelter
Hagdale Chrome Railway
Hakokodanmaa Gold Mine
Haltwhistle to Alston Mineral Railway
Halwin Tin Stream
Hambach Coal Mine
Hammon consolidated Gold Mine
Hanji Coal Railway
Hanna Iron Smelter
Hanna Coal Mine
Hannukainen Iron Mine
Hantergantick Granite Quarry
Harmony Borax Other Rock Mine
Harmony Gold Mine
Harris Coal Mine
Harrison Lead Smelter
Harrison County History of Coal Museum
Harrowbarrow Silver Mine
Hartsteinwerke Limestone Quarry
Harwick Coal Mine
Hasard Cheratte Coal Mine
Haslingden Sandstone Quarry
Havelock Asbestos Other Rock Mine
Havelock Other Rock Mine
Haveluy Coal Mine
Hazleton Coal Mine
Hazleton Company Coal Mine
H.C. Warwick Magnesite Other Rock Mine
Hecla No. 2 Coal Mine
Heimboldshausen Salt Mine
Heins & Glassmire Coal Mine
Heisley Coal Mine
Helen Mercury Other Rock Mine
Helston Tin Stream
Helston Valley Tin Stream
Hemerdon Wolframite Mine
Hendre-Ddu Slate Tramway
Hendrik Coal Mine
Henri Bouchet Coal Mine
Henri Charvet Coal Mine
Henroost Tin Mine
Henry Clay Coal Mine
Henry Clay Coal Mine
Herbeumont Slate Quarry
Herculaneum Lead Smelter
Hercules Sandstone Company Sandstone Quarry
Hérin Coal Mine
Hesperus Gold Mine
Heurfeau Coal Mine
Heurteau Coal Mine
Hexworthy Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Hexworthy Tin Mine
Hidden Valley Gold Mine
Higgovale Granite Quarry
High Island Granite Quarry
Highland Boy Cyanide Other Rock Mill
Highland Mary Gold Mine
Highland Slate Quarry
Highland Valley Copper Mine
Hillcrest Coal Mine
Hill of Longhaven Granite Quarry
Hilltop Gold Mine
Hingston Down Granite Quarry
Hirst-Chichagof Gold Mine
Hitura Nickel Mine
Hlobane Coal Mine
Hobet Coal Mine
Hoffman Tunnel
Hoff-Price Magnesite Company Magnesite Other Rock Quarry
Hohenlimburg Limestone Quarry
Holden Copper Mine
Hollinger Gold Mine
Holyoke Lead Mine
Homestake Gold Mine
Homestake Gold Mine
Homestead Iron Smelter
Honduras Gold Mine
Horizon Coal Mine
Horn Silver Mine
Hoskins Mound Sulphur Mine
Howell Iron Smelter
Howton Coal Mine
Hpakan Other Rock Mine
Huancavelica Other Rock Mine
Huanuni Tin Mine
Huckleberry Copper Mine
Hudson Bay Complex Copper Mine
Huelva Copper Smelter
Hulton Coal Colliery
Hunnewell Iron Smelt Mill
Hunterston Coal Port
Huntingdon Iron Smelter
Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railway
Hyesan Youth Copper Mine
Idaho Gold Mine
Idarado Gold Mine
Idealite Clay Mine
Idrija Mercury Other Rock Mine
Illogan Mines Copper Mine
Inca Claims Gold Mine
Inco Nickel Mine
Independence Gold Mine
Indian Mountain Coal Mine
Iowa Silver Mine
Iron and Steel Museum
Irondale Iron & Steel Iron Smelter
Iron Mountain Copper Mine
Iron Range & Huron Bay Iron Railway
Iron Springs Gold Mine
Iroquois Iron Smelter
Irvinebank Company Tin Smelter
Isabella Iron Smelter
Ivittuut Cryolite Other Rock Mine
Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mine
Jacobs Ranch Coal Mine
Jacobs Silver Smelt Mill
Jagersfontein Diamand Other Rock Mine
Jaguar Zinc Mine
Jap Creek Coal Mine
Jean Bart Coal Mine
Jeansville Coal Mine
Jefferson Island Salt Mine
Jeffrey Other Rock Mine
Jenkins Coal Mine
Jerome Coal Mine
Jerome United Verde Copper Mine
Jersey No.8 Coal Mine
Jesuit Lead Mine
Jinfeng Gold Mine
Joanna Iron Smelter
Jodhpur Sandstone Quarry
Joel Gold Mine
Joe's Luck Gold Mine
John L Goss Granite Quarry
Johnson Camp Copper Mine
Johnson Iron Mine
Jones Coal Mine
Joseph Perier Coal Mine
Josva Copper Mine
Julia Coal Mine
Jumbo Gold Mine
Jumbo Plaster and Cement Company Gypsum Quarry
Junction Silver Mine
Juneau Gold Mine
Juniata Gold Mine
Jwaneng Other Rock Mine
Kaiping Coal Colliery
Kaiser Gypsum Mine
Kaitangata Coal Mine
Kaitangata Line Coal Railway
Kakanj Coal Mine
Kalgold Gold Mine
Kalya Potash Mine
Kamenskii Iron Smelter
Kangaroo Point Cliffs Other Rock Quarry
Kapa'a Other Rock Quarry
Kara Gold Mine
Kaska William Coal Mine
Katie Ferberite Other Rock Mine
Katinka Gold Mine
