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About LeeW

"I went in a mine once.... it was dark and scary..... full of weirdos When do I get my soapbox, I need to rant on about some b***cks"


Been interested in mining, since about 15, inparticular Derbyshire Lead Mines and Coal Mines. Like surface stuff and searching for hidden features. Also enjoy non mining industrial and general archeology


Location Somewhere Avatar of LeeW

Website www.ukminingwalks.co.uk
Occupation Hydrogeologist
Joined 28/07/2007
Posts 473 [View Posts]

LeeW's Workplaces

It would appear that LeeW has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by LeeW

Abercwmboi Colliery Archive Album
Abergwawr Colliery Archive Album
Accomodation (Deep) Pit User Album
Acomb Drift User Album
Adams Pit User Album
AditNow 2007 Photo Competition Entrants
Adventure (Poynton) Pit User Album
Albert Pit User Album
Alderwasley User Album
Alderwasley (Old) User Album
Alfreton Colliery User Album
Alport User Album
Alton User Album
Alton New Colliery User Album
ANDREW User Album
Ansley Hall User Album
Apedale Mine and Heritage Centre Visit
Apes tor User Album
Ashovermans Shaft User Album
Ashtons User Album
Astley Green User Album
Backworth User Album
Bacon Close User Album
Bag User Album
Bal, Higher User Album
Ball Eye User Album
Barnsley Main User Album
Barony User Album
Barreledge User Album
Basset User Album
Bay User Album
Beamish (Burn Pumping Engine) User Album
Beever Mine User Album
Bentinck Colliery Archive Album
Bentley Archive Album
Bersham User Album
Bestwood User Album
Bickerton Engine User Album
Biggin Dale User Album
Bincliff User Album
Birchinley User Album
Birch's Level User Album
Blackclough Pit User Album
Black Shaft User Album
Blackwell A Winning User Album
Blackwell B Winning User Album
Blackwell New Pit User Album
Blackwell Sough User Album
Blaenant Archive Album
Blakethwaite User Album
Blakethwaite User Album
Blue Hills User Album
Blue Level User Album
Blythe (Vein & Pipe) Mines User Album
Boggard Hole User Album
Bog User Album
Bolehill User Album
Bolsover Archive Album
Bolsover User Album
Bolsover Coking Plant User Album
Bolton Gill User Album
Bonsall Moor User Album
Botallack User Album
Bottle Brook Sough User Album
Bou Grine Archive Album
Bowers Rake User Album
Bowes Railway User Album
Brassington (Harboro) Brickworks User Album
Bretby Colliery Archive Album
Bretby Colliery User Album
Brightside User Album
Brimstone Dyke User Album
Brinsley User Album
British and Colonial explosive User Album
British Ironworks Colliery User Album
British Ironworks User Album
Broad Law User Album
Broadmeadow User Album
Brookhill Colliery User Album
Brownley Hill Mine User Album
Bryn Navigation Archive Album
Buckett Engine Pit User Album
Bunton Level User Album
Burbage colliery (cistern) User Album
Burning Drake (Peak Forest) User Album
Burnt Ling User Album
BUSY (GREAT) User Album
Butlands Horse Croft User Album
Butterley Co Railway East, Ashes Farm Junction to the Portland Pits
Butterley Co Railway East, Portland Wharf to Ashes Farm Junction
Butts User Album
Bycliffe User Album
Calcutta User Album
Califat User Album
Cambois User Album
Canal Pit User Album
Cannock Wood User Album
Capelcleugh User Album
Caphouse User Album
Caplecleugh High Level User Album
Car House User Album
Carnhill Wifes Sough User Album
Carnon User Album
Carr Wood Colliery User Album
Castlehill Archive Album
Cathedral Pit User Album
Caulton (Calton) Hill Pipe User Album
Cefn Coed Colliery User Album
Chadwick User Album
Chambers Dunsil User Album
Charger Level User Album
Chariot User Album
Chatsworth User Album
Chatterley Whitfield User Album
Clara Vale User Album
Clay Cross No 11 Colliery User Album
Clayton adit User Album
Clayton pipe User Album
Claytons Ground User Album
Clear the way User Album
Cliffstile User Album
Cligga Head User Album
Coalgrovebeck User Album
Coalgrovehead User Album
Coalhills User Album
Coalpithole User Album
Cocking Tor User Album
College Dream User Album
Cononley User Album
Cooks Kitchen User Album
Cop Rake User Album
Corsehill User Album
Cotes Park Heightington Pit User Album
Cotes Park Skellingthorpe Pit User Album
Coton Park Colliery User Album
Cow and Calf User Album
Craghead User Album
Crashpurse User Album
Craslow (Caslow) and Bakers Vein User Album
Crawshot (Crosha) Pipe User Album
Crich User Album
Crigglestone User Album
Croft Level User Album
Cromford & High Peak Railway User Album
Cromford Moor User Album
Cromford Sough User Album
Cropper Gate Pit User Album
Crotie Rake User Album
Cwmgwili Archive Album
Dalefield User Album
Dale Archive Album
Dale Sough User Album
Dale (Wirksworth) User Album
Dane Bower Colliery User Album
Dane Bower Quarries User Album
Danehead User Album
Danethorn User Album
Daw Mill User Album
Dean and Chapter Colliery User Album
Dene User Album
Devonshire Cavern & Mine Visit
Devonshire User Album
Diminsdale User Album
Dolcoath User Album
Dream User Album
Drillground Archive Album
Drummers Venture User Album
Dukes User Album
Dutchmans User Album
Earsdon User Album
Easthouses Colliery Archive Album
East Pool and Agar User Album
East Tanfield Archive Album
Ecton Deep Archive Album
Ecton Deep User Album
Ecton Hill User Album
EDWARD User Album
Elder Tree Vein User Album
Eldon Bent Vein User Album
Eldon Hill User Album
Elizabeth Pit User Album
Elsecar User Album
El Zriba Archive Album
Emlyn Archive Album
Emms Hill Archive Album
fairbottom User Album
Fall Hill User Album
Fenwick User Album
Fieldgrove User Album
Firbeck Main Colliery User Album
Flockton Lane End User Album
Flusco Lodge User Album
Force Crag User Album
FORTUNE User Album
Foxfield User Album
Foxhole Rake User Album
Frances User Album
Friendship User Album
Friendship User Album
Garforth (Trench Pit) User Album
Garmondsway Pit User Album
Gaskin Level User Album
Geevor User Album
George User Album
Glamorgan Archive Album
Glencairn Colliery User Album
Glengonnar User Album
Golconda User Album
Goodluck (Yokecliffe) User Album
Gospel User Album
Goyt's (Goit's) Moss Sough User Album
Grange Mill User Album
Granville No1 User Album
Granville No2 User Album
great masson User Album
Greatorex User Album
Great Rake User Album
Great Western Archive Album
Great Western User Album
Greencliffe User Album
Greenside Archive Album
Gregory User Album
Grey Millstone User Album
Grove Colliery User Album
Groverake User Album
Gunnislake Clitters User Album
Gwennap United ( 1901 ) User Album
Hallicar User Album
Hallicar Olive User Album
Harrybecca User Album
Harworth Colliery User Album
Haswell Colliery User Album
Haytor User Album
Hazard User Album
Hebden Moor Lead Works User Album
Hedge (Poynton) Pit User Album
Hemingfield Colliery Archive Album
Hempy Bank (Poynton) Pit User Album
Henholmes User Album
Hetton Colliery Archive Album
Hetton Colliery User Album
Highcliffe User Album
Highfields User Album
High Grinding User Album
Highhouse Colliery User Album
High Low User Album
High Rake User Album
High Ringleton User Album
Hillocks User Album
Hills venture User Album
Hit or Miss User Album
Hodgkinsons Horse Croft User Album
Hole (Whole) Mouth Rake User Album
Hollybank (Oakerthorpe) User Album
Holme Bank User Album
Holme grove User Album
Hope User Album
Hope Pit User Album
Hoptonwood User Album
Horse Grove User Album
Horse Level (Leadhills) User Album
Horton Grange User Album
Hough Vein User Album
House of Correction Pit User Album
Howgrove User Album
Grinton How User Album
Hurst User Album
Husket Pit User Album
Intake User Album
Ivonbrook User Album
James Hall over engine User Album
Jowle Grove User Album
Jug Holes User Album
Kellingley Colliery User Album
Kendal Green Drift Archive Album
Kilgrammie User Album
Killoch Colliery User Album
Kilmux User Album
Kilnhurst User Album
Kilton User Album
Kimblesworth User Album
Kingfield Pit User Album
Kingsbury User Album
Kinsley Drift User Album
Kirkby Colliery User Album
Kitty User Album
Kiveton Park User Album
Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery User Album
Knotlow User Album
Knowlesgate Sough User Album
Ladies Vein User Album
Lady Anne Hopetoun Shaft User Album
Lamb Intake (Bradwell Mines) User Album
Lambley User Album
Lambton Archive Album
Lambton User Album
Laneside User Album
Langley Park Archive Album
Langley Park User Album
Langley Sough User Album
Langton User Album
Langwith Colliery User Album
Larks Venture User Album
Lathkill Dale (Batemans) User Album
Ledston Luck User Album
Lees Cross User Album
Leewall Vein and Sough User Album
Leicester and Swannington User Album
Levant User Album
Lickpenny User Album
Lidgett Colliery User Album
Lily Pit User Album
Lily Street Pit User Album
Lindsay Archive Album
Linicar Scrin User Album
Little Brookhead User Album
Little Pasture User Album
Liverton User Album
Llanover Archive Album
Llay Hall Colliery User Album
Long Acres User Album
Longcliff User Album
Long Rake User Album
Long Rake User Album
Long Rake (Old Lead) User Album
Longway Bank (Lognor) User Album
Lord & Lady Pit User Album
Lord's Shaft (Crich Cliff) User Album
Lost Lad User Album
Lower Birchwood Colliery User Album
Lower (New) Birchwood User Album
Low Grinding Mill User Album
Low Peru User Album
Low Ringleton User Album
Lumley 6th Archive Album
Lumley 6th User Album
Lumpsey User Album
Lyle's User Album
Magpie Archive Album
Magpie User Album
Magpie Sough User Album
MAID (MAIDEN) User Album
Mainsforth Archive Album
Mainsforth User Album
Maltby Main Colliery User Album
Mam Engine Archive Album
Mandale User Album
Mansfield & Pinxton User Album
Markham User Album
Mary Rose User Album
Masson Farm sough User Album
Masson Hill User Album
Meadowfoot Level User Album
Meadowfoot User Album
Meerbrook Sough User Album
Mexborough Colliery No 1 & 2 User Album
Middlefield Engine Pit User Album
Middlefield Rake User Album
Milking Place Vein User Album
Millclose User Album
Mill Green Shaft User Album
Mill Pit Archive Album
Minera User Album
Minnivey No 4 & 5 Colliery Archive Album
Mire Close Mines User Album
Moira Furnace User Album
Monckton Coking Plant User Album
Monckton Main User Album
Money Hill Drift User Album
Monktonhall Archive Album
Monsaldale Spar User Album
Morley Park User Album
Morrison (South Moor) User Album
Moss User Album
Mountain Pit Archive Album
Mountpleasant User Album
Mount Wellington User Album
Mouse Trap User Album
