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Mines added by no longer a registered user

Abbots Close Coal Colliery
Aberffrwdd Mixed Mine
Aberfoyle Tin Mine
Aberllyn Mixed Mine
Acland No. 2 Coal Mine
Aclare Silver Mine
Acorn Bank Gypsum Mine
Acton Lead Smelt Mill
Addison Coal Mine
Adventure Tin Mine
Adventure Pit Coal Mine
Aglionby Beck Vein Iron Mine
Argo & Apollo Gold Mine
Aguas Verdes Copper Mine
Aigue Bonne Other Rock Quarry
Aithwaite End Lead Mine
Aket Coal Quarry
Alcock Hush Lead Mine
Aldersons Shaft Lead Mine
Aldoth Sand/Gravel Quarry
Cosmos Nickel Mine
Alekseevskii Other Rock Mine
Algernon Coal Colliery
Allendale Old Lead Smelt Mill
Allenheads Lead Smelt Mill
Allen Lead Smelt Mill
Allergill Lead Mine
Allhallows Coal Mine
Alverdissen Limestone Quarry
Amber Hill Baryte Mine
Amermont Iron Mine
Anapa Iron Mine
Anchor Tin Mine
Andrews House Coal Mine
Angas Mixed Mine
Angerton Limestone Quarry
Anglesea Coal Mine
Anglezarke Lead Mine
Anty Cross Copper Mine
Applethwaite Gill Lead Mine
Applethwaite Gill Lead Mine
Appletreewick Lead Mine
Arbouin Tin Mine
Arclid Hall Sand/Gravel Quarry
Arncliffe Clowder Lead Mine
Arngill Head Lead Mine
Arngill Lead Mine
Asby Coal Mine
Ashnott Lead Mine
Askrigg Moor Lead Mine
Attunga Copper Mine
Auckland Park Coal Colliery
Augill vein Lead Mine
Aukside Vein Level Lead Mine
Australian Margaret Copper Mine
Avebury Nickel Mine
Axwell Park Coal Mine
Aygill Lead Mine
Aysgarth Level Lead Mine
Aysgarth Moor Lead Mine
Bacco Rake Lead Mine
Back Lane Limestone Quarry
Backworth Coal Mine
Balcooma Copper Mine
Baldersdale Lead Mine
Bald Hill Mixed Mine
Bale Bank Level Lead Mine
Bale Hills Lead Smelt Mill
Bullabulling Gold Mine
Ballacorkish Lead Mine
Ballaglass Iron Mine
Ballajora Iron Mine
Ballarat East Gold Mine
Ballarat Last Chance Gold Mine
Ballarat West Gold Mine
Balliway Rigg Lead Mine
Ballowfield Lead Mine
Bamboo Creek Gold Mine
Bamford Hill Mixed Mine
Band's Iron Mine
Bankend Sandstone Quarry
Bankfield Limestone Quarry
Bankfoot Coking Coal Mill
Bank Wood Other Rock Quarry
Baralaba Coal Mine
Burbanks Gold Mine
Barbara Surprise Gold Mine
Barcombe Coal Mine
Barcus Close Coal Colliery
Bardoc Gold Mine
Bardon Mill Coal Mine
Barley Hill Coal Mine
Barlow Towneley Drift Coal Mine
Barmoor Coal Mine
Barnes Gill Lead Mine
Baron Cross Limestone Quarry
Menzies Barossa Gold Mine
Barras End Lead Mine
Barras Hill Drift Coal Mine
Barrington Coal Mine
Barrony Iron Mine
Barrony Iron Mine
Barrow Door Lead Mine
Barrows Pasture Lead Mine
Barruecopardo Wolframite Mine
Basalt Other Rock Quarry
Bashenowo Other Rock Mine
Bates Hill Lead Mine
Baxenden Lead Mine
Bay Lead Mine
Bayleys Gold Mine
Beacon Hill Iron Mine
Beaconsfield Gold Mine
Beaconsfield Other Rock Mine
Beadnell Coal Mine
Beamish Coal Colliery
Bearpark Coal Colliery
Bebside Coal Mine
Beckermet Iron Mine
Beckfoot Other Rock Quarry
Beckwiths Lead Mine
Beever Lead Mine
Bel Air Other Rock Mine
Bellsgrove Lead Mine
Beltana Zinc Mine
Bendigo Gold Mine
Ben Lomond Uranium Mine
Benscar Vein Zinc Mine
Bent Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Bentham Lead Mine
Bentyfield Lead Mine
Benwell Coal Mine
Berbes Fluorite Mine
Berghäuschen Lead Mine
Berrier Iron Mine
Berrington Sand/Gravel Quarry
Berry No. 1 Gold Mine
Berta Other Rock Quarry
Beta Nickel Mine
Bethanga Mixed Mine
Beverley Other Rock Mine
Bewerley No1 Fluorite Mine
Bewerley No2 Lead Mine
Bewicke Main Coal Mine
Yandi Iron Mine
Big Howley Gold Mine
Bigrigg Iron Mine
Big Rush Gold Mine
Richmond Copper Mine
Binduli Gold Mine
Birch Vein Level Lead Mine
Birchy Bank Veins Lead Mine
Bird In Hand Gold Mine
Birkdale Farm veins Lead Mine
Birkdale Lead Mine
Birkdale Lead Mine
Birkett Common Lead Mine
Birk Fell Copper Mine
Birk Gill Lead Mine
Birkhams Sandstone Quarry
Birkside Opencast Lead Mine
Birks Lead Mine
Birtle Lead Mine
Bishopdale Stake Lead Mine
Bishopedale Gavel Level Lead Mine
Bishop Hill Coal Mine
Black Ark Lead Mine
Black Beck Copper Mine
Blackburn Fell Drift Coal Mine
Blackcrag Iron Mine
Blackett Coal Mine
Blackhall Lead Smelt Mill
Blackhill Lead Mine
Blackhill Lead Mine
Black How Lead Mine
Blackpool Bridge Lead Mine
Black Rake Lead Mine
Black Rigg Lead Mine
Black Rigg Lead Mine
Black Rock Vein Lead Mine
Black Sike Lead Mine
Black Star Zinc Mine
Black Swan Nickel Mine
Black Syke Coal Colliery
Blackwater Coal Mine
Blackwater Gold Mine
Blackwood Gold Mine
Blagill Drift Coal Mine
Blair Nickel Mine
Blaydon Burn Coal Mine
Blaydon Main Coal Mine
Blayshaw Gill Lead Mine
Bleagill Lead Mine
Bleanceulan Lead Mine
Bleangwynlais Other Rock Quarry
Blease Gill Lead Mine
Bleiwäsche Limestone Quarry
Blencathra old Lead Mine
Blengdale Iron Mine
Blind Gill Level Lead Mine
Blinman Manganese Mine
Blinman Copper Mine
Blow Beck Lead Mine
Blow Groves Lead Mine
Blowick Baryte Mine
Blubberhouses Moor Lead Mine
Blue Funnel Gold Mine
Blueheaps Lead Mine
Blue Level Lead Mine
Blue Spec Gold Mine
Blue star Mixed Mine
Blue Vein Gold Mine
Boataby Gypsum Quarry
Bobby Rod Mixed Mine
Bob ScarLevel Lead Mine
Bodcoll Lead Mine
Bohemian Girl Copper Mine
Bold Head Mixed Mine
Bold Heath Other Rock Quarry
Bollihope freehold vein level Lead Mine
Bolton Abbey Lead Trial
Bolton Gill Level Lead Mine
Bolton Park Lead Mine
Boltshope Lead Smelt Mill
Bom-Gorkhon Wolframite Mine
Bonnievale Gold Mine
Boomerang Mixed Mine
Bootu Creek Manganese Mine
Booze Lead Mine
Bordley Lead Mine
Boring Lead Shaft
Borrowdale Coal Colliery
Bothal Park Drift Coal Mine
Boundary Gold Mine
Boundary Hill Coal Mine
Bounder House Ganister Quarry
Bounty Gold Mine
Bowdin Pasture Lead Mine
Bowes Cross Lead Mine
Bowes Liberty Lead Mine
Bowmans Vein Lead Mine
Bow River Other Rock Mine
Bowthorne Coal Colliery
Boyleston Other Rock Quarry
Brackenthwaite Lead Mine
Bradda Lead Mine
Bradley Drift Coal Mine
Bradley Lead Mine
Braithwaite Hall Lead Mine
Braithwaite Lead Mine
Bramcrag Trial Lead Quarry
Brandon Pit House Coal Colliery
Brandy Gill Lead Mine
