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UK Mine & Quarry Listout - Midlands

This page lists all mines in the AditNow database from the Midlands region.

If you are looking for a mine this is a good place to start, alternatively use the search page.

Note for a more precise listing try the list by OS Sheet.

Name Mineral OS Sheet
Abbey Limestone SK
Abbey Fireclay Clay SK
Abdon Burf Coal SO
Above Park Coal SJ
Acorn Hill No1 Pit Fireclay & Coal Mixed SK
Acorn Hill No2 Pit Fireclay & Coal Mixed SK
Adams Pit Coal SK
Adderley Green Coal SJ
Adelphi Ironworks Iron SK
Adlington Coal SJ
Adstone Mixed SO
Albert Colliery Coal SK
Albert Pit Coal SK
Alderwasley Coal SK
Alderwasley (Old) Coal SK
Aldridge Colliery Coal SK
Alfreton Colliery Coal SK
Alfreton Ironworks Iron SK
Allen Hill Sough Lead SK
Alley Coal SJ
Alley Pit Coal SK
Allmands Pit Coal SJ
Allpits Iron SK
Allpits New Colliery Coal SK
Allpits Old Colliery Coal SK
Alma Colliery Coal SK
Alma Pit Coal SK
Alport Lead SK
Alrewas Sand/Gravel SK
Alsagers Bank Coal SJ
Alsopmoor Iron SK
Alton Ganister SK
Alton New Colliery Coal SK
Alvecote Coal SK
Alveley Coal SO
Alveley Sandstone SO
Alwalton Limestone TL
Alwalton Lynch Escarpment Marble TL
Amber Valley Coal SK
Ambergate and Buckland Hollow Colliery Coal SK
Ambergate Colliery Coal SK
Ambergate Colliery Sough Coal SK
Ambergrove Sandstone SK
Amberley Colliery Coal SK
Amblecote Clay SO
Amblecote Bank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mixed SJ
Amington Coal SK
Andrews (Oxclose) Pit Coal SK
Ann Gell Lead SK
Annesley Coal SK
Ansley Hall Coal SP
Anston Limestone SK
Apedale Coal SJ
Apes tor Copper SK
Apperknowle Colliery Coal SK
Arbour Low Calcite SK
Arbourseats Sough Lead SK
Arden Coal SK
Arkwright Coal SK
Arleston Clay SJ
Arley Coal SP
Armstrong Limestone SK
Arrock black marble Limestone SK
Arscott Coal SJ
Asfordby Coal SK
Ash Pit Coal SK
Ash Plantation Lead SK
Ashcroft Coal SJ
Ashcroft Pit Coal SE
Ashford Marble SK
Ashgate Colliery Coal SK
Ashovermans Shaft Lead SK
Ashtons Lead SK
Ashtree Colliery Coal SO
Aspley Colliery Coal SK
Asterley Coal SJ
Astleyfields Coal SJ
Aston Glebe Gypsum SK
Athersley Drift Coal SE
Avenue Coking Coal SK
Avenue Colliery Coal SK
Avenue Ironworks Iron SK
Awsworth Colliery Coal SK
Awsworth Iron Works Iron SK
Babbington (Hempshill) No3 Colliery Coal SK
Babbington (No1, No2 and No5) Colliery Coal SK
Babbington No 5 (Bulwell) Colliery Coal SK
Babbington No4 Coal SK
Back Dale Lead SK
Backdale Minerals Fluorite SK
Backlane (Tibshelf) Coal SK
Bacon Coal SJ
Bacon Close Lead SK
Baddesley Coal SP
Baddesley Speedwell Pit Coal SP
Badgers (Fallswood) Pit Coal SK
Bag Lead SK
Bage Lead SK
Baggeridge Coal SO
Bagot Coal SK
Bagshaw Colliery Coal SK
Bagworth Coal SK
Bailey Brook Coal SK
Bailey Croft Limestone SK
Bakers Bank Pit Coal SK
Bakestonedale Coal & Clay Mixed SJ
Ball Eye Limestone SK
Ball Eye Lead SK
Ballarat Coal SK
Balldmeer Lead SK
Ballidon Limestone SK
Balls (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Bank End Coal SK
Bank Grove Lead SK
Bank Top Lead SK
Bank Top Coal SJ
Bank Top Colliery Coal SE
Bankend Sough Coal SK
Bantycock Gypsum SK