Katoomba Railway
Kawau Island Copper Mine
Kayford Mountain Coal Mine
Kaymoor Coal Mine
Keane Wonder Gold Mine
Keetley Silver Mine
Kelley Copper Mine
Kellotaki Gold Mine
Kellow and Short Explosive Factory
Kemi Chrome Mine
Kemmerer Coal Mine
Kemmess Copper Mine
Kemnay Granite Quarry
Kempton Coal Mine
Kenai Gold Mill
Kenilworth Coal Mine
Kenmare Copper Mine
Kennall Vale Gunpowder Factory
Kennecott Copper Smelter
Kennecott Copper Corporation, Concentration Copper Mill
Kennedy Zinc Mine
Kentucky Fluorspar Company Fluorite Mill
Kertassi Sandstone Quarry
Kestel Tin Mine
Keweenaw National Historic Park Museum
Keystone Copper Mine
Keystone Silver Mine
Khaidarkan mercury Other Rock Mine
Khanong Copper Mine
Khewra Salt Mine
Khotgor Coal Mine
Kidd Creek Copper Mine
Kieve Mill Tin Stream
Kimberly 'Big Hole' Other Rock Mine
Kineo Slate Quarry
King Edward VII Tin Mine
King of Arizona Gold Mine
Kingston Coal Mine
Kiruna Iron Mine
Kisladag Gold Mine
Wheal Kitty (St.Agnes) Tin Mine
Klondike Silver Mine
Knapp's Ranch placer Gold Mine
Knights Deep Gold Mine
Knob Hill Gold Mine
Koffiefontein Other Rock Mine
Kohinor Coal Mine
Kohinor Coal Mine
Koidu Other Rock Mine
Kolar Gold Fields Gold Mine
Kongsberg Silver Mine
Koptos Slate Quarry
Kov Copper Mine
Kraft dolerite Other Rock Quarry
Krasnokamensk Uranium Other Rock Mine
Kromdraai Gold Mine
Kroondal Other Rock Mine
Kumtor Gold Mine
Lackawanna Coal Mine
Lackawanna Coal Port
La Coipa Gold Mine
Lady Annie Copper Mine
Lady Don Tin Mine
Lady Eleanora Gold Mine
Ladyshore Coal Colliery
La Escondida Copper Mine
La Grange Coal Mine
Lahrmann Limestone Quarry
Lahure Coal Mine
Lake Superior Copper Smelter
Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railway
Lambriggan Sulphur Mine
La Moie Granite Quarry
Lampivaara Amethyst Other Rock Mine
La Naville Coal Mine
Lancarrow Moor Tin Stream
Lancashire No. 18 Coal Mine
Lance No.11 Coal Mine
Landore Copper Smelter
Langlaagte Gold Mine
Lanterden Slate Quarry
Lantoom Slate Quarry
La Oroya Lead Smelter
La Paix Avaleresse Coal Mine
La Pensée Coal Mine
La Plata Silver Mine
La Renaissance Coal Mine
La Rinconado Gold Mine
Las Médulas Gold Mine
Las Minas Jimmie Copper Mine
Last Chance Gulch Gold Mine
Laura Coal Mine
Laura Coal Mine
Laurel Iron Smelter
Laurel Iron Smelter
Lava Cap Gold Mine
lavender Pit Copper Mine
LAVRIO Silver Mine
Lawsons Granite Quarry
Laxey Browside Tramway
Lay Coal Mine
Layland Coal Mine
Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Lebanon Silver Mine
Lecht Iron Mine
L'Éclaireur Coal Mine
Ledston Luck Coal Colliery
Lees Ferry Gold Mine
Le Forest Coal Mine
Lehigh and Mahanoy Coal Railway
Lehigh Crane Iron Smelter
Lehigh Valley Coal Railway
Leicester and Swannington Coal Railway
Leiper stone Railway
Lemay Coal Mine
Leschangie Granite Quarry
Letlhakane Other Rock Mine
Letseng Other Rock Mine
Leviathan Sulphur Mine
Lewisburg Iron Smelter
Lexington Silver Mine
Leyland Gold Mine
Lezerea Higher Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Lezerea Moor Tin Stream
Libby Vermiculite Other Rock Mine
Liberty Bell Gold Mine
Liberty Historic District Gold Mill
Lick Run Coal Mine
Lille Coal Mine
Lincoln Coal Mine
Lindbergh Coal Mine
Lisbon Valley Uranium Other Rock Mine
Lisheen Zinc Mine
Little Eva Gold Mine
Little Fannie Gold Mine
Little Giant Lead Mine
Little Nona Gold Mine
Little Saw Mill Run Coal Railway
Little Schuylkill Navigation, Railroad and Coal Company Coal Railway
llallagua Tin Mine
Llanberis - Welsh Slate Museum
Llanelli Copper Smelter
Llangyfelach Copper Smelter
Llwynypia Coal Colliery
Locharbriggs Sandstone Quarry
Loch Cuithir Diatomite Other Rock Quarry
Loe Pool Tin Stream
Logan Wash Oil Shale Mine
Lomas Bayas Copper Mine
Lone Tree Gold Mine
Longdowns Granite Quarry
Long Gulch Gold Mine
Longhorn Tin Smelter
Looe Copper Port
Lop Nur Potash Mine
Los Bronces Copper Mine
Los Pelambres Copper Mine