Brass Castle Lead Mine
Brayton Domain Coal Mine
Breadalbane Iron Mine
Brea Fell Lead Mine
Breakaway Dam Gold Mine
Breckweg Limestone Quarry
Brenkley Coal Colliery
Brennand Lead Mine
Briar Edge Drift Coal Mine
Bridge Creek Gold Mine
Brigham Other Rock Quarry
Brigill Lead Mine
Brilliant Gold Mine
Brilliant Mixed Mine
Britannia Gold Mine
Britannia Sandstone Quarry
British Hill Gold Mine
Broad Arrow Gold Mine
Broadleyhill Lead Mine
Broad's Dam Gold Mine
Broadsike Lead Mine
Brochterbeck Limestone Quarry
Brockabank Lead Mine
Brockman No2 Iron Mine
Brock's Creek Mixed Mine
Broken Hills Gold Mine
Brolga Mixed Mine
Bronfloyd Lead Mine
Broomhill Coal Mine
Broughton Moor Coal Mine
Browna Gill Lead Mine
Brown Bycliffe Lead Mine
Brownfield No1 Lead Mine
Brownfield No2 Lead Mine
Brown Pasture Lead Mine
Brownrigg Coal Mine
Brownside Vein Iron Mine
Brown's Nickel Mine
Brundholme Lead Mine
Brungill Moor Lead Mine
Brusselton Coal Colliery
Brusselton Tower Coal Colliery
Brynarian Lead Mine
Bryngwiog Mixed Mine
Buckton Vale Sandstone Quarry
Buferrera Manganese Mine
Buffet Lead Mine
Bullfinch Operations Gold Mine
Bulong Nickel Mine
Bunkers Hill Lead Mine
Burgowan Coal Mine
Burhill Lead Mine
Burnbank Lead Mine
Burnhope Lead Mine
Burnt Ling Lead Mine
Burnt Ling Sun Vein Lead Mine
Burradon Coal Mine
Burtness Comb Copper Mine
Burton Coal Mine
Busche Limestone Quarry
Buskhul High Lead Mine
Bute Iron Mine
Bute Other Rock Quarry
Butler's Lode Mixed Mine
Buttermere lake Lead Mine
Bwlch Antimony Mine
Bwlchgwyn Lead Mine
Bwlch Lead Mine
Bwlchrhennaid Lead Mine
Bwlch Ystyllen Mixed Mine
Bycliffe 2 Meers Lead Mine
Bycliffe East 10 Meers Lead Mine
Bycliffe Lead Mine
Bycliffe West 10 Meers Lead Mine
Byermoor Coal Mine
Bywash Lead Mine
Cadjebut Lead Mine
Cadupo Fluorite Mine
Cae Coch Sulphur Mine
Cairn Hill Iron Mine
Calf Garth Rake Lead Mine
California Iron Mine
California Iron Mine
California Lead Mine
California Lead Mine
Callerton Coal Mine
Callide Coal Mine
Callie Gold Mine
Callion Gold Mine
Cal Marçà Limestone Quarry
Cambois Coal Mine
Camdwrbach Zinc Mine
Camdwrmawr Lead Mine
Camel Creek Gold Mine
Camerton Coal Mine
Cam Veins Lead Mine
Canoona Cobalt Mine
Cape Flattery Tin Mine
Cape Horn Mixed Mine
Capel Mixed Mine
Capel North Mixed Mine
Capons Cleugh Lead Mine
Coppabella Coal Mine
Captains Cleugh Lead Mine
Lake George Mixed Mine
Carborough Downs Coal Mine
Carden Lead Mine
Cardo Copper Mine
Carlés Mixed Mine
Carlside Baryte Mine
Carlton Lead Mine
Carnilya Hill Nickel Mine
Carr Boyd Mixed Mine
Carreg Fawr Iron Mine
Carriteth Coal Mine
Carry Band Mixed Mine
Cash Burn Vein Copper Mine
Caspari Antimony Mine
Cassilis Gold Mine
Castaway Lead Mine
Castell Coch Other Rock Quarry
Castell Mixed Mine
Castenhole vein Lead Mine
Casualidad Tin Mine
Catherine Gold Mine
Catherwood Gold Mine
Cat Holes Lead Mine
Catscar Lead Mine
Causey Park Drift Coal Mine
Cave Rocks Mixed Mine
Cawse Gold Mine
Celestial Mixed Mine
Central Ellesmere Gold Mine
Central North Gold Mine
Centurion Gold Mine
Century Zinc Mine
Cerrig Yr Wyn Lead Mine
Chalice Gold Mine
Challenger Gold Mine
Champion Copper Mine
Channar Iron Mine
Chariot Gold Mine
Chatton Coal Mine
Chaytor's Rake Lead Mine
Chelford Sand/Gravel Quarry
Chelsea Lead Mine
Cherry Orchard Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Chesney Lead Mine
Chicken Creek Mixed Mine
China Camp Tin Mine
China Clay Umber Mine
Chinaman Mixed Mine
Chinese Big Pit Gold Mine
Chinese Howley Gold Mine
Chirm Coal Mine
Christian Kruck Gold Mine
Christmas Creek Iron Mine
Chum Mixed Mine
Church Burn Lead Mine
Clargill Vein Lead Mine
Clargill Vein Lead Mine
Clay Level Lead Mine
Claypath Vein Lead Mine
Cleaburn Pasture Level Lead Mine
Cleator moor Iron Mine
Cleaver's Rake Lead Mine
Cleveland Copper Mine
Clints Limestone Quarry
Clive Lead Mine
Close House Lead Mine
Cloud Break Iron Mine
Clouds Lead Mine
Clouds vein Copper Mine
Coalcleugh Lead Mine
Coalgrovebeck Lead Mine
Coalgrovehead Lead Mine
Coanwood Coal Mine
Cobblers Venture Lead Mine
Cobscar Lead Mine
Cockatoo Island Iron Mine
Cockbur Lead Mine
Cockerham Sand/Gravel Quarry
Cockhill Lead Mine
Cocklake Lead Mine
Cocklakes Gypsum Mine
Coed Mawr Pool Deep Adit Lead Mine
Coen Tin Mine
Coldberry Gutter Lead Mine
Coldberry Lead Mine
Cold Hurst Coal Colliery
Coldstreak Vein Lead Mine
College Edge Vein Lead Mine
Collingwood Tin Mine
Collinsville Coal Mine
Colsterdale Lead Mine
Commanwealth Mixed Mine
Commodore Coal Mine
Comstock Lead Mine
Coneyside Sand/Gravel Quarry
Cononley Lead Mine
Conrad Mixed Mine
Coobina Iron Mine
Cook Coal Mine
Cookson Coal Colliery
Coolgardie Gold Mine
Copernicus Copper Mine
Copper Blonde Copper Mine
Copperhead Gold Mine
Copperplate Copper Mine
Corinthia Gold Mine
Cornelly's Lead Mine
Cornish Co Gold Mine
Cornishman Gold Mine
Cornriggs Vein Lead Mine
Cosmic Boy Nickel Mine
Cosmo Howley Mixed Mine
Cosmos Copper Mine
Costerfield Gold Mine
Cote Hill Bridge Lead Mine
Cotterdale Coal Colliery
Cowell Mixed Mine
Cowpen Coal Mine
Cowper & Aikshaw Sand/Gravel Quarry
Cowper dyke Heads Lead Mine
Coxhoe Limestone Quarry
Coxlodge Coal Mine
Cracow Gold Mine
Crag Green Lead Mine
Craghead Coal Colliery
Craig Drift Coal Mine
Graiglwyd Granite Quarry
Craig Rhiwarth Lead Mine
Craig-y-Mwyn Lead Mine
Cramlington Coal Mine
Cregiau Other Rock Quarry
Cresant Mixed Mine
Creuzeva Limestone Quarry
Crinum Coal Mine
Cromhall Limestone Quarry
Cromhall Other Rock Quarry
Crookhall Coal Colliery
Crosby Coal Mine
Crossfield Iron Mine
Crossgates Iron Mine
Crossgill Copper Vein Copper Mine
Crossgill Lead Mine
Cross Lead Mine
Cross Slits Hush Lead Mine
Crowgarth Iron Mine
Crow Level Lead Mine
Crown Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Crown Lyell Mixed Mine
Croydon Gold Mine
Crusader Copper Mine
Cubeck Lead Mine
Cullenswood Coal Mine
Cumberland Mixed Mine
Cumpston Hill Copper Mine
Cupola Lead Smelt Mill
Curragh Coal Mine
Curragh North Coal Mine
