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Mine Exploration Forum Random 50 Topics

Topic In Forum
Betchworth Lime-Works railways
Posted 20/02/2009 13:02:42 by Peter Burgess
South East England
Northern Pennine Ginging
Posted 19/12/2014 20:42:35 by John Lawson
Mine name wanted near Dolgoch
Posted 10/12/2011 22:44:24 by Rheidol United
General Chat
Armstrong Hydraulic Engine
Posted 15/11/2007 08:42:51 by jagman
Mining Heritage
The 2013 Naked Caving Calendar (includes mines) now in Stock!
Posted 13/09/2012 18:02:26 by Mr Flay
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Wartime Farm
Posted 03/10/2012 18:54:38 by Tamarmole
General Chat
New event added ''Upper Dinas Silica Mine'' on 26/02/2017
Posted 24/01/2017 12:18:04 by royfellows
Manganese mines in North Wales
Posted 26/05/2013 20:55:09 by fjällvandring
North Wales
Furness Iron Mines
Posted 25/03/2008 18:42:52 by LAP
North West England
Thursday Nighters 8th September
Posted 06/09/2016 23:22:15 by Blober
North Wales
New review added: 'Battery tester'
Posted 10/08/2008 18:46:28 by Vanoord
Exploration Chat
Bronze Age
Posted 21/10/2007 12:38:37 by carnkie
General Chat
The Lambton Worm
Posted 23/02/2009 22:33:46 by Peter Burgess
North East England
Mine Home Pages
Posted 02/09/2007 19:42:13 by JohnnearCfon
Site Updates, Suggestions & Corrections
any info guys
Posted 10/09/2014 19:35:28 by Paul Marvin
Botallack and Levant Mines - May 2015
Posted 06/06/2015 16:37:35 by jhluxton
South West England
A Thank You
Posted 01/09/2010 17:59:18 by JR
General Chat
The railway bridge near Crich Market place (photo)
Posted 02/08/2008 22:47:42 by Barney
Underground video - calling Earth Worm Jim
Posted 12/11/2010 21:31:55 by SimonRL
Underground Photography & Video
Ledstone Luck Colliery
Posted 21/08/2014 12:18:18 by Kippax
North East England
George W Hall - another one
Posted 07/12/2014 23:35:40 by Mabmeirion
New recruits!
Whetstone Mining - Crete
Posted 18/07/2011 23:38:02 by ICLOK
WCMRG Explorations, Smallcleugh
Posted 20/01/2009 10:30:46 by royfellows
North West England
Lower Balls Green Quarry - 26th July 2014
Posted 24/08/2014 17:26:04 by dave_the_cave
South West England
Chwarel Wynne Glyn Ceiriog
Posted 16/04/2008 10:23:13 by Harry
General Chat
History of United Mines (Gwennap) Meeting
Posted 17/07/2009 13:20:42 by stuey
South West England
Headline on Yorkshire TV Kellingley & Thoresby to close
Posted 02/04/2014 17:59:46 by ICLOK
General Chat
Oxygen detector
Posted 14/08/2015 12:54:30 by gNick
Exploration Chat
Frongoch Mixed Mine
Posted 06/02/2012 11:10:34 by sonicsue66
Mid Wales
Video Report : Tyne Bottom Lead Mine , Nenthead , UK
Posted 03/07/2016 18:51:47 by RetroGamerVX
North East England
Gospel Oak Ironworks Iron Mine
Posted 09/11/2012 18:12:00 by binksyy
furzehill mine horrabridge
Posted 27/03/2015 18:08:47 by church10@live.co.uk
South West England
Shotton Surface Mine to become 1/4 mile long woman
Posted 03/11/2011 18:57:59 by christwigg
North East England
Great Harwood tunnels
Posted 16/02/2012 22:00:16 by simmyprice
North West England
Posted 07/10/2010 17:00:47 by parkian
New Video at Aditnow of Cornwall & Devon
Posted 12/10/2009 00:00:06 by ICLOK
South West England
Hello! from Ayrshire
Posted 24/01/2013 19:39:34 by Pyroninja
New recruits!
AditNow FaceBook group
Posted 29/06/2009 18:48:01 by SimonRL
General Chat
Mine Water research
Posted 30/05/2009 21:14:10 by PeteJ
General Chat
Competition entry
Posted 17/12/2013 01:35:34 by Roy Morton
The 2013 AditNow Photography Competition
Croesor - Warning, Damaged Equipment - NOW REPAIRED
Posted 09/02/2016 11:00:52 by Ian A
North Wales
Bolton Wood Level Sandstone Mine
Posted 13/06/2012 20:23:30 by God like
North West England
The Castleton Mines - A Descriptive and Visual History
Posted 24/04/2016 13:07:09 by pwhole
Beal Spelenium?
Posted 20/08/2013 09:38:28 by Vanoord
SRT Equipment & Training
RIP Colonel Mustard!!
Posted 12/11/2008 13:12:28 by stevem
General Chat
Nenthead / allendale/Alston area
Posted 16/06/2015 20:39:07 by Aditaddict
New recruits!
Bay of Heritage Project
Posted 14/08/2012 16:54:33 by mikewindle
New recruits!
New Book - Yorkshire Collieries 1947-1994
Posted 09/05/2017 23:04:17 by Grumpytramp
General Chat
New Book Welsh Slate, Archaeology and History of an Industry
Posted 10/04/2015 14:30:56 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
treskerby mineshafts CORNWALL
Posted 11/06/2017 21:47:32 by richard123
New recruits!
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