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Mine Exploration & Mining History

AditNow is the leading web site and forum for the mine explorer as well as industrial archaeologists and historians. If you have an interest in mine exploration or mining history you will find thousands of mines in the UK and international mines as well as tens of thousands of photos of mines and a vast resource of mining articles and historical documents.

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Bat rabies 62 minutes ago by joso Cwmorthin - geology question 105 minutes ago by Praada Warren Moor Iron Mine (mine) 4 hours ago by christwigg Gaewern Slate Mine (mine) 17 hours ago by ivortheengine Wazzon Next Week 19 hours ago by Karl Marx Western Cyffty via Parc. Anyone been lately? 21 hours ago by sinker Mining out in the Nevada desert 23 hours ago by Wormster Rescue in Arizona 23 hours ago by Joanne Thursday Nighters - 18th of October October 17th by John_Smith North Bute (Montana) copper mine disaster 1917 October 17th by John_Smith Bwlch Glas October 16th by joso Ystrad Einion October 16th by royfellows Quarry for sale.... October 16th by ivortheengine nenthead collapses status ? October 16th by TheCret!n Hello from Copenhagen October 16th by Henryfunk Wapping Mine/Cumberland Cavern Video October 15th by Paul Marvin Machrihanish Coal Mine October 15th by somersetminer Hemerdon October 15th by somersetminer Mines of Gwydyr Forest - reduced price October 15th by Moorebooks Mines in Northern Greece October 15th by Moorebooks Thursday Nighters 4th October October 15th by Willy Eckerslyke Thursday Nighters - 11th of October October 12th by manbat666 Fellows lamps forum. October 12th by royfellows The Notebook of a Devon Great Consols Mine Captain: 1886 – 1900 post free offer October 11th by coachman Tynehead Smelt Mill October 11th by Jim MacPherson Item found - mid wales mine October 9th by royfellows Li thium Ion Battery digest October 9th by royfellows Caving ticket October 9th by Dj fraser Creetown quarry (photo) October 8th by John Lawson Box Jacks entrance October 8th by Dj fraser

Latest UK mining history & mine exploration photographs

Photographs Of Silverbrook
Photographs Of Silverbrook Last modified - 19 hours ago by ourmark
Photographs Of Parys Mountain
Photographs Of Parys Mountain Last modified - 27 hours ago by dajones
Photographs Of Warren Moor
Photographs Of Warren Moor Last modified - 46 hours ago by christwigg
Historic Photographs Of Brodsworth
Historic Photographs Of Brodsworth Last modified - October 17th by Joss Maxwell
Photographs Of Capelcleugh
Photographs Of Capelcleugh Last modified - October 16th by TheCret!n
Photographs Of Rhiwbach
Photographs Of Rhiwbach Last modified - October 14th by Mr-T
Historic Photographs Of Carn Galver
Historic Photographs Of Carn Galver Last modified - October 14th by Karl Marx
Photographs Of Dukesfield
Photographs Of Dukesfield Last modified - October 11th by Jim MacPherson
Photographs Of Gallt-Y-Llan
Photographs Of Gallt-Y-Llan Last modified - October 6th by alex17595
Photographs Of Shield Meadow
Photographs Of Shield Meadow Last modified - October 5th by Jim MacPherson
Photographs Of Bog
Photographs Of Bog Last modified - October 3rd by Gavin
Photographs Of Snailbeach
Photographs Of Snailbeach Last modified - October 3rd by Gavin
Photographs Of Great Masson
Photographs Of Great Masson Last modified - October 1st by Dj fraser
Historic Photographs Of Temple
Historic Photographs Of Temple Last modified - September 30th by Dickie Bird
Historic Photographs Of Bryndyfi
Historic Photographs Of Bryndyfi Last modified - September 30th by Dickie Bird
Trips for Mine Explorers and Mining History Enthusiasts

Upcoming Events & Meets

AditNow arranges a calendar of events and meets for mine explorers and mining heritage enthusiasts each year. These range from trips for beginners to sporting SRT style explorations, to walks around sites of historic interest, to organised visits to working mines.

Latest International mining history & mine exploration photographs

Photographs Of Mountain Mine
Photographs Of Mountain Mine Last modified - September 12th by I.A.Recordings
Photographs Of Ok
Photographs Of Ok Last modified - August 30th by Imageo
Photographs Of Cappagh
Photographs Of Cappagh Last modified - June 27th by Saundry1946
Photographs Of Glandore
Photographs Of Glandore Last modified - June 26th by Saundry1946
Photographs Of Ballyhickey
Photographs Of Ballyhickey Last modified - June 26th by Saundry1946
Photographs Of Barrystown
Photographs Of Barrystown Last modified - May 29th by Saundry1946
Photographs Of Beaconsfield
Photographs Of Beaconsfield Last modified - March 21st by larker
Photographs Of 79
Photographs Of 79 Last modified - February 17th by nwminer
Photographs Of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
Photographs Of Braunschweig-Lüneburg Last modified - January 9th by AdM Michael
Photographs Of Avoca
Photographs Of Avoca Last modified - January 6th by John_Smith
Historic Photographs Of Warrego
Historic Photographs Of Warrego Last modified - December 14th 2017 by B175
Historic Photographs Of Sungun
Historic Photographs Of Sungun Last modified - December 6th 2017 by Jimbo
Historic Photographs Of Silvermines
Historic Photographs Of Silvermines Last modified - November 29th 2017 by Minegeo
Photographs Of Storbo
Photographs Of Storbo Last modified - November 12th 2017 by nwminer
Historic Photographs Of Groote Eylandt
Historic Photographs Of Groote Eylandt Last modified - September 27th 2017 by swansea
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  Founterabbey Sough Ca 1970 by Dickie Bird No comment left (Tamarmole)   Flooded shaft & waterwheel by SimonRL No comment left (arnie187)   Steam Whim and ruined pumping engine house by Karl Marx A good triptych with the 1882 photo and Spitfire's painting. No opiate of the masses allusion intended Mr Marx) (Jim MacPherson)   Incline by alex17595 Drove past here today, hadn't noticed it before. Looks interesting. (Willy Eckerslyke)   Creetown quarry by bigdavevw You wouldn't want that to fall on your toes... (John_Smith)   Photographs Of Coniston (Photo ref 110495) by Hattlebags No comment left (timwillows)   Looking down the incline by alex17595 Nice phot. Never been there either, nice find. (sinker)   Glanrafon. by Gwyn No comment left (Welshken.)   possible pit fall by lyons is that not folk digging for antique bottles? (poosticker83)   annesley by am500 Imagine today's snowflakes attempting that... (inbye)

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