Currawang Mixed Mine
Cwmdaren Mixed Mine
Cwmerfin Lead Mine
Cwm Leyshon Limestone Quarry
Cwm Orog Lead Mine
Cwmprysor Gold Mine
Cwmrheidol Lead Mine
Cyffty Lead Mine
Cystanog Lead Mine
Czarina Gold Mine
Daintree Copper Mine
Daisy Milano Gold Mine
Daisy Mixed Mine
Dale Beck Mixed Mine
Dale Foot Lead Mine
Dalefords Lane Sand/Gravel Quarry
Daley's Hill Gold Mine
Dalzells Moor Row Iron Mine
Dan Lane Sand/Gravel Quarry
Dardonup Mixed Mine
Daren Lead Mine
David Lawn Iron Mine
Davyhurst Gold Mine
Dawson Coal Mine
Dawson South Coal Mine
Daylesford Gold Mine
Dead Beck Antimony Mine
Dead Bullock Soak Gold Mine
Dead Friars Sandstone Quarry
Deadlock Mixed Mine
Dean Moor Coal Mine
Dearham Coal Mine
Dearsplay Ford Limestone Quarry
Deckham Hall Coal Mine
Deepcleugh Lead Mine
Deepdale Iron Mine
Deer Hills Baryte Mine
Delfina Copper Mine
Deloraine Goldfield Gold Mine
Derwent Coal Colliery
Dhrynane Iron Mine
Diagonal Mixed Mine
Dianne Copper Mine
Digger Rock's Copper Mine
Dinas Other Rock Quarry
Dingo Hill Gold Mine
Dinkum Digger Copper Mine
Dinnington Coal Mine
Dipton Coal Mine
Dirt Pit Mixed Mine
Dittmer Other Rock Mine
Dixon's Lead Mine
Dobbyn Copper Mine
Dockacres Sand/Gravel Quarry
Doc Mixed Mine
Doddick Gill Lead Mine
Doddington Coal Mine
Dodd Wood Lead Mine
Dolclettwr Mixed Mine
Dolfrwnog Copper Mine
Dolomite Mixed Mine
Dolphin Other Rock Mine
Dordie Rocks North Copper Mine
Double Arches Sand/Gravel Quarry
Double Oxide Mixed Mine
Douglas Other Rock Mine
Doukburn Lead Mine
Dowgang Lead Mine
Dowpot Syke Mixed Mine
Drake Mixed Mine
Dreadnought Gold Mine
Driedly Gill Lead Mine
Drosgol Manganese Mine
Dryburn Vein Lead Mine
Drypry Lead Mine
Dry River South Mixed Mine
Dry Smale Copper Mine
Ducat Silver Mine
Duchess Mixed Mine
Duchess Other Rock Mine
Dudley Coal Mine
Duke and Main Gold Mine
Dukesfield Lead Smelt Mill
Duncan Coal Mine
Duncowfold Gypsum Quarry
Dunite Other Rock Quarry
Dunolly Gold Mine
Durham Lead Mine
Dyserth Other Rock Mine
Eaglebrook Lead Mine
Eaglehawk Gold Mine
Eagle Level Lead Mine
Easby Lead Smelt Mill
East Arn Gill Lead Mine
East Castle Coal Mine
East Cowgreen Mixed Mine
eastern Creek Coal Mine
Eastern Range Iron Mine
East Glogfawr Lead Mine
East Level Lead Mine
East Pontop Coal Mine
East Rake Mixed Mine
East Stanley Coal Mine
East Tanfield Coal Mine
East Walbottle Coal Colliery
Eaton Hall Sand/Gravel Quarry
Ebel Limestone Quarry
Ebenezer Coal Mine
Echunga Mixed Mine
Eden Coal Colliery
Edgewell Coal Mine
Ediacara Lead Mine
Edna May Gold Mine
Edna May Mixed Mine
Edward's Find Gold Mine
Effenberg Limestone Quarry
Egerton Gold Mine
Einasleigh Copper Mine
Elayre Copper Mine
El Cubito Tin Mine
Eldon Clay Quarry
Eldon Coal Colliery
Eldon Drift Coal Mine
Eldorado Gold Mine
Elgalla Gold Mine
Elgar Lead Mine
Ellel Crag Sandstone Quarry
Ellenborough Coal Mine
Ellen Coal Mine
Eller Gill Lead Mine
Ellerton Moor Lead Mine
Elliscales Iron Mine
Elmford Fluorite Mine
Eloise Copper Mine
Elsdon Coal Mine
Els Frares Granite Quarry
El Sherana Mixed Mine
Elsie Copper Mine
Eltringham Coal Mine
El Valle-Boinás Gold Mine
Ely Bauxite Mine
Embleton Granite Quarry
Embleton Lead Mine
Embleton Other Rock Quarry
Emilio Fluorite Mine
Emily Ann Nickel Mine
Embley Fell Grove Lead Mine
Emma Coal Mine
Emmaville Mixed Mine
Endon Other Rock Quarry
Ensham Coal Mine
Enterprise Copper Mine
Enterprise Gold Mine
Eppleton Coal Colliery
Erglodd Mixed Mine
Escaro Fluorite Mine
Esh Coal Colliery
Eskdale Moor Iron Mine
Eskett Limestone Quarry
Esmeralda Gold Mine
Esperanza Copper Mine
Esperley Lane Drift Coal Mine
Etal Coal Mine
Eudon Burn Vein Lead Mine
Eulaminna Mixed Mine
Eundynie Gold Mine
Eureka Gold Mine
Evening Star Mixed Mine
Even Steven Mixed Mine
Ewan Tin Mine
Ewington Gold Mine
Fairfield Mixed Mine
Fairplay Gold Mine
Fall End Other Rock Mine
Fallowfield Coal Mine
Fallowfield Lead Mine
Falstone Coal Mine
Far Arclid Sand/Gravel Quarry
Far Fanning Gold Mine
Far Greenhill Lead Mine
Farley's Gold Mine
Farndale Lead Smelt Mill
Farney Cleugh Lead Mine
Faugh No 1 Sand/Gravel Quarry
Faugh No 2 Sand/Gravel Quarry
Featherstone Coal Mine
Federal Flag Gold Mine
Federal Mixed Mine
Feldon Lead Smelt Mill
Felkington Coal Mine
Fell End Coal Mine
Fellgrove Lead Mine
Felling Coal Mine
Fellwall Coal Colliery
Fenhall Drift Coal Mine
East Holywell (Fenwick Pit) Coal Colliery
Fine Gold Creek Mixed Mine
Fingal Coal Mine
Finlays Bank Coal Colliery
Finney's Hill Lead Mine
Fishpool Sand/Gravel Quarry
Flag Copper Mine
Flagship Mixed Mine
Flake Brig Mixed Mine
Flat Fell Lead Mine
Flatt Hill Sand/Gravel Quarry
Fletcher pit Iron Mine
Fletcher's Bank Sandstone Quarry
Flimby Coal Mine
Burnside Level Fluorite Mine
Florida Mixed Mine
Floutern tarn Iron Mine
Flow Edge Drift Coal Mine
Flusco Limestone Quarry
Flushiemere Lead Mine
Flying Fox Nickel Mine
Ford Coal Mine
Foreshaw Sand/Gravel Quarry
Foresthead Limestone Quarry
Forest Hill Sand/Gravel Quarry
Forrestania Nickel Mine
Fortnum Gold Mine
Fort William Gold Mine
Fosse Gill Lead Mine
Fosters Hush Lead Mine
Fosterville Gold Mine
Foul Hole Lead Mine
Foul Wood Iron Quarry
Fountain Head Mixed Mine
Fourlaws Hill Top Coal Mine
Fourways Sand/Gravel Quarry
Foxleigh Coal Mine
Framlington Coal Mine
Frances Creek Iron Mine
Fraser's Gold Mine
Freeburgh Mixed Mine
Fremington Edge Other Rock Mine
Freshwater Gold Mine
Friarfold Hush Lead Mine
Friar Intake Level Lead Mine
Friendship Lead Mine
Frizington Iron Mine
Gabanintha Copper Mine
Gairs Coal Colliery
Galmoy Mixed Mine
Gamblesby Fell Vein Baryte Mine
Gammersgill Lead Mine
Gap Shields Coal Colliery
Garrawait Creek Gold Mine
Garth Iron Mine
Gawsworth Sand/Gravel Quarry
Gecko Mixed Mine
George Fisher Mixed Mine
German Lane Sand/Gravel Quarry
Gibb Nickel Mine
Gibraltar Gold Mine
Gibsons Drift Coal Mine
Gidji Dam Gold Mine
Gift Tin Mine
Gilcrux Iron Mine
Gilderdale Vein Lead Mine
Giles Gold Mine
Gillhead Coal Mine
Gill Heads Lead Mine
Gilmore Mixed Mine
Gindalbie Mixed Mine