Muse User Album
Nangiles User Album
Nant Meylyn User Album
NCB Area Headquarters at Bolsover User Album
Nentforce Level User Album
Nenthead User Album
Nentsberry Haggs User Album
Nettler Dale Black Marble User Album
Newcastle User Album
Newclose User Album
New Glencrieff User Album
New Hartley User Album
New Mill at Langthwaite User Album
New Moss User Album
New Rake Bottom User Album
New Sovereign User Album
New Venture User Album
New Venture West User Album
New Wharf User Album
Nick Sough User Album
Nogg User Album
Notbury (Knotbury) User Album
Oakerthorpe (East) User Album
Octagon User Album
Odin User Album
Old Blackwell User Album
Old College Dream User Album
Old Dean User Album
Old Eye User Album
Old Gang User Album
Old Gell's User Album
Old Grove Sough User Album
Old Hucknall User Album
Old Knowl User Album
Old Moor User Album
Old Moss User Album
Old Pasture User Album
Old Roundall User Album
Old Seedlow User Album
Old Sovereign User Album
Old Taylor's User Album
Old Tor User Album
Old Townhead User Album
Old Wharf No1 User Album
Overton User Album
Oxlow Head Engine User Album
Oxlow Rake User Album
Page's User Album
Parkers Shaft User Album
Pates Knowes User Album
Peakshole Sough User Album
PEEVOR User Album
Penarth Slate Mine Visit
Penny Hole User Album
Penrhos Colliery User Album
Pentremawr Colliery Archive Album
Perseverence User Album
Peru User Album
Pienet Nest Shaft & Vein User Album
Pindale End User Album
Pindale Old User Album
Pindale Scrins User Album
Plas Power Colliery User Album
Pleasley User Album
Plumbley User Album
Poldice User Album
Poldice (Parc-an-Chy) Arsenic Works User Album
Polton User Album
POOL EAST User Album
Portabello User Album
Portland Colliery User Album
Portobello Olive User Album
Prestongrange Industrial User Album
Primrose Mine User Album
Prospect (Alport) User Album
Pryes User Album
Quarry Archive Album
Quarry Pit User Album
Queensberry User Album
Quickset User Album
Raddle Pits User Album
Rake Head (Hugh Grove) User Album
Ramsay Colliery Archive Album
Randolph User Album
Raper User Album
Ray Gill User Album
Redacre Pits User Album
Reeve Edge User Album
Riddings New Deeps User Album
Riddings No4 Pit User Album
Ridings (Hollyhurst) User Album
Ripley Pit (Riddings) User Album
Rockley Engine House User Album
Rockley User Album
Rose Rakes User Album
Rothes User Album
Roundlow User Album
Royal oak User Album
Sacriston User Album
Sallet Hole No1 adit User Album
Sarah User Album
Scar Level User Album
Seghill User Album
Seleggan User Album
Shake Rope Vein User Album
Sharnberry User Album
Shaws Engine User Album
Shaw Wood User Album
Sheepbridge No 1 Colliery User Album
Shepherds User Album
Sherburn Hill Archive Album
Shiningbank User Album
Shipley (Deepfield) Colliery
Shireoaks Colliery User Album
Sidfordholm(e) (Sydfordholm(e)) Shaft User Album
Siggate Head User Album
Silence User Album
Silkstone Fall User Album
Silkstone Waggonway User Album
Silverhill User Album
Silver Hillocks User Album
Sir Francis Level User Album
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) User Album
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) Engine (1814) Pit User Album
Skegby Engine (1808) Pit User Album
Skegby Runiw User Album
Skelton Park User Album
Slack Mine User Album
Slaters User Album
Slaters User Album
Sliding Pits User Album
Slinter User Album
Slinter Tor (Owlet Hole) User Album
Slitherstone User Album
Smallcleugh User Album
Smallpenny level User Album
Smiler User Album
Smithycove User Album
Snailbeach User Album
Snibston User Album
South Condurrow User Album
South Crofty User Album
South Graine Colliery User Album
South Leicestershire User Album
South Normanton Old User Album
South Skelton User Album
Stanhope Bretby User Album
Stanton Moor User Album
Starvehouse User Album
St. Hilda's Archive Album
St. Hilda's User Album
Stillingtons User Album
Stitchen User Album
Stoneycroft User Album
Stony Butts User Album
Storforth Lane Colliery User Album
Strafford User Album
Straitsteps User Album
Sun Rake User Album
Surrender User Album
Susanna User Album
Sutton Vein User Album
Swainsley Archive Album
Swainsley User Album
Swallow Hill Pumping Pit User Album
Swanwick Old Pit User Album
Talbot Holes User Album
Tankersley Archive Album
Taylors Shaft User Album
Taylors Shaft User Album
Telford Pit User Album
Thatch Marsh User Album
Thoresby Colliery Archive Album
Threshfield User Album
Thrislington User Album
Tibshelf Old Colliery User Album
Tideslow Rake User Album
Timperley Vein User Album
Tincroft User Album
Todmorden Moor User Album
Toft Gate User Album
Tower Colliery User Album
Trimdon Grange Colliery Archive Album
Trueblue User Album
Turf Pits User Album
Ty-Talwyn User Album
United Mines User Album
UNY User Album
Upper Blobber User Album
Upper Cross (Moss Rake West) User Album
Upper White Rake User Album
Ushaw Moor Archive Album
Venture Pit User Album
Vinovium Archive Album
Wakebridge Mine User Album
Walton Way Drift User Album
Washington F Pit Archive Album
Washington F Pit User Album
Washington Glebe Archive Album
Waterbank User Album
Watergrove User Album
Waterloo Colliery User Album
Watsons Shaft User Album
Watts Grove User Album
West Cannock 1, 2, 3, 5 User Album
Western Pit by Night
Western Pit Archive Album
Westfield Pumping Pit User Album
West Hallam Archive Album
West Hallam User Album
West Peru User Album
West Wheal Basset User Album
Westwood User Album
Wet Earth User Album
Whale Rake User Album
Whale Sough User Album
Wheal Basset User Album
Wheal Betsy User Album
Wheal Coates User Album
Wheal Ellen User Album
Wheal Lushington User Album
Wheal Owles User Album
Whiteborough User Album
Wigwell User Album
Wildersley Sough User Album
Williamthorpe Archive Album
Willow Close User Album
Wilsons Shaft User Album
Windber User Album
Windy Arbour Vein User Album
Woodhorn User Album
Woodside Archive Album
Woodside User Album
Woolley Moor User Album
Wrangling Rake User Album
Wrexham and Acton Colliery User Album
Wylam User Album
Yarner User Album
Yokecliffe User Album
Mines added by LeeW

Abbey Fireclay Clay Mine
Abernant Coal Mine
Accomodation (Deep) Pit Coal Mine
Acomb Coal Colliery
Acomb Drift Coal Mine
Acorn Hill No1 Pit Fireclay & Coal Mixed Mine
Acorn Hill No2 Pit Fireclay & Coal Mixed Mine
Adam Gregory Coal Colliery
Adam Lane Coal Colliery
Adelaide Pit Coal Mine
Adlington Coal Colliery
Adventure (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Agecroft Coal Mine
Albert Pit Coal Mine
Alderwasley Coal Colliery
Alderwasley (Old) Coal Colliery
Alexandra Drift Coal Mine
Alfreton Colliery Coal Mine
Alkrington Coal Mine
Allerdean Coal Colliery
Allerton Bywater Coal Mine
Allerton Main (Albert & Victoria Pit) Coal Colliery
Allmands Pit Coal Mine
Alltgymbyd Lead Mine
Alma Colliery Coal Mine
Alma Pit Coal Mine
Alsopmoor Iron Mine
Alton Ganister Mine
Alton New Colliery Coal Mine
Andrews (Oxclose) Pit Coal Mine
Anson Pit Coal Mine
Apes tor Copper Mine
Arden Coal Mine
Arden Pit Coal Mine
Arkwright Coal Mine
Armistice Coal Colliery
Arrock black marble Limestone Mine
Arscott Coal Colliery
Arthur (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Ashcroft Pit Coal Mine
Ashington Coal Mine
Ashovermans Shaft Lead Mine
Ash Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Ashton Lead Mine
Ashton Moss Coal Colliery
Ashtons Field Coal Mine
Ashtons Lead Mine
Askern Coal Mine
Asterley Coal Colliery
Astleyfields Coal Colliery
Astley Green Coal Mine
Athersley Drift Coal Colliery
Atkinsons Drift Coal Mine
Auchlochan No8 Coal Mine
Austhorpe Pit Coal Mine
Awsworth Iron Works Iron Factory
Axton Lead Mine
Babbington No4 Coal Mine
Back Lane No2 Coal Colliery
Backlane (Tibshelf) Coal Colliery
Back Sponds Pit Coal Mine
Bacon Close Lead Mine
Bacon Coal Colliery
Baddesley Speedwell Pit Coal Mine
Badgers (Fallswood) Pit Coal Mine
Bag Lead Mine
Bagworth Coal Mine
Bakers Bank Pit Coal Mine
Bakestonedale Coal & Clay Mixed Colliery
Baldridge Pit Coal Mine
Balgreggie Coal Mine
Balk Coal Mine
Ballarat Coal Colliery
Balls (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Balmule Pit Coal Mine
Bank Bottom No1 Coal Colliery
Bank Bottom No3 Coal Colliery
Bank Bottom No4 Coal Colliery
Bank End Coal Colliery
Bankend Sough Coal Tunnel
Bank Grove Lead Mine
Bank House Coal Colliery
Bank Top Lead Mine
Barber Fields Drift Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Barn Close) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Broad Close) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Coach Pingle) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Common Piece) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Croft) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Cunningreys) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Dinnis's Pasture) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Far Common) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Far Twelve) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Foal Hovel) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Fox Sic) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Great Rye Grass) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Lamb Pasture) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Little Ox Close) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Little Rye Grass) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Lower Butterley) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Mill Close) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Mill Meadows) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Near Upper) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Bastards) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Dinnis's) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Flatts) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Great) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Mill) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Pasture) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Nether Quarry) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Parsons Acre) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Robert's) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Swarn's) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Upper Butterley) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Upper Dirty) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Upper Flatts) Pit Coal Mine
