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About skiprat



Brought up in Wath upon Dearne. Son of a Manvers Main Colliery belt man. Grandfather worked 42 years at Wath Main. Uncles worked at Manvers and Elsecar.


Location West Sussex Avatar of skiprat

Website http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/skiprat/maps.htm
Occupation Retired (worked in science, training & quality management)
Joined 08/04/2008
Posts 29 [View Posts]

skiprat's Workplaces

It would appear that skiprat has not indicated any mine / quarry workplaces.


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Albums containing photos by skiprat

Barnsley Archive Album
Barnsley New Colliery Archive Album
Barrow Colliery (Hoyle Mill, Barnsley) Archive Album
Bell-Ing (Old) Archive Album
Bell-ings Archive Album
Bingham Park Archive Album
Broadhead Flatts Ganister & Coal Archive Album
Cockle Shelf Ganister & Coal Archive Album
Dearne Side Archive Album
Dobbing Hill Coal Pits Archive Album
Dropping Well Colliery Archive Album
Ecclesall (Silver Hill) Coal Pits Archive Album
Garrow Tree Hill Colliery Archive Album
Gawber New Archive Album
Gawber Old Archive Album
Greasbrough Colliery Archive Album
Greaves Archive Album
Greystone Archive Album
Hallam Archive Album
Higham User Album
Higher Stubbin Archive Album
High Royd Archive Album
House Carr Archive Album
Kent's Main Colliery Archive Album
Long Carr Colliery Archive Album
Manvers Main Archive Album
Manvers Main User Album
Mitchells' Main (Wombwell) Archive Album
Mount Osborne (Southern Section) Archive Album
Oaks Archive Album
Old Hagg Coal Pits Archive Album
Pilley Hills Archive Album
Prince Albert Colliery Archive Album
Rawmarsh Nether Field Lane Pits Archive Album
Roscoe Archive Album
Scholes Colliery Archive Album
Sheffield Colliery Archive Album
Silkstone Main (Stainborough) Colliery Archive Album
Smithy Wood Colliery Archive Album
Stanhope Silkstone Archive Album
Stannington Wood Ganister & Coal Archive Album
Swallow Wood Colliery Archive Album
Swinton Common Colliery Archive Album
Tankersley Park Ironstone Pits Archive Album
Thorncliffe Iron Works Archive Album
Thorncliffe Main Archive Album
Victoria Colliery (Worsbrough Common) Archive Album
Wadsley Common Ganister & Coal Archive Album
Wadsley Park Ganister & Coal Archive Album
Warren Vale Colliery Archive Album
Wath Main Colliery Archive Album
Wath Main Colliery User Album
West Field Pits (Brampton Bierlow) Archive Album
Westwood Archive Album
Wharncliffe Silkstone Archive Album
Willow Main Archive Album
Wisewood Pit Archive Album
Wombwell Main Archive Album
Worsbrough Park (Helliwell Pit) Archive Album
Mines added by skiprat

Bank Top Colliery Coal Colliery
Barnsley New Colliery Coal Colliery
Barrow Colliery (Hoyle Mill, Barnsley) Coal Colliery
Bradgate Colliery Coal Colliery
Dobbing Hill Coal Pits Coal Colliery
Dropping Well Colliery Coal Colliery
Ecclesall (Silver Hill) Coal Pits Coal Colliery
Edmunds Main Colliery Coal Colliery
Farm House Colliery (Pogmoor) Coal Colliery
Garrow Tree Hill Colliery Coal Colliery
Grange Colliery (Kimberworth) Coal Colliery
Greasbrough Colliery Coal Colliery
Greaves Coal Colliery
Green Lane (Rawmarsh) Colliery Coal Colliery
Higher Stubbin Coal Colliery
High Moor (Modern Era) Colliery Coal Colliery
High Moor (Old) Colliery Coal Colliery
Kent's Main Colliery Coal Colliery
Long Carr Colliery Coal Colliery
Mitchells' Main (Wombwell) Coal Colliery
Mount Osborne (Southern Section) Coal Colliery
New Deep (Rawmarsh) Coal Colliery
Old Hagg Coal Pits Coal Colliery
Park Gate Colliery (Tankersley) Coal Colliery
Prince Albert Colliery Coal Colliery
Rawmarsh Nether Field Lane Pits Coal Colliery
Roundwood Colliery Coal Colliery
Scholes Colliery Coal Colliery
Scholes Old Colliery Coal Colliery
Sheffield Colliery Coal Colliery
Silkstone Main (Stainborough) Colliery Coal Colliery
Smithy Wood Colliery Coal Colliery
Swaithe Main Coal Colliery
Swallow Wood Pit (Masbrough) Coal Colliery
Swinton Common Colliery Coal Colliery
Tankersley Park Ironstone Pits Iron Mine
Thorncliffe Main Coal Colliery
Tinsley Park No. 7 Pit Coal Colliery
Tinsley Park No. 8 Pit Coal Colliery
Tinsley Park Nos. 2, 4 & 9 pits Coal Colliery
Tinsley Park Nos. 3, 5 & 6 Pits Coal Colliery
Victoria Colliery (Rawmarsh) Coal Colliery
Victoria Colliery (Worsbrough Common) Coal Colliery
Warren House Colliery Coal Colliery
Warren Vale Colliery Coal Colliery
West Field Pits (Brampton Bierlow) Coal Colliery
Wharncliffe Silkstone No.2 Pit Coal Colliery
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