Gingerfield Copper Mine
Gingin Mixed Mine
Ginkgo Mixed Mine
Glassford Creek Copper Mine
Glebe Iron Mine
Glen Cherry Lead Mine
Glencoe Gold Mine
Glencoynedale Baryte Mine
Glen Roy Lead Mine
Glen Wills Gold Mine
Gilded Rose Mixed Mine
Glory Lead Mine
Glory Lead Mine
Goatstones Coal Mine
Goginan Mixed Mine
Golden Eagle Gold Mine
Golden Gate Mixed Mine
Golden Mile Gold Mine
Golden Patricia Gold Mine
Golden Pig Gold Mine
Golden Plateau Coal Mine
Golden Road Gold Mine
Gonderbach Silver Mine
Goodall Gold Mine
Goodhamsyke Level Lead Mine
Goongarrie Gold Mine
Goonyella/Riverside Coal Mine
Gordon Bank Drift Coal Mine
Gordon House Coal Colliery
Gosp Mixed Mine
Gottessegen Lead Mine
Grottingham Lead Mine
Grottington Lead Mine
Gouthwaite Lead Mine
Gove Bauxite Mine
Governor Norman Tin Mine
Grains Gill Iron Mine
Grains Gill Lead Mine
Grand Slam Gold Mine
Grangers Shaft Lead Mine
Granite Creek Tin Mine
Granville east Tin Mine
Grassfield Lead Mine
Grass Hill Lead Mine
Gravelheads Green Lead Mine
Gray Mare Hill Drift Coal Mine
Great Australia Mixed Mine
Great Bell Lead Mine
Great Central Mixed Mine
Great Edge Lead Mine
Great Northern Tin Mine
Great Sleddale Copper Mine
Great Southern Mixed Mine
Great stork Vein Level Lead Mine
Great Victoria Gold Mine
Green Bourne Level Lead Mine
Greenbushes Mixed Mine
Greenburn Beck Level Copper Mine
Greenburn Copper Mine
Green Bycliffe Lead Mine
Greencleugh Fluorite Mine
Greenfield Lead Mine
Greenfields Gold Mine
Greengill Lead Mine
Greengrooves Lead Mine
Green Haume Iron Mine
Greenhow Rake Lead Mine
Greenlands Coal Mine
Green Lead Mine
Greenley Cleugh Lead Mine
Greenscoe Iron Mine
Greenscoe Limestone Quarry
Greenside Coal Mine
Greenvale Nickel Mine
Greenwells Level Lead Mine
Greenwell Wood Drift Coal Mine
Gregory Coal Mine
Greyside Lead Mine
Griffins Find Gold Mine
Grimwith Lead Mine
Grindstone Cleugh Lead Mine
Grinton Lead Mine
Groote Eylandt Manganese Mine
Groundrush Gold Mine
Grovebeck Lead Mine
Guerness Gill Copper Mine
Guineagrove Lead Mine
Gullewa Mixed Mine
Gunnerton Coal Mine
Guttergill Lead Mine
Gwaith Yr Afon Lead Mine
Gwindinup North Mixed Mine
Gwindinup South Mixed Mine
Hadleigh Castle Gold Mine
Hafan Lead Mine
Hafotty Manganese Mine
Haggs Lane Drift Coal Mine
Hags Gill Level Lead Mine
Hail creek Coal Mine
Haile Moor Iron Mine
Halkyn United Mixed Mine
Hall's Reward Mixed Mine
Halpin Creek Mixed Mine
Halton Coal Mine
Haltwhistle Hall Lead Smelt Mill
Hamsterley Coal Colliery
Handen Hold Coal Colliery
Hangingwalls Iron Mine
Hannan South Gold Mine
Hannans South Gold Mine
Harbour View Copper Mine
Hardendale Limestone Mine
Harden Whinstone Quarry
Hard Level Lead Mine
Hardrock Sandstone Quarry
Hard Sike Vein Lead Mine
Hareshaw Head Coal Mine
Harkerside Lead Mine
Harkers Level Lead Mine
Harraton Coal Colliery
Harrietville Gold Mine
Harrop Edge Sandstone Quarry
Harrow creek Coal Mine
Hartford Coal Colliery
Harthope Bank Sandstone Quarry
Harthopeburn Lead Mine
Harthope East Sandstone Quarry
Hartley Birkett Lead Mine
Hartley Burn Coal Colliery
Hartley Fell Lead Mine
Hartley Fell Limestone Quarry
Harton Coal Mine
Hartsteinwerke Limestone Quarry
Harwood Sandstone Quarry
Hatches Creek Mixed Mine
Havannah Drift Coal Colliery
Havelock Mixed Mine
Hawk Sike Level Lead Mine
Hawkwood sike Level Lead Mine
Hawthorn Combined Coal Colliery
Hay Gill Copper Mine
Hazelholme Lead Mine
Hazelwood Coal Mine
Hazlerigg Coal Colliery
Hazleywell Lead Mine
Healeyfield Lead Smelt Mill
Heaning Wood Lead Mine
Hebburn Coal Mine
Hebden Moor Lead Mine
Heddon Coal Mine
Heggle Wood Lead Mine
Helbeck Limestone Quarry
Hellbeck Wall End Lead Mine
Hell Cleugh veins Iron Mine
Hellyer Gold Mine
Helvellyn Lead Mine
Hen Comb Lead Mine
Hendre Felen Lead Mine
Hendre Other Rock Quarry
Henty Gold Mine
Herberton Deep Mixed Mine
Herberton Hill Mixed Mine
Hercules And Energetic Gold Mine
Hercules Gold Mine
Hercules Gold Mine
Herrington Coal Colliery
Hesk Fell Copper Mine
Hesleyhurst Drift Coal Mine
Heworth Coal Mine
Hibernian Gold Mine
Hiddenhole Lead Mine
Hidden treasure Mixed Mine
Higginsville Gold Mine
High Brockholes Sand/Gravel Quarry
Highfield Hush Lead Mine
Highfield Sand/Gravel Quarry
High Force Whinstone Quarry
High House Iron Mine
Highland Mary Gold Mine
High Longriggs Lead Mine
High Mark Veins Lead Mine
High Marley Hill Drift Coal Mine
High Moor Sandstone Quarry
High Pirn Lead Mine
High Skears Lead Mine
High Spy West Copper Mine
high Stennerskeugh Lead Mine
Highway Gold Mine
Hill House Other Rock Quarry
Hill Top Harvey Drift Coal Mine
Hogshead Wood Sand/Gravel Quarry
Hole-in-the-Wall Coal Colliery
Hollin Hall Coal Colliery
Holwick Zinc Mine
Homebush Mixed Mine
Honeymoon Other Rock Mine
Honister Iron Mine
Hope Down's Iron Mine
Hopes Hill Gold Mine
Hopes Hill North Gold Mine
Hopes Hill South Gold Mine
Hornet Gold Mine
Horn Island Gold Mine
Horse Creek Mixed Mine
Horseshoe Mixed Mine
Horton Grange Coal Colliery
Hough Mill Sand/Gravel Quarry
Houghton Coal Colliery
Houghton House Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Howburn Coal Mine
Howthwaite Baryte Mine
Holzen Limestone Quarry
Humble Jumble Beck Lead Mine
Hungry Other Rock Mine
Huntly Gold Mine
Hurst Lead Mine
Hush Gutter Level Mixed Mine
Hutch Bank Sandstone Quarry
Hyddgen Lead Mine
Hylton Coal Mine
Hylton Limestone Quarry
Ibbenbüren Coal Colliery
Igaana Gold Mine
Indee Mixed Mine
Inglewood Gold Mine
Ingoe Coal Mine
Ingray Gill Lead Mine
Inheritance Mixed Mine
Inkerman Mixed Mine
International Mixed Mine
Iron Blow Lead Mine
Iron Duke Mixed Mine
Isaac Plains Coal Mine
Isabella Lead Mine
Isabella Pit Coal Colliery
Ivena Copper Mine
Ivy Ann Copper Mine
IXL Mixed Mine
Jack Hills Iron Mine
Jack Pot Gold Mine
Jaimina Fluorite Mine
Jamestone Sandstone Quarry
jangardup Mixed Mine
Jarrahdale Mixed Mine
Jaurdi Gold Mine
Jeebropilly Coal Mine
Jeffreys Lead Mine
Jeffrey's Lead Smelt Mill
Jellinbah east Coal Mine
Jessie Mixed Mine
Jimblebar Iron Mine
