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Mine Exploration Forum Latest 50 Topics

Last Post In Forum
In North Wales for a couple fo months
Posted 20/01/2019 15:45:33 by TwllMawr
New recruits!
Charlestown Mine
Posted 20/01/2019 15:14:15 by Cat_Bones
General Chat
Glammis Lead Mine (mine)
Posted 20/01/2019 14:59:20 by Steven Crighton
question guys
Posted 20/01/2019 14:47:11 by sinker
North Wales
Flooded accesible mines
Posted 20/01/2019 13:36:28 by Danibanez
South East England
Improvements to historic Skye routes
Posted 19/01/2019 13:00:36 by JMB
It's Hello from me!
Posted 19/01/2019 10:28:22 by sinker
New recruits!
Moorgreen Colliery (photo)
Posted 19/01/2019 08:24:18 by dayday
New member from hemsworth
Posted 18/01/2019 20:39:59 by AR
New recruits!
Hendre Spar Mine
Posted 18/01/2019 19:11:44 by caver1
North Wales
Newbie S Wales
Posted 18/01/2019 17:32:57 by Wormster
South Wales
Longlands Slate Quarry
Posted 17/01/2019 18:30:58 by JohnnearCfon
North West England
Thursday Nighters - 17th of January
Posted 17/01/2019 15:40:35 by RAMPAGE
North Wales
NAMHO Conference 2019
Posted 17/01/2019 14:25:40 by royfellows
Rhiwbach Video
Posted 16/01/2019 17:39:24 by Paul Marvin
North Wales
The Archaeology of Underground Mines and Quarries
Posted 16/01/2019 16:28:41 by Moorebooks
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Sinkhole on WA mine site swallows explosives truck as workers watch on
Posted 15/01/2019 10:56:07 by JMB
The Grassington Mines Appreciation Group
Posted 14/01/2019 20:23:52 by AR
General Chat
GB1900 map
Posted 14/01/2019 19:10:52 by JMB
General Chat
Waterfall Stope
Posted 13/01/2019 21:21:53 by royfellows
Mid Wales
MF // BF adit / ent. locations
Posted 13/01/2019 20:25:42 by caver1
South West England
Caban- Oakeley and Votty magazine
Posted 13/01/2019 12:44:38 by ChrisJC
General Chat
MInes Historical Trust for Ireland
Posted 13/01/2019 10:40:44 by Moorebooks
Northern Ireland
Posted 13/01/2019 08:46:15 by Dirtdigger
North Wales
Penarth survey/map
Posted 12/01/2019 16:02:16 by alex17595
North Wales
The Mines of the Peak District Vol.3 - Castleton
Posted 12/01/2019 14:19:13 by Moorebooks
D.e.s.i.g.n.e.r Jobs Sunderland UK
Posted 11/01/2019 16:32:30 by Wormster
North East England
Paperless Surveying Course
Posted 09/01/2019 19:43:22 by allanr
General Chat
Photographs Of Great Work (album)
Posted 09/01/2019 19:34:07 by Karl Marx
South West England
Posted 09/01/2019 13:40:19 by Llanigraham
Mid Wales
what's this adit
Posted 07/01/2019 23:00:51 by mountainpenguin
North Wales
Hopton Wood Entrance (photo)
Posted 07/01/2019 19:39:28 by mae
NLS 1:2500 mapping
Posted 07/01/2019 16:31:54 by Jim MacPherson
General Chat
Fellows lamps forum.
Posted 07/01/2019 16:24:25 by royfellows
Lamps & Lighting
Cligga Head mine top level Portal
Posted 07/01/2019 11:53:29 by Delabeche
South West England
Posted 07/01/2019 11:23:32 by SimonRL
General Chat
Where exactly was 6 Lane Ends Colliery at Flockton?
Posted 06/01/2019 21:48:19 by Cyril Maurice
New recruits!
MBE for services to Cornish Heritage
Posted 05/01/2019 22:44:42 by Moorebooks
Northern Ireland
Marley Hill Colliery late 1960s/ early 70s? (photo)
Posted 05/01/2019 08:29:13 by NeilR
North East England
Cornish Gold Centre and Tolgus Tin
Posted 04/01/2019 19:54:03 by scooptram
South West England
History of the Gwydir Forest
Posted 04/01/2019 12:07:13 by royfellows
North Wales
feedback please guys
Posted 04/01/2019 11:41:21 by ttxela
North Wales
Thursday Nighters 3rd Jan
Posted 03/01/2019 03:47:48 by 4737carlin
North Wales
DOCUMENTARY: Hidden Wales with Will Millard
Posted 02/01/2019 13:57:03 by Mr.C
North Wales
Oxygen meter contamination
Posted 01/01/2019 16:37:00 by gNick
Exploration Chat
About time I said hi!
Posted 31/12/2018 17:54:13 by Paul Marvin
New recruits!
Forest of Dean photographs
Posted 30/12/2018 21:14:12 by davel
South West England
Northamptonshire mines
Posted 29/12/2018 20:18:13 by Kingsthorpe
Mining Heritage
Posted 29/12/2018 18:15:59 by Alasdair Roberts
North Wales
Craig -y -Dinas Upper Silica Mine
Posted 29/12/2018 18:09:03 by derrick man
South Wales
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