Baptist End Colliery Coal SO
Barber Walker (Barn Close) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Broad Close) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Coach Pingle) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Common Piece) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Croft) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Cunningreys) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Dinnis's Pasture) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Far Common) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Far Twelve) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Foal Hovel) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Fox Sic) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Great Rye Grass) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Lamb Pasture) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Little Ox Close) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Little Rye Grass) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Lower Butterley) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Mill Close) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Mill Meadows) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Near Upper) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Bastards) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Dinnis's) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Flatts) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Great) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Mill) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Pasture) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Nether Quarry) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Parsons Acre) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Robert's) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Swarn's) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Upper Butterley) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Upper Dirty) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Upper Flatts) Pit Coal SK
Barber Walker (Upper Long) Pit Coal SK
Bardon Hill Limestone SK
Barehills (Kimberley) Sough Coal SK
Barisfords Pipe Lead SK
Barkers Main Coal SK
Barlborough Colliery Coal SK
Barlborough Common Colliery Coal SK
Barlborough No2 Speetley Coal SK
Barley Close Lead SK
Barlow Commonside Coal SK
Barlow Lees Colliery Coal SK
Barlow Silkstone Coal SK
Barmoor Coal SK
Barn Pit Coal SJ
Barns Colliery Coal SK
Barnside Coal SE
Barnsley New Colliery Coal SE
Barnyard Coal SJ
Barratts Pit Ganister SK
Barreledge Sandstone SK
Barrow Gypsum SK
Barrow Collieries Coal SE
Barrow Colliery (Hoyle Mill, Barnsley) Coal SE
Barton Hill Limestone SK
Barton Seagrave Pits Iron SP
Basrobin Sough Lead SK
Basset Pit Coal SK
Basset Pit Coal SK
Bassett Coal SK
Batholes Lead SJ
Bathurst Main Colliery Coal SK
Beacon Limestone SK
Beans and Bacon Lead SK
Beauchief Ganister SK
Beauvale No 3 Colliery Coal SK
Beauvale No 4 Colliery Coal SK
Beauvale No 5 Colliery Coal SK
Beauvale No 6 Colliery Coal SK
Beauvale No 7 Colliery Coal SK
Beauvale No 8 Colliery Coal SK
Bedworth Charity Coal SP