Barber Walker (Upper Long) Pit Coal Mine
Bargoe Fireclay Clay Mine
Barkers Main Coal Colliery
Barker Wood (Tivydale) Coal Colliery
Barley Close Lead Mine
Barlow Commonside Coal Colliery
Barlow Silkstone Coal Colliery
Barlow's Pit Coal Mine
Barlow Wood Coal Colliery
Barmoor Coal Colliery
Barnside Coal Colliery
Barnsley Coal Colliery
Barnsley Main Coal Colliery
Barnyard Coal Colliery
Barnyard (Fordell) Pit Coal Mine
Barony Coal Mine
Barratts Pit Ganister Mine
Barrow Coal Colliery
Bates Coal Mine
Bayleyfield Coal Colliery
Beamish (Burn Pumping Engine) Coal Mine
Beans and Bacon Lead Mine
Bearmouth Adit Coal Mine
Beauchief Ganister Mine
Bedlington A Coal Mine
Bedlington E Coal Mine
Bedol Aur Lead Mine
Beeley Wood No1 Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Beeley Wood No2 Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Beet Lead Mine
Beighton Coal Colliery
Belgrave Lead Mine
Bellamy Lane Coal Colliery
Bellfield Pit Coal Mine
Bellhouse (Norbriggs) Pit Coal Mine
Bell-Ing (Old) Coal Colliery
Bell-ings Coal Mine
Bells House Drift Coal Mine
Belmont Colliery Coal Mine
Belper Gutter Coal Colliery
Belper Lane End Coal Colliery
Belper Town Coal Colliery
Belton Grain Lead Mine
Ben Bank Pit Coal Mine
Bennerley (Lord Middletons) 1575 Sough Coal Tunnel
Bennet Grove Lead Mine
Bent (Belper) Coal Mine
Bentcliff Coal Colliery
Bentilee Coal Mine
Bentinck Colliery Coal Mine
Bents Lane Coal Colliery
Beresford level Lead Mine
Berristow Coal Mine
Berry Edge Coal Colliery
Berry Edge Pit Coal Mine
Berry Moor Coal Colliery
Berthen Farm Lead Mine
Berthlwyd Drift Coal Mine
Berw Coal Colliery
Bethsie (Pitfirrane) Coal Mine
Betty's Bridge Coal Mine
Bevercotes Colliery Coal Mine
Bickerton Engine Copper Mine
Big Pit (Blaenavon) Coal Colliery
Big Pit (Gelli) Coal Colliery
Bilborough 1st Whymsey Pit Coal Mine
Billins Lead Mine
Billylaw Coal Mine
Billywood (Medhurst) Pit Coal Mine
Bilston Glen Coal Mine
Bincliff Lead Mine
Bingham Park Coal Colliery
Birchencliff Pit Coal Mine
Birches Coal Colliery
Birchett Pit Coal Mine
Birch's Hall Lead Mine
Birchinley Coal Colliery
Birchmoor Coal Colliery
Birch's Level Lead Mine
Birch Tree Pit Coal Mine
Birch Vale Coal Colliery
Birch Vale Drift Fireclay Clay Mine
Birchwood Barn Croft Pit Coal Mine
Birchwood Lane Coal Colliery
Birchwood Pit Coal Mine
Bird Lane Pit Coal Mine
Birkacre Coal Mine
Birkett Banks Coal Colliery
Birley East Coal Colliery
Bishop Middleham Colliery Coal Mine
Bitholmes Pot Clay Clay Mine
Bitholmes Wood Pit Clay Clay Mine
Blackclough Coal Mine
Blackclough Coal Mine
Blackcroft Pit Coal Mine
Black Dyke Coal Mine
Blacker Main (Blacker Hill) Coal Colliery
Blackfriars Bridge Lead Mine
Blackhall Colliery Coal Mine
Blackhill Coal Colliery
Black Horse Coal Colliery
Blackhorse (Silkstone Main) Pit Coal Mine
Renishaw Park No5 (Blacks) Pit Coal Colliery
Black Shaft Lead Mine
Blackwell A Winning Coal Mine
Blackwell B Winning Coal Mine
Blackwell New Pit Coal Colliery
Blackwell Pasture Lane Coal Colliery
Blackwell Sough Coal Tunnel
Blaenant Coal Mine
Blaenant Old Coal Mine
Blaenavon Coal Mine
Blaengwrach Coal Mine
Blairingone Coal Mine
Blake Hall Coal Colliery
Blakely Pit Coal Mine
Blenkinsopp Coal Mine
Blidworth Coal Mine
Blobber Lead Mine
Blossom Pit (Denby Grange) Coal Colliery
Bluebell Pit Coal Mine
Blue Clay Fireclay Clay Mine
Blue Hills Pit Coal Mine
Blythe (Vein & Pipe) Mines Lead Mine
Bodelwyddan Lead Mine
Bodidris Lead Mine
Boggard Hole Lead Mine
Bold Coal Mine
Boldon Colliery Coal Mine
Bolehill Pit Coal Mine
Bolehill Sandstone Quarry
Bolsover Coal Colliery
Bolsover Coking Plant Coal Factory
Bonds Main Colliery Coal Mine
Bonnycattey Pit Coal Mine
Bookers (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Boro' Coal Colliery
Botany Bay Coal Colliery
Bottle Brook Sough Coal Tunnel
Bottom Salterwood Coal Mine
Bottoms Hall Pit Coal Mine
Bou Grine Mixed Mine
Bowburn Colliery Coal Mine
Bowden Close Coal Mine
Bowdins Shaft Lead Mine
Bowmers Coal Colliery
Boycott Coal Colliery
Boythorpe Colliery Coal Mine
Bradley (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Bradshaw Lead Mine
Bradwell Mines Lead Mine
Brakes Coal Mine
Bramah Bank Pit Coal Mine
Bramley Hall Coal Colliery
Bramley Moor (New) Coal Colliery
Bramley Vale Drift Coal Mine
Brampton Holme Coal Colliery
Brampton Old Pit Coal Mine
Brancepeth A Coal Mine
Brandon A Coal Mine
Brasside Colliery Coal Mine
Brassington (Harboro) Brickworks Factory
Breck Hollow Lead Mine
Bredbury Coal Colliery
Brereton Coal Mine
Brickfield (Unstone No3) Pit Coal Mine
Brick Hill Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Brick Kiln Coal Colliery
Brick Kiln Leasow Coal Colliery
Brickyard Pit (Old Whittington) Coal Mine
Bridge Lane Coal Colliery
Bridge Pit Coal Mine
Bridley Balk Pit Coal Mine
Brierley Wood Pits Coal Mine
Brights Lead Mine
Brimington Silkstone Coal Colliery
Brindigrif Lead Mine
Brink Coal Colliery
Britannia Pit Coal Mine
Broadhead Flatts Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Broadhead Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Broad Law Lead Mine
Broadmeadow Lead Mine
Broadoak Coal Mine
Brockholes Coal Colliery
Brocklehurst Fireclay Pit Clay Mine
Brockwell Coal Colliery
Bromley (Copley Wood) Coal Colliery
Bron Eyarth Barytes Baryte Mine
Bron Eyarth (Coed Marchon) Lead Lead Mine
Bron-heulog Lead Mine
Brookhill Colliery Coal Mine
Brook Pit (Bakestonedale) Coal Mine
Brook Pit Coal Mine
Brook Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Broom Field Coal Colliery
Broom House (Potters) Coal Colliery
Broom Royd Coal Mine
Broomside Colliery Coal Mine
Brown Hill Pit Coal Mine
Brown Moor Coal Colliery
Brymbo Colliery Coal Colliery
Brynalyn (Pwllhelyg) Lead Mine
Bryncelyn Lead Mine
Bryncloddiau Lead Mine
Brynford Hall Lead Mine
Brynford (Valentine) Lead Mine
Bryngwyn Lead Mine
Bryn-hyfryd Lead Mine
Bryn-Nantllech Copper Mine
Bryn Navigation Coal Colliery
Bryn-Sion Lead Mine
Bryn-y-ffynnon Lead Mine
Bryn-y-fryd Lead Mine
Bryn-yr-henblas Lead Mine
Bryn-yr-odyn Lead Mine
Bryn-yr-orsedd Lead Mine
Buckett Engine Pit Coal Mine
Bugsworth Coal Colliery
Bull Haw Drift Coal Mine
Bullhouse Coal Mine
Bulwark Pit Coal Mine
Burbage (Cistern Clough) Coal Colliery
Burn'd Edge No1 Pit Coal Colliery
Burn'd Edge No2 Pit Coal Colliery
Burn'd Edge No3 Pit Coal Colliery
Burn'd Edge No4 Pit Coal Colliery
Burned Edge No2 Coal Mine
Burning Drake (Peak Forest) Lead Mine
Burnopfield Drift Coal Mine
Burton Nook Pit Coal Mine
Bute Coal Mine
Butlands Horse Croft Lead Mine
Butt Lane Pit Coal Mine
Bwlchgwyn Lead Mine
Bwlchyddaufryn Lead Mine
Bwllfa No2 Coal Mine
Bye Wash (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Byrons Coal Mine
Cadley Hill Colliery Coal Mine
Cadole (Mold Mines) Lead Mine
Caeau (New Carau) Lead Mine
Caerau Coal Mine
Caerfallwch Lead Mine
Cae Tan-y-graig Lead Mine
Calcutta Coal Colliery
Calder Coal Mine
Cale Pit Coal Mine
California (Sovereign) Pit Coal Mine
Calverton Coal Mine
Cambrian Lead Mine
Campbell Coal Mine
Cams Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Middlecale Canal Pit Coal Mine
Cannel Hollows (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Caphouse Colliery Coal Mine
Car House Coal Mine
Carlton Main Coal Colliery
Carnfield Coal Colliery
Carr Wood Coal Colliery
Carr Wood Coal Colliery
Carters Coal Mine
Cartwrights Coal Mine
Carwood Coal Colliery
Carwood Colliery Coal Mine
Cassop Colliery A Pit Coal Mine
Cassop Moor Pit Coal Mine
Castedge (Errwood) Coal Colliery
Castell Lead Mine
Castle Coal Mine
Castle Eden Colliery Coal Mine
Castlehill Coal Mine
Castleplace Pits Coal Mine
Cat Gallows Pit Coal Mine
Cathedral Pit Coal Colliery
Catherine Pit Coal Mine
Catnob Pit Coal Mine
Caughley Coal Colliery
Caulton (Calton) Hill Pipe Lead Mine
Cave Abdullam Coal Mine
Cefn Cilain Lead Mine
Cefn Coed Coal Mine
Cefn Mawr (Deborah) Lead Mine
Cefn Mawr (Rhydymwyn) Lead Mine
Cefn Spar Calcite Mine
Cefn-y-gist Lead Mine
Cefn-y-groes-fawr Copper Mine
Cefn-yr-Ogof (Gwyrch Castle) Lead Mine
Cefn-yr-Ogof Lead Mine
Chadwick Lead Mine
Chain Pit Coal Mine
Chambers Dunsil Coal Colliery
Chance Lead Mine
Chapeldale Lead Mine
Chapel Pit Coal Mine
Charger Level Lead Mine
Charles (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Chatershaugh Coal Mine
Chatterley Whitfield Coal Mine
Cheadle Mill Coal Colliery
Cheadlepark Coal Colliery
Cheney (China) Rake Lead Mine
Chesterfield Road Coal Colliery
Chester South Moor Coal Mine
Chest Pit Coal Mine
Chetwynds Coal Colliery
Chevinside Coal Colliery
Chickenley Heath Coal Colliery
Chickenley Wood Coal Colliery
Chilton Colliery Coal Mine
Chisworth Coal Colliery
Chisworth Coal Mine
Chisworth (New Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Chivers Silktstone Pits Coal Mine
Choppington A Coal Mine
Church Gresley Coal Colliery
Church Rake Coe Shaft Lead Mine
Chwarel Las Lead Mine
Chwarel Wen Lead Mine
Cilcain Hall Lead Mine
Clanbrook Pit Coal Mine
Clara Vale Coal Mine
Clarence Fireclay Clay Mine
Clarence Hetton Colliery Coal Mine
Clarkes Common Pit Coal Mine
Clarkes Pit (Berry Moor) Coal Mine
Claxby Ironstone Mines Iron Mine
Clay Cross No1 (Egstow) Coal Colliery
Clay Cross No4 (Tupton) Coal Colliery
Clay Hills Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Clay Lane (Nibble & Clink) Pit Coal Mine
Clay Lane Pit Coal Mine
Clay Park Coal Colliery
Clays Pit Coal Mine
Clayton adit Copper Mine
Clayton pipe Lead Mine
Claytons Ground Lead Mine
Clear the way Lead Mine
Cleggs Pits Coal Mine
Cleppit Pit (Smalley) Coal Mine
Cliff Coal Colliery
Cliffe Bridge Coal Colliery
Cliff Farm Pit Coal Mine
Cliffstile Lead Mine
Clifton Farm Pit Coal Mine
Clough Gate Pit Coal Mine
Clough Green Coal Colliery
Clough (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Clwt Militia (American) Lead Mine
Coalmoor Coal Colliery
Cocken Colliery Coal Mine
Cocken Drift Coal Colliery
Cockle Shelf Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Codnor Park Coke Pit Coal Mine
Codnor Park Golden Pits Coal Mine
Codnor Park Nailer Pits Coal Mine
Codnor Park Saw Pit Coal Mine
Coed Celyn Lead Mine
Coed Du Lead Mine
Coed Mawr (Nant-y-ffrith) Lead Mine
Coed-y-fedw Lead Mine
Coed-y-fron Lead Mine
Coed-y-Go Coal Colliery
Coed yr Esgob (Fish) Lead Mine
Coed Ysgeirallt Lead Mine
Coegnant Coal Mine
Coetia Ball (St Winefred) Lead Mine
Coetia Butler (Butlersfield) Lead Mine