Lost Horse Mine Gold Mill
Lost Sheep Fluorite Mine
Louhi Limestone Mine
Louis Bigo Coal Mine
Louvicourt Copper Mine
Lubin Copper Mine
Lucerne Coal Mine
Luckie 2 Tungstan Other Rock Mill
Lucky Discovery Gold Mine
Lucky Four Gold Mine
Lucky Friday Silver Mine
Lucky Tiger Gold Mine
Luikonlahti Copper Mine
Luisenthal Coal Mine
Luke Fiddler Coal Mine
Lundy Granite Quarry
Lupin Gold Mine
Luss Slate Quarry
Luxulyan Granite Quarry
Luzamba Other Rock Mine
Lydenberg Gold Mine
Lykens valley Coal Mine
Lyle's Mixed Shaft
Lytle Coal Mine
Maasara Limestone Quarry
Macdonald Coal Mine
MaCracken Gold Mine
Magee Coal Mine
Magma Copper Mine
Magna Charta Copper Mine
Magna Egoli Other Rock Mine
Magna Copper Mill
Mahoning Iron Mine
Maidsville Coal Mine
Makola Nickel Mine
Makrana Marble Quarry
Malakoff Diggins Gold Mine
Mammoth Cave Nitrate Other Rock Mine
Mammoth Coal Mine
Mammoth Gold Mine
Mammoth Silver Mine
Mantovaara Gold Mine
Mantoverde Copper Mine
Manzanita Gold Mine
Maple Hill Coal Mine
Mapple Hill Coal Mine
MARAMEC Iron Smelter
Marblehead Limestone Quarry
Marcopper Copper Mine
Marianna Coal Mine
Marikana Platinum Other Rock Mine
Mariscal Quicksilver Other Rock Mine
Marquette iron ore Port
Marriott's Mixed Shaft
Martin Zinc Mine
Marvine Coal Colliery
Marvine Coal Mine
Marvine Coal Mine
Maryland Coal Co Coal Mine
Maryland Shaft No. 2, Coal Mine
Mary Murphy Gold Mine
Masara Limestone Quarry
Masua Zinc Mine
Matchless Silver Mine
Mathies Coal Mine
Mauch Chunk Switchback Gravity Railway
Maurice Tilloy Coal Mine
Maurice Tilloy Coal Mine
Maurits Coal Mine
May Day Gold Mine
May Day Gold Mine
May Rose Group Gold Mine
M & C Coal Mine
McCulloch Gold Mill
McGavock's Dolomite Other Rock Quarry
McGavock's Dolomite Other Rock Quarry
McIntyre Gold Mine
Mecsek Mining Museum
Medlyn Moor Tin Stream
Meeth ball Clay Quarry
Megalopoli Coal Mine
Meikle Gold Mine
Mellanear Tin Smelter
Mellen Beblo Tin Stream
Menadue Moor Tin Stream
Menerlue Moor Tin Stream
Menheryon Moor Tin Stream
Mercoal Coal Mine
Mercur Gold Mine
Méricourt Coal Mine
Merkers Salt Mine
Merry Christmas Zinc Mine
Merthen Quay Port
Mesabi Range Iron Mine
Metcalf Copper Mine
Methrose China Clay Quarry
Metsämonttu Zinc Mine
Mexican Silver Mine
Mezica Mixed Mine
Miami-Globe Copper Mine
Mica Hill Mica Mine
Michigan Copper Smelter
Middle Bank Copper Smelter
Middleton Gold Mill
Midnight Gold Mine
Midnite Other Rock Mine
Miike Coal Mine
Milford Manganese Mine
Mill Creek Coal Mine
Miller Coal Mine
Miller Creek Gold Mine
Mina Rosita Vieja Coal Mine
Minas de Pedro Copper Mine
Minas Talco Talc Mine
Mine 78C Coal Mine
Mineral Point Northern Mineral Zinc Railway
Mineral Products Corporation Potash Mill
Miners Delight Gold Mine
Mining Museum
Minnie Jane No. 1 Copper Mine
Minnie Moore Silver Mine
Mintaro Slate Quarry
Mirny Diamond Mine
Mission Copper Mine
Missoula Copper Mine
Mitchell Creek Gold Mine
Mizpah Silver Mine
Moab Uranium Other Rock Mill
Mochlos Sandstone Quarry
Modoc Silver Smelter
Modoc Silver Mine
Mogollon Gold Mine
Mohave & Milltown Railway
Mohawk Gold Mine
Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
Molly Kathleen Gold Mine
Monarch Gold Mine
Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway
Monongah Coal Mine
Monongahela Coal Railway
Monson Slate Railway
Monson Slate Quarry
Montana Silver Mine
Montebello Coal Mine
Monte Cristo Gold Mine
Montgomery Shoshine Gold Mine
Montour No 4 Coal Mine
Montour Coal Railway
Monywar Copper Mine
Moolarben Coal Mine
Moonta Copper Mine
Moose Creek Gold Mine
Moose River Gold Mine
Moose Silver Mine
Mopani Copper Mine
Moratock Iron Smelter
Morenci Copper Mine
Morenci Southern Copper Railway
Morfa Copper Smelter
Morfa Coal Colliery
Morley Park Ironworks Iron Smelter
Morning Glory Gold Mine
Morovoratz Gold Mine
Morupule Colliery Coal Mine
Morwellham Quay Port
Moss Coal Colliery
Mouat Chrome Mine
