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Challock Chalk Mine (United Kingdom)

No.1 (TR003504) - open chalkwell (shaft 9 metres) with 3 chambers in grounds of Kent County Nurseries and has stair access.

No.2 (TQ989497) - open chalkwell (shaft 10 metres) with 3 chambers

No.3 (TR010515) - open but grilled denehole (shaft 10 metres) with double trefoil chambers

No.4 (TQ021499) - filled chalkwell

No.5 (TR020500) - filled chalkwell

No.6 (TR013516) - filled chalkwell

No.7 (TR014518) - filled chalkwell

No.8 (TR015515) - filled chalkwell

No.9 (TR006505) - filled chalkwell

No.10 (TR009505) - partly filled chalkwell used for surface drainage

Nos.11-16 (TQ998509) - line of 6 filled chalkwells

No.17 (TQ999509) - filled chalkwell

No.18 (TQ997509) - filled chalkwell

No.19 (TQ999497) - filled chalkwell

No.20 (TR004496) - filled chalkwell

No.21 (TR003494) - filled chalkwell

Nos.22-23 (TR005494) - 2 filled chalkwells

No.24 (TR017497) - filled chalkwell

Nos.25-29 (TR008504) - 5 filled chalkwells

No.30 (TQ999500) - filled chalkwell

No.31 (TQ994493) - filled flint mine

No.32 (TR007496) - chalkwell partly quarried away leaving 2 chambers accessible

No.33 (TR000515) - filled chalkwell

No.34 (TR003512) - partly filled chalkwell

No.35 (TR009497) - filled chalkwell

No.36 (TR017502) - partly filled chalkwell

No.37 (TQ996509) - filled chalkwell

No.38 (TR004514) - filled chalkwell

No.39 (TR010509) - filled chalkwell

No.40 (TQ994500) - filled chalkwell

No.41 (TR004504) - filled chalkwell

No.42 (TR006519) - chalkwell with chambers used to take road surface water

No.43 (TR003504) - chalkwell with chambers used as a cesspit

No.44 (TQ985505) - filled chalkwell

No.45 (TR022498) - filled chalkwell

No.46 (TR021499) - partly filled chalkwell used for road drainage

No.47 (TR011508) - filled chalkwell

"Deneholes Part 2", Chelsea Speleological Society, page 30-40

"Kent & East Sussex Underground", Kent Underground Research Group

“Caves & Tunnels in Kent”, Chelsea Speleological Society page 81

Photos of Challock Chalk Mine

Photographs Of Challock Denehole
Photographs Of Challock Denehole (0 photos)
Last updated July 14th 2008 by Peter Burgess
Historic Photographs Of Challock Denehole
Historic Photographs Of Challock Denehole (0 photos)
Last updated July 7th 2008 by legacyuser

Google Earth Map of Challock Chalk Mine

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Documents for Challock Chalk Mine

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Major Mining Region

Challock Chalk Mine belongs to the Kent region.

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