Coetia Mawr Lead Mine
Coetia'r Ysgall Lead Mine
Coity Pit Coal Mine
College Dream Lead Mine
Collers Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Collins Green Coal Mine
Colton Coal Colliery
Combs Coal Mine
Compstall Coal Colliery
Cook's Pit Coal Mine
Coombes Valley Coal Colliery
Cop Lead Mine
Copley Wood Pit Coal Mine
Corbett Coal Colliery
Cornell-Llwyd Lead Mine
Cortonwood (Monkey Island) Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No10 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No11 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No12 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No13 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No14 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No15 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No16 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No17 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No1 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No2 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No3 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No4 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No5 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No6 Engine Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No7 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No8 Pit Coal Mine
Cossall Old No9 Pit Coal Mine
Cotes Park Colliery Coal Mine
Cotgrave Coal Mine
Coton Park Colliery Coal Mine
Countess Parton Coal Mine
Counting Houses Pit Coal Mine
Cove Lead Mine
Cowlica Rake Sough Lead Tunnel
Cowmes Coal Colliery
Coxheath Lead Mine
Coxhoe Colliery Coal Mine
Craig Boeth Lead Mine
Crake Scar (NE) Coal Colliery
Crake Scar (SW) Coal Colliery
Crane Moor (Cuckoo Pit) Coal Colliery
Crank Pit (Smalley) Coal Mine
Craslow (Caslow) and Bakers Vein Lead Mine
Crawshaw Fireclay Clay Mine
Crawshot (Crosha) Pipe Lead Mine
Creigiau Eglwyseg Lead Mine
Creigiog Lead Mine
Creswell Colliery Coal Mine
Crigglestone Main Coal Colliery
Cripple Coal Colliery
Croft Level Lead Mine
Cromford Sough Lead Mine
Cromwell Coal Colliery
Cromwell (Inghams Pit) Coal Colliery
Cronton Coal Mine
Crooked Acre Lead Mine
Crookhall Garden Drift Coal Mine
Cropper Gate Pit Coal Mine
Cross Flatts Pit Coal Mine
Crossing Main Coal Colliery
Cross Leavings (True Blue) Lead Mine
Cross No1 Coal Colliery
Cross No2 Coal Colliery
Cross No3 (Nopey Pit) Coal Colliery
Crossvein Lead Mine
Crow Edge Coal Colliery
Crowthers Pit (Elsecar) Coal Mine
Croxdale Colliery Coal Mine
Cupola Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Cutthorpe Coal Colliery
Cwmgwili Coal Mine
Cwm Mawr (Gomerian Level) Lead Mine
Cymmer Coal Mine
Dafern Dywyll Lead Mine
Bridge (Dairy) Pit Coal Colliery
Dairy (Dairy Pit) Coal Colliery
Dalefield Lead Mine
Dale Lead Mine
Dale (Wirksworth) Limestone Quarry
Dalkeith Coal Mine
Dalley Coal Colliery
Dalley Coal Colliery
Dam Ing Pit Coal Mine
Damp Pit Coal Mine
Dane Bower Colliery Coal Mine
Dane Bower Quarries Sandstone Quarry
Dane Coal Colliery
Danehead Coal Colliery
Danethorn Coal Colliery
Darklane Coal Colliery
Dark Lane Coal Mine
Darley Main No1 Coal Colliery
Darley Main No2 Coal Colliery
Darton Coal Colliery
Dawdon Coal Mine
Dawley Parva Coal Colliery
Days Pit Coal Mine
Deaf Hill Colliery Coal Mine
Dean and Chapter Colliery Coal Mine
Dean Coal Colliery
Deans Piece Pit Coal Mine
Dearne Side Coal Colliery
Dearne Valley Coal Mine
Deepfield Coal Colliery
Deep's Pit Coal Mine
Deerplay Coal Mine
Delaval Coal Mine
Delight (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Dell Farm Fireclay Clay Mine
Delphhouse (East) Coal Colliery
Delphhouse (West) Coal Colliery
Denbigh West (Gwaynynog) Lead Mine
Denby Common Coal Colliery
Denby Grange Coal Colliery
Denby Old Adit Level Coal Tunnel
Dent Main Coal Colliery
Denton Coal Colliery
Denton Coal Colliery
Derby (Lochend Mine) Pit Coal Mine
Desford Coal Colliery
Dewsbury Lane Coal Colliery
Dewsbury Moor Coal Colliery
Dewsbury (Ridings) Coal Colliery
Dewsnap Coal Colliery
Dilhorne Common Coal Colliery
Diminsdale Coal Colliery
Dinas Coal Mine
Dingle Lead Mine
Dingle Pit Coal Mine
Dingle Pit Coal Mine
Dobholme Drift Coal Mine
Dodworth Coal Mine
Doglow Wood 'Wad' Manganese Mine
Dog (Murchison) Pit Coal Mine
Dog Pit Lead Mine
Dog Pits Coal Mine
Dog Walk (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Dolly Pit (New) Coal Mine
Dolly Pit (Old) Coal Mine
Dolphin Lead Mine
Dongey Pit Coal Mine
Donisthorpe Coal Mine
Don Vale Fireclay Clay Mine
Dore (New) Coal Colliery
Dore (Old) Coal Colliery
Dosey Lane Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Dovecliffe Coal Colliery
Do-Well (Dowell) Coal Colliery
Dowhail Coal Mine
Dream Lead Mine
Drillground Coal Mine
Drumcooper Pit Coal Mine
Drumtulhil Pit Coal Mine
Dryhurst Pit Coal Mine
Duckmanton Iron Mine
Duken Field Coal Colliery
Duke of Bridgewater Canal Coal Mine
Dungworth Fireclay Pit Clay Mine
Dunkirk Coal Colliery
Dunkirk Far Pit Coal Mine
Dunkirk Wood Pit Coal Mine
Dunston Coal Mine
Durham Main Colliery Coal Mine
Durkar Coal Colliery
Durton's Pit Coal Mine
Dustypit Mine Lead Mine
Dutchmans Copper Mine
Dyffryn Aled Copper Mine
Dyserth Castle Lead Mine
Dyserth Lead Mine
Eagle Lead Mine
Earls Heaton Coal Colliery
Easington Coal Mine
East Barnsley Pit Coal Mine
East ecton Lead Mine
Eastfield Silkstone Coal Colliery
East Gawber Hall Coal Colliery
East Halkyn Lead Mine
East Hetton Coal Colliery
East Howle Colliery Coal Mine
East Staveley Coal Colliery
Eastwood No4 Pit4 Coal Mine
Eccleshall Coal Colliery
Eccleshall Common Coal Colliery
Eckington Drift Coal Colliery
Ecklands Lane Coal Mine
Ecton Deep Copper Mine
Eddysbury Hill Coal Colliery
Edge End Coal Colliery
Edge Mount Pot Clay Clay Mine
Edward Pit Coal Mine
Efail Parcy Lead Mine
Eglwyseg (Craig-y-forwyn) Lead Mine
Eight Acre Pits (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Eisteddfod (Steddfod) Lead Mine
Elder Tree Vein Lead Mine
Eldon Bent Vein Lead Mine
Elemore Colliery Coal Mine
Garforth (Elizabeth Pit) Coal Colliery
Ellen Pit Coal Mine
Ellesmere Coal Mine
Ellin Bank Ganister Mine
Ellis Pit Coal Mine
Elm Tree Coal Colliery
Elsecar Main Coal Colliery
Elswick Coal Mine
Elvet Landsale Colliery Coal Mine
El Zriba Fluorite Mine
Emanuels Venture Lead Mine
Emley Woodhouse Coal Colliery
Emlyn Coal Mine
Emms Hill Coal Colliery
Emroyd Coal Colliery
Engine Pit Coal Mine
Erwfelin Lead Mine
Evenwood Coal Colliery
Fackley Engine (1753) Coal Pit
Fairtrial Lead Mine
Falhouse Wood Coal Colliery
Farley Coal Colliery
Farmer Lane Pit Coal Mine
Far Tomroyd Coal Mine
Fence Coal Colliery
Fender Coal Mine
Fentons Old Pit Coal Mine
Fern Coal Colliery
Fernieknow Pit Coal Mine
Fernilee Coal Colliery
Ffordd-las Bach Lead Mine
Ffos-y Bleiddiaid Copper Mine
Fieldgrove Lead Mine
Fieldhouse Coal Colliery
Finney Coal Colliery
Firbeck Main Colliery Coal Mine
Fir Vale Coal Colliery
Fishburn Colliery Coal Mine
Fishers (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Five Acre Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Fixby (Falhouse Wood) Coal Colliery
Flaxpiece Lead Mine
Fleakingley Beck Coal Colliery
Flint Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Flockton Lane End Coal Mine
Flockton Moor Coal Mine
Flower Field Pit Coal Mine
Flowering Garden Lead Mine
Flusco Lodge Limestone Quarry
Folly House Coal Colliery
Fordell Day Level Coal Tunnel
Fordell Engine Pit Coal Mine
Ford Lane Coal Colliery
Ford Pit Coal Mine
Forecroft Coal Colliery
Forge Coal Colliery
Fortune (Fordell) Pit Coal Mine
Foundation Pit Coal Mine
Fourstones Coal Mine
Foxcloud Lead Mine
Fox Clough Coal Colliery
Foxhole Rake Lead Mine
Foxhole 'Wad' Manganese Mine
Fox House Coal Colliery
Fox Royd Pit Coal Mine
Fox's Venture Lead Mine
Foxt Coal Colliery
Foxt Wood Coal Colliery
Framwellgate Colliery Coal Mine
Framwellgate Moor Colliery Coal Mine
Frances Coal Mine
Frankland Pit Coal Mine
Freehold Coal Colliery
Fritchley Sough Lead Tunnel
Fron-fawnog Lead Mine
Fron Hall United Lead Mine
Fronissa Lead Mine
Fron Lead Mine
Fron Ucha Lead Mine
Fryston Coal Mine
Fulstone Coal Colliery
Furnace Hill Coal Colliery
Furnace Coal Colliery
Garforth (Barnbow Pit) Coal Colliery
Garforth (Barrowby Pit) Coal Colliery
Garforth (Clapham Pit) Coal Colliery
Garforth (Hollins Engine Pit) Coal Colliery
Garforth Moor Coal Colliery
Garforth (Sisters Pit) Coal Colliery
Garforth (Trench Pit) Coal Colliery
Garmondsway Pit Coal Mine
Garneddwen Lead Mine
Garreg-Boeth Lead Mine
Garreg Lead Mine
Garth Gold Mine
Gaskin Level Lead Tunnel
Gate Head Bottom Coal Mine Coal Mine
Gate Head Coal Pit Coal Mine
Gate Pit Coal Mine
Gatestoop Lead Mine
Gaunts Coal Mine
Gawber Coal Colliery
Gawber New Coal Colliery
Gawber Old Coal Colliery
Gawthorpe Wood Coal Colliery
Gelli-Ffowler Lead Mine
Gelli Loveday Lead Mine
Gells Lead Mine
Genn Lane Pit Coal Mine
Gentshill Coal Colliery
Gethin Coal Mine
Gibraltar Ganister Mine
Gilberthorpe Pit Coal Mine
Gilberts Close (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Gilfach (Gilfach-lwyd) Copper Mine
Gilmerton Coal Mine
Girdlow Lane No3 Coal Colliery
Gladstone Lead Mine
Glamorgan Colliery Coal Mine
Glanalyn Lead Mine
Glapwell Colliery Coal Mine
Glasshouse Coal Colliery
Glasshouse Fold Pit Coal Mine
Gleadhall Pit Coal Mine
Glen Mine Coal Mine
Glol Lead Mine
Glory Shaft Lead Mine
Glossop Vale Ganister Mine
Glyndwr (East Maes-hafn) Lead Mine
Golborne Coal Mine
Upper Golconda Lead Mine
Golden Grove Lead Mine
Golden North (Codnor Park) Pit Coal Mine
Golden South (Codnor Park) Pit Coal Mine
Goldsitch Pit Coal Mine
Goldthorpe Coal Mine
Goodluck (Yokecliffe) Lead Mine
Gop Hill Lead Mine
Gorrell Spring Pit Coal Mine
Gorsedd Lead Mine
Gors Lead Mine
Gothards Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Gowhole Coal Mine
Goyt's (Goit's) Moss Sough Coal Tunnel
Graianrhyd Lead Mine
Graig Fawr Lead Mine
Graingers Lead Mine
Granby No3 Coal Mine
Grange Ash Coal Colliery
Grange Lead Mine
Grange Mill Limestone Quarry
Granville No1 Coal Mine
Granville No2 Coal Mine
Grasscroft No1 Coal Colliery
Grasscroft No2 Coal Colliery
Grasscroft No3 (Leewood) Coal Colliery
Grasscroft Wood Coal Colliery
Grassmoor Colliery Coal Mine
Great Black Wong Pit Coal Mine
Great Calcot Lead Mine
Great Clifton Coal Mine
Greatorex Lead Mine
Great Western Colliery Coal Mine
Great Wood Pit Coal Mine
Greencliffe Lead Mine