Mountain Con Copper Mine
Mountain King Gold Mine
Mountain Pass REE Other Rock Mine
Mountain View Copper Mine
Mount Fibro asbestos Other Rock Mine
Mount Kembla Coal Mine
Mount Pendeli Marble Quarry
Mount Polly Copper Mine
Mount Savage Iron Smelter
Mount Savage Iron Smelt Mill
Mount Tincroft Tin Mine
Moweaqua Coal Mine
Moyer Manganese Mine
Mponeng Gold Mine
Muirkirk Iron Smelter
Muirkirk Iron Smelter
Muldoon Silver Mine
Mulga Coal Mine
Murowa Other Rock Mine
Murphys Gold Mine
Murry Lead Smelt Mill
Mutorashanga Chrome Mine
Myra Falls Copper Mine
Nalunaq Gold Mine
Nanticoke No. 1 Coal Mine
Nant-y-Glo No 1 Coal Mine
Nariin Sukhait Coal Mine
Nassawango Iron Smelter
National Explosives Factory
Naturita Vanadium Other Rock Mill
Nauru Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Navachab Gold Mine
Indian Valley Copper Railway
Neath Abbey Copper Smelter
Nederland Silver Mill
Neilsen Coal Mine
Nephi Plaster Co. Gypsum Quarry
Nerchinsk Silver Mine
Neves Corvo Copper Mine
New Almaden Mercury Other Rock Mine
New Cornelia Copper Mine
Newham Tin Smelter
New Hartley Coal Mine
New Jersey Zinc Company Zinc Mine
New Madrid aluminium Other Rock Smelter
Newmont Twin Creek Megapit Gold Mine
New Mullen Zinc Mine
Newport Iron Mine
Ngwenya Iron Mine
Nicholia Lead Smelter
Nirayama Iron Smelt Mill
Nitrate Railway
Nittany Iron Smelter
Nittany Valley Iron Railway
Nkana Copper Mine
No. 2 Shaft Coal Mine
Noble Iron Smelter
Noble Electric Steel Company Iron Smelter
Noirmont Granite Quarry
Norcroft Coal Mine
Norcross Brothers Slate Quarry
Norfolk and Western Railway
Norilsk Nickel Mine
Norilsk Polar Copper Mine
Norrie Iron Mine
Norrie Iron Mine
North Antelope Rochelle Coal Mine
North Bloomfield Gold Mine
North Buckland Iron Mine
North Columbia Gold Mine
North Columbia Gold Mine
North Downs Tin Blowing House
North East Dundas Lead Railway
New Roskear Mixed Shaft
North Star Silver Mine
North Wheal Basset Copper Mine
Norwegian Mining Museum
Norwich Irving Copper Mine
Nottingham Coal Mine
Nuttallburg Coal Mine
NV Kempische Steenkoolmijnen Coal Mine
Oaks Coal Mine
Offemont Sandstone Quarry
Ogden Portland Cement Company Marl Other Rock Quarry
Ogof Mwn Copper Mine
Oignies Coal Museum
Ojuela Mixed Mine
Ok Tedi Copper Mine
Old Ben No. 8 Coal Mine
Old Dominion Copper Mine
Old Etna Zinc Mine
Old Hundred Gold Mine
OLD Mulcahy Zinc Mine
Old Pound China Clay Quarry
Olympic Dam Copper Mine
Onota Iron Smelter
Ontario Northland Railway
Ontario Silver Mine
Oranje-Nassau 111 Coal Mine
Oranje-Nassau 1 Coal Mine
Oranje-Nassau 1V Coal Mine
Oranje-Nassau 11 Coal Mine
Oranje Nassau IV Coal Mine
Orapa Other Rock Mine
Oreana Lead Smelter
Oregon Iron Company Iron Smelter
O'reily Gold Mine
Ore Knob Copper Mine
Orhaneli Coal Mine
Orient Iron Mine
Orient No, 2 Coal Mine
Original Copper Mine
Orijärvi Zinc Mine
Orivesi Gold Mine
Oro Negro Group Gold Mine
Orphan Other Rock Mine
Orphir Gold Mine
Oryx Gold Mine
Osborne Copper Mine
Osceola Silver Mine
Oswego Port
Otter Creek Gold Mine
Otto Red Ash Coal Mine
Outokumpu Copper Mine
Oxen Manganese Mine
Oxford Iron Smelt Mill
Oyler Uranium Other Rock Mine
Oyu Tolgoi Copper Mine
Oyuu Tolgoi Copper Mine
Paal Port
Pachuca Silver Mine
Paha Gold Mine
Pahtavaara Gold Mine
Pahtavuoma Zinc Mine
Palabora Vermiculite Other Rock Mine
Palmerton Zinc Smelter
Palmetto Gulch Gold Mill
Panasqueira Wolframite Mine
Panasquito Gold Mine
Pandora Gold Mine
Panian Coal Mine
Paramount Gold Mine
Park Slip Coal Colliery
Parkyn's Clay Quarry
Par-Luxulyan Railway
Paros Marble Mine
Par Port
Pascua-Lama Gold Mine
Paukkajanvaara Uranium Other Rock Mine
P.C. Company's Limestone Quarry
Peace River Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Peach Bottom Slate Quarry
Pearson's Granite Quarry
Peca Mixed Museum
Peg Leg Gold Mine
Penderleath China Clay Quarry
Penhalonga Gold Mine
Penna Benton Zinc Mine
Penna Coal and Coke Co. Coal Mine
