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UK Mine & Quarry Listout - North East England

This page lists all mines in the AditNow database from the North East England region.

If you are looking for a mine this is a good place to start, alternatively use the search page.

Note for a more precise listing try the list by OS Sheet.

Name Mineral OS Sheet
Abbots Close Coal NZ
Acklington Coal NU
Acomb Coal NY
Acomb Drift Coal NY
Acton Lead NY
Adam Gregory Coal SE
Adam Lane Coal SE
Addison Coal NZ
Adelaide Pit Coal SE
Adventure Pit Coal NZ
Ailesbury Iron NZ
Aislaby Jet NZ
Aket Coal SE
Albion Coal SD
Alcock Hush Lead NZ
alexandrina colliery Coal NZ
Algernon Coal NZ
Allen Lead NY
Allendale Old Lead NY
Allendale Old Lead NY
Allenheads Lead NY
Allenheads Lead NY
Allenheads Lead NY
Allensford Furnaces Iron NZ
Allerdean Coal NT
Allergill Lead NY
Allerton Main (Albert & Victoria Pit) Coal SE
Alma Coal NZ
Andrews House Coal NZ
Anglezarke Lead SD
Apedale Lead SE
Appletreewick Lead SE
Armistice Coal SE
Armouth Wath Coal NZ
Arn Gill Coal NZ
Arncliffe Clowder Lead SD
Arngill Lead NY
Ashes Limestone NY
Ashington Coal NZ
Asholme Alum Shale NZ
Ashpot Level Lead NY
Askrigg Moor Lead SD
Atkinsons Drift Coal NZ
Auckland Park Coal NZ
Aukside Vein Level Lead NY
Austhorpe Pit Coal SE
Axwell Park Coal NZ
Aygill Lead NY
Aygill Limestone NY
Aykley Heads Coal NZ
Aysdalegate Iron NZ
Aysgarth Level Lead SE
Aysgarth Moor Lead SD
Aysgarth Upper Level Lead SE
Ayton Iron NZ
Ayton Banks Iron NZ
Babes in the Wood Coal SE
Bacco Rake Lead SE
Back Lane No2 Coal SE
Backworth Coal NZ
Bale Bank Level Lead SE
Balk Coal SE
Balkcliffe Pit Coal SE
Ball Hill Limestone NY
Ballowfield Lead SD
Band's Iron NY
Bank Bottom No1 Coal SE
Bank Bottom No3 Coal SE
Bank Bottom No4 Coal SE
Bank House Coal SE
Bankfoot Coking Coal NZ
Banklands Limestone NY
Bantling Castle Coal NZ
Barbara Level Lead NY
Barbary Mixed NY
Barber Fields Drift Coal SK
Barcombe Coal NY
Barcus Close Coal NZ
Bardon Mill Coal NY
Barker Wood (Tivydale) Coal SE
Barley Hill Coal NZ
Barlow Towneley Drift Coal NZ
Barmoor Coal NU
Barnsley Coal SE
Barnsley Main (Barrow) Coal SE
Barras Limestone NY
Barras End Lead NY
Barras End Low Level Lead NY
Barras Hill Drift Coal NZ
Barrasford Whinstone NY
Barrington Coal NZ
Barrow Coal SE
Barrows Pasture Lead SE
Barton Limestone NZ
Barwick Whinstone NZ
Bashamere North Level Iron NY
Bates Coal NZ
Bates Hill Lead NY
Bathhurst's Lead NZ
Baxenden Lead SD
Beadnell Coal NU
Beamish Coal NZ
Beamish (Burn Pumping Engine) Coal NZ
Beamish Mary Coal NZ
Bearl Sandstone NZ
Bearpark Coal NZ
Bebside Coal NZ
Beckhole Iron NZ
Bedlington A Coal NZ
Bedlington E Coal NZ
Bedlington F Pit Coal NZ
Beever Lead SE
Beldi Hill Lead NY
Beldon Lead NY
Beldon Side Lead NY
Bellamy Lane Coal SE
Bell-Ing (Old) Coal SE
Bells House Drift Coal NZ
Belman Bank Alum Shale NZ
Belmont Iron NZ
Belmont Colliery Coal NZ
Ben Bank Pit Coal SE
Bentcliff Coal SE
Bentham Lead SE
Benwell Coal NZ
Berry Moor Coal SE
Bewerley No1 Fluorite SE
Bewerley No2 Lead SE
Bewicke Main Coal NZ
Bexhill Close Sand Mines Sand/Gravel SE
Billing Shield Fluorite NY
Billingham Anhydrite NZ
Billybanks Copper NZ
Billylaw Coal NT
Billywood (Medhurst) Pit Coal SE
Birch Vein Level Lead NZ
Bird Lane Pit Coal SE
Bird's Iron NZ
Birkby Brow Coal SE
Birkdale Lead NY
Birkdale Lead NY
Birkdale Farm veins Lead NY
Birks Lead SE
Birks Lead SD
Birkside Opencast Lead NY
Birtle Lead NY
Birtley Iron NZ
Bishop Middleham Colliery Coal NZ
Bishopdale Stake Lead SD
Bishop's Close Coal NZ
Black Limestone SE
Black Dyke Coal SE
Black Horse Coal SE
Black Pasture Sandstone NY
Black Rake Lead SE
Black Rigg Lead SE
Black Rigg Lead SE
Black Rock Vein Lead SD
Black Sheild Bog Coal NY
Black Sike Lead NY
Blackburn Fell Drift Coal NZ
Blackdene Mixed NY
Blacker Main (Blacker Hill) Coal SE
Blackett Coal NY
Blackett Level Lead NY
Blackhall Lead NY
Blackhall Colliery Coal NZ
Blackhill Lead SE
Blackhill Coal NT
Blackhorse (Silkstone Main) Pit Coal SE
Blackpool Bridge Lead NY
Blakely Pit Coal SE
Blakethwaite Lead NY
Blaxter Sandstone NY
Blaydon Burn Coal NZ
Blaydon Main Coal NZ
Blayshaw Gill Lead SE
Blea Hill Rigg Whinstone NZ
Bleagill Lead NY
Bleaklaws Lead NY
Blenkinsopp Coal NY
Blow Beck Lead SE
Blow Groves Lead SD
Blubberhouses Moor Lead SE
Blue Level Lead SE
Bob ScarLevel Lead SE
Bobgins Coal NZ
Bobscar Lead SE
Bolam Whinstone NZ
Bold Venture Lead NY
Boldon Coal NZ
Bollihope Limestone NZ
Bollihope freehold vein level Lead NY
Bollihope Shield Lead NZ
Bolton Abbey Lead SE
Bolton Gill Lead SE
Bolton Gill Lead SE
Bolton Gill Level Lead SE
Bolton Park Lead SE
Boltsburn Lead NY
Boltshope Lead NY
Boosbeck Iron NZ
Booze Lead NZ
Bordley Lead SD
Boring Lead NY
Bothal Park Drift Coal NZ
Boulby Potash NZ
Boulby Iron NZ
Boulby Alum Shale NZ
Bowburn Colliery Coal NZ