Jingle Pot Level Lead Mine
Jinkas Hill Gold Mine
Johnsons Hole Lead Mine
Josh Tails Gold Mine
Jubilee Gold Mine
Judkins Granite Quarry
Jumna Tin Mine
Juno Gold Mine
Kadainski Lead Mine
Kalkadoon Copper Mine
Kallanda Tin Mine
Kalpini Gold Mine
Kambalda Copper Mine
Kangiara Mixed Mine
Kanmantoo Mixed Mine
Kanowna Belle Gold Mine
Kapanga Gold Mine
Kara Other Rock Mine
Karonie Gold Mine
Keldside Lead Mine
Kell's Coal Mine
Kelton Fell Iron Mine
Kelton Limestone Quarry
Kenidjack Arsenic Mill
Kennedy Gap Iron Mine
Kennel Wood Sand/Gravel Quarry
kestrel Coal Mine
Kettlewell Lead Smelt Mill
Kidd's House Vein Shaft's Lead Mine
Kidston Gold Mine
Kiersleywell Row Lead Mine
Kilkivan Gold Mine
Kilnsey Lead Smelt Mill
Kimbolton Mixed Mine
King Edward Mixed Mine
king's Cross Mixed Mine
King Solomon 1 Mixed Mine
King's Pit Coal Colliery
King's Plain's Tin Mine
Kintore Gold Mine
Kirkheaton Coal Mine
Kirkstead Lead Mine
Kirkstile Wood Lead Mine
Kisdon Vein Level Lead Mine
Kitticoola Mixed Mine
Kleeberg Limestone Quarry
Knitsley Fell Baryte Mine
Knock Hush Lead Mine
Knockmurton Iron Mine
Knock ore gill vein Lead Mine
Kogan Coal Mine
Kohlnoor Copper Mine
Koolan Island Iron Mine
koolanooka Iron Mine
Kooline Lead Mine
Koolyanobbing Iron Mine
Kraft Other Rock Quarry
Kundana Gold Mine
Kunwarara Other Rock Mine
La Commanderie Other Rock Mine
La Dorgissière Mixed Mine
Ladstock Lead Mine
Ladthwaite Lead Mine
Lady Anne Hopetoun Shaft Lead Mine
Lady Bountiful Lead Mine
Lady Ethleen Mixed Mine
Lady Fanny Mixed Mine
Lady Jenny Mixed Mine
Lady Rose Mixed Mine
Lady's Rake Lead Mine
Lady Vera Mixed Mine
Laharran Other Rock Quarry
Lake Lindsay Coal Mine
Lake Macdonnell Mixed Mine
Lake vermont Coal Mine
Lakeview Mixed Mine
La Lande Limestone Quarry
Lalla Rookh Gold Mine
Lambhill Coal Colliery
Lambley Coal Colliery
Lambton Coal Colliery
Lanchester Towneley Coal Colliery
Lane End Lead Mine
Lanfranchi Nickel Mine
Langdon Head Lead Mine
Langdon Lead Mine
Langerton Hill Lead Mine
Langley Barony Lead Mine
Langley Park Coal Colliery
Langness Copper Mine
Lanwehr Limestone Quarry
Launchy Gill Lead Mine
Lauriston Gold Mine
Laxey Mixed Mine
Leadville Lead Mine
Leapers Wood Limestone Quarry
Leary's Lament Gold Mine
Leasingthorne Coal Colliery
Lee Creek Tin Mine
Lee Hills Other Rock Quarry
Leehouse Well Lead Mine
Leerning Sandstone Quarry
Lefroy Gold Mine
Lehesten Slate Quarry
Leigh Creek Coal Mine
Leith Valley Other Rock Quarry
Leri Valley Mixed Mine
Les Ourses Lead Mine
Les Porres Baryte Mine
Levers Water Copper Mine
Leviathan Gold Mine
Light's Of Israel Gold Mine
Lightstone Green Lane Sand/Gravel Quarry
Lilley Drift Coal Mine
Lillimay Copper Mine
Limley Veins Lead Mine
Lindal Cote Iron Mine
Lindal Moor Iron Mine
Lindsays Gold Mine
Linton Coal Colliery
Lintz Coal Mine
Liontown Mixed Mine
Lisle Gold Mine
Little Beauty Mixed Mine
Little Bit Mixed Mine
Little Eva Copper Mine
Little Gill Lead Mine
Little Moor foot Baryte Mine
Littletown Copper Mine
Little Willey Gill Lead Mine
Little Wonder Copper Mine
Llanfyrnach Lead Mine
Llangynog Lead Mine
Llanharry Iron Mine
Llechwedd Helyg Lead Mine
Lletty Evanhen Mixed Mine
Llwynmalus Lead Mine
Llwyn-saer Iron Mine
Llywernog Lead Mine
Loch Fyne Gold Mine
Lodgegill Sike Lead Mine
Lodge Park Lead Mine
Lodge Sike Lead Mine
Lodge Sike Lead Mine
Loftus Alum Shale Quarry
Logaulas Lead Mine
Longara Mixed Mine
Long Crag Iron Mine
Long Crags Iron Mine
Longefay Lead Mine
Long Grain Copper Mine
Longhirst Coal Mine
Long katelock Lead Mine
Long Nickel Mine
Long Tunnel Mixed Mine
Longwitton Coal Mine
Lonnen Drift Coal Mine
Lonsdale Iron Mine
Loppysike Level Lead Mine
Lord Bob Gold Mine
Lordburn Lead Mine
Lord Nelson Gold Mine
Lord Nelson's Level Lead Mine
Lords Slate Quarry
Lorna Doone Gold Mine
Lottental Limestone Quarry
Loughbridge Drift Coal Mine
Louisa Coal Colliery
Louisa Lead Mine
Lounge Lizard Nickel Mine
Loveden Mixed Mine
Lover Gill Lead Mine
Low Butterknowle Coal Colliery
Low Close Opencast Coal Mine
Lower Gill Hush Level Lead Mine
Lower Old Foxdale Lead Mine
Loweswater Lead Mine
Lowfield Hush Lead Mine
Lowick Coal Mine
Low Pike Baryte Mine
Low Scald Fell Lead Mine
Low Skears Lead Mine
Low Stony Grooves Lead Mine
Lowther Pit Coal Mine
Low Wax Knott Copper Mine
Loy Yang Coal Mine
Lucky Draw Mixed Mine
Ludlow Mixed Mine
Lunehead Baryte Mine
Lydiate Lane Sand/Gravel Quarry
Lyell Cormstock Gold Mine
Lynas Find Gold Mine
Maddingley Coal Mine
Madfeld Limestone Quarry
Magellan Lead Mine
Maggie Hays Nickel Mine
Maghie Lead Mine
Magnet Mixed Mine
Magpie Mixed Mine
Maibolte Limestone Quarry
Maidment Mixed Mine
Maid of Erin Mixed Mine
Mainsforth Coal Colliery
Maizebeck Level Lead Mine
Maldon Gold Mine
Pikedaw Zinc Mine
Malton Coal Colliery
Mammoth Copper Mine
Manesty Copper Mine
Mannoch Hill Lead Mine
Manorgill Lead Mine
Manumbar Mixed Mine
Manxman Copper Mine
Many peaks Copper Mine
Maori Lass Gold Mine
Marandoo Iron Mine
Marble Bar Mixed Mine
Margaret Iron Mine
Marie Dell Mixed Mine
Marilyn Mixed Mine
Mariners Nickel Mine
Marksend Other Rock Quarry
Marlbeck Lead Mine
Marta Gold Mine
Martha Lead Mine
Marvel Loch Gold Mine
Mary Kathleen Other Rock Mine
Marymia Mixed Mine
Maud Creek Gold Mine
Maude and Yellow Girl Gold Mine
Maughold Head Iron Mine
Maxwells Gold Mine
Mayday North Gold Mine
Maytown Tin Mine
McArthur River Mixed Mine
Mcghies Gypsum Mine
McKenzie Gold Mine
McLeod Hill Copper Mine
Mealsgate Coal Colliery
Meandu Coal Mine
Mean Llwyd Lead Mine
Melba Mixed Mine
Melbon Mixed Mine
Melgramfitz Coal Colliery
Melkridge Coal Mine
Mellbreak Lead Mine
Melmerby Lead Mine
Melsonby Trial Copper Mine
Mended Hill Mixed Mine
Mere Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Merlier Lead Mine
Merlin Other Rock Mine
Merrybent Copper Mine
Merryfield Hole Lead Mine
Merrygill Hush Lead Mine
Metalband Shaft Lead Mine
Metal Bridge Drift Coal Mine
Mexico Lead Mine
Micklam Clay Mine
Micklam Coal Colliery
Mickley Bank Coal Mine
