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Author 2018 CALENDAR - please send us your photographs!

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2018 CALENDAR - please send us your photographs!
Posted: 08/09/2017 16:09:51
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What's this about?

We're looking for photographic contributions for the calendar, according to the usual format i.e. 2 photographs of the same mine.

If possible, it's nice to have 3 or 4 to choose from, although we can usually cover a gap if you've got one fabulous photograph for the main picture and not much else.


Anyone can contribute photographs and if you're interested, please reply to this thread and add your name below. This isn't an absolute promise to send something in, but we may be liable to chase you up as the deadline approaches!

It's not limited to people who post regularly on this forum and whether or not you've sent images before doesn't matter.

If there are more photographs submitted than there are months, there's no favouritism shown other than selecting the most appropriate pics, which will print best, and which may depend on geographic origin, whether or not the mine has been featured recently and so on.

What's required?

Basically, the original photograph at full resolution, as large as possible.

If it's been processed, a copy of the processed file plus the original as a RAW would be handy, along with the corresponding XMP file.

Each month contains two images (of the same location) and so if you can send 3 or 4 images of the same mine, then that's helpful. If you particularly favour one pic for the main image, then let us know which one it is.

Finally, we need to know where the photographs were taken!


By the end of September would be much appreciated! If you can email photographs through sooner, then that's even better.

Good causes

All profits from the calendar will be donated to a mine-related good cause / charity - this is usually in excess of £500.


In submitting photographs, you agree for them to be used in the 2018 calendar and you will be attributed by name. No payment is made to photographers as the calendar is produced for charity. Photographs will not be used for any other purpose.

What do I do now?!

Now's a good time to start looking through your photographs to see if you've got anything that you'd like to feature.

It's also a good time to get out and underground* and take some damn fine photographs that can be submitted!

Go on, you choose!

If at all possible, please can people who want to submit photographs not just offer our choice of their entire back-catalogue?

With the greatest of respect, it takes a long time to sift through Flickr (or wherever) - and it's more likely that the original photographer will have a good idea of which of their photographs they think are the best: if if doubt email several across or email the links and we'll choose.

How to send photographs

Please email them through to productions@aditnow.co.uk

If the photograph files are big (5Mb+), please send them through individually as it makes the emails easier to work with.

Thank you!

The AditNow calendar is only possible thanks to those who go out and take the photographs; and to those who put their hands in the pockets to buy a copy and not just make it viable, but raise a fine some of money for a mine-related good cause every year.

The total raised to date is around £5,500 - which is a great credit to everyone who has provided photographs and helped to produce the calendar: thank you! Flowers

* We do usually have one or two photographs taken above ground as well. Snowy scenes are nice for Christmas and as it doesn't usually snow underground they tend to be above ground. Also, given that it tends not to snow in summer, there's not much point in heading out now in the sole hope of capturing the Christmas photo...


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