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About Mr Mike

"Mr Mike www.mineexplorer.org.uk"


Started going down mines since 17, explored on and off and since 2003 have gone obsessive about Nenthead.


Location Bury - In The Laboratory Avatar of Mr Mike

Website www.mineexplorer.org.uk
Occupation Electronics Design Eng
Joined 09/06/2007
Posts 979 [View Posts]

Mr Mike's Workplaces

It would appear that Mr Mike has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Mines added by Mr Mike

Allen's Hill Old Level Lead Mine
Ashgill Force Level Lead Mine
Ashgill Level Lead Mine
Ashgill Low Level Lead Mine
Atkinson's and Dobson's Level Lead Mine
Black Ashgill General Trial Lead Trial
Blackburn Level Lead Mine
Blackstone Edge Level Lead Mine
Brewery Mixed Shaft
Broad Mea Level Lead Mine
Brownley Hill High Level Lead Mine
Bullman Syke Level Mixed Mine
Camborne School Test Granite Mine
Caplecleugh Firestone Level Lead Mine
Caplecleugh High Level Lead Mine
Carr's Level Lead Mine
Charlton's Level Lead Mine
Coallith Hill Green Level Lead Mine
Craiglandsyke Level Lead Mine
Crossfell High Level Lead Mine
Dorthgill Lead Mine
Dosey Level Lead Mine
Dowgang Burn Coal Mine
Dowgang Burn Woods Levels Sandstone Mine
Dryburn Level Lead Mine
Eden Braes Level Lead Mine
Elliot's Level Lead Mine
Fall Crag Level Lead Mine
Far Tynegreens Level Lead Mine
Firestone Drift Sandstone Mine
Gibson's Level Lead Mine
Greencastle Hush Lead Mine
Greencastle Level Lead Mine
Greencastle Low Level Lead Mine
Hardshins Lead Mine
Hodgson's Low Level Lead Mine
Holmsfoot Level Lead Mine
Howblagill Level Lead Trial
Hudgill Burn Firestone Level Lead Mine
Hunter's Cleugh Level Lead Trial
J. Elliiot's Trial Level Lead Trial
Klodawa Salt Mine
Lady's Vein Lead Mine
Liddell's Level Lead Mine
Manor House Level Iron Mine
Middlecleugh Lead Mine
Near Tynegreens Lead Mine
Nenthead Fields North Level Lead Mine
Nenthead Mill
Old Level Lead Mine
Pates Knowes Lead Smelter
Rampgill Firestone Level Lead Mine
Roaring Spring Water Level Lead Trial
Rotherhope Cleugh Level Lead Mine
Scaleburn Firestone Level Lead Mine
Shawside Level Lead Mine
Sidehead Syke Level Lead Mine
Singing River Zinc Mine
Slate Syke Low Level Lead Mine
Stoneycleugh Level Lead Trial
Stoneycleugh Upper Level Lead Trial
Thompson's Level Lead Mine
Wilton Sandstone Quarry
Windy Brow Level Lead Mine
Woodmere Well Level Lead Trial
Yadmoss Low Level Lead Mine
Yadmoss Top Level Lead Mine
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