Bee Low Limestone SK
Bee Nest Lead SK
Beech Sandstone SJ
Beech tree Coal SO
Beechdale Colliery Coal SJ
Beeley Wood No1 Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Beeley Wood No2 Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Beet Lead SK
Beggarlea Colliery Coal SK
Beighton Coal SK
Beighton Field Colliery Coal SK
Beightonfield Pits Clay SK
Bellhouse (Norbriggs) Pit Coal SK
Bells Footrill Colliery Coal SK
Belper Gutter Coal SK
Belper Lane End Coal SK
Belper Town Coal SK
Belperlawn Colliery Coal SK
Bennerley (Lord Middletons) 1575 Sough Coal SK
Bennerley Colliery Coal SK
Bennerley Ironworks Iron SK
Bennet Grove Lead SK
Benree Lead SO
Bent (Belper) Coal SK
Benthall Mixed SJ
Bentilee Coal SJ
Bentinck Colliery Coal SK
Bentley Coal SE
Bentley Brook Limestone SK
Bentley Hall Pit Coal SK
Bentley Pit Coal SK
Beresford level Lead SK
Berristow Coal SK
Berry Edge Coal SK
Berry Edge Pit Coal SK
Berry Hill Coal SJ
Berryhill Colliery Coal SJ
Bestwood Coal SK
Betty's Bridge Coal SK
Bevercotes Colliery Coal SK
Big Pits Limestone SK
Biggin Dale Lead SK
Bignall Colliery Coal SJ
Bignall Hill Colliery Coal SJ
Bilborough 1st Whymsey Pit Coal SK
Bilborough Colliery Coal SK
Billingsley Coal SO
Billys Hill Sandstone SJ
Bilsthorpe Coal SK
Bincliff Lead SK
Bincliffe Lead SK
Bingham Park Coal SK
Binley Colliery Coal SP
Birch Limestone SK
birch copice location dordon Coal SM
Birch Coppice 1 & 2 Coal SP
Birch Coppice No 3 & 4 Coal SP
Birch Vale Coal SK
Birch Vale Drift Fireclay Clay SK
Birches Coal SK
Birchett Pit Coal SK
Birchmoor Coal SK
Birchover Sandstone SK
Birch's Hall Lead SK
Birch's Level Lead SK
Birchwood Limestone SK
Birchwood Barn Croft Pit Coal SK
Birchwood Collieries Coal SK
Birchwood Lane Coal SK
Birchwood Pit Coal SK
Birchwood Rachel Shaft Coal SK
Bird Lead SK
Birdholme Bridge Sandstone SK
Birley Colliery Coal SK
Birley East Coal SK
Birleymoor Colliery Coal SK
Birleyvale Colliery Coal SK
Bitholmes Pot Clay Clay SK
Bitholmes Wood Pit Clay Clay SK
Black country museum Coal SO
Black Engine Lead SK
Black Hole Lead SK
Black Ox Mixed SK
Black Rake Lead SK
Black Rock Lead SK
Black Shaft Lead SK
Black Shale Engine and Bye Pits Coal SK
Black Sough Lead SK
Black Wagon Colliery Coal SO
Blackborough Common Stone Pits Sandstone ST
Blackclough Coal SK
Blackfordby Coal SK
Blackfriars Bridge Lead SK
Blackmore Sandstone SK
Blackshale Engine & Bye Pits Coal SK
Blackwell A Winning Coal SK
Blackwell B Winning Coal SK
Blackwell New Pit Coal SK
Blackwell Pasture Lane Coal SK
Blackwell Sough Coal SK
Blackwood Lead SO
Blake Hall Coal SJ
Blakelow Lane Fluorite SK
Blakemere Pit Mixed SK
Blidworth Coal SK
Blists Hill Mixed SJ
Blists Hill Ironworks Iron SJ
Blisworth Limestone SP
Blisworth (Bevans) Iron SP
Blisworth (Richard Thomas) Iron SP
Blith Forefield Lead SK
Blobber Lead SK
Blobber Sough Lead SK
Blodwel Other Rock SJ
Blsworth Canal Pits Iron SP
Blue Clay Fireclay Clay SK
Blue Hills Pit Coal SK
Blue John Fluorite SK
Bluebell Pit Coal SK
Blyth Lead SK
Blythe (Vein & Pipe) Mines Lead SK
Boat Level Unknown SJ
Bog Lead SO
Boggard Hole Lead SK
Bokey Sough Coal SK
Bolehill Sandstone SK
Bolehill Pit Coal SK