Mickley Coal Mine
Middleback Range Iron Mine
Middle Fell Lead Mine
Middlehopehead Grove Lead Mine
Middlehope Lead Mine
Middlehope Shield Lead Mine
Middlemount Coal Mine
Middlestone Moor Coal Colliery
Middle Tongue Lead Mine
Middleton Tyas Copper Mine
Middridge Drift Coal Mine
Midgeholme Coal Colliery
Miitel Copper Mine
Mike Mixed Mine
Milburn Lead Mine
Millbank Coal Colliery
Mill Beck Antimony Mine
Millenium Coal Mine
Millrigg Lead Mine
Mindarie Mixed Mine
Mineral Hill Lead Mine
Minerva Coal Mine
Mining Area C Iron Mine
Minnie Moxham Mixed Mine
Moel Llyfnant Manganese Mine
Moline Gold Mine
Monowai Gold Mine
Montacute Gold Mine
Montagu Main Coal Mine
Montcada hill Limestone Quarry
Montcliffe Sandstone Quarry
Monteith Bay Other Rock Quarry
Moorhill Drift Coal Mine
Moorside Drift Coal Mine
Moorvale Coal Mine
Moota Limestone Quarry
Morallee Fell Coal Mine
Moranbah North Coal Mine
Moresby and Keekle Opencast Coal Mine
Moresby Coal Colliery
Moresdale Ridge Level Lead Mine
Morgenstern Lead Mine
Morleys Hall Sand/Gravel Quarry
Morning Star Gold Mine
Morralee Fell Lead Mine
Morrison Busty Coal Colliery
Morwood Coal Colliery
Moss Bay Iron Mine
Mossbay Iron Mine
Moss Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Mossy Burn Coal Colliery
Mottram Lead Mine
Moulds Top Lead Mine
Mowbray Iron Mine
Mt Biggenden Iron Mine
Mt Carbine Wolframite Mine
Mt Chalmers Gold Mine
Mt Charlotte Gold Mine
Mt Coolon Gold Mine
Mt Debbie Mixed Mine
Mt Devencourt Mixed Mine
Mt Devine Mixed Mine
Mt Dimer Iron Mine
Mt Edwards Mixed Mine
Mt Elliott Copper Mine
Mt Farrell Lead Mine
Mt Fitch Mixed Mine
Mt Fitton Talc Mine
Mt Frosty Mixed Mine
Mt Garnet Mixed Mine
Mt Garnet New Mixed Mine
Mt Garnet Old Tin Mine
Mt Goldsworthy Iron Mine
Mt Gordon Copper Mine
Mt Gunson Mixed Mine
Mt Hogan Gold Mine
Mt Jackson Iron Mine
Mt Keith Nickel Mine
Mt Kelly Mixed Mine
Mt Leyshon Gold Mine
Mt Lindsay Mixed Mine
Mt Martin Gold Mine
Mt mascotte Mixed Mine
Mt mcNamara Mixed Mine
Mt Metallic Copper Mine
Mt Miller Other Rock Mine
Mt Minde Mixed Mine
Mt Molloy Mixed Mine
Mt Monger Gold Mine
Mt Morgan Gold Mine
Mt Olympus Copper Mine
Mt Oxide Copper Mine
Mt Painter Other Rock Mine
Mt Percy Gold Mine
Mt Pleasant Gold Mine
Mt Rawdon Gold Mine
Mt Success Mixed Mine
Mt Taylor Other Rock Mine
Mt Todd Gold Mine
Mt Tom Price Iron Mine
Mt Watson Copper Mine
Mt Wells Tin Mine
Mt Whaleback Iron Mine
Mt Wright Gold Mine
Mud Tank Mixed Mine
Muja Coal Mine
Mumbles Iron Mine
Mungana Mixed Mine
Murrin Murrin Nickel Mine
Mutooroo Copper Mine
Mwyndy Iron Mine
Myerscough Sand/Gravel Quarry
Mynach Vale Lead Mine
Mynydd Gorddu Lead Mine
Mynydd Nodol Manganese Mine
Nabarlek Uranium Mine
Nagambie Gold Mine
Nantiago Mixed Mine
Nant-y-Car Mixed Mine
Nantycreiau Lead Mine
Nantyrarian Lead Mine
Nant yr Helfa Manganese Mine
Nape Well Vein Lead Mine
Narlarla Lead Mine
Nathan's Gold Mine
Native Bee Mixed Mine
Native Companion Copper Mine
Navajo Gold Mine
Naworth Coal Colliery
Near Broad Gill Copper Mine
Near Tongue Gill Copper Mine
Nebcastle Rake Lead Mine
Rampgill Zinc Mill
Nenthead Old Lead Smelt Mill
Nepean Copper Mine
Nerrigundah Lead Mine
Nether hearth Vein Levels Lead Mine
Nether Row Brow Lead Mine
Netherton Coal Colliery
Nettlesworth Coal Colliery
Nettlesworth Drift Coal Mine
Nevoria Gold Mine
New Acland Coal Mine
New Bendigo Gold Mine
New Celebration Gold Mine
Newfield Coal Colliery
New Glencrieff Lead Mine
New Golden King Gold Mine
New Hey Sandstone Quarry
New Hill Coal Mine
Newlands Coal Mine
Newlandside Limestone Quarry
New Mine Copper Mine
Newminster Gold Mine
New Oakleigh Coal Mine
New Platt Wood Sand/Gravel Quarry
Newsham Coal Mine
New Shildon Coal Colliery
New Lead Smelt Mill
Newton Cap Coal Colliery
Newton Coal Mine
Nicholsons Find Gold Mine
Nick's Level Lead Mine
Nidd Trial Lead Mine
Nifty Copper Mine
Nigel Iron Mine
Nikolaevskiy Mixed Mine
Nobles Nob Gold Mine
Nolan's Gold Mine
North Biddick Coal Mine
North Bitchburn Coal Colliery
North Fenham Coal Mine
North Goonyella Coal Mine
North Grain Lead Mine
North Groverake Iron Mine
North Laxey Lead Mine
North Lyell Mixed Mine
North Rake Hush Lead Mine
North Tees Coal Colliery
North Walbottle Coal Colliery
Norwich Park Coal Mine
Norwood Coal Mine
Nuck's Wood Sand/Gravel Quarry
Nueva Virginia Antimony Mine
Nussey Knot Flattings Lead Mine
Nymagee Copper Mine
Oakbank Lead Mine
Oakleigh Coal Mine
Oaky Creek Coal Mine
Oatlands Coal Colliery
Ochrwyth Lead Mine
Ogofau Gold Mine
OK Gold Mine
OK Copper Mine
Old Brandley Lead Mine
Old Etherley Coal Colliery
Old Flappy's Lead Mine
Old Mine Copper Mine
Old Rake Hush Lead Mine
Old Shildon Burn Lead Shaft
Old Vein Lead Shaft
Oonah Mixed Mine
Ora Banda Gold Mine
Oraparinna Baryte Mine
Ore Gap Iron Mine
Ore Pit Holes Opencast Iron Mine
Orgate Level Lead Mine
Orlando Gold Mine
Osor Fluorite Mine
Otter-Juan Nickel Mine
Oughterside Open Cast Coal Mine
Ouston Coal Mine
Ouston Lead Mine
Outhgill Coal Mine
Overby No 2 Sand/Gravel Quarry
Lord's Level Lead Mine
Oxnop Hush Lead Mine
Paddington Gold Mine
Paddy End Copper Mine
Pajingo Gold Mine
Palca Once Wolframite Mine
Pallaflat Iron Mine
Palm Springs Gold Mine
Pandy Lead Mine
Pant Limestone Mine
Pant-y-Gaseg Copper Mine
Paraburdoo Iron Mine
Park End Whinstone Quarry
Parkhead Limestone Quarry
Parkhouse Other Rock Mine
Park Iron Mine
Parkside Iron Mine
Parrock Gill Lead Mine
Pasture Beck Trial Lead Mine
Paulsens Gold Mine
Peak Downs Coal Mine
Peelwood Zinc Mine
Peko Copper Mine
Pelton Coal Colliery
Penchford Coal Mine
Pengarigddu Lead Mine
Penouta Wolframite Mine
Penpontbren Lead Mine
Penrhiw Lead Mine
Penrhyn Du Lead Mine
Penrhyn Iron Mine
Pensarn Mixed Mine
Penybanc Lead Mine
Penycefn Lead Mine
Pen-y-Clun Lead Mine
Perseverance Level Lead Mine
Perseverance Nickel Mine
Petticoat Rake Lead Mine
Phillips Lead Smelt Mill
Phoenix Drift Coal Mine
Phonolite Other Rock Quarry
Pica Opencast Coal Mine
Pikedaw Lead Mine
Pike law Lead Mine
