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Mine Exploration Forum Latest 50 Topics

Last Post In Forum
Advice for newbies and beginners...
Posted 18/09/2018 19:44:27 by John Lawson
Proposal to revive Cumbrian coal mining
Posted 18/09/2018 17:02:58 by Buckhill
North West England
Snakes and Ladders
Posted 18/09/2018 12:20:33 by AndyJ23Uk
North Wales
Ttxela Journal
Posted 17/09/2018 13:07:16 by ttxela
Member Journals
Goginan Taylors Incline
Posted 16/09/2018 18:48:11 by Paul Marvin
Mid Wales
Hendreddu, Gartheiniog and Maesygamfa (plus more)
Posted 16/09/2018 17:58:07 by gwernol
Mid Wales
Wrentnall shaft top? (photo)
Posted 16/09/2018 09:04:11 by legendrider
North West England
old hawn stone quarry - writing slates
Posted 14/09/2018 23:17:32 by jaiyls
North Wales
Mine Tokens/Tallies.
Posted 14/09/2018 18:16:43 by Chalcocite
General Chat
Posted 13/09/2018 22:39:10 by Hattlebags
North West England
4 Gas Monitors
Posted 13/09/2018 20:18:28 by Mr-T
Exploration Chat
Old Quarry.
Posted 13/09/2018 16:11:37 by Morlock
General Chat
Hi from Shropshire,
Posted 12/09/2018 22:35:57 by Azharuddin
New recruits!
Great Rake HighTor
Posted 12/09/2018 21:37:58 by mae
Pindale Quarry, Bradwell spar mining auction
Posted 12/09/2018 20:50:56 by AR
Fellows lamps forum.
Posted 12/09/2018 16:30:42 by royfellows
Lamps & Lighting
Thursday Nighters - 13th September
Posted 12/09/2018 09:19:07 by John_Smith
North Wales
Tilberthwaite Mine Video
Posted 11/09/2018 21:40:06 by Paul Marvin
North West England
Smallcleugh dig, sherpa event
Posted 11/09/2018 20:33:53 by royfellows
North West England
Bracelet Bay Iron Mine, Mumbles
Posted 11/09/2018 15:32:49 by Tony White
South Wales
Hafna Lead Mine Video
Posted 11/09/2018 13:06:44 by dtyson
North Wales
Vanoord's a Joke
Posted 11/09/2018 00:01:34 by jaiyls
General Chat
The Notebook of a Devon Great Consols Mine Captain: 1886 – 1900 post free offer
Posted 10/09/2018 20:33:21 by coachman
For Sale! (and wanted / for swap)
Construction Phase of 'Woodsmith Mine' Launched by Sirius Minerals
Posted 10/09/2018 16:10:32 by John Lawson
North East England
Miners Tools.
Posted 10/09/2018 09:00:44 by robnorthwales
Mining Methods & Techniques
Posted 08/09/2018 09:55:01 by Pinzgauer
Northern Ireland
Thursday Nighters - 6th of September
Posted 07/09/2018 12:14:58 by sinker
North Wales
Posted 06/09/2018 16:40:07 by Paul Marvin
North Wales
Posted 06/09/2018 16:37:57 by Paul Marvin
Dog rescue from mineshaft
Posted 06/09/2018 08:28:32 by John Mason
Mid Wales
Great Masson Owners
Posted 04/09/2018 14:32:08 by rufenig
North West England
'Authentic' Welsh slab truck coffee table?
Posted 03/09/2018 13:25:10 by sinker
General Chat
Tynehead Smelt Mill
Posted 01/09/2018 16:44:46 by Jim MacPherson
North West England
Calendar 2019 - just one month left to fill!
Posted 31/08/2018 23:33:53 by SimonRL
General Chat
Stenlight parts
Posted 30/08/2018 21:23:33 by royfellows
Lamps & Lighting
Kelly Mine open day sunday 2nd sept
Posted 29/08/2018 23:08:13 by B175
South West England
Jug Holes
Posted 29/08/2018 13:42:18 by Praada
The mothballed mine that has poisoned a major Queensland river
Posted 29/08/2018 13:09:48 by carnkie
General Chat
Photo query: Fotty & Bowydd
Posted 29/08/2018 11:06:37 by grahami
North Wales
Historic Wyoming gold mining town opens tunnel that had been undisturbed for 150 years
Posted 28/08/2018 17:55:47 by Digit
North America
Low Moor / Bierley / Oakenshaw
Posted 28/08/2018 17:01:58 by CringlesCoop
New recruits!
Parys Mountain from the air
Posted 27/08/2018 17:43:57 by somersetminer
General Chat
There be gold...
Posted 26/08/2018 10:53:22 by GHDONAGHY
Mining Heritage
Scout Sandstone Mine [ location error ]
Posted 25/08/2018 12:39:06 by Futwart
North West England
Chapel Hill Stone Mine?
Posted 25/08/2018 12:11:33 by Futwart
North West England
Machroes & Llanengan mines...
Posted 25/08/2018 10:41:51 by TwllMawr
North Wales
Harnisha Burn Mine - be careful.
Posted 24/08/2018 09:03:17 by Horsemaddad
North East England
Thorpe Park shaft 17 (photo)
Posted 23/08/2018 08:34:10 by Gav_R
North East England
Scout survey 2000 (photo)
Posted 22/08/2018 16:20:40 by TheAllPowerful
North West England
Simonrl's lamp clearance offers
Posted 22/08/2018 11:54:11 by SimonRL
General Chat
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