Bolehill Wood Limestone SK
Bolsover Coal SK
Bolsover Coking Plant Coal SK
Bolton Copper Works Copper SK
Bondland Colliery Coal SK
Bondog Hole Lead SK
Bonds Limestone SK
Bonds Main Colliery Coal SK
Bonemill Limestone SK
Bonnycattey Pit Coal SJ
Bonsall Moor Mixed SK
Bonsall Sough Lead SK
Bookers (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Boothorpe Coal SK
Boro' Coal SE
Borough Clay SJ
Botany Bay Coal SJ
Bottle Brook Sough Coal SK
Bottom Cloddy Pit Coal SK
Bottom Salterwood Coal SK
Bottomcoal Coal SJ
Boulderflats Lead SK
Boulton Moor Gypsum SK
Bowers Rake Lead SK
Bowlpit Lead SK
Bowmers Coal SK
Boycott Coal SJ
Boythorpe Colliery Coal SK
Boythorpe Vale Colliery Coal SK
Brackenfield Colliery Coal SK
Bradgate Other Rock SK
Bradgate Colliery Coal SK
Bradley (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Bradshaw Lead SK
Bradwell Mines Lead SK
Bramley Hall Coal SK
Bramley Moor Coal SK
Bramley Moor (New) Coal SK
Bramley Old Moor Coal SK
Bramley Vale Drift Coal SK
Brampton Colliery Coal SK
Brampton Holme Coal SK
Brampton Old Pit Coal SE
Brandlee 2 Coal SJ
Brands Colliery Coal SK
Brandy Bottle Lead SK
Brassington (Harboro) Brickworks Unknown SK
Breck Hollow Lead SK
Brecks Lead SK
Brereton Coal SK
Bretby Colliery Coal SK
Brett Lead SK
Brick Hill Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Brick Kiln Coal SJ
Brick Kiln Leasow Coal SJ
Brickfield (Unstone No3) Pit Coal SK
Brickyard Pit (Old Whittington) Coal SK
Bridge Lane Coal SK
Bridge Pit Coal SJ
Brier Low Limestone SK
Brierley Colliery Coal SK
Brierley Wood Pits Coal SK
Brights Lead SK
Brightside Lead SK
Brimington Colliery Coal SK
Brimington Common Colliery Coal SK
Brimington Moor Furnace Iron SK
Brimington Silkstone Coal SK
Brimstone Dyke Lead SK
Brink Coal SJ
Brinsley Coal SK
Brinsley Gin Colliery Coal SK
Brinsley No 5 Colliery Coal SK
Britain Pit Coal SK
Britannia Pit Coal SK
British Gypsum Gypsum SK
Brixworth Iron SP
Brixworth Old Pits Iron SP
Broad Oaks Colliery Coal SK
Broad Oaks Ironworks Iron SK
Broadfield Colliery (1909) Coal SK
Broadhead Flatts Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Broadhead Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Broadlow Lead SK
Broadmeadow Lead SK
Brocklehurst Fireclay Pit Clay SJ
Brockwell Coal SK
Bromley (Copley Wood) Coal SK
Bromlow Lead SJ
Brook Pit Coal SJ
Brookhead Sough Lead SK
Brookhill Colliery Coal SK
Broom Field Coal SK
Broom House (Potters) Coal SK
Broom Royd Coal SE
Brownbrow Sandstone SK
Brownhills Coal SJ
Broxtowe Colliery Coal SK
Brunt Sough Lead SK
Brushes Colliery Coal SK
Brushes Pits Clay SK
Brymbo Iron SP
Brymbo Ironworks Iron SP
Buckets Leasow Colliery Coal SO
Buckett Engine Pit Coal SK
Buckminster Iron SK
Bugsworth Coal SK
Bull Close Colliery Coal SK
Bullbridge Colliery Coal SK
Bulls Meadow 2 Coal SK
Bulthy Mixed SJ
Bunting Camp Lead SK
Burbage (Cistern Clough) Coal SK
Burgam Lead SO
Burley Lane Coal SK
Burn'd Edge No1 Pit Coal SK
Burn'd Edge No2 Pit Coal SK
Burn'd Edge No3 Pit Coal SK
Burn'd Edge No4 Pit Coal SK
Burned Edge No2 Coal SK
Burning Drake (Peak Forest) Lead SK
Burning Drakes Lead SK
Burrows Lead SK
Burton Hill Iron SP
