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Rampgill Lead Mine (United Kingdom)

Rampgill and Scaleburn Mines, Nenthead, Cumbria, OS Ref: NY782435.

Rampgill Horse Level was started by the Greenwich Hospital in 1736 following the Scaleburn Moss Vein until it reached Fairhill Vein, this then followed into Rampgill Vein. Rampgill Vein may have been worked as early as 1690. There are references to other veins being worked from much earlier on which join into Rampgill Mine. In 1745 the lease was sold to the London Lead Company who developed the mine at an impressive rate and found the Rampgill Vein and others to be incredibly rich in ore. Altogether Rampgill with all its veins yielded 140,000 tons of lead ore between 1703 and 1886.

By the end of the 19th century most of Rampgill Vein above the water table had been worked out. Between 1899 and 1921 the Vieille Montagne Zinc Company reworked some of the veins in Rampgill Mine and Coalcleugh Mine for zinc ore, with Rampgill Horse Level being used for access to Coalcleugh Mine. The Rampgill Horse Level was also used as a haulage way via the Hanginshaw Branch Level for the eastern workings of the Middlecleugh and Longcleugh Veins in Smallcleugh Mine.

One of major veins in Rampgill Mine, Scaleburn Vein is generally referred to as being part of Rampgill Mine, it is however a seperate mine in its own right and it only used the Rampgill portal as its access point.

Mr Mike.

19th century Leadmine worked by the London Lead Company

Photos of Rampgill Lead Mine

Scaleburn Vein (Mine)
Scaleburn Vein (Mine) (13 photos)
Last updated August 12th 2019 by Gavin
Photographs Of Rampgill
Photographs Of Rampgill (102 photos)
Last updated April 30th 2019 by royfellows
Hangingshaw Branch Level
Hangingshaw Branch Level (7 photos)
Last updated October 13th 2018 by Mr Mike
Historic Photographs Of Rampgill
Historic Photographs Of Rampgill (30 photos)
Last updated December 1st 2016 by Mr Mike
Historic Photographs Of Scaleburn Vein (Mine)
Historic Photographs Of Scaleburn Vein (Mine) (0 photos)
Last updated April 2nd 2016 by Jim MacPherson
Rampgill Horse Gin
Rampgill Horse Gin (9 photos)
Last updated August 6th 2015 by Mr Mike

Google Earth Map of Rampgill Lead Mine

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Documents for Rampgill Lead Mine

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Major Mining Region

Rampgill Lead Mine belongs to the Alston Moor region.

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Rampgill Lead Mine was served by:

Nenthead Mill

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