Penna Port
Pennsylvania Coal Co Coal Mine
Pennsylvania Railway Ore Port
Pennsylvania Ralston Railway
Penpoll Tin Smelter
Penpoll Tin Smelter
Penrhyn Slate Company Slate Quarry
Penryn Granite Quarry
Penryn Port
Pentewan Other Rock Quarry
Pentewan Railway
Perran Arsenic Factory
Perranwharf Port
Perrine Peak Coal Mine
Perseverance Gold Mining Company Gold Mill
Philadelphia Mint Gold Smelter
Phoenix Coal Mine
Piceance Basin prototype tract C-b Oil Shale Mine
Piedmont Iron Smelter
Pike Hill Copper Mine
Pilgrim's Rest Gold Mine
Pinnacle Coal Mine
Pinnickinnick Coal Mine
Pinos Altos Gold Mine
Pinto Valley Copper Mine
Pinto Wye Gold Mill
Pioneer Gold Mine
Pipestone Catlinite Other Rock Quarry
Pitch Lake Asphalt Other Rock Mine
Pittston Coal Mine
PLatteville Mining Museum
Pleigne Flint Mine
Plutus Copper Mine
Point Lead Smelter
Polangrain Tin Stream
Polaris Zinc Mine
Polar Star Gold Mine
Polar Star Gold Mine
Polar Star Gold Mine
Poldice Copper Mine
Polgear Moor Tin Stream
Polgooth Other Rock Quarry
Poltimore Iron Mine
Polyphant Quarry Other Rock Quarry
Pond Creek Coal Mine
Pontsmill China Stone Mill
Poposi Copper Mine
Porgera Gold Mine
Porkellis Moor Tin Stream
Port carbon Coal Port
Porter Coal Mine
Port Gaverne Slate Port
Porthallow Other Rock Quarry
Port Isaac Slate Port
Port Johnston Coal Port
Portland Gold Mining Company's Gold Mill
Port Nolloth Copper Railway
Port Pirie Lead Smelter
Portreath (Tin Smelter) Tin Smelter
Portreath (Tin Stream) Tin Stream
Portreath (Port) Port
Portreath (Tramway) Tramway
Port Tennant Copper Smelter
Port William Slate Port
Potosi Silver Mine
Potts Coal Mine
Praed Salt Mine
Pratt Coal Mine
President Steyn Gold Mine
Prestongrange Industrial Museum
Preston No. 3 Coal Mine
Pribram Mining Museum
Primos Chemical Company's Vanadium Other Rock Mine
Prince of Wales Coal Colliery
Puits-du-Midi Coal Mine
Pumpkin Vine Coal Railway
Puzzle Gold Mine
Puzzle Wood Iron Mine
Pyne Red Ore Iron Mine
Pyrmont Tin Smelter
Quarr Limestone Quarry
Quebrada Bianca Copper Mine
Queen Bee Copper Mine
Queensboro Iron Smelter
Quincy Copper Smelter
Quincy Copper Mine
Racing Boy Silver Mine
Radbod Coal Mine
Radomiro Tomic Copper Mine
Radstock Museum
Rainbow Gilsonite Other Rock Mine
Rammelsberg Silver Mine
Rare Metal Ores Company Other Rock Mill
Raspadskaya Coal Mine
Rawhide Coal Mine
Rawlins Stone Company Sandstone Quarry
Raychikhinsk Coal Mine
Ray Copper Mine
Razsolnaia Iron Mine
Recht Slate Quarry
Redboy Silver Mine
Red Devil Quicksilver Other Rock Mine
Red Dog Zinc Mine
Red Lake Gold Mine
Red River Iron Smelter
Redruth and Chasewater Railway
Redruth Hospital Tin Blowing House
Reed Gold Mine
Reinheimer Brothers Limestone Quarry
Reko Diq Copper Mine
Renard Coal Mine
Republic Iron & Steel Co Iron Smelter
Republic Marble Quarry
Republic Steel Corporation Sandstone Quarry
Reskadinnick Tin Stream
Restronguet Port
Retanna Tin Stream
Retsof Salt Mine
Réussite Coal Mine
Revenue Silver Mine
Revloc Coal Colliery
Rex No. 1 Uranium Other Rock Mine
Rhoade-Hall Gold Mine
Rhoades - Hall Gold Mine
Rialto Copper Mine
Richard Coal Mine
Richardson Coal Mine
Richmond Granite Co. Granite Quarry
Richmond Coal Port
Richmond Vale Coal Railway
Rico Other Rock Mine
Ringwood Iron Plant Iron Mine
Riola Coal Mine
River Ranch Other Rock Mine
River Slope Coal Mine
Robinson Deep Gold Mine
Robinsons Copper Mine
Robinson Silver Mine
Roche Feldspar Other Rock Quarry
Rockerville Gold Mine
Rock of Ages Granite Quarry
Rock Sandstone Quarry
Rohdenhaus Limestone Quarry
Rolling Hill Coal Mine
Rolling Mill Coal Mine
Rollins Coal Mine
Rollling Mill Coal Mine
Roost-Warendin Coal Mine
Rose Copper Smelter
Rosebud Coal Mine
Roselidden Tin Stream
Rosiclaire Fluorspar Company Fluorite Mine
Rossing uranium Other Rock Mine
Ross Island Copper Mine
Rossi Tungsten Other Rock Mine
Rotherhithe Lead Smelter
Roucourt Coal Mine
Royal Consolidated Gold Mine
