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Mine Exploration Forum Random 50 Topics

Topic In Forum
Stulls and stemples
Posted 04/05/2016 21:51:23 by Graigfawr
Mining Methods & Techniques
Some vaguely mine/metal/resources programs on Radio 4
Posted 11/02/2010 23:58:57 by BertyBasset
General Chat
Save a Railway Tunnel
Posted 02/01/2018 10:29:08 by RAMPAGE
Mine Tramways and Railways
Future of Peak District Mining Museum
Posted 22/06/2010 17:29:46 by SimonRL
New event added ''Coal Mining Round The Newsome area of Huddersfield'' on 09/11/2016
Posted 27/10/2016 19:01:01 by Roger L
Roads to Nenthead in winter
Posted 30/11/2010 19:32:51 by PaulatNent
North West England
Smallcleugh Christmassy Quiz
Posted 23/11/2016 16:28:26 by Jim MacPherson
General Chat
South Crofty
Posted 30/05/2013 13:52:53 by lozz
South West England
Early cornish mine photography
Posted 23/05/2014 17:31:18 by ebgb
General Chat
Parklane Limestone Mine
Posted 23/12/2012 17:44:20 by Peter Burgess
South West England
Accident Lead Mine (mine)
Posted 08/05/2015 04:34:35 by Joanne
North America
Croesor-Rhosydd Survey
Posted 16/09/2008 21:08:32 by Hanging Death
North Wales
Mines disasters on tv 17 sep
Posted 17/09/2010 17:29:11 by ditzy
General Chat
SUICRO Irish caving conference 27th to 30th October
Posted 12/10/2017 16:22:24 by Tonka
Northern Ireland
Event: SRT Trip North Henblas Mine - 25/04/2010
Posted 22/01/2010 18:54:45 by martymarty
Another Nikon 8400 on eBay
Posted 27/07/2007 17:26:06 by SimonRL
General Chat
Redruth Junction-Tresavean
Posted 06/08/2008 14:11:43 by carnkie
South West England
Remains of Forest of Dean Beam Engine Unearthed
Posted 03/12/2013 18:01:31 by squirrel
General Chat
BCA insurance ....
Posted 28/03/2016 12:50:29 by mistericeman
General Chat
Posted 17/06/2012 14:19:19 by timbennett
Mining Workmates
Carbis bay mine shafts
Posted 18/08/2014 12:02:13 by andy308
South West England
Luckett mine near Kit Hill Cornwall
Posted 18/01/2008 16:19:40 by silver76
Site Updates, Suggestions & Corrections
Hemerdon Mine
Posted 19/12/2011 08:28:38 by Knocker
South West England
digging spades
Posted 24/02/2011 21:10:41 by minerat
singer on BBC this morning
Posted 27/03/2012 09:13:38 by derrickman
General Chat
North Wales Cave Rescue - surface techniques training 17th May
Posted 06/05/2015 10:37:36 by RockChick
North Wales
Here's one for health & safety
Posted 09/05/2009 17:40:53 by spitfire
General Chat
The Rossendale Coalfield - new book
Posted 21/02/2012 13:06:51 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Wrengill User Album (album)
Posted 04/08/2011 11:34:14 by brianc
North West England
In need of a new pair of boots
Posted 16/04/2015 16:21:02 by Blober
Exploration Chat
Access to disused mines
Posted 29/01/2012 00:06:42 by Coggy
General Chat
Posted 05/11/2012 21:58:25 by gNick
SRT Equipment & Training
Which tourist mine was it ?
Posted 30/08/2012 17:56:00 by christwigg
North Wales
'Derbyshire Weekend Meet' - 21/05/2011
Posted 22/02/2011 12:28:14 by SimonRL
New event added 'Smallcleugh cleanup trip' on 23/03/2014 at 10:30
Posted 18/01/2014 19:57:18 by gNick
Woman admitted as Freeminer
Posted 08/10/2010 11:39:45 by AR
Blue hills tin - beach
Posted 13/04/2013 22:04:22 by tubs
South West England
Damage by mine pollution
Posted 03/08/2012 00:55:24 by carnkie
North America
Posted 22/08/2014 17:30:06 by Paul Marvin
North Wales
smallcleugh question
Posted 06/03/2008 20:35:31 by Boggy
North East England
glow like a Windscale sheep..
Posted 07/09/2009 08:22:09 by derrickman
General Chat
Warren Vale, Rawmarsh
Posted 20/09/2015 21:29:52 by ASchofield
New recruits!
Hi from Telford
Posted 29/01/2012 16:22:31 by Manny
New recruits!
Charcoal as fuel for Cornish engine
Posted 09/06/2009 21:34:49 by plodger
South West England
Mine collapses
Posted 13/11/2014 15:29:53 by tonto125
General Chat
Aerial video Coniston
Posted 14/10/2015 18:08:37 by nwphoto
North West England
Honister: Mark Weir RIP
Posted 09/03/2011 12:26:09 by RJV
North West England
Seacombe Quarry - bug
Posted 12/12/2009 20:38:31 by Peter Burgess
Site Updates, Suggestions & Corrections
Posted 27/04/2008 11:41:18 by carnkie
Dinorwig Quarries Rock Fall
Posted 22/06/2014 18:03:53 by davel
North Wales
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