Greengale Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Greenhill Coal Colliery
Green Horse Pit Coal Mine
Green House Coal Colliery
Greenlands Pit Coal Mine
Green (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Greenside Drift Coal Mine
Green Springs Pit Coal Mine
Gregory 2nd Pit Coal Mine
Gregory Coal Colliery
Gregory Springs Coal Colliery
Gregory's Sough Lead Tunnel
Greyhound Mixed Mine
Grey Millstone Sandstone Quarry
Greystone Coal Colliery
Griffs Fireclay Clay Mine
Grimes Groove Lead Mine
Grimethorpe Coal Mine
Grineers Pit Coal Mine
Grinton Moor Colliery Coal Mine
Gripps Level Lead Mine
Groesffordd Lead Mine
Gronwen Coal Colliery
Gronwen Pit Coal Mine
Grosvenor Lead Mine
Grove Coal Colliery
Grove House Coal Colliery
Grove (Ilkeston) Coal Colliery
Gurdall Lead Mine
Guyder Bottom Coal Colliery
Gwaenysgor Lead Mine
Gwenffrwd Coal Mine
Gwernymynydd Lead Mine
Gwerni Pit Coal Mine
Gwernymynydd Farm Lead Mine
Gwter-Siani Lead Mine
Gynn Drift Coal Mine
Gyrn Lead Mine
Hadley Coal Colliery
Hadley House Pit Coal Mine
Hady Hill Colliery Coal Colliery
Hady Lane Coal Colliery
Hafod Coal Mine
Hafod Lead Mine
Hafod-y-gog Copper Mine
Hagg Stones Ganister Mine
Hague Coal Colliery
Hague Pit Coal Mine
Hag Wood Pits Coal Mine
Haighen Field Coal Colliery
Haigh Moor Coal Colliery
Haighs Coal Colliery
Halkyn Hall Lead Mine
Halkyn West Lead Mine
Hallam Coal Colliery
Hallam Field Iron Works Iron Factory
Hallams Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Hallams Lead Mine
Hallas Coal Colliery
Hall Broom No2 Fireclay Clay Mine
Hall Broom (No1) Fireclay Clay Mine
Hall Coal Colliery
Hall (Hall & Sons) Pit Clay Mine
Hallicar Lead Mine
Hallicar Olive Lead Mine
Hallows (Wright) Pits Coal Mine
Hall Royd Coal Colliery
Halls Old Grove Lead Mine
Halls Pit Coal Mine
Hall's Pit Coal Mine
Hamsterley John Coal Mine
Hand Lane Coal Colliery
Handley Wood Coal Colliery
Hanley Deep Coal Mine
Hanwood Coal Colliery
Hapton Valley Coal Mine
Harbour Lands Pit Coal Mine
Harbour Pit Coal Mine
Hardfield Pit Coal Mine
Hardhurst Pit Coal Mine
Harewood Fireclay Pits Clay Mine
Harkforward Lead Mine
Harper Hill Coal Colliery
Harrington No10 Coal Mine
Harrisons Coal Mine
Hartington Coal Colliery
Hartington Moor adit Lead Mine
Hartshead Coal Colliery
Harworth Colliery Coal Mine
Haslams (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Hasland Coal Colliery
Haswell Colliery Coal Mine
Hauxley Coal Mine
Have-at-All Grove Lead Mine
Havenhands Pit Coal Mine
Haw Park Coal Mine
Hawthorn Coal Mine
Hayclough Pit Coal Mine
Haycop Coal Colliery
Hayesbrook Lead Mine
Hazard Lead Mine
Hazel Grove Lead Mine
Hazel (Hazel Well) Coal Colliery
Hazelwell Coal Colliery
Hazle Barrow Pit Coal Mine
Hazlehead Coal Colliery
Hazlewood Coal Colliery
Heather Coal Colliery
Heather Old Coal Colliery
Heath Hill Coal Colliery
Hebden Moor Lead Works Lead Factory
Hedge (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Hedleys (Barlow) Pit Coal Mine
Heeley Coal Colliery
Helliwell Pit Coal Mine
Helm (New) Coal Colliery
Helm (Old) Coal Colliery
Hem Heath Coal Mine
Hemingfield (New) Drift Mine Coal Colliery
Hempy Bank (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Hen & Chicken Pit Coal Mine
Hendre Ddu Lead Mine
Hendre Figallt Lead Mine
Ellen Cliff Coal Mine
Hepshaw Coal Colliery
Hepshaw Coal Colliery
Hermitage Foundation Pit Coal Mine
Hermitage No1 Pit Coal Mine
Hermitage No2 Pit Coal Mine
Hermitage No3 Pit Coal Mine
Hermit Hill Coal Colliery
Hersedd Lead Mine
Herward Lead Mine
Hetton Coal Colliery
Hewlett Pit Coal Mine
Hey Head Coal Colliery
Hickleton Main Coal Mine
Higgin's Clough Pit Coal Mine
Higham Coal Mine
Highcliffe Baryte Mine
High Elsecar Pit Coal Mine
Higher Anson Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Higher Disley Pit Coal Mine
Higher Mill Pit Coal Mine
Highfield Coal Colliery
Highfield Coal Colliery
Highfield Colliery Coal Mine
Highfields Lead Mine
Highfields (Manor Co) Coal Colliery
High Headstocks (Norths Old) Pit Coal Mine
High Hoyland Coal Colliery
High Lane (Canal) Pit Coal Mine
High Lane Coal Colliery
High Lane (New Mine) Pit Coal Mine
High Lee Coal Colliery
High Lee Pit Coal Mine
High Royd Coal Colliery
High Trees Pit Coal Mine
Hillcarr sough Lead Mine
Hillhouse Coal Colliery
Hills Lane Coal Colliery
Hills venture Lead Mine
Hill Top Coal Colliery
Hill Top Fireclay Clay Mine
Hill Top (Hucklow) Lead Mine
Hit or Miss Lead Mine
Hockerley Coal Colliery
Hodgkinsons Horse Croft Lead Mine
Hod Royd Coal Mine
Hogsland Shaft Mixed Mine
Holbrook Coal Mine
Hole (Whole) Mouth Rake Lead Mine
Holley Wood Engine Pit Coal Mine
Hollingwood Coal Mine
Hollins Moor Lane Coal Colliery
Hollins Moor Quarry Pit Coal Mine
Hollins Pit Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Hollins Sough Lead Tunnel
Holly bank Lead Mine
Hollybank (Oakerthorpe) Coal Mine
Holly House Pit Coal Mine
Holme grove Lead Mine
Holmeley Common Pit Coal Mine
Holmeley Lane Coal Colliery
Holme No1 Coal Colliery
Holme No2 Coal Colliery
Holmes (Cutthorpe) Coal Colliery
Holmewood Coal Colliery
Holyhead Coal Colliery
Holymoorside (Lowood's) Ganister Coal Mine
Holyway Eytons Shaft Lead Mine
Honey Well Coal Colliery
Hope & Anchor No1 Coal Colliery
Hope & Anchor No2 Coal Colliery
Hope Coal Mine
Hope Ganister Mine
Hope Mountain Lead Mine
Hope Pit Coal Mine
Hopeswell (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Hopewell Coal Colliery
Hopewell Coal Colliery
Hopewell (Fordell) Pit Coal Mine
Hopewell Lead Mine
Hopping Hill Coal Colliery
Hopton Mills Coal Colliery
Hopton Mills (Slades) Coal Mine
Hopwood Pit Coal Mine
Horden Coal Mine
Horsefield Pit Coal Mine
Horse Grove Lead Mine
Horse Holes Pit Coal Mine
Horse Level (Leadhills) Lead Mine
Horsesteps Lead Mine
Hosdingley Coal Colliery
Hough Hole Coal Colliery
Hough Vein Lead Mine
Hound Hill No1 Coal Colliery
Hound Hill No2 Coal Colliery
Hound Hill No3 Coal Colliery
House Carr Coal Colliery
House of Correction Pits Coal Mine
Howgill Coal Mine
Howroyd Coal Colliery
Howroyd Old Coal Colliery
Hoyland Silkstone Coal Colliery
Hucknall No2 Coal Colliery
Hud Royd Coal Colliery
Huggin Bottom Pit Coal Mine
Huntcliff Wood Fireclay Clay Mine
Hunter Pit Coal Mine
Hurdlow End Lead Mine
Hurlfield Coal Colliery
Huskar Pit Coal Mine
Hutton Henry Colliery Coal Mine
Ilkeston Bath Coal Pit
Ilkeston Manor Coal Mine
Ilkeston Old No1 (Potters) Coal Pit
Ilkeston Old No2 Coal Pit
Ilkeston Old No3 Coal Pit
Ingham Coal Colliery
Ingmanthorpe Coal Colliery
Ings Coal Colliery
Intake Coal Colliery
Garforth (Isabella Pit) Coal Colliery
Iveston Drift Coal Mine
Ivonbrook Limestone Quarry
Jacksons Pit Coal Mine
Jamaica Lead Mine
James Pit Coal Mine
Jeanie (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Jessie (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Jet Amber Pit Coal Mine
Jimy Pit Coal Mine
Johnson Brook Pit Coal Mine
Jonas Pit Coal Mine
Jonathans Pit Coal Mine
Jowle Grove Lead Mine
Jump Coal Colliery
Kays Coal Colliery
Keepers Cottage Pit Coal Mine
Keiper Colliery Coal Mine
Kendal Drift Coal Mine
Kendal Green Drift Coal Colliery
Keresforth Coal Colliery
Kibblesworth Coal Mine
Kidds Dak Close Lead Mine
Kilburn Pit Coal Mine
Kilgrammie Coal Colliery
Kilmux Coal Mine
Kiln Croft Coal Colliery
Kilnhurst Coal Mine
Kimberley Coal Colliery
Kimblesworth Coal Mine
Kingfield Pit Coal Mine
King Lead Mine
King (Mickletown) Pit Coal Mine
King Pit Coal Mine
Kings Drift Coal Mine
Kingsley Moor Coal Colliery
Kingstone Coal Colliery
Kingstone Main Coal Colliery
Kings Wood Pit Coal Mine
Kingwell Pit Coal Mine
Kinsley Drift Coal Mine
Kirkby Coal Colliery
Kirk Dale Lead Mine
Kiveton Park Coal Mine
Knab Head Pit Coal Mine
Knoll Drift (Wharnclife Silkstone) Coal Mine
Knotlow Lead Mine
Knowle Coal Colliery
Knowle Coal Colliery
Knowles Pit Coal Mine
Ladies Lane Coal Mine
Ladies Vein Lead Mine
Lady Lands Pit Coal Mine
Lady Pit Coal Mine
Ladysmith Coal Mine
Ladywash Mixed Mine
Ladywell Coal Colliery
Ladywood Coal Colliery
Lamb Intake (Bradwell Mines) Lead Mine
Lambton E Pit Coal Mine
Landgate Coal Mine
Lands (Lowlands) Coal Colliery
Lands (High Lands) Coal Colliery
Lane End (Fulstone) Colliery Coal Mine
Lane Foot Drift Coal Mine
Laneside Lead Mine
Langhouse Ganister Mine
Langleyfields Coal Colliery
Langley Sough Coal Tunnel
Langton Coal Mine
Langwith Colliery Coal Mine
Lark Hill Coal Colliery
Lathallan Coal Mine
Lathkill Dale (Batemans) Lead Mine
Lathkill dale black marble Limestone Mine
Lathkilldale level Lead Mine
Lawn Coal Colliery
Lawn Shaft Lead Mine
Lea Coal Colliery
Lea Hall Coal Mine
Ledgard Coal Colliery
Leewall Vein and Sough Lead Mine
Leewood Coal Colliery
Lepton Edge Coal Mine
Leys Quarry Pit Coal Mine
Leywood Lead Mine
Ley Wood Pit Coal Mine
Lightmoor Coal Colliery
Liley Clough Pit Coal Mine
Liley Wood Coal Colliery
Lily Pit Coal Mine
Garforth (Lilly Pit) Coal Colliery
Lindsay Coal Colliery
Lingard Lane Coal Colliery
Lings Colliery Coal Mine
Linicar Scrin Lead Mine
Linnyshaw Coal Mine
Linton Coal Mine
Little Darklane Coal Colliery
Little Dobsknowl Deep Pit Coal Mine
Little Dobsknowl Whimsey Pit Coal Mine
Little Hartshay Coal Colliery
Little London pit Coal Mine
Little Matlock Fireclay & Coal Mixed Mine
Littlemoor Coal Colliery
Littlemoor Coal Colliery
Little Sheriff Coal Mine
Littletown Colliery Coal Mine
Lixwm Lead Mine
Llanfair Mixed Mine
Llanover Coal Colliery
Llewellyn Lead Mine
Llwynimapson Coal Colliery
Llwyn-y-cosyn Lead Mine
Llwyn-y-Maen New Coal Colliery
Loads (East Moor) Ganister Mine
Loads Head Ganister Mine
Lobwood Drift Coal Mine
Lochend Pit Coal Mine
Lockoford No1 Coal Colliery
Lockwoods Pit Coal Mine
Lodge Coal Colliery
Lodge Coal Colliery
Lodge Farm (Adlingtons) Coal Colliery
Lodge Mill Coal Colliery
Lodge Moor Pit Coal Mine
Longacre Coal Colliery
Long Acre Coal Mine
Longannet Coal Mine
Long Close Coal Colliery
Longdendale Pit Coal Mine
Long Rake Lead Mine
Long Rake (Old Lead) Lead Mine
Longway Bank (Lognor) Coal Colliery
Lord Hill Lead Mine
Lord's Shaft (Crich Cliff) Lead Mine
Loscoe Sough Coal Tunnel
Lost Lad Lead Mine
Love Lane (Pildacre) Coal Colliery
Lowe Pit Coal Mine
Lower Eisteddfod Lead Mine
Lower Hall Coal Colliery
Lower Holmehouse Coal Colliery
Lower House Coal Mine
Lower (New) Birchwood Coal Colliery
Lower Norcroft Engine Pit Coal Mine
Lower Park Lead Mine
Lower Slitherstones Lead Mine
Lower Vernon Pit Coal Mine
Lowgates Coal Colliery
Low Grinding Mill Lead Mill