Royal Tiger Silver Mine
Royalton Coal Mine
Royston Coal Mine
Ruby Coal Mine
Ruby Tunnel Gold Mine
Rudnaya Pristan Lead Smelter
Ruffner Red Ore Iron Mine
Ruggles Mica Other Rock Mine
Ruoppapalo Gold Mine
Rushall Limestone Quarry
Sabatier Coal Mine
Sacremento Copper Mine
Sado Gold Mine
Safford Copper Mine
Saggrenda Silver Mine
Sago Coal Mine
Saint Alfred Coal Mine
Saint Amé Coal Mine
Saint Antoine Coal Mine
Saint Auguste Coal Mine
Sainte Barbe Coal Mine
Sainte Barbe Coal Mine
Sainte Barbe Coal Mine
Sainte Barbe no. 2 Coal Mine
Sainte Barbe no. 3 Coal Mine
Sainte Catherine Coal Mine
Saint-Édouard Coal Mine
Sainte-Élisabeth Coal Mine
Sainte Henriette Coal Mine
Sainte Marie Coal Mine
Saint-Ernest Coal Mine
Saint Grégoire Coal Mine
Saint Hyacinthe Coal Mine
Saint Laurent Coal Mine
Saint Léonard Coal Mine
Saint Louis Coal Mine
Saint Mark Coal Mine
Saint Mathias Coal Mine
Saint Mathieu Coal Mine
Saint-Pierre Coal Mine
Salena Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Salford Shale Other Rock Quarry
Saliuktin mine Other Rock Mine
Salt Chuck Gold Mine
Salvador Copper Mine
Samp's Limestone Quarry
San Agustín Copper Mine
San Bernardo Silver Mine
Sanders Salem Limestone Quarry
Sandts Limestone Quarry
Sandusky Ore Port
San Giovanni Lead Mine
San Juan & New York Mining & Smelting Company Gold Smelter
San Lick Coal Mine
San Salvador Silver Mine
Santa Ana Tin Mine
Santa Barbara Copper Mine
Santa Cruz Gold Mine
Santa Rita Copper Mine
Santiago de Cuba Iron Mine
Sao Domingos Copper Mine
Satkinskii Furnace Iron Smelter
Savage Coal Mine
Sawa Clay Mine
Scadding Gold Mine
Schneider Coal Mine
Schow Gold Mine
Scoro Gold Mine
Scrabster Sandstone Quarry
Scranton Iron Smelter
Sébastopol Coal Mine
Seleggan Tin Smelter
Senador Mercury Other Rock Mine
Senator Gold Mine
Seneca Stone Other Rock Quarry
Senghenydd Coal Mine
Sepon Copper Mine
Service Coal Mine
Settlement Granite Quarry
Seward Peninsula Railway
Shaft No. 3 Coal Mine
Shannon Copper Mine
Shanxi Coal Mine
Sharkham Iron Mine
Sheba Gold Mine
Sheep Creek Gold Mill
Shelby Iron Smelter
Shellal Granite Quarry
Shell's Oil Shale Mine
Sherman Iron Mine
Shilovskii Iron Mine
Shymkent Lead Smelter
Siglo XX Tin Mine
Silver City, Pinos Altos and Mogollan Railway
Silver Islet Silver Mine
Silver King Silver Mine
Silver King Tramway
Silver Lake Silver Mine
Silver Mountain Gold Mine
Silver Tip Silver Mine
Silverton Gold Mine
Silverton Northern Railway
Simpson Island Sandstone Quarry
Simsbury Copper Mine
Sing Sing Marble Quarry
Sithney Coverack Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Sixes Gold Mine
Skidoo Gold Mine
Skyline Coal Mine
Slanic Salt Mine
Slate Valley Slate Museum
Sloss Iron Smelter
Sloss Red Ore Iron Mine
Smith Coal Mine
Smith Ranch and Highland Uranium Other Rock Mine
Soaprock Other Rock Mine
Solikamsk Salt Mine
Solomon's Limestone Quarry
Solvay's Quarry Museum
Sossego Copper Mine
Soudan Iron Mine
South Bethlehem Iron Smelter
South Combmartin Lead Mine
Southern Boy and Girl Gold Mine
South Wheal Frances Copper Mine
Soyez Coal Mine
Speculator Copper Mine
Spence Copper Mine
Spencer Coal Mine
Spingfied Coal Mine
Spital Tongues Coal Colliery
Spitty Copper Smelter
Spring Creek Coal Mine
Spring Gulch Gold Mine
Springhill Coal Mine
Spruce No. 1 Coal Mine
Standard Consolidated Gold Mine
Standard Limestone Quarry
Standard Gold Mill
Standard Silver Mine
Stanhope Iron Smelter
Stanrigg Coal Mine
Starkville Coal Mine
Star West Copper Mine
Steamboat Gold Mine
Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg mining Museum
Stevens Iron Smelter
Stewart Copper Mine
Sticker Other Rock Quarry
Stillwater Other Rock Mine
Stirling Hill Granite Quarry
St. Louis Coal Mine
Straits Trading Co. Tin Smelter
Stratford Coal Mine
Strawbridge Railroad Tunnel
St Valentin Coal Mine
Sublet No. 6 Coal Mine
Sufco Coal Mine
Suggental Silver Mine
Sukinda Chrome Mine