Bowden Close Coal NZ
Bowdin Pasture Lead SE
Bowdins Shaft Lead SE
Bowes Railway Coal NZ
Bowmans Vein Lead NY
Brackenthwaite Lead SD
Brada Whinstone NU
Bradley Lead SE
Bradley Drift Coal NZ
Bradley Lane Coal SE
Braithwaite Hall Lead SE
Bramah Bank Pit Coal SE
Brancepeth A Coal NZ
Brandon A Coal NZ
Brandon Pit House Coal NZ
Brandon Walls Lead NY
Brandy Bottle Incline Lead NY
Brass Castle Lead SE
Brasside Colliery Coal NZ
Breckon Hill Mixed NY
Breckonsike Mine Lead NY
Brenkley Coal NZ
Brennand Lead SD
Brian Pit Coal SE
Briar Edge Drift Coal NY
Bridley Balk Pit Coal SE
Brigill Lead NY
Broadleyhill Lead NY
Broadsike Lead NY
Broadwood Limestone NZ
Brockabank Lead SD
Brockholes Coal SE
Broom Park Colliery Coal NZ
Broomhill Coal NU
Broomside Colliery Coal NZ
Bropery Gill Level Baryte NY
Brotton Iron NZ
Brow Grains Coal SE
Brown Bycliffe Lead SE
Brown Hill Pit Coal SE
Brown Moor Coal SE
Brown Pasture Lead SE
Browna Gill Lead SE
Brownfield No1 Lead SD
Brownfield No2 Lead SD
Brownley Hill High Level Lead NY
Brownrigg Coal NY
Brungill Moor Lead SD
Brusselton Coal NZ
Brusselton Tower Coal NZ
Bryans Leap Colliery Coal NZ
Buckden Gavel Lead SD
Buckden High Lead SD
Budle Crag Whinstone NU
Buffet Lead SE
Bull Haw Drift Coal SE
Bunkers Hill Lead SE
Bunton Level Lead NY
Burhill Lead SE
Burnhope Lead NZ
Burnhouse Coal NY
Burnopfield Drift Coal NZ
Burnside Level Fluorite NY
Burnt Ling Lead SE
Burnt Ling Sun Vein Lead SE
Burradon Coal NZ
Burton Lead SE
Burtree Pasture Lead NY
Busk Pit Coal SE
Buskhul High Lead SD
Butterknowle Coal NZ
Butterwell Coal NT
Bycliffe Lead SE
Bycliffe 2 Meers Lead SE
Bycliffe East 10 Meers Lead SE
Bycliffe West 10 Meers Lead SE
Byermoor Coal NZ
Byrons Coal NY
Bywash Lead SE
Calder Drift Coal SE
Calf Garth Rake Lead SD
California Iron NZ
California Lead SE
California Lead NY
California (Sovereign) Pit Coal SE
Calilfornia Lead SE
Callerton Coal NZ
Cam Veins Lead SD
Cambois Coal NZ
Cambokeels Lead NY
Canada Top Level Lead NZ
Caplecleugh Firestone Level Lead NY
Capons Cleugh Lead NY
Captains Cleugh Lead NY
Carden Lead SD
Carlin How Iron NZ
Carlton Lead SD
Carlton Bank Alum Shale NZ
Carlton Main Coal SE
Carr Mill Arley Coal SJ
Carr Wood Coal SE
Carr Wood Coal SE
Carricks Iron NY
Carricks Trial Level Lead NY
Carriteth Coal NY
Carr's Level Lead NY
Carwood Coal SE
Cass Rock Alum Shale NZ
Cassop Colliery A Pit Coal NZ
Cassop Moor Pit Coal NZ
Castaway Lead SE
Castenhole vein Lead NY
Castle Eden Colliery Coal NZ
Castle Pit Coal SE
Cat Beck Iron NZ
Cat Castle Limestone NZ
Cat Holes Lead SD
Catherine Pit Coal SE
Catscar Lead SE
Catty Craig Limestone NY
Causey Park Drift Coal NZ
Cawfields Whinstone NY
Chaloner Iron NZ
Charger Level Lead SE
Charles Pit Coal SE
Chatershaugh Coal NZ
Chatton Coal NU
Chaytor's Rake Lead SE
Chelsea Lead SE
Chester South Moor Coal NZ
Chickenley Heath Coal SE
Chickenley Wood Coal SE
Chilton Colliery Coal NZ
Chirm Coal NZ
Choppington A Coal NZ
Choppington B Pit Coal NZ
Chopwell Colliery Coal NZ
Clara Vale Coal NZ
Clarence Hetton Colliery Coal NZ
Clarkes Common Pit Coal SE
Clarkes Pit (Berry Moor) Coal SE
Clay Level Lead NY
Clay Park Coal SE
Claypath Vein Lead NY
Cleaburn Pasture Level Lead SE
Cleaver's Rake Lead SE
Cliff Rigg Whinstone NZ
Cliffe Iron NZ
Clint Limestone NY
Clints New Lead NZ
Clints Old Lead NZ
Clitherbeck Coal NZ
Clockburn Drift Coal NZ
Closehouse Baryte NY
Clough Gate Pit Coal SE
Clough Green Coal SE
Coalcleugh Lead NY
Coalgrovebeck Lead SE
Coalgrovehead Lead SE
Coanwood Coal NY
Coate Moor Iron NZ
Coatham Stob Whinstone NZ
Cobblers Venture Lead NY
Cobscar Lead SE
Cobscar Lead SE
Cockbur Lead SE
Cocken Colliery Coal NZ
Cocken Drift Coal NZ
Cockhill Lead SE
Cockshaw Alum Shale NZ
Cold Hurst Coal NZ
Cold Moor Iron NZ
Coldberry Lead NY
Coldberry Gutter Lead NY
Coldstones Limestone SE
College Edge Vein Lead NY
College Edge Vein Lead NY
Colne Bridge Coal SE
Colsterdale Lead SE
Colton Coal SE
Commondale Iron NZ
Cononley Lead SD
Copt Hill Whinstone NY
Corbett Coal SE
Cornish Hush Mixed NZ
Cornsay Coal NZ
Cortonwood (Monkey Island) Pit Coal SE
Cotterdale Coal SD
Counting Houses Pit Coal SE
Court Green Iron NZ
Coves Lead NY
Cowhorse Lead NY
Cowley Coal NZ
Cowmes Coal SE
Cowpen Coal NZ
Coxhoe Limestone NZ
Coxhoe Colliery Coal NZ
Coxlodge Coal NZ
Cragg End Sandstone NY
Cragg's Hall Iron NZ
Craghead Coal NZ
Cragmill Whinstone NU
Craig's Level Lead NY
Crake Scar (NE) Coal NZ
Crake Scar (SW) Coal NZ
Cramlington Coal NZ
Crane Moor (Cuckoo Pit) Coal SE
Cranecleugh Sandstone NY
Craster Whinstone NU
Craven Limestone SD
Crigglestone Main Coal SE
Cripple Coal SE
Croft Level Lead NY
Cromwell Coal SE
Cromwell (Inghams Pit) Coal SE
Crookburn Lead NY
Crookhall Coal NZ
Crookhall Garden Drift Coal NZ
Cropper Gate Pit Coal SE
Cross No1 Coal SE
Cross No2 Coal SE
Cross No3 (Nopey Pit) Coal SE
Cross Slits Hush Lead NY
