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About mikehiggins


Location Doncaster Avatar of mikehiggins

Occupation Retired
Joined 11/08/2008
Posts 115 [View Posts]

mikehiggins's Workplaces

It would appear that mikehiggins has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by mikehiggins

Blaencennant User Album
Blobber Sough User Album
Bodcoll User Album
Brandy Bottle User Album
Brunt Sough User Album
Brynarian User Album
Bwlch User Album
Bwlchrhennaid User Album
Cala de las Conchas User Album
Carnhill Wifes Sough User Album
Cascade Cavern User Album
Castell User Album
Cawdor Level User Album
Cefngwyn User Album
Ceunant User Album
Cwmmaengwynedd Archive Album
Cwmsymlog User Album
Dale Sough User Album
Devonshire User Album
Eaglebrook User Album
Edge Rake User Album
Esgair Gadfach User Album
Esgairlle User Album
Fairchance User Album
Fritchley Sough User Album
Gelleirin User Album
Great Southern of Spain User Album
Haddon Grove Dale User Album
Hallicar Wood Level User Album
Hanging Flat User Album
Henfwlch User Album
Henstock's User Album
Horsedale Sough User Album
Level yr Uch User Album
Llwyn Gwyddel User Album
Longstone Edge Sough User Album
Long Tor Top User Album
Mandale User Album
Marks Dale User Album
Masson Farm sough User Album
Merlin's User Album
Nantyrarian User Album
No Te Escapara User Album
Old Gells Sough User Album
Orchard Sough User Album
Oxclose (Snickers) Sough User Album
Oxen Sough User Album
Palomares User Album
Pencraigddu User Album
Pindale End User Album
Plinlimmon User Album
Rath Rake Sough User Album
Rhyscog User Album
Rodalquilar User Album
Sandhole Sough User Album
San Jose User Album
San Simon User Album
San Tomas User Album
Shireoaks User Album
Silver Eye User Album
Spencers Level User Album
Stadford Hollow User Album
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 4 User Album
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 5 User Album
Tyddyn Briddell User Album
Tyllwyd User Album
William Millns Sough User Album
Wrathe Sough User Album
Mines added by mikehiggins

Black Sough Lead Mine
Blaencennant Mixed Mine
Blobber Sough Lead Mine
Blwch Creolan Lead Mine
Bonsall Sough Lead Mine
Brandy Bottle Lead Mine
Brookhead Sough Lead Mine
Brunt Sough Lead Mine
Cala de las Conchas Iron Port
Carnhill Wifes Sough Lead Mine
Cascade Cavern Lead Mine
Cawdor Level Lead Mine
Cefngwyn Lead Mine
Central Van Lead Mine
Ceunant Lead Mine
Chell Coal Colliery
Cronstat Sough Lead Mine
Cwmgwynen Other Rock Mine
Dale Sough Lead Mine
Esgair Gadfach Lead Mine
Esgairlle Lead Mine
Foxholes Lead Mine
Gank Hole Ochre Mine
Gelleirin Lead Mine
Graiggoch Lead Mine
Great Southern of Spain Iron Railway
Greenlee Sough Lead Mine
Haddon Grove Dale Ochre Mine
Hallicar Wood Level Lead Mine
Henstock's Lead Mine
Horsedale Sough Lead Mine
Hurspit Sough Lead Mine
Jewloes Sough Lead Mine
Lane Ends Coal Colliery
Leas Sough Lead Mine
Level yr Uch Lead Mine
Llwyn Gwyddel Lead Mine
Llyn Coch Copper Trial
Longstone Edge Sough Lead Mine
Marks Dale Lead Mine
Masson Farm sough Lead Mine
Moel Lledr Mixed Trial
Moorwood Sough Lead Mine
Morfa-Du Mixed Mine
Nant-y-Blaidd Lead Mine
Neptune Lead Mine
Newchapel Coal Colliery
No Te Escapara Mixed Mine
Old Gells Ashtree Lead Mine
Old Gells Sough Lead Mine
Orchard Sough Lead Mine
Oxclose Lead Mine
Oxen Sough Lead Mine
Oxford Coal Colliery
Palomares Iron Smelter
Pencraigddu Lead Mine
Potosi Lead Mine
Primrose Lead Mine
Rath Rake Sough Lead Mine
Rhianfa Copper Trial
Rhyscog Lead Mine
Rising Lark Coal Colliery
Rodalquilar Gold Mine
Sandhole Sough Lead Mine
San Jose Mixed Mine
San Simon Mixed Mine
San Tomas Mixed Mine
Shireoaks Iron Mine
Silver Eye Lead Mine
Smithfield Sough Lead Mine
Spencers Level Lead Mine
Stadford Hollow Lead Mine
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 4 Lead Mine
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 5 Lead Mine
Stoop Sough Lead Mine
Gadair Copper Mine
Tan-y-Garreg Copper Trial
Timperley Sough Lead Mine
Turnhurst Coal Colliery
Tyddyn-Bach Copper Mine
Tyddyn Briddell Lead Mine
Tyllwyd Lead Mine
Watergrove Sough Lead Mine
Wedgewood Coal Colliery
Wildersley Sough Lead Mine
William Millns Sough Lead Mine
Wrathe Sough Lead Mine
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