Sukseton Gold Mine
Sulcor Limestone Quarry
Sulphur Bank Mercury Other Rock Mine
Sulphur Creek Sulphur Mine
Summitville Gold Mine
Sungun Copper Mine
Sunnyside Coal Mine
Sunnyside Coal Mine
Sunnyside Gold Mine
Sunrise Gold Mine
Sunshine Silver Mine
Susquehanna No.1 Coal Mine
Susquehanna No. 4 Clay Mine
Suurikuusikko Gold Mine
Swansea Vale Zinc Smelter
Sweet Coal Mine
Taconite Iron Port
Taibach Copper Smelter
Talvivaara Nickel Mine
Tamar Lead Smelter
Tamarack Copper Mine
Tanana Valley Railway
Tanco caesium Other Rock Mine
Tangye Explosive Factory
Tanjianshan Gold Mine
Tannehill Iron Smelter
Tannehill Ironworks Museum
Tapeworm Railway
Tarkwa Gold Mine
Tartan Down Other Rock Quarry
Tatarinov Coal Mine
TauTona Gold Mine
Tavan Tolgoi Coal Mine
Tazara Copper Railway
Telluride Homecoming RGS narrow gauge Railway
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co's Iron Smelter
Tererro Zinc Mine
Terraville Gold Mine
Texas Gulf Potash Mine
The Bellefonte and Snowshoe Coal Railway
The Calumet and Hecla Lead Mine
The C.A.T. & Booty Zinc Mine
The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Iron Railway
The East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railway
The Granite Railway
The Historic Center of Lewarde mining Coal Museum
The Mulcahy Lead Mine
The NorthStar Mine Powerhouse and Pelton Wheel Museum
Théodore Barrois Coal Mine
The Omaha and Grant Lead Smelter
The Philadelphia and Reading Railway
The Sydney and Louisburg Coal Railway
Thetford Other Rock Mine
The Wakefield, Pontefract and Goole Railway
The World Mining Museum
Thiers Coal Mine
Thomas Mixed Shaft
Thornton Aggregate Other Rock Quarry
Ticon Copper Mine
Tigroney Copper Mine
Tilly Foster Iron Mine
Timbuctoo Diggings Gold Mine
Timna Ancient Copper Mine
South Tincroft Tin Mine
Tincroft Tin Mine
Tinsley Park Collieries Coal Mine
Tin Smelting Co. (Boundy and Owen) Tin Smelter
Tintaya Copper Mine
Tintic Standard Reduction Copper Mill
Tintic Standard Silver Mine
Tip Top Manganese Mine
Loyal Hanna Coal & Coke Company No. 6 Coal Mine
Tolgus Tin Stream
Tolvaddon Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Tomboy Gold Mine
Tommy Abner's Coal Mine
Tommy Knight's China Stone Other Rock Quarry
Tonkin Coal Mine
Tonopah Historic Mining Park Museum
Tooele Lead Smelter
Toquepala Copper Mine
Tormore Granite Quarry
Torrington and Marland Clay Railway
Tout Stone Other Rock Quarry
Tower Hill No. 2 Coal Mine
Tramway Copper Mine
Tranent to Cockenzie Coal Tramway
Travona Silver Mine
Treadwell Gold Mine
Trearne Limestone Quarry
Tredegar Iron Smelter
Tregajorran Tin Blowing House
Tregarden Granite Quarry
Treginnis Copper Mine
Tregonning Hill Clay Quarry
Treloar and Crowgey Tin Stream
Treloweth Tin Smelter
Trelubbas Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Trenear Tin Stream
Trenowin Downs Clay Quarry
Tresayes Feldspar Other Rock Quarry
Trescoll Tin Mine
Trethellen Tin Smelter
Trewarmett Slate Quarry
Tripoli Lead Mine
Trixie Silver Mine
Trou Martin Coal Mine
Tsar Asen Copper Mine
Tubal Cain Copper Mine
Tunnel Coal Mine
Turenne Coal Mine
Turkey Creek Gold Mine
Turkey King Gold Mine
Turkey Knob Coal Mine
Turks and Caicos Salt Mine
Twilight Coal Mine
Twin Springs Gold Mine
Two Bit Creek Gold Mine
Tymorgy Tin Mine
Tyrone Copper Mine
Udachnaya Other Rock Mine
Uintah Gilsonite Railway
Ulyanovskaya Coal Mine
Uncia Tin Mine
Unimin Quartz Other Rock Mine
Union Copper Mine
Union's Oil Shale Mine
United Mines Copper Mine
United Verde Copper Smelter
Unity Explosive Factory
Upper Bank Copper Smelter
Upper Big Branch Coal Mine
Upper Big Branch Coal Mine
US Gypsum Co. Gypsum Mine
Usibelli Coal Mine
Utah and Northern Railway
Utah Coal Mine
Utah Coal Railway
Utah Consolidated Plaster Co Gypsum Quarry
Utah Portland Cement Company Limestone Quarry
Ulan Coal Mine
Utarado Mining Company Molybdenum Other Rock Mine
Vagabond Gold Mine