Butchers Coe Lead SK
Butlands Horse Croft Lead SK
Butt Lane Pit Coal SK
Butterley Company Mixed SK
Butterley Ironworks Iron SK
Butterley No 1 Pit Coal SK
Butterley No 6 Colliery Coal SK
Butterley Park DC Shaft Coal SK
Butterley Park No 1 Foundation Pit Coal SK
Butterley Park No 4 Pit Coal SK
Butts Limestone SK
Buxton Limestone SK
Cackle Mackle Lead SK
Caddicks Farm Coal SJ
Caddy Ironstone Shaft Iron SK
Cadley Hill Colliery Coal SK
Calcot Baryte SO
Calcutta Coal SK
Caldon Low Limestone SK
Caldon Low Limestone SK
Califat Coal SK
California Gypsum SK
California Lead SK
Callow Bank Sandstone SK
Callow Hill Lead SJ
Callow Rock Limestone ST
Cally (High Pressure) Pit Coal SK
Calow Colliery Coal SK
Calow Main Colliery Coal SK
Calow Oaks Colliery Coal SK
Calow Old Furnace Colliery Coal SK
Calton Hill Mixed SK
Calver Lead SK
Calverton Coal SK
Campbell Coal SK
Cams Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Cannael Row Coal SK
Cannock and Leacroft Coal SJ
Cannock Chase 1, 3, 7, 8 Coal SK
Cannock Old Coppice Coal SJ
Cannock Wood Coal SK
Car Close Colliery Coal SK
Carder low Lead SK
Carnfield Coal SK
Carnhill Wifes Sough Lead SK
Carr Wood Colliery Coal SK
Carregwfa Silver SJ
Carsington Reservoir Unknown SK
Cartwrights Coal SK
Carwood Colliery Coal SE
Cascade Cavern Lead SK
Castedge (Errwood) Coal SK
Castle Colliery Coal SK
Castle Colliery Coal SK
Castle Farm 1 Clay SJ
Castle Hill Pit Coal SK
Castlegate Lane Fluorite SK
Castleplace Pits Coal SJ
Cat Rake Lead SK
Cathedral Pit Coal SK
Catherton Common Coal SO
Catnob Pit Coal SK
Catstonehill Colliery Coal SK
Caughley Coal SJ
Caughley Clay SJ
Caulton (Calton) Hill Pipe Lead SK
Caulton Drifts Coal SK
Cave Abdullam Coal SK
Cavendish Fluorite SK
Cawdor Limestone SK
Cawdor Level Lead SK
Cedars Pit Coal SK
Cefn Gunthly Mixed SO
Chadwick Lead SK
Chain Pit Coal SK
Chambers Dunsil Coal SK
Chance Lead SK
Chance Lead SK
Chance Fluorite SK
Chance Lead SK
Chapeldale Lead SK
Chariot Lead SK
Charles Lum Lead SK
Charnwood Other Rock SK
Chatterley Whitfield Coal SJ
Cheadle Mill Coal SK
Cheadlepark Coal SJ
Cheddleton Coal SJ
Chellaston Clay SK
Chellaston Covert Gypsum SK
Chellaston Hill Gypsum SK
Chelmarsh Coal SO
Chelveston Iron SP
Cherry Eye Iron SK
Chest Pit Coal SK
Chesterfield Road Coal SK
Chetwynds Coal SK
Chevinside Coal SK
Childrens Fortune Lead SK
Chinnor Cement Works Chalk SP
Chisworth Coal SJ
Chittol Wood Copper SO
Chivers Silktstone Pits Coal SK
Chorley Coal SO
Church Limestone SK
Church Coal SK
Church Iron SP
Church Gresley Coal SK
Church Rake Coe Shaft Lead SK
Church Stoke Baryte SO
Church Stowe Limestone SP
Cinder Pit Coal SK
Cinderhill (Babbington No 6) Colliery Coal SK
Cinderhill No 3 Colliery Coal SK
City of Whiteborough Colliery Coal SK
Clanbrook Pit Coal SJ
Clarkes Colliery Coal SK
Claxby Ironstone Mines Iron TF
Clay Cross Colliery No 2 Coal SK
Clay Cross Colliery No 3 Coal SK
Clay cross Colliery No 5 Coal SK
Clay Cross colliery No 7 Coal SK
Clay Cross colliery No 8 Coal SK
Clay Cross Ironworks Iron SK
Clay Cross No 11 Colliery Coal SK
Clay Cross No 6 Colliery Coal SK
Clay Cross No 9 Colliery Coal SK
Clay Cross No1 (Egstow) Coal SK