Crossing Main Coal SE
Crossthwaite Limestone NY
Crow Edge Coal SE
Crowell Iron NZ
Croxdale Colliery Coal NZ
Crystal Well Coal NY
Cupola Lead SE
Cupola Lead SE
Dam Ing Pit Coal SE
Darley Main No1 Coal SE
Darley Main No2 Coal SE
Darney Sandstone NY
Darrington Limestone SE
Darton Coal SE
Dawdon Coal NZ
Days Pit Coal SE
Dead Friars Sandstone NY
Deaf Hill Colliery Coal NZ
Dean Coal NZ
Dean and Chapter Colliery Coal NZ
Dearne Side Coal SE
Deckham Hall Coal NZ
Deepcleugh Lead NY
Deepgrove Alum Shale NZ
Deepgrove Wyke Jet NZ
Delaval Coal NZ
Delhi opencast Coal NZ
Derwent Coal NZ
Dewsbury (Ridings) Coal SE
Dewsbury Lane Coal SE
Dewsbury Moor Coal SE
Diamond Pit Coal NZ
Dinnington Coal NZ
Dipton Coal NZ
Divethill Whinstone NY
Dixon Pit Coal SE
Doddington Coal NU
Dog and Gun Clay SE
Dolly Level Lead NY
Dorothea Coal NZ
Douks Lead NY
Dovecliffe Coal SE
Dowgang Burn Coal NY
Dowgang Burn Woods Levels Sandstone NY
Dryburn Vein Lead NZ
Drypry Lead NZ
Duckscar Whinstone NZ
Dudley Coal NZ
Dukesfield Lead NY
Dunhouse Sandstone NZ
Dunn Well Pit Coal NZ
Dunston Coal NZ
Durham hill Drifts Greencroft Coal NZ
Durham Main Colliery Coal NZ
Durkar Coal SE
Eagle Level Lead SE
Earls Heaton Coal SE
Earsdon Coal NZ
Easby Lead NZ
Easington Coal NZ
East Barnsley Pit Coal SE
East Butterknowle Coal NZ
East Castle Coal NZ
East Coanwood Coal NY
East Cowgreen Mixed NY
East Gawber Hall Coal SE
East Hedleyhope Coal NZ
East Hetton Coal NZ
East Holywell (Fenwick Pit) Coal NZ
East Howle Colliery Coal NZ
East Level Lead SE
East Pontop Coal NZ
East Rake Mixed NY
East Stanley Coal NZ
East Tanfield Coal NZ
East Walbottle Coal NZ
Eastfield Silkstone Coal SE
Eastgate Limestone NY
Eddy's Bridge Lead NZ
Eden Coal NZ
Eden Braes Level Lead NY
Edge End Coal SE
Edgewell Coal NZ
Edmundbyers Lead NZ
Edward Pit Coal SE
Eldon Clay NZ
Eldon Coal NZ
Eldon Drift Coal NZ
Elemore Colliery Coal NZ
Ellen Pit Coal SE
Ellerton Lead SE
Ellerton Moor Lead SE
Ellington Colliery Coal NZ
Elmford Fluorite NY
Elsdon Coal NY
Elsecar Main Coal SE
Elswick Coal NZ
Eltringham Coal NZ
Elvet Landsale Colliery Coal NZ
Embley Fell Grove Lead NY
Emley Woodhouse Coal SE
Emma Coal NZ
Emroyd Coal SE
Ems Hush Lead NY
Engine Pit Coal SE
Eppleton Coal NZ
Esh Coal NZ
Esk Valley Iron NZ
Eskdale Iron NZ
Eskdale Iron NZ
Eskdale New Alum Shale NZ
Eskdale Old Alum Shale NZ
Eskdaleside Trial Iron NZ
Esperley Lane Drift Coal NZ
Eston Iron NZ
Etal Coal NT
Eudon Burn Vein Lead NY
Evenwood Coal NZ
Falhouse Wood Coal SE
Fallowfield Coal NY
Fallowfield Mixed NY
Falstone Coal NY
Far Greenhill Lead NY
Far Tomroyd Coal SE
Farmer Lane Pit Coal SE
Farndale Lead NZ
Farndale Iron SE
Farney Cleugh Lead NY
Featherstone Coal NY
Feldon Lead NY
Feldon Lead NZ
Felkington Coal NT
Fell End Coal NY
Fellgrove Lead NY
Felling Coal NZ
Fellwall Coal NZ
Fenhall Drift Coal NZ
Finlays Bank Coal NZ
Firestone Drift Sandstone NY
Fishburn Colliery Coal NZ
Fixby (Falhouse Wood) Coal SE
Flake Brig Mixed NY
Fleakingley Beck Coal SE
Flushiemere Lead NY
Follonsby Coal NZ
Force Garth Whinstone NY
Forcett Limestone NZ
Ford Coal NT
Fosse Gill Lead SD
Fosters Hush Lead NY
Foul Hole Lead SE
Foul Wood Iron NY
Fourlaws Hill Top Coal NY
Fourstones Coal NY
Fox House Coal SE
Fox Royd Pit Coal SE
Framlington Coal NU
Framwellgate Colliery Coal NZ
Framwellgate Moor Colliery Coal NZ
Frankland Pit Coal NZ
Frazers Hush Fluorite NY
Fremington Edge Other Rock NZ
Friarfold Hush Lead NY
Friar's Goose Coal NZ
Friendship Lead SE
Fryup Iron NZ
Fulstone Coal SE
Gammersgill Lead SE
Garesfield Coal NZ
Garforth (Barnbow Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Barrowby Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Clapham Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Elizabeth Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Hollins Engine Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Isabella Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Lilly Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Sisters Pit) Coal SE
Garforth (Trench Pit) Coal SE
Garforth Moor Coal SE
Garmondsway Pit Coal NZ
Gascoigne Wood Coal SE
Gaunless Lead NZ
Gawber Coal SE
Gawber New Coal SE
Gawber Old Coal SE
Gawthorpe Wood Coal SE
Gaytress Alum Shale NZ
Gaytress Quarry Other Rock NZ
Genn Lane Pit Coal SE
Gentlewomans Level Lead SD
Gibsons Cave Lead NY
Gibsons Drift Coal NZ
Gilberthorpe Pit Coal SE
Gill Heads Lead SE
Gillfield Level Lead SE
Gipton Pit Coal SE
Glaisdale Iron NZ
Glaisdale Whinstone NZ
Glaisdale Whinstone NZ
Glaisedale Rigg Iron NZ
Glasshoughton Coal SE
Glory Lead SE
Glory Lead SE
Goathland Whinstone NZ
Goathland Banks Alum Shale NZ
Goatstones Coal NY
Golden Bank Sandstone SE
Goldsborough Iron NZ
Goodhamsyke Level Lead SE
Gordon Bank Drift Coal NZ
Gordon House Coal NZ
Gorton Level Lead NY
Gouthwaite Lead SE
Grange Iron NZ
Grange Ash Coal SE