Vag asbestos Other Rock Mine
Valenje Coal Museum
Van Emmett Gold Mine
Van Gold Mine
Velardena Silver Smelter
Venetia Other Rock Mine
Vera Gold Mine
Vereina Tunnel
Vermont Granite Museum
Vermont Gold Mine
Vermont Marble Company Marble Quarry
Victor American Hastings Coal Mine
Victor and Polglaze Explosive Factory
Victor Gold Mine
Victoria Pit Coal Mine
Victoria Tunnel
Victory Tin Mine
Vieux-Condé Coal Mine
Vihanti Zinc Mine
Village Deep Gold Mine
Villars Coal Mine
Vindicator Gold Mine
Vinto Tin Smelter
Viola Gold Mine
Vipont Silica Mine
Virginia City Gold Mine
Wheal Virgin Tin Mine
Virginus Gold Mine
Vivian Gold Mine
Voisey's Nickel Mine
Volcano placer Gold Mine
Vuonos Copper Mine
Vyiskii Nizhnii Tagil Copper Smelter
Wadesville Coal Mine
Wadi Maghara Turquoise Other Rock Mine
Wales Coal Mine
Wallaroo Zinc Mine
Wallers Coal Mine
Wall Street Gold Mill
Wankie Coal Mine
Warm Springs Talc Mine
Werris Creek Coal Mine
Washoe Copper Smelter
Wattis Coal Mine
Weak Ford Tin Blowing House
Weber Coal Mine
Webster Coal Mine
Weeth Green Tin Stream
Weil Iron Mine
Welch Coal Mine
Wellington Silver Mine
Wenecja Narrow Gauge Railway Museum
Wesselton Diamond Other Rock Mine
West End Coal Mine
Western Deep Gold Mine
Western Magnesite Development Company Magnesite Other Rock Mine
Western Maryland Coal Railway
Western Phosphate Co.'s Phosphate Other Rock Mine
Western Stone Company Limestone Quarry
Western View Mining Group Gold Mine
West Grey Rock Copper Mine
Westland Coal Mine
West Pawlet Slate Quarry
West Pittston Coal Mine
Westray Coal Mine
West Ridge Coal Mine
West Seton Copper Mine
West Wallsend Coal Mine
West Wheal Basset Copper Mine
West Wheal Frances Tin Mine
Westwood Slate Quarry
Wharton Iron Smelter
Wheal Blinman Copper Mine
Wheal Buller Copper Mine
Wheal Busy (Chacewater) Copper Mine
Wheal Fortune (Illogan) Copper Mine
Wheal Frederick China Clay Quarry
Wheal Gorland Copper Mine
Wheal Gould Arsenic Mine
Wheal Hughes Copper Mine
Wheal Johnny Copper Mine
Wheal Martyn Country Park Clay Museum
Wheal Mary (Towednack) Tin Mine
Wheal Menadue Iron Mine
Wheal Neptune Lead Mine
Wheal Owles Tin Mine
Wheal Rodd Other Rock Mine
Wheal Trelawney Lead Mine
Wheal Vreath Tin Mine
Whim Creek Copper Mine
Whims Creek Copper Mine
Whipstick Other Rock Quarry
Whispering Gully Gold Mine
White Alice Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
White Caps Gold Mine
White Mountain Gold Mine
White Pass and Yukon Railway
White Pass Railway
White Range Copper Mine
Whiteriggs Iron Mine
White Rock Copper Smelter
Whitestone Limestone Quarry
Widan el-Faras Basalt Other Rock Quarry
Wigwam Granite Quarry
Wilberg Coal Mine
Wilhelmina Coal Mine
Willem-Sophia Coal Mine
Williams Coal Mine
Williamson Other Rock Mine
Wilpinjong Coal Mine
Windfall Gold Mine
Winterberg Limestone Quarry
Winter Quarters Coal Mine
Wintershall K+S Potash Mine
Wittenoom Gorge Other Rock Mine
Wolf Tongue Tungsten Other Rock Mine
Woodbury Magnesite Other Rock Quarry
Woodsreef Asbestos Other Rock Mine
Wood Tin Stamp or Dressing Floor
Woodward Iron Smelter
Woodward Coal Mine
Woodward Iron Company Iron Mine
Wortley Top Forge & Industrial Museum
Wujek Coal Mine
Wyodak Coal Mine
Xiaolong Other Rock Mine
Xietongmen Copper Mine
Xikuangshan Antimony Mine
Yallourn Coal Mine
Yampa Copper Smelter
Yanacocha Gold Mine
Yankee Girl Gold Mine
Yarnscombe Lead Mine
Yellow Work Moor Tin Stream
Yellow Eye Gold Mine
Yellow Work Common Tin Stream
Yerington Copper Mine
York Farm Coal Mine
Yorkshire Dales Mining Museum
Yosemite Silver Mine
Yuba Gold Mine
Yule Marble Quarry
Zakamenskii Iron Mine
Zaldivar Copper Mine
Zambodga Gold Mine
Zane's Old Iron Smelt Mill
Zeus Emerald Other Rock Mine
Zion National Park Stone Other Rock Quarry
Zollvereign Coal Mine
Zollverein Coal Mine
Zonguldak Coal Museum
Zuma Lead Mine
Zwartkop Chrome Mine
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