Low Matlock Fireclay & Coal Mixed Mine
Low Mill Drift Coal Mine
Low Mine Fluorite Mine
Lowood (Deepcar) Coal Mine
Low Stubbin Coal Mine
Low West House (West Low How) Drift Coal Mine
Lucks All Lead Mine
Lucky Pit Coal Mine
Lowcote (Lucote) Gate Pit Coal Mine
Ludworth Colliery Coal Mine
Ludworth Moor (Old) Coal Colliery
Lumley 6th Coal Mine
Lumsdale Coal Colliery
Lundhill Coal Mine
Lyme Pit Coal Mine
Lynemouth Coal Mine
Machine House Engine Pit Coal Mine
Maenbras Lead Mine
Maeshafn Grosvenor Shaft Lead Mine
Maeshafn (Main Site) Lead Mine
Maeshafn (River Alyn Site) Lead Mine
Maeslygan Lead Mine
Maes Maelor Lead Mine
Maesyffynnon Lead Mine
Maes-y-pwll Lead Mine
Magshaw Lead Mine
Maindy Coal Mine
Malehurst Pit Coal Mine
Maltby Main Colliery Coal Mine
Mam Engine Lead Shaft
Manor Coal Colliery
Manor Silkstone Coal Colliery
Mansfield & Pinxton Railway
Manston Coal Colliery
Manston Lodge Coal Colliery
Manston (Victoria Pit) Coal Colliery
Manton Coal Mine
Manvers Main Coal Mine
Marehay Main Colliery Coal Mine
Margaret Lead Mine
Marian Ffrith Mixed Mine
Markham Coal Colliery
Markham Coal Mine
Marlpool Top Pit Coal Mine
Marple Bridge Pit Coal Mine
Marple Coal Colliery
Marquis Coal Mine
Marriot Wood Fireclay Clay Mine
Marsden New (Blackamoor) Coal Colliery
Marsden Pits Coal Mine
Marsh Farm Coal Colliery
Marsh Hill PIt Coal Mine
Marsh Lane Adit Coal Mine
Marsh Quarry Coal Colliery
Marsh Vale Coal Colliery
Martins Main Coal Mine
Mary Rose Lead Mine
Mawstone Lead Mine
Maypitts / Redsoil Lead Mine
Meadow Coal Colliery
Meadowfoot Level Lead Mine
Queensberry Lead Crusher
Meadowpit Coal Colliery
Meal Hill Coal Colliery
Measham House Coal Colliery
Measham Main Coal Mine
Medhurst Pit Coal Mine
Mellor Coal Mine
Mellor Hill Coal Colliery
Meltham Pit Coal Mine
Merllyn Lead Mine
Merrington Coal Colliery
Merrington Lane Drift Coal Mine
Merrington Park Coal Colliery
Mesnes No1 Coal Colliery
Mesnes No2 Coal Colliery
Michael Coal Mine
Middlecale No10 Pit Coal Mine
Middlecale No11 Pit Coal Mine
Middlecale No7 Pit Coal Mine
Middlecale No8 Pit Coal Mine
Middlecale Water (Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Middlefield Engine Pit Coal Mine
Middlefield Rake Lead Mine
Middle Peak Limestone Quarry
Middlewood Coal Colliery
Middlewood (Norbury) Pit Coal Mine
Milking Place Vein Lead Mine
Milkwell Drift Coal Mine
Mill Dam (Old) Lead Mine
Millfield Coal Mine
Millfield Grange Coal Colliery
Mill Green Coal Mine
Mill Green Shaft Lead Mine
Millhay Coal Mine
Mill Moor Coal Colliery
Mill (Crofton) Pit Coal Mine
Mill Pit Coal Mine
Mill Pit Coal Mine
Milton House (Elsecar) Pit Coal Mine
Milton Roadside (Elsecar) Pit Coal Mine
Minera Andrew's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Boundary Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Bryn Heulwen Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Ellerton's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Hafod-las Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Lloyd's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Meadows Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Nant Level Lead Mine
Minera New Burton's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Quarry Wood Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Reid's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Royle's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Roy's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Speedwell's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Taylor's Shaft Lead Mine
Minera Union Lead Mine
Minerva Pit Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Minnie Pit Coal Mine
Minorca Coal Colliery
Mire Close Mines Lead Mine
Mitchell Main Coal Colliery
Mixon Copper Mine
Moat Hill Pit Coal Mine
Moel Arthur Lead Mine
Moel-dwyll Lead Mine
Moel Findeg Lead Mine
Moel Hiraddug Cobalt Mine
Moel Unben Lead Mine
Moel-y-crio (Central Halkyn) Lead Mine
Moel y Gaer Lead Mine
Molyneux Coal Colliery
Monckton Coking Plant Coal Factory
Monckton Main Coal Colliery
Money Hill Drift Coal Mine
Monk Bretton Coal Mine
Monktonhall Coal Colliery
Monsaldale Spar Fluorite Mine
Mooredge Coal Colliery
Moor End Coal Colliery
Moorhole East Coal Colliery
Moorhole North Coal Colliery
Moorhole West Coal Colliery
Moorhouses Coal Colliery
Moor Jepson Lead Mine
Moorland Coal Colliery
Moorwood Coal Mine
Moorwood Moor Coal Colliery
Moreton Hall Colliery Coal Colliery
Morlais Coal Mine
Morley Park Furnace Coal Engine Pit Coal Mine
Morley Park Furnace Coal Pit Coal Mine
Morley's Pit Coal Mine
Morrison (South Moor) Coal Colliery
Morris's Pit Coal Mine
Morton Coal Colliery
Mossdale Lead Mine
Moss Fireclay Clay Mine
Mossley Main Coal Colliery
Mostyn (Hafod) Lead Mine
Mottram (Gin Pit) Coal Colliery
Mottram (New Engine Pit) Coal Colliery
Mottram Wood Coal Colliery
Mouldridge Lead Mine
Mountain Pit Coal Mine
Mount Osborne Coal Colliery
Mount Pleasant Lead Mine
Mouse Park Wood Pits Coal Mine
Mouse Trap Coal Mine
Muir (Fordell) Pit Coal Mine
Murton Colliery Coal Mine
Myers Lane Coal Colliery
Mynydd Bodran Lead Mine
Mynydd Bu Lead Mine
Nab Wood Ganister Mine
Nailer North (Codnor Park) Pit Coal Mine
Nailer South (Codnor Park) Pit Coal Mine
Nailstone Coal Mine
Nant Meylyn Coal Colliery
NCB Area Headquarters at Bolsover Factory
Needle Eye Pit Coal Mine
Needlewood No1 Coal Colliery
Needlewood No2 Coal Colliery
Nelson Old Pit Coal Mine
Nestfield Coal Colliery
Nether Cliffe Pit Coal Mine
Nether Cross Lead Mine
Nether Dirtlow Lead Mine
Nether Heage Coal Colliery
Netherthorpe Coal Colliery
Netherton Coal Colliery
Nettler Dale Black Marble Limestone Trial
New Auckland Drift Coal Mine
New Biggin Coal Colliery
Newbiggin Coal Mine
Newbold Colliery Coal Mine
Newbold Moor Pit Coal Mine
New Brampton Coal Mine
New Bright Pit Coal Mine
Newcastle Coal Colliery
Newcraighall Coal Mine
New Deer Park Pit Coal Mine
New Delaval Coal Mine
New Delight Coal Colliery
New Duke Pit Coal Mine
New Dunston Coal Colliery
New Engine Lead Mine
New Farm (Barlow) Coal Colliery
New Fearnought Lead Mine
New Fearnought Lead Mine
New Granby Coal Colliery
Newground Coal Colliery
Newground (Daisy Pit) Coal Colliery
New Grove Lead Mine
New Hazard Lead Mine
Newhill Coal Mine
Newhouse Coal Colliery
New (Hucklow) Hedge Lead Mine
New Hucknall Colliery Coal Mine
New Inn Level Coal Tunnel
Newlands Coal Mine
New Lane Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Newmarket Coal Colliery
New Marrs Coal Colliery
New Maskhill Lead Mine
New Moor Coal Mine
New Oaks Coal Colliery
New Painshaw (Penshaw) Coal Colliery
New Portaway Lead Mine
New Rake Bottom Lead Mine
Newsham Green Pit Coal Mine
New Silkstone Coal Colliery
New Sovereign Coal Colliery
New Swannington Coal Colliery
Newthorpe (New) Coal Colliery
Newthorpe Lodge Coal Mine
Newton Abbey Coal Colliery
Newton Coal Colliery
Newtown Coal Mine
New Venture West Lead Mine
New Wallsend Coal Colliery
Skegby New Wharf Coal Colliery
New Whittington Coal Colliery
New Winning Grange Colliery Coal Mine
New Winning (Heanor) Coal Colliery
New Winning Kelloe Coal Mine
Nicholsons Coal Mine
Nick Sough Lead Tunnel
Nineclogs Coal Colliery
Nixons Pit Coal Mine
Nobold Coal Colliery
Noon Nick Lead Mine
Norbriggs Coal Quarry
Norfolk Coal Colliery
North End Coal Colliery
Northfield Coal Colliery
North Hetton Colliery Coal Mine
North Mossdale Lead Mine
North Pittington Colliery Coal Mine
North Rhondda (Corrwg Fechan) Coal Colliery
North Seaton Coal Mine
Notbury (Knotbury) Coal Colliery
Nursery Pit Coal Mine
Nuthall Barbers Engine Pit Coal Mine
Nuthall Burdett's Pit Coal Mine
Nuthall Harris's Engine Pit Coal Mine
Nuthall Pay For All Pit Coal Mine
Nuthall Wood Engine Pit Coal Mine
Oakdale Coal Mine
Oakerthorpe (Furnace Coal) Coal Colliery
Oakerthorpe (West) Coal Colliery
Oakerthorpe (Wood) Pit Coal Mine
Oakley Main Coal Colliery
Oak Pit Coal Mine
Oakthorpe Coal Mine
Oakwell Coal Colliery
Oakwell Wallow Pit Coal Mine
Odd Mere Lead Mine
Odd Mere Lead Mine
Old Blackwell Pasture Coal Colliery
Old Brampton (Dixons) Coal Colliery
Old Brampton (Hayes) Coal Colliery
Old Brick (South Normanton) Pit Coal Mine
Old Carrs Pit Coal Mine
Old Cathole Clay Mine Coal Mine
Old College Dream Lead Mine
Old Darklane Coal Colliery
Old Dean Lead Mine
Old Deer Park Pit Coal Mine
Old Doe Pit Coal Mine
Old Dog Pit Coal Mine
Oldend Mine Lead Mine
Old Engine (Norbury) Pit Coal Mine
Old Eye Lead Mine
Old Fearnought Lead Mine
Old Gell's Lead Mine
Old Gronwen Coal Colliery
Oldhams Pit Coal Mine
Old High Holborn Coal Mine
Old Hucknall Coal Colliery
Old King Pit Coal Mine
Old Lawn Coal Colliery
Old Manston Pit Coal Mine
Old Meadows Coal Mine
Old Millclose Mine Lead Mine
Old Moat Hall Pit Coal Mine
Old Park Mill Coal Colliery
Old Pinxton No1 (Green) Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No2 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No3 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No4 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No5 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No6 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No7 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No8 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton No9 Pit Coal Mine
Old Pinxton (Old Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Old Pottery Pit Coal Mine
Old Radford Coal Colliery
Old Roundall Lead Mine
Old Sovereign Coal Colliery
Old Tail Edge Vein Lead Mine
Old Taylor's Lead Mine
Old Trefonen Coal Colliery
Old Waterloo pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No3 (Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No4 Pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No5 Pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No6 Pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No7 Pit Coal Mine
Old Watnall No8 (Boundary) Pit Coal Mine
Skegby Old Wharf (1840 or No1) Coal Colliery
Old Wollaton Coal Colliery
Ollersett Hall Coal Colliery
Ollersett Hall Water Adit Coal Tunnel
Openwoodgate Coal Colliery
Orchard Lead Mine
Orchard Moor Top Pit Coal Mine
Orchard Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Ormes Pit Coal Mine
Ouslethwaite Coal Colliery
Over Loads Fireclay Clay Mine
Upper Cross Lead Mine
Oxclose Silkstone Main Coal Colliery
Oxclose (Snickers) Sough Lead Tunnel
Ox Lee Colliery Coal Mine
Oxlow end Lead Mine
Oxlow Head Engine Lead Mine
Packthread Lead Mine
Paddock Coal Colliery