Grass Hill Lead NY
Grasshill Lead NY
Gravelheads Green Lead NY
Gray Mare Hill Drift Coal NZ
Greasy Slack Wood Coal SE
Great stork Vein Level Lead SE
Green Lead NY
Green Bourne Level Lead NY
Green Bycliffe Lead SE
Green Horse Pit Coal SE
Green House Coal SE
Green Springs Pit Coal SE
Greencleugh Fluorite NY
Greenfield Lead NY
Greenfoot Whinstone NY
Greengrooves Lead NY
Greenhill Limestone NY
Greenhow Rake Lead SE
Greenlands Coal NZ
Greenlaws Lead NY
Greenley Cleugh Lead NY
Greens End Coal SE
Greenside Coal NZ
Greenside "B" Pit Coal NZ
Greenside "C" Pit Coal NZ
Greenwell Wood Drift Coal NZ
Greenwells Level Lead NY
Greenwich Chalk SE
Greenwoods Iron NZ
Gregory Coal SE
Gregory Springs Coal SE
Grey Scar Farm Limestone NY
Greyside Lead NY
Gribdale Whinstone NZ
Grimes Groove Lead SE
Grimwith Lead SE
Grindonhill Lead NY
Grindstone Cleugh Lead NY
Grineers Pit Coal SE
Grinkle Iron NZ
Grinton Lead SE
Grinton How Lead SE
Grinton Moor Colliery Coal SE
Grottingham Lead NY
Grottington Lead NY
Grove Colliery/New Farnley Coal SE
Grove House Coal SE
Grovebeck Lead SE
Grovebeck Lead SE
Groverake Fluorite NY
Guineagrove Lead NY
Gunnerton Coal NY
Guyder Bottom Coal SE
Gynn Drift Coal SE
Hadley Coal SE
Hadley House Pit Coal SE
Haggs Iron NZ
Haggs Lane Drift Coal NZ
Hags Gill Level Lead SE
Haigh Moor Coal SE
Haighs Coal SE
Hall Royd Coal SE
Hallas Coal SE
Halton Coal NZ
Haltwhistle Hall Lead NY
Hamsterley Coal NZ
Hamsterley John Coal NZ
Hand Lane Coal SE
Handen Hold Coal NZ
Hangingwalls Iron NY
Harden Other Rock NT
Hardhill Hush Lead NY
Harehope Limestone NZ
Harehope Gill Lead NZ
Harehope Gill Lead NZ
Hareshaw Head Coal NY
Harkerside Lead SE
Harnisha Burn Lead NY
Harraton Coal NZ
Harriet Level Lead NY
Harrowbank Limestone NY
Hartford Coal NZ
Hartforth Lead NZ
Harthope Bank Sandstone NY
Harthope East Sandstone NY
Harthopeburn Lead NY
Hartley Limestone NY
Hartley Bank Coal SE
Harton Coal NZ
Hartshead Coal SE
Haswell Colliery Coal NZ
Hauxley Coal NU
Havannah Drift Coal NZ
Haverdale Level Lead SD
Haw Bank Limestone SE
Hawk Sike Level Lead NY
Hawksike Hush Lead NY
Hawkwood sike Level Lead NZ
Hawthorn Coal NZ
Hawthorn Combined Coal NZ
Hay's Iron NZ
Hazard Colliery Coal NZ
Hazlehead Coal SE
Hazlerigg Coal NZ
Hazlewood Coal SE
Hazleywell Lead NY
Healeyfield Lead NZ
Healeyfield Lead NZ
Heaning Wood Lead SE
Heartycleugh Lead NY
Hebburn Coal NZ
Hebden Moor Lead Works Lead SE
Heddon Coal NZ
Hedley Hill Coal NZ
Hedleyhope Coal NZ
Heights Limestone NY
Heights pasture Iron NY
Hell Cleugh veins Iron NY
Helliwell Pit Coal SE
Helm (New) Coal SE
Helm (Old) Coal SE
Hemingfield (New) Drift Mine Coal SE
Henrake Hush Lead NY
Hepscott Coal NZ
Hepshaw Coal SE
Hermit Hill Coal SE
Herrington Coal NZ
Hesleyhurst Drift Coal NZ
Hetton Coal NZ
Heworth Coal NZ
Heworth Burn Sandstone NZ
Hey Head Coal SE
High Elsecar Pit Coal SE
High Grinding Lead SE
High Hoyland Coal SE
High Marley Hill Drift Coal NZ
High Ringleton Lead SE
High Royd Coal SE
High Sedling Fluorite NY
High Skears Lead NY
High Trees Pit Coal SE
high wood drift Coal NZ
Highfield Hush Lead NY
Hill Top Harvey Drift Coal NZ
Hisehope Grove Lead NZ
Hive Pit Coal NZ
Hob Hill Iron NZ
Hodgson's Low Level Lead NY
Hole-in-the-Wall Coal NZ
Hollin Hall Coal NZ
Hollin Hey Coal SJ
Hollins Iron NZ
Hollins Moor Lane Coal SE
Hollins Moor Quarry Pit Coal SE
Holly Gill Iron NZ
Hollywell Lead NZ
Holme Wood Sand/Gravel SE
holmes Coal SK
Holmes Alum Shale NZ
Holmes Linn Lead NY
Honey Well Coal SE
Hope & Anchor No1 Coal SE
Hope & Anchor No2 Coal SE
Hope Level Fluorite NY
Hopton Mills Coal SE
Hopton Mills (Slades) Coal SE
Horden Coal NZ
Horse Rigs Coal SE
Horton Grange Coal NZ
Hosdingley Coal SE
Houghall Coal NZ
Houghton Coal NZ
Houghton (Mines Rescue) Other Rock NZ
Hound Hill No1 Coal SE
Hound Hill No2 Coal SE
Hound Hill No3 Coal SE
House Carr Coal SE
Howburn Coal NZ
Howden Clough Coal SE
Howick Whinstone NU
Howl Sike Whinstone NZ
Howley Park Coal SE
Hownes Gill Quarry Sandstone NZ
Howroyd Coal SE
Howroyd Old Coal SE
Hoyland Silkstone Coal SE
Hud Royd Coal SE
Hudeshope Lead NY
Hudeshope West Fluorite NY
Hudeshopehead Lead NY
Hudgill Burn Firestone Level Lead NY
Huggate Chalk SE
Hulands Limestone NZ
Hundy Bridge Low Level Lead NY
Hungry Chert Other Rock NY
Huntcliffe Iron NZ
Hunter's Scar Jet NZ
Huntroyd Coal SE
Hutton Jet NZ
Hutton Iron NZ
Hutton Henry Colliery Coal NZ
Hylton Limestone NZ
Hylton Coal NZ
Ingham Coal SE
Ingleby Manor Iron NZ
Ingoe Coal NZ
Ings Coal SE
Inkerman Coal NZ
Isabella Lead NY
Isabella Pit Coal NZ
Iveston Drift Coal NZ
Jackdaw Crag Limestone SE
James Pit Coal NZ
Jamie Lead SE
Jammy Milners Level Lead NY
Jane Pit Coal SE
Jeffreys Lead NY
Jeffrey's Lead NY
Jimy Pit Coal SE
Jingle Pot Level Lead NZ
Johnsons Hole Lead NY
Jonas Pit Coal SE
Jump Coal SE
Kays Coal SE
Kaysburn Coal NZ
Keepershield Whinstone NY