Pikestone Lead Mine
Pilkington Sand/Gravel Quarry
Pillara Lead Mine
Pilsworth Sand/Gravel Quarry
Allendale Old Lead Smelt Mill
Plashetts Coal Mine
Plainmeller Coal Colliery
Plutonic Gold Mine
Plynlimon Lead Mine
Poddy Gill Lead Mine
Poitrel Coal Mine
Pontop Coal Mine
Poppet Level Lead Mine
Porphery Lead Mine
Porter Level Lead Mine
Port Nigel Lead Mine
Postlethwaites Moor Row Iron Mine
Potosi Mixed Mine
Potts Gill Copper Mine
Prangenhaus Limestone Quarry
Preston Coal Mine
Prestwick Coal Mine
Prince Lyell Copper Mine
Profunda Copper Mine
Prominent Hill Mixed Mine
Prosperous Lead Mine
Providence Iron Mine
Prudhoe Coal Mine
Puddingthorn Lead Mine
Puzzolane Other Rock Quarry
Quarters Gold Mine
Quayfoot Mixed Quarry
Queen of Beauty Gold Mine
Queensberry Iron Quarry
Que River Mixed Mine
Quily Mixed Quarry
Racketgill Lead Mine
Rackwood Drift Coal Mine
Radcliffe Coal Mine
Radio Hill Mixed Mine
Ragra Other Rock Mine
Rain Slack Lead Mine
Ramshawfield Drift Coal Mine
Ramshawsike Lead Mine
Randolph Coal Colliery
Ranger Uranium Mine
Raughton Gill Iron Mine
Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine
Ravensworth Ann Coal Colliery
Ravensworth Betty Coal Mine
Ravensworth Park Drift Coal Mine
Ravensworth Shop Coal Mine
Ray Gill Lead Smelt Mill
Rayson Hall Lead Mine
Read's Gold Mine
Redbank Copper Mine
Redross Nickel Mine
Red Dome Gold Mine
Reddycomb Lead Mine
Red Gill Lead Mine
Red Gill Sike Baryte Mine
Red Grooves Lead Mine
Redheugh Coal Mine
Red Hill Gold Mine
Reeding Lead Mine
Rehe's Gold Mine
Renison Bell Tin Mine
Revenue central Mixed Mine
Reward Copper Mine
Rhiw Manganese Mine
Rhiwsaeson Lead Mine
Rhos Mynach Copper Mine
Rhyd-y-Gwern Lead Mine
Ridding Gill Lead Mine
Rigby House Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Risca Other Rock Quarry
Risehow Coal Colliery
Rishton Gold Mine
Rising Sun Coal Colliery
Roachburn Coal Mine
Roanhead Iron Mine
Robin Hood Antimony Mine
Robin Rock Drift Coal Mine
Robbin's Hill Gold Mine
Robinson Gypsum Quarry
Roddymoor Coal Colliery
Rohdenhaus Limestone Quarry
Rolleston Coal Mine
Rookhopehead Lead Mine
Rosebery Mixed Mine
Rosebud Mixed Mine
Rosegill Coal Mine
Rose Of Denmark Gold Mine
Rosewood Coal Mine
Rossville Tin Mine
Rough Hey Other Rock Quarry
Roughton Gill Lead Mine
Round O Sandstone Quarry
Rouvière Lead Mine
Rowantree Iron Mine
Royal George Tin Mine
Rubislaw Granite Quarry
Ruckcroft Gypsum Quarry
Rumbles Gold Mine
Rum Jungle Creek South Other Rock Mine
Running Creek Tin Mine
Rush Vein Lead Mine
Rustler's Roost Gold Mine
Ruthwaite Baryte Mine
Ryhope Coal Colliery
Sacriston Coal Colliery
Saddleback Old Mine Lead Mine
Salmon Gold Mine
Salterhall Iron Mine
Salter Hall Limestone Quarry
Saltwell Lead Mine
Sandbeds Gill Lead Mine
Sand Gill Lead Mine
Sandscale Iron Mine
Sandwith Anhydrite Mine
Sandy's Iron Mine
San Giovanneddu Mixed Mine
Saraji Coal Mine
Sargill Lead Mine
Sarsfield Gold Mine
Savage River Iron Mine
Savannah Nickel Mine
Scale Hill Lead Mine
Scarberry Hill Iron Mine
Scar Ends Level Lead Mine
Schlupkothen Limestone Quarry
Schollbruch Limestone Quarry
Schwalenbach Lead Mine
Scope End East Copper Mine
Scotts Lead Smelt Mill
Scotia Nickel Mine
Scotia Tin Mine
Scout Moor Sandstone Quarry
Scraith Head Lead Mine
Scremerston (Old) Coal Mine
Scuddles Mixed Mine
Seata Lead Mine
Seaton Burn Coal Mine
Seaton Moor Coal Mine
Sedling Mixed Mine
Seghill Coal Mine
Sellafield Sand/Gravel Quarry
Surveyor's Creek Tin Mine
Settle Scar Lead Mine
Severnyi Nickel Mine
Shafden Park Coal Mine
Shap Beck Limestone Quarry
Sharkey's Gold Mine
Sharnberry Lead Mine
Sharpley Lead Mine
Shay Gap Iron Mine
Sherry Gill Baryte Mine
Shierglas Other Rock Quarry
Shilbottle Coal Mine
Short Grain Copper Mine
Sieve Hill Coal Colliery
Sikehead Lead Mine
Silberberg Lead Mine
Silica Silica Mine
Silksworth Coal Colliery
Silly Burn Lead Mine
Silver Gill Lead Mine
Silver Hill Lead Mine
Silver Hill Level Lead Mine
Silver King Mixed Mine
Silver Spur Silver Mine
Silver Swan Nickel Mine
Silvertongue Lead Mine
Silvertop Limestone Quarry
Simdde Dylluan Copper Mine
Simon Grooves Lead Mine
Sir George Level Lead Mine
Sir john Pitt Iron Mine
Sir John's Lead Mine
SkellGill Copper Mine
Skull Springs Manganese Mine
Slag Hill Lead Smelt Mill
Slate Syke Levels Lead Mine
Slippery Gimblet Gold Mine
Smith Creek Copper Mine
Smithfield Coal Mine
Smiths Lead Smelt Mill
Smithy Cleugh Lead Mine
Smithy Dene Coal Colliery
Smittergill Head Lead Mine
Snaefell Lead Mine
Snaisgill Mixed Mine
Snope Burn Coal Colliery
Snowbrook Lead Mine
Solway Coal Colliery
Sopresa Wolframite Mine
Sorrelsykes Lead Mine
Sorrowful Hill Vein Copper Mine
South Birtley Coal Mine
South Clunes Gold Mine
South Cumberland Iron Mine
South Derwent Coal Mine
South Garesfield Coal Mine
South German Co Gold Mine
South Grain's Beck Lead Mine
South Nant-y-car Mixed Mine
South Pelaw Coal Mine
South Tyne Coal Mine
South Walker Creek Coal Mine
Spargoville 1A Nickel Mine
Spargoville 3 Nickel Mine
Spargoville 5A Nickel Mine
Spargoville 5B Nickel Mine
Spittal Other Rock Quarry
Spokoininskoye Wolframite Mine
Spout Gill Hush Lead Mine
Spring Hill Gold Mine
Spring's Mixed Mine
Spring Wood Level Lead Mine
Stags Fell Groove Lead Mine
Stags Fell Sandstone Quarry
Stagshaw Bank Coal Mine
Stainton Lead Mine
Stakebeck Lead Mine
St Andrew's Mixed Mine
Stanger Hill Copper Mine
Stanhope Coal Mine
Stank Iron Mine
Stanley Burn Drift Coal Mine
Stanley Coal Mine
Stanley Cottage Drift Coal Mine
Stannah Gill Lead Mine
Stanworth Sandstone Quarry
Starbottom Cam Pasture Lead Mine
Starbottom Cupola Lead Smelt Mill
Starbottom Moorend Lead Mine
Stargate Coal Mine
Star Of Mangaroon Gold Mine
Starra Mixed Mine
State of Montana Mixed Mine
Station Road Sand/Gravel Quarry
Stawell Gold Mine
Stean Lead Trial
Steel Crags Shaft Lead Mine
Steel Fell Trials Iron Mine
St Elvis Lead Mine
Stephen Grove Lead Mine
St George Mixed Mine
St Helen's Coal Mine
St Hilda's Coal Mine