Padley (Hartshay) Coal Colliery
Painshaw (Whitfield) Coal Colliery
Parish Coal Colliery
Park Coal Colliery
Park Coal Mine
Park Drift Coal Mine
Parkers Pit Coal Mine
Parkers Shaft Lead Mine
Park Farm Coal Colliery
Park Furnace Coal Colliery
Park (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Parkhouse Colliery Coal Mine
Park Mill Coal Colliery
Parkside Coal Mine
Park Wood Coal Colliery
Parlour Pit Coal Mine
Parsonage Coal Colliery
Parsons Coal Mine
Partridges Pit Coal Mine
Pasture Pit Coal Mine
Peacock Coal Colliery
Peacock Coal Mine
Peacock Pit Coal Mine
Peakshole Sough Lead Tunnel
Pearsons Venture Lead Mine
Pearsons Wood (Blackamoor) Pit Coal Mine
Peck O' Malt Lead Mine
Penny Hole Coal Colliery
Penny Pie Coal Colliery
Pentre Mine Coal Mine
Percy Pit Coal Mine
Perseverance Lead Mine
Pewfall Coal Mine
Pewit Coal Colliery
Philips Pit Coal Mine
Phoenix (Cossall) Iron Works Iron Factory
Pidgeons (Pigeons) Old Engine Pit Coal Mine
Pienet Nest Shaft & Vein Lead Mine
Pierces Pit Coal Mine
Pigeons (Pidgeons) Pit Coal Mine
Pildacre Coal Mine
Pilley Hills Coal Colliery
Pilsley Colliery Coal Mine
Pindale End Lead Mine
Pindale Old Limestone Quarry
Pindale Scrins Lead Mine
Pindar Oaks Coal Mine
Pindar Park Ironstone Pits Iron Mine
Pinfold Hill Coal Colliery
Pingle Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Pingot Clough Coal Mine
Pinxton No1 & No6 Coal Mine
Pinxton No3 Coal Mine
Pinxton Sleights Coal Mine
Pisgan Coal Colliery
Pitfirrane Day Level Coal Tunnel
Pitts Lead Mine
Plain Pit Coal Mine
Plain Spot Coal Colliery
Plantation (Elsecar) Pit Coal Mine
Planting Pit Coal Mine
Platts Coal Mine
Plymouth No2 Coal Mine
Plymouth No4 Coal Mine
Plymouth No5 Coal Mine
Poldice (Parc-an-Chy) Arsenic Works Arsenic Factory
Polesworth Coal Colliery
Polkemmet Coal Mine
Polton Coal Colliery
Pond Farm Coal Colliery
Pont Marquis Coal Colliery
Portaway Lead Mine
Portland No1 Coal Colliery
Portland Lime Works Limestone Quarry
Portland No2 Coal Colliery
Portland No3 Coal Colliery
Portland No4 Coal Colliery
Portland No5 Coal Colliery
Portland No6 Coal Colliery
Portland No7 Coal Colliery
Portland Tramway Coal Tramway
Portley Coal Colliery
Portobello Olive Lead Mine
Portway Lead Mine
Pottershey Coal Colliery
Poutshiel Level Lead Mine
Preston Coal Colliery
Pretoria chert Other Rock Mine
Primrose Hill Coal Colliery
Primrose Main Coal Colliery
Prince Arthur (Whitkirk) Pit Coal Mine
Prospect (Alport) Lead Mine
Prospect Coal Colliery
Pudding Bag Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Pudleyhill Coal Colliery
Puley Hill Coal Colliery
Pwll-y-Glouge Pit Coal Mine
Pwll-yr-Afon Coal Mine
Quarnford Pit Coal Mine
Quarry Copper Mine
Quarry Farm Coal Colliery
Quarry Gate Coal Mine
Quarry Wood No2 Coal Colliery
Queen Coal Mine
Queen (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Queensberry Lead Smelt Mill
Rachel Pit Coal Mine
Rackity Lead Mine
Radfields Coal Colliery
Railway Pit Ganister Mine
Rainborough Coal Colliery
Rainton Colliery Coal Mine
Rainton Meadows Colliery Coal Mine
Rake Head (Hugh Grove) Lead Mine
Rakeway Coal Colliery
Ramcroft Colliery Coal Mine
Ramcroft Drift Coal Mine
Ramsdens Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Rangeleys (Fallswood) Pit Coal Mine
Rank House Coal Colliery
Raper Fluorite Mine
Ravenhead Coal Mine
Ravens Lodge Coal Colliery
Rawdon Coal Mine
Rawfolds Coal Colliery
Rectory (Pinxton) Coal Colliery
Redacre Pits Coal Mine
Red Barn Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Redbrook Coal Mine
Redfield Pit Coal Mine
Redgates Foundation Pit Coal Mine
Red Gin Coal Colliery
Renishaw Park No1 Pit Coal Colliery
Renishaw Park No2 Pit Coal Colliery
Renishaw Park No3 Pit Coal Colliery
Renishaw Park No4 Pit Coal Mine
Resolution Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Restoration (Scremerston) Pit Coal Mine
Rhondda Main Coal Mine
Rhondda Merthyr Coal Mine
Rhos Coal Mine
Riber Lead Mine
Riddings Mine Pit Coal Mine
Riddings New Deeps Coal Colliery
Riddings No1 (Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Riddings No2 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings No3 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings No4 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings No5 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings No8 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings (Spring) No7 Pit Coal Mine
Riddings Tunnel Pit Coal Mine
Riddochill Coal Mine
Ridgeway Sough (Wakebridge Level) Lead Tunnel
Riddings (Hollyhurst) No6 Pit Coal Mine
Riley Lane Coal Mine
Ringinglow Coal Colliery
Ringley Building Pit Coal Mine
Ringstone (Railway Pit) Coal Colliery
Ringstone (Top Pit) Coal Colliery
Ripley Pit (Riddings) Coal Colliery
Roach Hey Wood Coal Mine
Roberts Pit Coal Mine
Robey Fields (Engine) Pit Coal Mine
Robinett's Engine Pit Coal Mine
Robinsclough Coal Colliery
Robinson & Dowlers (Overseal) Pit Coal Mine
Rob Royd Coal Mine
Rockingham Coal Colliery
Rock Pit Coal Mine
Rock Pit Coal Mine
Rod Knoll Mine Coal Mine
Rods Coal Colliery
Roewood Coal Colliery
Roger Lane (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Rogers Pit Coal Mine
Rookery Black Marble Limestone Mine
Rope and Chain Coal Mine
Rosa Pit Coal Mine
Roscoe Coal Colliery
Roscoe Wood Coal Mine
Rose Bridge Coal Mine
Rose Hill Coal Colliery
Rose Rakes Lead Mine
Rosewood black marble Limestone Mine
Rothes Coal Mine
Rothwell Coal Mine
Rough Close Coal Mine
Rough Piece Coal Colliery
Round Green Coal Colliery
Round House Coal Colliery
Round Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Round Wood Pit Coal Mine
Rowbottoms Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Royal oak Lead Mine
Rutland (Cobnor Wood) Coal Colliery
Rutland No1 Coal Colliery
Rutland No2 Coal Colliery
Rutland No3 Coal Colliery
Rutland No4 Coal Colliery
Rye Flats Coal Pit
Ryhill Main Coal Mine
Sallet Hole No1 adit Mixed Mine
Salt's level Copper Mine
Samuels Scrin Lead Mine
Sand Fault (Norbury) Pit Coal Mine
Sandhole Coal Mine
Sandhole Lead Mine
Sandy Beds (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Sandy Dale Pit Coal Mine
Savile (Shawcross) Coal Colliery
Saville Coal Colliery
Saxton Pits (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Scremerston New Coal Colliery
Seaham Coal Mine
Seaton Delaval Coal Mine
Selston 1576 Sough Coal Tunnel
Selston (Underwood) Coal Colliery
Seneley Green Coal Colliery
Seven Sisters Coal Mine
Seymour Colliery Coal Mine
Shady Hall No1 Coal Mine
Shady Hall No2 Coal Mine
Shake Rope Vein Lead Mine
Shallcross Hall Coal Mine
Shallcross New Coal Mine
Shaw Bank Coal Colliery
Shawe Coal Colliery
Shawfield Coal Colliery
Shaw Head Coal Colliery
Shaws Engine Lead Mine
Shaw's Pit Coal Mine
Shaw Wood Coal Colliery
Shaw Wood No2 Coal Colliery
Sheepbridge No2 Coal Colliery
Sherburn Hill Coal Mine
Sherdley Coal Mine
Sherwood Colliery Coal Mine
Shincliffe Colliery Coal Mine
Shiningcloud Lead Mine
Shinning Sough Lead Tunnel
Shirebrook Coal Mine
Shireoaks (Belper) Coal Colliery
Shireoaks Colliery Coal Mine
Shirland Coal Colliery
Shorthill (Cruckmeole) Coal Colliery
Shotton Colliery Coal Mine
Shovel & Toby Lead Mine
Shrogs Pit Coal Mine
Shuttlebank Lead Mine
Shuttle Eye Coal Mine
Sickers Pit Coal Mine
Sicklebrook No2 Coal Mine
Sick Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Sidcup Main Coal Colliery
Siddons Mine Coal Mine
Sidfordholm(e) (Sydfordholm(e)) Shaft Lead Mine
Siggate Head Lead Mine
Silence Lead Mine
Silkstone Common Coal Colliery
Silkstone Fall Coal Mine
Silkstone Main Coal Colliery
Silverdale Coal Mine
Silverhill Coal Mine
Silver Rig Lead Mine
Silverwood Colliery Coal Mine
Simonfield Coal Mine
Simon Wood Coal Colliery
Sinking Wood Coal Colliery
Sitwell Clay Mine Coal Mine
Six Bells Coal Mine
Six Lanes End Coal Colliery
Skegby Coal Colliery
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) Coal Pit
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) Engine (1814) Pit Coal Mine
Skegby Engine (1795) Coal Pit
Skegby Engine (1808) Pit Coal Mine
Skegby Hard Coal Coal Pit
Skegby Runiw Coal Pit
Skiers Spring Coal Mine
Slack Mine Lead Mine
Slackwell Coal Colliery
Slatepitdale Coal Mine
Slaters Lead Mine
Slaters Lead Mine
Sledbrook Coal Colliery
Sliding Pits Lead Mine
Slinter Mill
Slingtor (Slinter Tor) (Owlet Hole) Lead Mine
Slitherstone Lead Mine
Sloads Farm Pit Coal Mine
Slone Pit (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Slough End Coal Colliery
Smalley Mill Sough Coal Tunnel
Smallpenny Level Lead Mine
Small Pit Coal Mine
Smiler Lead Mine
Smithies Coal Colliery
Smithies (Marsdens) Coal Colliery
Smithy Coe Lead Mine
Smut Hole Coal Colliery
Smut Hole Drift Coal Mine
Snowgate Head Coal Colliery
Softley (Soughley) Ganister Mine
Solsgirth Coal Mine
Somersall Coal Colliery
Sommerville Pit Coal Mine
South Brancepeth Coal Mine
South Dyffryn Coal Mine
South Graine Colliery Coal Mine
South Hetton Colliery Coal Mine
South Kelloe Coal Colliery
South Normanton Coal Mine
South Normanton Old Coal Colliery
South Wood Coal Colliery
Sowell Pit Coal Mine
Spans Pit Coal Mine
Spar black marble Limestone Mine
Spawcroft Coal Colliery
Speed Grove Lead Mine
Speedwell Coal Colliery
Speedwell Pit Coal Mine
Speedwell Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Speighthill Coal Colliery
Spencer Lead Mine
Spitalwell Pits Coal Mine
Spitwinter Ganister Mine
Sponds Adit Coal Mine
Sponds Pit Coal Mine
Spout Coal Colliery
Spring Bank Pit Coal Mine
Springfield Coal Colliery
Springfield Pit Coal Mine
Spring Foundary (Highfield) Pit Coal Mine
Springwood Coal Mine
Huntroyd Coal Colliery
Stablehill Coal Colliery
Stafford Coal Colliery
Stainborough Park Coal Colliery
Staincross Coal Colliery
Staindrop Field House Drift Coal Colliery
Stamford Pit Coal Mine
Stanfree Old Pit Coal Mine
Stanhope Bretby Coal Colliery
Stanhope Coal Colliery
Stanhope Coal Colliery
Stanhope Silkstone Coal Colliery
Stanley Coal Colliery
Stannage (Stanage) Coal Colliery
Stannage (Stanedge) Pole Coal Colliery
Stannington Wood Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Stanton Coal Colliery
Stapleford Coal Colliery
Stapleford Hill Copper Mine
Stapleford Hill Sandstone Quarry
Star (Old Brampton) Coal Colliery
Star Pit Coal Mine
Stations Pit Coal Mine
Staveley Lower Ground Coal Colliery
Staveley Upper Ground Coal Colliery
Stead Pit Coal Mine
Steetley Coal Mine
St Helens Pit Coal Colliery