Keiper Colliery Coal NZ
Keld Heads Lead SE
Keldside Lead NY
Kellingley Colliery Coal SE
Kelton Moss Limestone NY
Kendal Drift Coal SE
Kenton Sandstone NZ
Keresforth Coal SE
Kettleness Jet NZ
Kettleness Alum Shale NZ
Kettleness Iron NZ
Kibblesworth Coal NZ
Kidd's House Vein Shaft's Lead SE
Kiersleywell Row Lead NY
Killhope Lead NY
Killingbeck Colliery Coal SE
Kilmond Wood Limestone NZ
Kiln Croft Coal SE
Kilton Iron NZ
Kimblesworth Coal NZ
King (Mickletown) Pit Coal SE
Kings Drift Coal SE
Kingstone Coal SE
Kingstone Main Coal SE
Kingwell Pit Coal SE
Kining Lead SD
Kinsley Drift Coal SE
Kippax Colliery Coal SE
Kirkheaton Coal NZ
Kirkleatham Iron NZ
Kirkstead Lead NY
Kitty's Drift Coal NZ
Knab Head Pit Coal SE
Knapton Chalk SE
Knitsley Fell Baryte NZ
Knoll Drift (Wharnclife Silkstone) Coal SE
Knotts Level Lead NY
Knowle Coal SE
Knowle Coal SE
Lady's Rake Lead NY
Ladysmith Coal NZ
Lambton Coal NZ
Lambton E Pit Coal NZ
Lanchester Towneley Coal NZ
Lands (High Lands) Coal NZ
Lands (Lowlands) Coal NZ
Lane Foot Drift Coal NZ
Lanehead Limestone NY
Lanehead Limestone SD
Langbaurgh Whinstone NZ
Langdon Lead NY
Langdon Head Lead NY
Langerton Hill Lead SD
Langley Lead NY
Langley Barony Lead NY
Langley Park Coal NZ
Langleydale Coal NZ
Langtae Head Lead NY
Latterday Saint Coal NZ
Lease Rigg Whinstone NZ
Lease Rigg Iron NZ
Leasingthorne Coal NZ
Ledgard Coal SE
Lee Pit Coal SE
Levelgate Limestone NY
Levelgate Lead NY
Levisham Iron SE
Leys Quarry Pit Coal SE
Liley Clough Pit Coal SE
Liley Wood Coal SE
Lilley Drift Coal NZ
Limley Veins Lead SE
Lindisfarne Limestone NU
Lingdale Iron NZ
Linton Coal NY
Linton Coal NZ
Lintz Coal NZ
Lintzgarth Lead NY
Little Chilton Coal NZ
Little Knucton Lead NY
Littlebeck Alum Shale NZ
Littletown Colliery Coal NZ
Liverton Iron NZ
Lobwood Drift Coal SE
Lockwoods Pit Coal SE
Lodge Mill Coal SE
Lodge Sike Lead NY
Lodge Sike Lead NY
Lodgegill Lead NY
Lodgegill Sike Lead NY
Lofthouse Coal SE
Loftus Iron NZ
Loftus Alum Shale NZ
Long Acres Iron NZ
Longcleugh Mine Lead NY
Longclose Coal NZ
Longhirst Coal NZ
Longhoughton Whinstone NU
Longwitton Coal NZ
Lonnen Drift Coal NZ
Lonsdale Vale Iron NZ
Loop Wyke Jet NZ
Lord Carlisle's Water Level Lead NY
Lord Nelson's Level Lead SE
Loughbridge Drift Coal NZ
Louisa Coal NZ
Lounsdale Whinstone NZ
Love Lane (Pildacre) Coal SE
Low Acton Lead NY
Low Burn Sandstone NZ
Low Butterknowle Coal NZ
Low Fulwood Lead NY
Low Grinding Mill Lead SE
Low Mill Drift Coal NZ
Low Peru Lead SE
Low Ringleton Lead SE
Low Skears Lead NY
Low Stony Grooves Lead SE
Low West House (West Low How) Drift Coal NZ
Lowe Pit Coal SE
Lower Hall Coal SE
Lower Holmehouse Coal SE
Lower Norcroft Engine Pit Coal SE
Lowick Coal NU
Lownathwaite Lead NY
Lowther Colliery Coal SE
Lucky Pit Coal SE
Ludworth Colliery Coal NZ
Lumley 6th Coal NZ
Lumpsey Iron NZ
Lund Chalk SE
Lunehead Baryte NY
Lynemouth Coal NZ
Mainsforth Coal NZ
Maizebeck Level Lead NY
Malton Coal NZ
Manor Pit Coal SE
Manorgill Lead NY
Manston Coal SE
Manston (Victoria Pit) Coal SE
Manston Lodge Coal SE
Margaret (Peggy Pit) Coal NZ
Marlbeck Lead NY
Marley Hill Coal NZ
Marrick High Lead SE
Marrick Low Lead SE
Marsden Limestone NZ
Martha Lead NY
Mary Pit South Medomsley Coal NZ
Mary's Vein Lead NY
Meadow Coal NZ
Meal Hill Coal SE
Medhurst Pit Coal SE
Medomsley colliery Coal NZ
Melkridge Coal NY
Mellor Hill Coal SE
Melsonby Trial Copper NZ
Meltham Pit Coal SE
Melton Whiting Works Chalk SE
Merrington Coal NZ
Merrington Lane Drift Coal NZ
Merrington Park Coal NZ
Merryfield Hole Lead SE
Merrygill Hush Lead NY
Metal Bridge Drift Coal NZ
Metalband Shaft Lead NY
Mickley Coal NZ
Mickley Bank Coal NZ
Middlecleugh Lead NY
Middlehope Lead NY
Middlehope High Level Mixed NY
Middlehope Shield Lead NY
Middlehopehead Grove Lead NY
Middlestone Moor Coal NZ
Middleton (Teesdale) Limestone NY
Middleton Tyas Copper NZ
Middridge Drift Coal NZ
Midge Pits Fluorite NY
Milburn Lead NY
Milkwell Drift Coal NZ
Milkwellburn Coal NZ
Mill (Crofton) Pit Coal NZ
Mill Moor Coal SE
Mill Pit Coal SE
Mill Pit Coal NZ
Millfield Grange Coal NZ
Mitchell Main Coal SE
Mohopehead Lead NY
Monckton Coking Plant Coal SE
Monckton Main Coal SE
Money Hill Drift Coal NZ
Montagu Main Coal NZ
Montague Coal NZ
Moor End Coal SE
Moorhill Drift Coal NZ
Moorhouses Coal SE
Moorside Coal SK
Mootlaw Limestone NZ
Morallee Fell Coal NY
Moresdale Ridge Level Lead NZ
Morralee Fell Lead NY
Morrison (South Moor) Coal NZ
Morrison Busty Coal NZ
Morris's Pit Coal SE
Morwood Coal NY
Moss Lead SE
Mossdale Lead SE
Mossley Main Coal SE
Mosswood Mine Lead NZ
Mossy Burn Coal NZ
Mould Gill Coal NY
Moulds Low Lead NY
Moulds Old Lead NY
Moulds Top Lead NY
Mount Moor Coal NZ
Mount Osborne Coal SE
Mowbray's Level Lead NY
Murton Colliery Coal NZ
Nape Well Vein Lead SE
Nebcastle Rake Lead SE
Needle Eye Pit Coal SE
Needlewood No1 Coal SE
