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Mine Exploration Forum Random 50 Topics

Topic In Forum
Rampgill Barrow
Posted 11/12/2014 10:04:47 by RJV
North West England
Access at Craig Y Ddinas silica mine
Posted 10/03/2015 22:09:09 by royfellows
South Wales
Carrock mine
Posted 31/12/2011 20:46:34 by Peregrine
North West England
HE Mining Photo competition £100 prize
Posted 19/09/2008 09:00:40 by Moorebooks
The 2008 AditNow Photography Competition
Competition Entry - 4737carlin
Posted 27/10/2011 15:39:04 by 4737carlin
The 2011 AditNow Photography Competition
Exploration networking in South East Asia
Posted 22/09/2018 19:32:03 by jaspermowatt
Coal tramway - 200 years
Posted 10/08/2009 23:04:57 by SimonRL
South Wales
Excavating tunnels from World War I
Posted 03/11/2011 12:45:56 by Roger the Cat
General Chat
Posted 20/03/2008 16:00:12 by carnkie
South West England
Our Industrial Heartland - Cleveland Ironstone
Posted 12/03/2017 18:58:27 by christwigg
North East England
Mines in music
Posted 15/09/2011 11:15:19 by dwarrowdelf
New recruits!
Sikehead Lead Mine
Posted 08/03/2008 13:21:37 by rodel
North East England
Bowden Hill location?
Posted 21/07/2008 18:13:17 by numbersix
Back Dale Lead Mine
Posted 10/01/2010 13:02:06 by Henry
UK Mineral Statistics
Posted 11/02/2013 11:33:05 by wislong
General Chat
I forgot to say Hi!
Posted 24/07/2010 20:37:55 by gt5952
New recruits!
Uni-com torchs
Posted 06/03/2014 18:39:30 by crl50
General Chat
Secure hosting - for info only
Posted 07/02/2017 12:56:59 by SimonRL
Site Updates, Suggestions & Corrections
Proposed Nuclear Dump in the lake district
Posted 20/12/2012 16:37:49 by Edd
General Chat
Old torches on eBay
Posted 23/11/2007 13:49:04 by SimonRL
Underground Photography & Video
Stunning photos of bats feeding
Posted 17/09/2009 14:27:14 by carnkie
General Chat
Reflections on the Data Base
Posted 16/04/2009 14:45:04 by carnkie
General Chat
Posted 02/09/2015 11:18:40 by PeteJ
General Chat
Flintshire tunnels
Posted 15/08/2016 15:46:21 by T666jay
North Wales
Ironstone Mining In The Lincolnshire Wolds- new book
Posted 03/05/2018 15:34:18 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
New event added ''Pyhasalmi: Cu-Pb-Zn Mining in the Heart of Finland'' on 16/02/2017
Posted 19/12/2016 00:16:38 by christwigg
The Ultimate Mine-exploring Vessel of Death?
Posted 14/05/2007 10:41:29 by merddinemrys
Exploration Chat
LED lamps..
Posted 07/12/2012 16:16:36 by derrickman
Lamps & Lighting
Miners' greeting
Posted 19/10/2017 23:03:40 by stansen
General Chat
Thursday Nighters, 27th June.
Posted 25/06/2013 20:26:04 by sinker
North Wales
French Coal archive footage
Posted 01/03/2018 18:15:09 by B175
Posted 10/05/2012 21:04:53 by marineboy
General Chat
Competition Entry 2 Ian A
Posted 06/12/2011 22:23:53 by Ian A
The 2011 AditNow Photography Competition
Abandoned Engineering
Posted 24/05/2018 10:18:04 by crickleymal
General Chat
silverdale mines
Posted 28/08/2011 22:27:38 by kroca
North West England
Thursday Nighters 13th July
Posted 12/07/2017 14:14:35 by SimonRL
North Wales
Pigs & Ingots
Posted 28/03/2019 15:56:24 by PaulinBont
South Wales
Free to a good home.
Posted 04/05/2009 17:38:53 by Gwyn
North Wales
Record Tables
Posted 26/10/2011 09:53:56 by Alasdair Neill
South West England
Beam Engines
Posted 06/02/2011 15:25:57 by pedrgogh
General Chat
Morgan Griffiths Collier of Llanwonno
Posted 23/06/2015 21:09:44 by arianydd
New recruits!
The Archaeology of Gwynedd Slate
Posted 21/09/2011 11:50:03 by davel
North Wales
Esgair Hir
Posted 22/11/2016 16:55:28 by royfellows
Mid Wales
New event added 'South Wales Miners Museum at the Afan Country Park' on 13/03/2011 at 10:15
Posted 01/03/2011 10:03:23 by rhychydwr
Video - Temple Mine
Posted 13/07/2015 21:43:00 by Peter Burgess
Mid Wales
Oldham bezzles.
Posted 03/11/2013 11:56:14 by owd git
Lamps & Lighting
'Information' boards
Posted 19/03/2015 01:15:56 by Roy Morton
General Chat
Update on Geothermal project St.Day
Posted 17/08/2010 13:15:38 by Dolcoathguy
South West England
Restoring Dines
Posted 05/06/2011 16:14:57 by DougCornwall
South West England
Mendip Underground - latest completely revised
Posted 17/12/2013 13:27:09 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
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