St Johns Coal Colliery
St Johns Coal Colliery
St Johns Coal Colliery
Stoke sough Lead Mine
Stone Big Close Iron Mine
Stone Hey (Haigh) Pit Coal Mine
Stone House Coal Colliery
Stone Lane Coal Colliery
Stony Heap Coal Mine
Stoney Lees Mines Lead Mine
Stoney Royd Coal Colliery
Stony Butts Lead Mine
Stony Royd Pit Coal Mine
Stool Lead Mine
Stoppards Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Storrs Bridge Clay Mine
Storrs Fireclay Clay Mine
Stourton Engine Pit Coal Mine
Strafford Coal Mine
Strawberry Bank Coal Colliery
Strawberry Lee Fireclay Clay Mine
Strelley No2 Coal Colliery
Stretton Coal Colliery
Stubbin Pit Ganister Mine
Stubbins Wood Pit Coal Mine
Stubden Edge Ganister Mine
Stubley Hollow Coal Colliery
Summerhill Coal Mine
Sun Rake Lead Mine
Sutton Coal Colliery
Sutton Coal Colliery
Sutton Vein Lead Mine
Swad Dale Pit Coal Mine
Swadlincote Old Coal Colliery
Swainsley Copper Mine
Swainsley Copper Stamp or Dressing Floor
Swallow Hill Pumping Pit Coal Mine
Swallows Coal Mine
Swans Coal Colliery
Swanwick (1st Cinderhill Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (1st Outseals Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (2nd Cinderhill Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Bakers Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Bond Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Bullocks Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Cinder Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Clays 1804 Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Clays 1812 Whymsey Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Crab Tree Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Croft Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Dam Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Engine 1795 Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Engine 1799 Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Engine 1833 Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Engine Pits) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Farnsworth Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Folly Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Hool Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Lane Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Level Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Meadow Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Middle Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (New Delves Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (North Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Oak Tree Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Orchard Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Parkin Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Sleithmoor (Sleetmoor) Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick Sough Coal Tunnel
Swanwick (Tissington Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Water Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Wellington 1814 South Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Wellington 1823 North Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (White Lane Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Wind Pit) Coal Mine
Swanwick (Wood Pit) Coal Mine
Sweeney Pits Coal Mine
Swindell Hill Coal Colliery
Swindles Pit Coal Mine
Swingate-Babbington Sough Coal Tunnel
Swinney Coal Colliery
Taff Merthyr Coal Mine
Tagg Hill Pit Coal Mine
Tangate Pit Coal Mine
Tanhouse Lane Coal Colliery
Tankersley Coal Mine
Tansley Green Coal Colliery
Tapton Colliery Coal Mine
Tapton & Lockoford Coal Colliery
Tapton & Wallsend Coal Colliery
Taylors (Elsecar) Pit Coal Mine
Taylors Pit Coal Mine
Taylors Shaft Lead Mine
Taylors Shaft Lead Mine
Telford Pit Coal Mine
Temple Normanton Colliery Coal Mine
Teversal (Butcherwood) Coal Colliery
Teversal Quary Coal Pit
Thatch Marsh Coal Colliery
Thatch Meadow Lead Mine
Thimble Lodge Coal Colliery
Thimblewood Coal Colliery
Thirbycliffe Coal Colliery
Thistley Field Pit Coal Mine
Thoresby Colliery Coal Mine
Thorncliffe Coal Colliery
Thorncliffe Coal Mine
Law Wood Footrill (Thorncliffe) Coal Mine
Thorncliffe Iron Works Iron Factory
Thorncliffe Water Drift Coal Tunnel
Thornley Silkstone (East) Coal Colliery
Thornley Silkstone (West) Coal Colliery
Thornsett Brows Coal Colliery
Thorpe Hesley Coal Mine
Three Nuns Coal Colliery
Threshfield Coal Colliery
Thrislington Coal Mine
Throckley Isabella Coal Mine
Throstle Bank Adits Coal Mine
Thurcroft Coal Mine
Thurgoland Coal Colliery
Thurstoneland Coal Colliery
Tibshelf New Top Coal Colliery
Tibshelf-Newton Sough Coal Tunnel
Tibshelf Old Bottom Coal Colliery
Timperley Vein Lead Mine
Tinkers Drift Colliery Coal Mine
Tinkersick Coal Colliery
Tivydale No1 Coal Colliery
Tivydale No2 Coal Colliery
Toad Hole Pit Coal Mine
Todmorden Moor Coal Mine
Toll Bar House Coal Colliery
Tomfield Pit Coal Mine
Tomlisons Pit Coal Mine
Tom (Pitfirrane) Pit Coal Mine
Tom Royd Coal Colliery
Topyard Coal Colliery
Townend Common Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Townfields Coal Colliery
Treeton Coal Mine
Trefar Clawdd Coal Colliery
Trimdon Grange Colliery Coal Mine
Trowell Moor Old Coal Colliery
Trowell Moor Old Sough Coal Tunnel
Trueloves Coal Colliery
Trumans Pit Coal Mine
Tudhoe Colliery Coal Mine
Tunnel Pit (Poynton) Coal Mine
Turkey Old Coal Colliery
Two Oaks Coal Mine
Two Rakes Head Lead Mine
Tynesbank Coal Mine
Ughill Fireclay Clay Mine
Ulfington Coal Colliery
Upper Blobber Lead Mine
Upper Cross (Moss Rake West) Calcite Quarry
Upper Loads Fireclay Clay Mine
Upper White Rake Lead Mine
Ushaw Moor Coal Mine
Usher Wood Pot Clay Clay Mine
Valleyfield Coal Mine
Vane Tempest Coal Mine
Venerable (New) Pit Coal Mine
Vengance Pit Coal Mine
Venture (Fordell) Pit Coal Mine
Verge Wood Coal Mine
Vergin Lead Mine
Vernon (Banktop) Coal Colliery
Vernon Coal Colliery
Vernon (Poyntnon) Pit Coal Mine
Vernon Silkstone Coal Colliery
Viaduct Pit (Marple) Coal Mine
Victoria Coal Mine
Victoria (Hollingwood) Coal Colliery
Victoria No1 Coal Colliery
Victoria No2 Coal Colliery
Victoria Pit (Hyde) Coal Mine
Victoria (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Vinovium Coal Mine
Vivian (Six Bells) Coal Mine
Wadsley Common Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Wadsley Park Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Wakebridge Mine Lead Mine
Walkers Old Engine Pit Coal Mine
Wallace Lane Coal Colliery
Wallow Pit Coal Mine
Wallsend Coal Colliery
Wallsend Main Coal Colliery
Wallsend No6 Pit Coal Mine
Wallshield Coal Colliery
Walton Way Drift Coal Colliery
Wardley Coal Mine
Warren Coal Mine
Wasp Nest Vein Sough Lead Tunnel
Waterbank Lead Mine
Water Haigh Coal Colliery
Water Heys No1 Pit Coal Colliery
Water Heys No2 Pit Coal Colliery
Water Heys No3 Pit Coal Colliery
Waterloo Coal Colliery
Waterloo Main Coal Colliery
Waterspout Pit Coal Mine
Watsons Shaft Lead Mine
Watts Grove Lead Mine
Watts Pit Iron Mine
Waxhill Barracks Coal Colliery
Wearmouth Coal Mine
Websters Engine Pit Coal Mine
Wellington (Norbury) Pit Coal Mine
Wellington Pit Coal Mine
Wellwood Pit Coal Mine
Wentworth Silkstone Coal Mine
Wentworth Silkstone (Monkeyfoot) Coal Colliery
Westbury Pit Coal Mine
Western Coal Mine
Westfield Coal Colliery
Westfield Coal Colliery
Westfield Coal Colliery
Westfield Coal Mine
West Hallam Iron Works Iron Factory
West Hallam No1 Coal Colliery
West Hallam No2 Coal Colliery
West Hallam No3 Coal Colliery
West Hetton Colliery Coal Mine
West Holway Lead Mine
West Hunwick Coal Mine
West Kyo Coal Mine
West Nab Pit Coal Mine
Westoe Coal Mine
West Silkstone Coal Colliery
Westwick Coal Colliery
Westwood Coal Colliery
Westwoods Pit Coal Mine
West Yorkshire Coal Colliery
Wet Earth Coal Colliery
Wethercotes Coal Colliery
Wetshaw Fireclay Clay Mine
Wharf Coal Colliery
Wharf Coal Colliery
Wharncliffe Carlton Coal Mine
Wharncliffe (Deepcar) Coal Mine
Wharncliffe Lowoods Ganister & Coal Mixed Mine
Wharncliffe Silkstone Coal Mine
Wharncliffe Wood Coal Mine
Wharncliffe Woodmoor 1,2,3 Coal Colliery
Whatshaw Coal Colliery
Wheal Lushington Copper Mine
Wheatley Wood Coal Mine
Wheatsheaf Coal Mine
Wheatshire Firelcay Clay Mine
Wheldale Coal Mine
Whelley Coal Colliery
Whimsey Close Pit Coal Mine
Whiteborough Coal Colliery
White Coe Lead Mine
Whitehouse & Phillips Pit Coal Mine
Whitley Clough Coal Colliery
Whitley Park Coal Colliery
Whitley Temple Drift Coal Mine
Whitwell A Pit Coal Mine
Whitwell B Pit Coal Mine
Whitwell Coal Mine
Whitwell C Pit Coal Mine
Wigginbury Pit Coal Mine
Wigwell Colliery & Brickworks Coal Colliery
Wigwell (Old) Coal Colliery
Wilday Green Coal Colliery
Wildes Pit Coal Mine
Willesley Pit Clay Mine
Willey Lane Pit Coal Mine
Williamson's Pit Coal Mine
Williamthorpe Coal Mine
Willow Bank Coal Mine
Willow Close Lead Mine
Willow Main Coal Colliery
Wilsons (Poynton) Pit Coal Mine
Wilsons Shaft Lead Mine
Wilton Pit Coal Mine
Windber Coal Colliery
Windle & Rush Lead Mine
Windmill Lead Mine
Windmill Pit Coal Mine
Wind Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Windy Arbour Vein Lead Mine
Wingfield Manor Colliery Coal Mine
Winters Fold Coal Colliery
Wisewood Pit Coal Mine
Witton Coal Colliery
Wollaton (New) 1552 Sough Coal Tunnel
Wooley Coal Mine
Woolley Moor Coal Mine
Wombwell Main Coal Mine
Wood Coal Colliery
Wood Colliery Coal Mine
Woodend Fireclay & Coal Coal Colliery
Woodend Pit Coal Mine
Woodhead Coal Mine
Woodhill Pits (Blackwell) Coal Mine
Woodhorn Coal Mine
Woodhouse Coal Colliery
Woodhouse Coal Colliery
Woodhouse Coal Mine
Woodhouse (Dronfield) Coal Colliery
Woodhouse Lane Coal Colliery
Woodhouses Coal Mine
Woodlesford Coal Colliery
Woodley Coal Colliery
Woodmill Coal Colliery
Wood Pit Coal Mine
Wood Pit Coal Mine
Wood Pit Coal Mine
Wood Pit Coal Mine
Wood Pit (West Hallam) Coal Mine
Wood Royd Coal Colliery
Woodstone Pit Coal Mine
Woodthorpe (Old) Coal Colliery
Woodthorpe (New South) Coal Colliery
Woolley Moor Coal Mine
Worrell Coal Colliery
Worsbrough Bridge Coal Colliery
Worsbrough Coal Colliery
Worsbrough Park (Helliwell Pit) Coal Colliery
Wortley Ganister Ganister Mine
Wortley Lead Mine
Wortley No3 Coal Colliery
Wreakes Lane Coal Colliery
Wyrley No3 Coal Colliery
Yarncliff Sandstone Quarry
Yatestoop sough Lead Mine
Yews Coal Colliery
Yew Tree Ganister Coal Mine
Ynysarwed (Lower) Coal Mine
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