Needlewood No2 Coal SE
Nether hearth Vein Levels Lead NY
Netherton Coal NZ
Netherton Coal SE
Nettlesworth Coal NZ
Nettlesworth Drift Coal NZ
Neumann's Salt SJ
New Lead SE
New Lead SE
New Biggin Coal SK
New Bright Pit Coal SE
New Copley Coal NZ
New Delaval Coal NZ
New Delight Coal SE
New Fearnought Lead SE
New Fearnought Lead SE
New Inn Colliery Coal SE
New Level Lead NY
New Mill at Langthwaite Lead NY
New Moor Coal NY
New Moss Lead SE
New Oaks Coal SE
New Painshaw (Penshaw) Coal NZ
New Pit Coal SE
New Shildon Coal NZ
New Silkstone Coal SE
New Strake Shop Level Lead NY
New Strake West Level Lead NY
New Wallsend Coal SE
New Winning Grange Colliery Coal NZ
New Winning Kelloe Coal NZ
Newbald Limestone SE
Newbiggin Coal NZ
Newfield Coal NZ
Newgate Bank Alum Shale NZ
Newground Coal SE
Newground (Daisy Pit) Coal SE
Newlandside Limestone NY
Newsham Coal NZ
Newsham Green Pit Coal SE
Newton Coal SE
Newton Coal NU
Newton Abbey Coal SE
Newton Cap Coal NZ
Nicholsons Coal NZ
Nick's Level Lead SE
Nidd Trial Lead SE
Ninebanks Level Lead NY
Nineclogs Coal SE
Nixons Pit Coal SE
Nookton Lead Mine Lead NY
Normanby Iron NZ
North Biddick Coal NZ
North Bitchburn Coal NZ
North Elswick Colliery Coal NZ
North End Coal NZ
North Fenham Coal NZ
North Grain Lead NY
North Groverake Iron NY
North Gutter Level Lead NZ
North Hetton Colliery Coal NZ
North Loftus Iron NZ
North Mossdale Lead SE
North Pittington Colliery Coal NZ
North Seaton Coal NZ
North Side Limestone NZ
North Skelton Iron NZ
North Tees Coal NZ
North Walbottle Coal NZ
Northdale Iron SE
Northgate Level Iron NY
Norwood Coal NZ
Norwood Green Colliery Coal SE
Nunthorpe Whinstone NZ
Nussey Knot Flattings Lead SE
Oak Pit Coal SE
Oakenshaw Colliery Coal NZ
Oakwell Coal SE
Octagon Lead NY
Odd Mere Lead SE
Odd Mere Lead SE
Old Etherley Coal NZ
Old Fall Lead NY
Old Fearnought Lead SE
Old Gang Lead NY
Old Gang Lead NY
Old Level Lead NY
Old Manston Pit Coal SE
Old Middlehope Fluorite NY
Old Moss Lead SE
Old Park Mill Coal SE
Old Shildon Burn Lead NY
Old Vein Lead SE
Ore Pit Holes Opencast Iron NY
Orgate Level Lead NZ
Ormesby Iron NZ
Osmondcroft Drift Coal NZ
Osmotherley Alum Shale SE
Ouslethwaite Coal SE
Ouston Lead NY
Ouston Coal NZ
Overhearth Level Lead NY
Oxlee Clay SE
Painshaw (Whitfield) Coal NZ
Park Coal SE
Park Burn Iron NY
Park Burn Shaft Fluorite NY
Park Drift Coal NZ
Park Farm Coal SE
Park Furnace Coal SE
Park Hill Coal SE
Park Mill Coal SE
Parkend Limestone NY
Parlour Pit Coal SE
Parson Byers Limestone NZ
Partridge Hall Chalk SE
Pasture Pit Coal SE
Peace Pit/New Peace Pit Coal SE
Peace Wood Clay SE
Peak Alum Shale NZ
Peck O' Malt Lead SE
Peckfield Coal SE
Pedams Level Lead NY
Peggy Tub Coal SE
Pegswood Coal NZ
Pelton Coal NZ
Penchford Coal NY
Pencil Cleugh Lead NY
Perseverance Level Lead SE
Peru Lead SE
Petticoat Rake Lead SE
Phillips Lead NZ
Phoenix Drift Coal NZ
Pike Hill Whinstone NZ
Pikestone Lead NZ
Pilley Hills Coal SE
Pinfold Hill Coal SE
Pisgan Coal SE
Plainmeller Coal NY
Plantation (Elsecar) Pit Coal SK
Plashetts Coal NY
Plenmeller Coal NY
Plenmeller (Haltwhistle) Coal NY
Plenmeller (Opencast) Coal NY
Pocket Pit Coal SE
Pontop Coal NZ
Poppet Level Lead NY
Porphery Lead SE
Port Mulgrave Iron NZ
Porter Level Lead NZ
Presser (Pressure) Lead NY
Preston Coal SE
Preston Coal NZ
Preston Lead SE
Preston Whinstone NZ
Preston Limestone SE
Prestwick Coal NZ
Primrose Hill Coal SE
Primrose Main Coal SE
Prince Arthur (Whitkirk) Pit Coal SE
Prince of Wales Coal SE
Prospect Coal SE
Prosperous Lead SE
Prosperous Lead SE
Providence Lead SE
Prudhoe Coal NZ
Puddingthorn Lead NY
Puley Hill Coal SE
Punchard Gill Coal NY
Quarry Pit Coal NZ
Quarry Wood No2 Coal SE
Queensberry Iron NY
Queensgate Chalk TA
Racketgill Lead NY
Rackwood Drift Coal NZ
Radcliffe Coal NU
Raffles Coal SE
Rain Slack Lead SD
Rainborough Coal SE
Rainton Colliery Coal NZ
Rainton Meadows Colliery Coal NZ
Raithwaite Iron NZ
Ramshaw Lead NY
Ramshawfield Drift Coal NY
Ramshawsike Lead NY
Randolph Coal NZ
Rank House Coal SE
Ravens Lodge Coal SE
Ravensworth Ann Coal NZ
Ravensworth Betty Coal NZ
Ravensworth Park Drift Coal NZ
Ravensworth Shop Coal NZ
Rawfolds Coal SE
Raws Level Lead NY
Ray Gill Lead NY
Reahope Burn Level Lead NY
Red Gill Sike Baryte NY
Red Gin Coal SE
Red Grooves Lead NY
Red Pit Coal SE
Red Vein Level Lead NY
Redburn Fluorite NY
Reddycomb Lead NY
Redheugh Coal NZ
Restoration (Scremerston) Pit Coal NU
Ridding Gill Lead SE
Riplingham Chalk SE
Rising Sun Coal NZ
Rispey Iron NY
Robin Rock Drift Coal NY
Roche Abbey Limestone SK
Rock Hole Alum Shale NZ
Rock Pit Coal SE
Rockingham Coal SE
Roddymoor Coal NZ
Rods Coal SE
Rogerley Fluorite NZ
Rogerley Limestone NZ
Rogerwell Hush Lead NZ
Rookhope Old Lead NY
Rookhopehead Lead NY
Rosa Pit Coal SE
Rose Hill Coal SE
Roseberry Iron NZ
Rosedale Iron SE
Rosedale East Iron SE