Stiddle Hill Coal Mine
St Ives Gold Mine
Stobswood Coal Mine
Stockholm Gold Mine
Stodarts Hush Lead Mine
Stonecroft Lead Mine
Upper Stony Grooves Lead Mine
Stony Sike Workings Lead Mine
Storey Lodge Coal Mine
Storys Creek Tin Mine
Stow Crag Lead Mine
Stuart Oil Shale Mine
Stublick Coal Mine
Summer Lodge Lead Mine
Sun Gutter Level Lead Mine
Sun Hush Level Lead Mine
Sun Level Fluorite Mine
Sunniside Coal Mine
Sunnyside Gold Mine
Sunnyside Lead Mine
Sunset Mixed Mine
Sunside Lead Mine
Surprise Copper Mine
Surrender Lead Mine
Susanna Lead Mine
Sutty Row Coal Mine
Swaledale Providence Lead Mine
Swalwell Garesfield Coal Mine
Swan Bank Coal Mine
Swandale Lead Mine
Sweet William Mixed Mine
Swindon Limestone Mine
Swinnergill Lead Mine
Sykes Copper Mine
Sylvia Gold Mine
Taff's Well Other Rock Mine
Talachddu Lead Mine
Talisker Silver Mine
Talisman Gold Mine
Tallawang Iron Mine
Tanami Gold Mine
Tanfield Moor Coal Mine
Tan Hill Coal Mine
Tanners Rake Lead Mine
Tanzberg Mixed Mine
Tarnagulla Gold Mine
Tutunup Mixed Mine
Taylor's Groove Lead Mine
TCB Mixed Mine
T.C. Copper Mine
Mt Cuthbert Copper Mine
Teddy bear Gold Mine
Tees Hetton Coal Mine
Teesside Lead Mine
Teetulpa Gold Mine
Telfer Gold Mine
Telfit Lead Mine
Tendley Limestone Quarry
Tepper Moor Lead Mine
Teutonic Bore Mixed Mine
Thalanga Mixed Mine
The Blow Gold Mine
The Close Lead Mine
Thirlspot Copper Mine
Thockrington Lead Mine
Thomlinson Gypsum Quarry
Walhalla Copper Mine
Thornbrough Lead Mine
Thornley Coal Mine
Thorny Brow Lead Mine
Threapland Lead Mine
Threapthwaite Coal Colliery
Tick Hill Gold Mine
Tinside Baryte Mine
Tindals Gold Mine
Todd Gill Copper Mine
Tom Cat Mixed Mine
Tommy Burns Mixed Mine
Tom's Gold Mine
Tom's Gully Gold Mine
Ton Mawr Limestone Quarry
Toombon Mixed Mine
Torrington Mixed Mine
Towneley Emma Coal Colliery
Town Farm Sand/Gravel Quarry
Trafalgar Mixed Mine
Trekelano Mixed Mine
Trelogan Mixed Mine
Trident Gold Mine
True Blue Gold Mine
Tuatara Gold Mine
Tudhoe Grange Coal Mine
Tui Mixed Mine
Turiwiri Other Rock Quarry
Turn Beck Lead Mine
Turneyshield Lead Mine
Tursdale Coal Mine
Tutunup South Mixed Mine
Twin Hills Silver Mine
Twining's Gold Mine
Two Bobs Mixed Mine
Two Boys Gold Mine
Two Boys Nickel Mine
Twotop Hill Iron Mine
Ty Coch Manganese Mine
Tyddynbach Iron Mine
Ty Gwyn Copper Mine
Tynagh Mixed Mine
Tytup Iron Mine
Uffeln Limestone Quarry
Ulgham Grange Coal Mine
Ullcoats Iron Mine
Ulpha Copper Mine
Umberumberka Mixed Mine
Una Copper Mine
Union Gold Mine
Union Reefs Gold Mine
Unthank Coal Mine
Upper Old Foxdale Lead Mine
Urpeth Busty Coal Mine
Urpeth Coal Mine
Usworth Coal Mine
Uzzicar Lead Mine
Vale of Towy Mixed Mine
Van Uden Gold Mine
Venture Coal Colliery
Victoria Garesfield Coal Mine
Victor Nickel Mine
Victor Shoot Nickel Mine
Victory-Defiance Gold Mine
Vigra Copper Mine
Volga Copper Mine
Vostok-2 Mixed Mine
Vulcan Tin Mine
Waberthwaite Other Rock Mine
Waddington Fell Sandstone Quarry
Walbottle Coal Mine
Walden Road Level Lead Mine
Waldridge Coal Mine
Walhalla Gold Mine
Walhalla Wood's Point Gold Mine
Walker Coal Mine
Walkmill Coal Mine
Walleroo Mixed Mine
Wannaway Nickel Mine
Warick Castle Copper Mine
Waroona ISK Mixed Mine
Warrego Gold Mine
Warton Hall Level Lead Mine
Washington Glebe Coal Colliery
Waterblean Iron Mine
Watergate Coal Colliery
Waterhouse Lead Mine
Waterhouses Coal Mine
Waterloo Nickel Mine
Wattle Dam Gold Mine
Wattle Gully Gold Mine
Wearhead Vein Mixed Mine
Weetslade Coal Colliery
Wellheads Hush Lead Mine
Wellhope Trials Lead Mine
West Angelas Iron Mine
West Auckland Coal Mine
West Baugh Fell Lead Mine
West Binks Edge Vein Baryte Mine
West Burton Vein Lead Mine
West Cramlington Coal Mine
Wester Hall Lead Mine
Westerton Coal Mine
West Groverake Iron Mine
West Nantycreiau Lead Mine
West Shieldrow Coal Mine
West Sleekburn Coal Mine
West Stanley Coal Mine
West Thornley Coal Mine
Westwood Coal Mine
West Wylam Coal Mine
Wet Smale Gill Copper Mine
Wettringen Limestone Quarry
Wheal Ellen Mixed Mine
Wheatley Hill Coal Mine
Whinnetley Lead Mine
Whinnetly Coal Colliery
Whinney Ridding Lead Mine
Whinnyhill Coal Colliery
Whinny Hill Sandstone Quarry
Whitaside Lead Mine
Whitburn Coal Mine
Whitechapel Lead Mine
Whitehouse Coal Colliery
White Lea Coal Mine
White Moss Sand/Gravel Quarry
White Range Gold Mine
Whitesike Lead Mine
White's Mixed Mine
Whitfield Lead Smelt Mill
Whitrigg's Iron Mine
Whittonstall Drift Coal Mine
Whitworth Park Coal Mine
Wick Other Rock Quarry
Widdrington Coal Mine
Wild Boar Copper Mine
Wilderness Sand/Gravel Quarry
Wild Irishman Mixed Mine
Wild Sike Level Lead Mine
Wilga Mixed Mine
Willances Lead Smelt Mill
William Gill Coal Mine
Williamstown Mixed Mine
Willington Coal Mine
Windarra Nickel Mine
Windergill Iron Mine
Winder Pit 2 Iron Mine
Windimurra Mixed Mine
Windy brow vein Lead Mine
Wingate Grange Coal Mine
Winscales pit Iron Mine
Wiregill Lead Mine
Wirralie Gold Mine
Withnell Sandstone Quarry
Witton Park Coal Mine
Wohlfahrt Lead Mine
Wohlverwahrt Iron Mine
Wolf Crag Lead Mine
Wolf Hills Lead Mine
Wolfram Camp Wolframite Mine
Wolsingham Park Lead Mine
Wombola Gold Mine
Wonthaggi Coal Mine
Woodale Lead Mine
Woodcutters Lead Mine
Woodhead Iron Mine
Woodhouse Close Coal Mine
Wood House Drift Coal Mine
Woodie Woodie Manganese Mine
Woodifield Coal Mine
Woodland Coal Mine
Woodlawn Mixed Mine
Wood Level Tunnel
Woodleaze Limestone Quarry
Woodside Drift Coal Mine
Woody Close Drift Coal Mine
Woolwonga Gold Mine
Worsaw Lead Mine
Wyche Other Rock Quarry
Wylam Coal Mine
Wynch Bridge Zinc Trial
Wyndham Iron Mine
Wythemoor Coal Colliery
Wythemoor House Opencast Coal Mine
Yandan Gold Mine
Yard Syke Lead Mine
Yarlside Iron Mine
Yarrie Iron Mine
Yearncleugh Lead Mine
Yilgarn Star Gold Mine
Ystrad Iron Mine
Ystumtuen Lead Mine
Yudnamutana Copper Mine
Zapolyarny Mixed Mine
Zapopan Lead Mine
Zeehan Mixed Mine
Zelma Gold Mine
Zufriedenheit Lead Mine
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