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Crockern Tor Tin Museum (United Kingdom)

Crockern Tor was the open air rendezvous for the Devon Stannary Convocations. It represents the epicenter of the legal jurisdiction of the Devon Stannaries, and would've once sported al fresco seating for many hundreds of tinners and officials - once known as "Parliament Rock".

The four stannary districts of Devon: Chagford, Tavistock, Plympton and Ashburton were all co-terminus at this point.

The stannary convocation (as a parliament can necessarily only be summoned by a king) is recorded to have sat in 1494, 1510, 1532, 1533, 1552, 1567, 1574, 1600, 1688 and 1703.

Below is an extract of the 1494 court roll (after Greeves, 1981) - in English - the orginal (E101/267/10 Copy of orders as to tin works, 10 Hen VII) is held in the National Archives, Kew:

"Qui quidem Juratores Dicunt Presentant et inactitant prout sequitur:

Be it enacted and establysshed by the hole body of the Stayniery in the high Court of Crockerntorr That no person neyther persones having possession of londes and tenements above the yerly value of XE nor noone other to theyr use be owners of eny Tynwork or parcel of eny Tynworke. But suche as have Tynneworkes or parcell of Tynnworkes by inheritaunce from their auncesters or such as have now any Tynworkes in peasible possession by lawfull title or hereafter shall have within their owne frehold.
Also that no abbot, priour, neyther ony spirituall person nor noone other to their use be owner of eny Tynneworke or parcell of eny Tynneworke but as be or hereafter shal be in their owne frebolde, other then suche as they have now in peasible possession by laufull title. Also that no Warden of Stayniery, Underwarden, Steward, neither understeward ne clerke of the Court of the Stayniery, Bailyff or Underbailyff of Staynierey, neither no forster ne under forster of the More nor none other to their use be awner of eny Tynworke or parcell of eny Tynneworke but such as have the scide tynneworke or parcell of a Tynneworke by inheritaunce from their auncesters or suche as have now eny Tynneworke in peasible possession by lawfull title.
Also yf ony person or persones be owners of eny Tynneworke or parcell of ony Tynworkes contrary to theyes foresaide acts after Mighelmasse cometh twelmoneth, that then he or they shall forfaite to the prynce for every Tynnework that he or they beth soo owners of, XXE, and the said tynworke or parcell of ony suche tynworke be forfaited to the said prince.
Also that from hensforth every Tynner that herafter shal. piche ony tynworke that at the next lawe court after such piche made, the same picher shal entre the hole bondes of the same tynworks in the same courts and the name therof and as wele to put in the names of all tho, that such picher hath named owners in the same works and this uppon payne of XL shillings to be forfaited to the prince; and whosoever piche contrarie to this that then his piche be voide. And that for eny such entre of ony suche bondes no payment be made therfor to Warden, Steward, Steward's clerk or ony oder.
Also that thlowners of everye blowyng howse shal bryng a certen marke of his blowing howse to the court of the stayniery within the precinct wher the said blowing howse is sett byfore that ony tynne shall be marked withall to thentent that al suche markes may be drawen in a boke shal remayne in the same court. And all tynne to be blow in the same howse to bere the same marke and the marke of thowner. And if it shal happen from hensforth ony marchaunt to bye eny false tynne and so to be disseyved that yf he bring to the court the marke of the blowyng howse and of thowner in metall let him come theder with sufficiant evidens and prove that the tynne wheruppon the said marke was sett was false and untruly medelyd that they Incontinently the Prince's officers for the tyme being shal make serche by the said boke who be owners of thoes markes and geve notice of their names to the Warden or his deputie at the Cunage in opyn court, and he forthwith shal committ theym. to Warde that oweth the markes and the blowers, And to compell theym to satisfye the marchaunts of al suche hurts and damages as he hath take by such false tynne And then the blower to remayne in ward and make fyne as shalbe thought resonable by the prince and his Councell. And that no money be payed for entre of ony marke in to the said boke to Warden Steward or Steward's clerkes or ony oder.
Also that every owner of Tynne that shal bring tynne into any blowing howse to be blowen and fyned shal bryng a certen marke in to the said court ther to be put in a boke as is afore rehersed uppon payne of Xz to be forfaited to the prince, without ony payment makyng therfor as is afore said.
Also that no suche owners shal chenge their marke soo ones marked and emprynted in suche a boke neyder use eny oder markes without a resonable cause shewed and approved by the warden or his deputie at the Cunage in opyn Court, And also that the new markes as they entend to use to be entred and marked in the same boke withouten ony money paying. And yf ony tynne be founde having no markes or marked with ony oder marke then is comprised in the said boke that then all suche tynne be forfaited to -the prynce.
Also that no man from hensforth make no Synder tynne after that it is waterd be it allayed with oder tynne or not allaide or eny oder maner of harde tynne without it be marked with this letter H. as well as with the markes of thowners and blowing howses uppon payne of forfaitour thereof, th'one halff to the prince and th'oder halff to the Fynder. Also yf ony man from hensforth shall arreare and make eny new or chaunge his blowing howse or ony new man entre into ony suche howse that then he shal not occupie the saide howse unto tyme he hath browght his marke to be drawen in a'boke at the next court as is before rehersed without eny thyng paying uppon payne of XE to be forfaited to the prince. Also that from hensforth ther shal no man lerned in the lawes spiritualle or Temporalle plede nor be a Counsell to make bylle plee or answer in ony Court of the Stayniery uppon payne of M to be forfaited Won half to the prince and th'oder half to them that will sue the same.
Also be it enacted that no Tynner nor Tynners be in no wise reteyned With no maner man of what degre or condicion he be of by othe promise signe token liverey or fee then suche as be menyall servaunts according to the lawes as is permitted whatsomever he be shall forfaite unto the prince every moneth XX shillings and the Receyver XL shillings.
Provided all wey that it be lawfull to every person what possession he be of to piche, occupie, and enjoye ony tynnework or tynneworkes within ther owne frehold ony acte or actes above rehersed or made notwithstondyng."

The Devon Tin Industry 1450-1750 - T Greeves, 1981

Photos of Crockern Tor Tin Museum

Historic Photographs Of Crockern Tor
Historic Photographs Of Crockern Tor (0 photos)
Last updated June 8th 2020 by Karl Marx
Photographs Of Crockern Tor
Photographs Of Crockern Tor (0 photos)
Last updated June 8th 2020 by Karl Marx

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