Rosedale West Iron SE
Rossington Colliery Coal SK
Round Green Coal SE
Round Hill Sandstone NZ
Round Wood Pit Coal SE
Rowantree Iron NY
Royds Pit Coal SE
Rudland Rigg Coal SE
Rush Vein Lead SE
Rushy Park Coal SJ
Ruska Level Lead SE
Ryhope Coal NZ
Sacriston Coal NZ
Sally Wood Drift Coal SE
Saltersgate Sandstone NZ
Saltwick Alum Shale NZ
Sandsend Iron NZ
Sandsend Ness Alum Shale NZ
Sandyford Lead NY
Sandyford Lead NY
Sarah Lead SE
Sargill Lead SD
Sargill Lead SD
Savile (Shawcross) Coal SE
Saville Coal SE
Scale Cross Whinstone NZ
Scaletree Limestone NY
Scar Level Lead SD
Schofield Green End Whinstone NZ
Scotgate Ash Sandstone SE
Scotts Lead SE
Scott's Lead SE
Scraith Head Lead NY
Scraithole Lead NY
Scremerston (Old) Coal NU
Scremerston New Coal NU
Seaham Coal NZ
Sealgill Limestone NY
Seata Lead SD
Seaton Coal NZ
Seaton Burn Coal NZ
Seaton Delaval Coal NZ
Sedling Mixed NY
Seghill Coal NZ
Selby Hagg Alum Shale NZ
Selset Limestone NY
Settlingstones Witherite NY
Shafden Park Coal NZ
Sharnberry Lead NZ
Sharpley Lead NY
Shaw Bank Coal SE
Shaw Head Coal SE
Sheepwalks Witherite NZ
Sherburn Hill Coal NZ
Sheriffs Pit Iron SE
Shibden No 2 Clay SE
Shilbottle Coal NU
Shildon Lead NY
Shincliffe Colliery Coal NZ
Shotton Colliery Coal NZ
Shotton Surface Mine Coal NZ
Shrogs Pit Coal SE
Sidcup Main Coal SE
Sidehead Limestone NY
Sieve Hill Coal NY
Sikehead Lead NY
Sil Howe Whinstone NZ
Silkstone Common Coal SE
Silkstone Main Coal SE
Silksworth Coal NZ
Silly Burn Lead NY
Silver Hill Lead SE
Silverdikes Level Lead NY
Silvertongue Lead NZ
Simon Wood Coal SE
Sinking Wood Coal SE
Sipton Lead NY
Sir George Level Lead NY
Sir Thomas Wharton's High Lead NY
Sir Thomas Wharton's Low Lead NY
Sivertongue Lead NZ
Six Lanes End Coal SE
Skears Limestone NY
Skears Firestone Level Lead NY
Skelton Iron NZ
Skelton Green Iron NZ
Skelton Park Iron NZ
Skinningrove Iron NZ
Slacks Whinstone NZ
Slackwell Coal SE
Slag Hill Lead NY
Slapewath Iron NZ
Sledbrook Coal SE
Slei Gill Lead NZ
Sleights Bridge Iron NZ
Slitt Lead NY
Slough End Coal SE
Smallcleugh Lead NY
Smaws Limestone SE
Smithies Coal SE
Smithies (Marsdens) Coal SE
Smiths Lead NY
Smiths Hush Lead NY
Smithy Cleugh Lead NY
Smithy Dene Coal NZ
Smut Hole Coal SE
Smut Hole Drift Coal SE
Snaisgill Mixed NY
Snipes Dean Pit Coal NZ
Snope Burn Coal NY
Snotterdale Jet NZ
Snowgate Head Coal SE
Snydale Victoria Colliery Coal SE
Soap Well Sandstone NZ
Sorrelsykes Lead SE
South Birtley Coal NZ
South Brancepeth Coal NZ
south burn adit near Medomsley Consett Coal NZ
South Derwent Coal NZ
South Garesfield Coal NZ
South Grain's Beck Lead NZ
South Hetton Colliery Coal NZ
South Kelloe Coal NZ
South Medomsley Coal NZ
South Pelaw Coal NZ
South Pontop Coal NZ
South Skelton Iron NZ
South Tanfield Coal NZ
South Tyne Coal NY
Sowden Coal SE
Sowden Pit (No.4), New Farnley Coal SE
Spa Iron NZ
Spawood Iron NZ
Spence Level Lead NY
Spital Tongues Coal NZ
Spout Gill Lead SD
Spring Gardens Coal SE
Spring Wood Level Lead SD
Springwell Coal NZ
Springwell Sandstone NZ
Spurlswood Limestone NZ
St Helens Pit Coal SE
St Hilda's Coal NZ
St Johns Coal SE
St Lawrence Coal NZ
St Peter's Lead NY
Stags Fell Sandstone SD
Stags Fell Groove Lead SD
Stagshaw Bank Coal NY
Stainborough Park Coal SE
Staincross Coal SE
Staindrop Field House Drift Coal NZ
Stainton Lead SE
Stainton Whinstone NZ
Stainton Moor Lead SE
Stanghow Iron NZ
Stanhope Lead NY
Stanhope Coal SE
Stanhope Silkstone Coal SE
Stanhopeburn Fluorite NY
Stanley Coal SE
Stanley Coal NZ
Stanley Burn Drift Coal NZ
Stanley Cottage Drift Coal NZ
Stargate Coal NZ
Stead Pit Coal SE
Stean Lead SE
Steel Crags Shaft Lead NY
Stiddle Hill Coal NY
Stillingfleet Coal SE
Stobswood Coal NZ
Stonecroft Lead NY
Stoney Marl Moor Ganister NZ
Stoney Royd Coal SE
Stony Heap Coal NZ
Stony Royd Pit Coal SE
Stony Sike Workings Lead NY
Stool Lead SE
Storey Level Lead SE
Storey Lodge Coal NZ
Stotfield Burn Mixed NY
Stotsfield burn Fluorite NY
Stourton Engine Pit Coal SE
Strawberry Bank Coal SE
Stublick Coal NY
Success Pit Coal NZ
Summer Lodge Lead SD
Sun Gutter Level Lead NZ
Sun Level Fluorite SE
Sunniside Coal NZ
Sunnyside Lead NZ
Surrender Lead NY
Sutty Row Coal NY
Swallow Hill Pumping Pit Coal SE
Swalwell Garesfield Coal NZ
Swandale Lead NZ
Swinburne Whinstone NY
Swindell Hill Coal SE
Swindon Limestone SD
Swinescaif Chalk SE
Swinhope Lead NY
Swinhope Moor Lead NY
Swinhopehead Lead NY
Swinhopehead Grooves Lead NY
Swinnergill Lead NY
Swinnergill Lead NY
Tan Hill Coal NY
Tanfield Coal NZ
Tanfield Lea Coal NZ
Tanfield Moor Coal NZ
Tanhouse Lane Coal SE
Tanhouse Pit Coal SE
Taylors Lead NY
Taylors (Elsecar) Pit Coal SE
Taylors Shaft Lead SE
Tees Hetton Coal NZ
Teeside Lead NY
Telfit Lead NZ
Telford Pit Coal NZ
Tepper Moor Lead NY
The Pieces Sand/Gravel SE
Thimble Lodge Coal SE
Thimblewood Coal SE
Thirlwall Coal NY
