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About simonrail

"Yes, I'll have it - what is it?"


Location Cleveland Avatar of simonrail

Occupation Retired cartographic surveyor
Joined 23/07/2008
Posts 226 [View Posts]

simonrail's Workplaces

It would appear that simonrail has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by simonrail

Ashgillhead User Album
Askern Archive Album
Aysdalegate Archive Album
Ayton Banks Archive Album
Babbington No4 Archive Album
Bal, Higher User Album
Barneycraig Archive Album
Belmont Archive Album
Bentinck Colliery Archive Album
Blackhall Colliery Archive Album
Bobgins User Album
Boldon Archive Album
Boosbeck User Album
Boulby User Album
Boulby Archive Album
Boulby User Album
Boulby User Album
Bowes Railway Archive Album
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Broomside Colliery User Album
Brotton Archive Album
Butterknowle User Album
Caphouse User Album
Carberry Colliery User Album
Cefn Coed Colliery User Album
Celynen North Colliery Archive Album
Cockhill User Album
Cronton Archive Album
Crow Trees User Album
Croxdale Colliery User Album
Croxdale Pit Archive Album
Cwmbran Colliery Archive Album
Dawdon Archive Album
Derwenthaugh User Album
Devon (Clackmannanshire) User Album
Diamond User Album
Dorothea Archive Album
Easington Archive Album
Elemore Colliery Archive Album
Eppleton Archive Album
Eskdaleside Trial User Album
Eston Archive Album
Faggergill Archive Album
Fallowfield User Album
Fell Drift User Album
Felling Archive Album
Ford Moss User Album
Friar's Goose User Album
Garw Colliery Archive Album
Glaisdale Archive Album
Grange Archive Album
Granville Archive Album
Grinkle Archive Album
Grinkle User Album
Groverake User Album
Hartington Archive Album
Haswell Colliery Archive Album
Hay's User Album
Healeyfield User Album
Hemingfield Colliery Archive Album
Horden Archive Album
Inkerman User Album
Ireland Archive Album
Jeffreys User Album
Kaysburn Archive Album
Kettleness User Album
Kilton Archive Album
Kilton User Album
Kinlet Colliery User Album
Lady's Rake User Album
Lady Victoria User Album
Leasingthorne Archive Album
Ledston Luck Archive Album
Liverton Archive Album
Llanharry Archive Album
Llanover Archive Album
Loftus User Album
Long Acres Archive Album
Long Acres User Album
Lowfield User Album
Ludworth Colliery Archive Album
Lumpsey Archive Album
Lumpsey User Album
Marine Colliery Archive Album
Moulds Low User Album
Murton Colliery Archive Album
Nenthead Old Archive Album
Nettleton Archive Album
Newcraighall User Album
New Hartley User Album
New Mill at Langthwaite User Album
North Bitchburn Archive Album
Old Gang User Album
Port Mulgrave User Album
Prestongrange Industrial User Album
Providence User Album
Providence User Album
Quarry Pit User Album
Raithwaite User Album
Roachburn User Album
Roseberry User Album
Rosedale East User Album
Rosedale User Album
Rudland Rigg User Album
Ryhope Archive Album
Saltwick User Album
Scremerston Colliery Pumping and Winding Engine Houses
Seaham Archive Album
Sheriffs Pit Archive Album
Sikehead Archive Album
Sikehead User Album
Skelton User Album
Skelton Park Archive Album
Skelton Park User Album
Smallcleugh Archive Album
South Crofty User Album
South Hetton Colliery Archive Album
South Skelton Archive Album
Spa User Album
Spawood Archive Album
Spawood User Album
Stanghow Archive Album
St. Johns Colliery Archive Album
Stotfield Burn Archive Album
Straitsteps User Album
Summerlee User Album
Thornley Archive Album
Tymawr Colliery Archive Album
Washington F Pit User Album
Whinfield User Album
Whitecliffe Archive Album
Whiteheaps Archive Album
Woodhorn Archive Album
Wyngham Colliery Archive Album
Wynnstay Colliery User Album
Yarlside User Album
Mines added by simonrail

Aberbeeg Coal Colliery
Asholme Alum Shale Quarry
Beckhole Iron Smelt Mill
Belman Bank Alum Shale Quarry
Bishop's Close Coal Colliery
Black Vein Drift Coal Colliery
Bobgins Coal Pit
Bantling Castle Coal Colliery
Breckon Hill Mixed Shaft
Butterknowle Coal Colliery
Cockhill Lead Smelt Mill
Cooper's Wentworth Coal Pit
Crow Trees Coal Colliery
Croxdale Pit Coal Colliery
Deepgrove Alum Shale Quarry
Derwenthaugh Coal Factory
Diamond Iron Pit
Diamond Pit Coal Colliery
Dolphingston Coal Colliery
Dorothea Coal Pit
East Butterknowle Coal Colliery
Eskdale New Alum Shale Quarry
Eskdale Old Alum Shale Quarry
Eskdaleside Trial Iron Mine
Fell Drift Coal Colliery
Ford Moss Coal Colliery
Gaytress Alum Shale Quarry
Glaisdale Iron Smelter
Goathland Banks Alum Shale Quarry
Goldsborough Iron Shaft
Hisehope Grove Lead Mine
Hive Pit Coal Colliery
Holmes Alum Shale Quarry
Inkerman Coal Colliery
Kaysburn Coal Pit
Langleydale Coal Colliery
Latterday Saint Coal Pit
Lepton Edge Coal Colliery
Lewis Merthyr Coal Colliery
Little Chilton Coal Colliery
Lowfield Iron Pit
Maerdy Coal Colliery
Meadow Coal Pit
Mount Moor Coal Colliery
Nettleton Iron Mine
New Copley Coal Colliery
Newgate Bank Alum Shale Quarry
Olive Bank Coal Colliery
Osmotherley Alum Shale Quarry
Postgate Iron Mine
Primrose Hill Coal Colliery
Prosperous Lead Smelt Mill
Providence Lead Smelt Mill
Quarry Pit Coal Colliery
Saltwick Alum Shale Quarry
Selby Hagg Alum Shale Quarry
South Pontop Coal Colliery
Spanham Lead Mine
Summerlee Museum
Thirlwall Coal Colliery
Trucky Rock Hole Alum Shale Quarry
Upper Aber-canaid Coal Pit
Walton Coal Colliery
Wayworth Iron Trial
Wen-y-gored Coal Colliery
Whinfield Coal Factory
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