Thockrington Lead NY
Thompson's Level Lead NY
Thoralby Lead SD
Thornbrough Lead NZ
Thorngreen Limestone NY
Thornhill Level Lead SE
Thornley Coal NZ
Thornley Silkstone (East) Coal SE
Thornley Silkstone (West) Coal SE
Thorny Brow Lead NY
Three Nuns Coal SE
Threshfield Coal SD
Thringarth Limestone NY
Thrislington Coal NZ
Throckley Isabella Coal NZ
Thurgoland Coal SE
Thurstoneland Coal SE
Tingle Pit Coal SE
Tivydale No1 Coal SE
Tivydale No2 Coal SE
Toad Hole Pit Coal SE
Tocketts Iron NZ
Toft Gate Limestone SE
Toll Bar House Coal SE
Tom Royd Coal SE
Towneley Emma Coal NZ
Trimdon Grange Colliery Coal NZ
Tripsdale Jet SE
Trough Lead NY
Trucky Rock Hole Alum Shale NZ
Trueloves Coal SE
Tudhoe Colliery Coal NZ
Tudhoe Grange Coal NZ
Turf Pits Lead SE
Turn Beck Lead SE
Turners Whinstone NY
Tursdale Coal NZ
Tursdale mine service centre Unknown NZ
Twizell Coal NZ
Tynebottom Lead NY
Ulgham Grange Coal NZ
Underbank Other Rock NZ
Unthank Coal NZ
Upleatham Iron NZ
Upper Stony Grooves Lead SE
Upsal Pit Iron NZ
Urpeth Coal NZ
Urpeth Busty Coal NZ
Ushaw Moor Coal NZ
Usworth Coal NZ
Vane Tempest Coal NZ
Vernon (Banktop) Coal SE
Vernon Silkstone Coal SE
Victoria Coal SE
Victoria Unknown NZ
Victoria Garesfield Coal NZ
Victoria Level Lead NY
Victoria No1 Coal SE
Victoria No2 Coal SE
Vinovium Coal NZ
Wager Burn Lead NZ
Waitwith Lead SE
Walbottle Coal NZ
Waldridge Coal NZ
Waldridge Fell Coal NZ
Walker Coal NZ
Wallsend A Pit Coal NZ
Wallsend C Pit Coal NZ
Wallsend F Pit Coal NZ
Wallsend G Pit Coal NZ
Wallsend Main Coal SE
Wallshield Coal NY
Walltown Whinstone NY
Walton Coal SE
Wardley Coal NZ
Warmsworth Limestone SE
Warren Anhydrite NZ
Warren Moor Iron NZ
Washington Coal NZ
Washington Glebe Coal NZ
Washton Copper NZ
Water Haigh Coal SE
Waterfall Iron NZ
Watergate Coal NZ
Watergate Lead NZ
Waterhouse Lead NY
Waterhouses Coal NZ
Waterloo Coal SE
Waterloo Main Coal SE
Watersykes Level Lead NY
Wayworth Iron NZ
Wearhead Vein Mixed NY
Wearmouth Coal NZ
Weetslade Coal NZ
Wellheads Hush Lead NY
Wellhope Shaft Lead NY
Wellhope Trials Lead NY
Wellhopeknott Lead NY
Wensley Limestone SE
Wentworth Silkstone (Monkeyfoot) Coal SE
West Allerton Colliery Coal SE
West Auckland Coal NZ
West Binks Edge Vein Baryte NY
West Burton Vein Lead SE
West Cramlington Coal NZ
West End Coal SE
West Groverake Iron NY
West Hetton Colliery Coal NZ
West Hunwick Coal NZ
West Kyo Coal NZ
West Mire Howe Whinstone NZ
West Nab Pit Coal SE
West Pasture Quarry Iron NY
West Pastures Mine Fluorite NY
West Pelton Coal NZ
West Peru Lead SE
West Rigg Iron NY
West Shieldrow Coal NZ
West Silkstone Coal SE
West Sleekburn Coal NZ
West Stanley Coal NZ
West Stonesdale Lead NY
West Thornley Coal NZ
West Wood Pit Coal SE
West Wylam Coal NZ
West Yorkshire Coal SE
Wester Hall Lead NY
Westernhope New Lead NY
Westernhope Old Lead NY
Westerton Coal NZ
Westfield Coal SE
Westholme Coal NZ
Westoe Coal NZ
Westwood Coal NZ
Westwoods Pit Coal SE
Wharncliffe Woodmoor 1,2,3 Coal SE
Wheatley Hill Coal NZ
Whetstone Mea Level Coal NY
Whinnetley Lead NY
Whinnetly Coal NY
Whitaside Lead SD
Whitburn Coal NZ
White Lea Coal NZ
Whitechapel Lead NY
Whitecliffe Iron NZ
Whitehall Pit Iron NZ
Whiteheaps Fluorite NY
Whitehouse Coal NZ
Whitfield Lead NY
Whitfield Brow Lead NZ
Whitley Clough Coal SE
Whitley Park Coal SE
Whitley Temple Drift Coal SE
Whittle Coal NU
Whittonstall Drift Coal NZ
Whitwell A Pit Coal NZ
Whitwell B Pit Coal NZ
Whitwell C Pit Coal NZ
Whitworth Park Coal NZ
Widdrington Coal NZ
Widley Level Lead NY
Wild Sike Level Lead SE
Willances Lead NZ
Willerby Chalk TA
William Gill Coal NY
Willington Coal NZ
Wilton Iron NZ
Windmore End Limestone NY
Windy Nook Sandstone NZ
Wingate Grange Coal NZ
Wintergill Iron NZ
Wire Hall Coal SE
Wiregill Lead NY
Wiregill High Level Lead NY
Wisemans Level Lead NY
Witham Hall Whinstone NZ
Witton Coal NZ
Witton Park Coal NZ
Wolf Hills Lead NY
Wolfcleugh Lead NY
Wolsingham Park Lead NZ
Womersley Limestone SE
Wood End Whinstone NZ
Wood Head Quarries Sandstone SE
Wood House Drift Coal NY
Wood Pit Coal SE
Wood Royd Coal SE
Woodale Lead SD
Woodhorn Coal NZ
Woodhouse Close Coal NZ
Woodhouses Coal NZ
Woodifield Coal NZ
Woodland Coal NZ
Woodlesford Coal SE
Woodside Sandstone SE
Woodside Drift Coal NZ
Woodstone Pit Coal SE
Woody Close Drift Coal NZ
Wooley Coal NZ
Woolley Coal SE
Woolley Moor Coal SE
Worsaw Lead SD
Worsbrough Coal SE
Worsbrough Bridge Coal SE
Worsbrough Park (Helliwell Pit) Coal SE
Wortley Ganister Ganister SE
Wortley No3 Coal SE
Wortley Top Forge & Industrial Unknown SK
Wreckhills Iron NZ
Wrenthorpe. Wakefield, West Yorks. Coal SE
Wylam Coal NZ
Wynch Bridge Trial Mixed NY
Wyvill's Whim Lead SE
Yard Syke Lead NY
Yearncleugh Lead NY
Yew Tree Lead NY
Yew Tree Fluorite NY
York Potash NZ
Yorkshire silverband Lead NY

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