Clay Cross No4 (Tupton) Coal SK
Clay Cross Tunnel Collieries Coal SK
Clay Hills Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Clay Lane (Nibble & Clink) Pit Coal SK
Clay Lane Pit Coal SK
Clays Pit Coal SJ
Clayton adit Copper SK
Clayton pipe Lead SK
Claytons Ground Lead SK
Clear the way Lead SK
Clee Burf Coal SO
Clee Hill Other Rock SO
Cleggs Pits Coal SK
Cleppit Pit (Smalley) Coal SK
Cliff Coal SK
Cliff Limestone SK
Cliff Farm Pit Coal SJ
Cliffdale Mixed SO
Cliffe Bridge Coal SE
Cliffe Hill Granite SK
Cliffstile Lead SK
Clifton Coal SK
Clinton Colliery Coal SK
Clipstone Colliery Coal SK
Clive Copper SJ
Clod Coal Pit Coal SK
Clough Hall 3 Coal SJ
Cloughs Lane Colliery Coal SK
Coal Aston Colliery Coal SK
Coalhills Limestone SK
Coalmoor Coal SJ
Coast Rake Lead SK
Cobblers Nook Limestone SK
Cobnar Wood Coal SK
Cocking Tor Sandstone SK
Cockle Shelf Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Cockwell Lead SK
Codnor Nether Park Coal SK
Codnor Park (Lane) Pit Coal SK
Codnor Park Coke Pit Coal SK
Codnor Park Golden Pits Coal SK
Codnor Park Hope Pit Coal SK
Codnor Park Ironworks Iron SK
Codnor Park Nailer Pits Coal SK
Codnor Park Saw Pit Coal SK
Codnor Pit Coal SK
Codsall Colliery Coal SO
Coed-y-Go Coal SJ
Cogenhoe Iron SP
Cold Harbour Colliery Coal SK
Coldyeld Baryte SO
Colemans Limestone ST
Coleorton Coal SK
College Dream Lead SK
Collers Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Colliers Side Coal SJ
Colsterworth Iron SK
Comberwood Colliery Coal SK
Common 1, 2, 3 Coal SJ
Commonside Coal SK
Conduit 3, 4 Coal SK
Condway Lead SK
Coneygree Colliery Coal SO
Cook's Pit Coal SK
Coombes Valley Coal SK
Coombs wood Coal SO
Cop Lead SK
Cop Rake Lead SK
Copley Wood Pit Coal SK
Coppice Coal SJ
Coppice Coal SK
Coppice Cleppit Colliery Coal SK
Coppice Farm 1, 2 Coal SK
Coppice Sough Coal SK
Coppocks Limestone SP
Corby Glen Limestone TF
Cordon Meadow Colliery Coal SK
Cordy Lane Brinsley Engine Pit Coal SK
Cordy Lane East Pit Coal SK
Corporation Ironstone Iron SK
Corsehill Lead SK
Cossall (Hewletts) Colliery Coal SK
Cossall Colliery Coal SK
Cossall Drift Coal SK
Cossall Old No1 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No10 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No11 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No12 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No13 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No14 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No15 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No16 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No17 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No2 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No3 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No4 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No5 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No6 Engine Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No7 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No8 Pit Coal SK
Cossall Old No9 Pit Coal SK
Cotes Park Colliery Coal SK
Cotes Park Heightington Pit Coal SK
Cotes Park Skellingthorpe Pit Coal SK
Cotesfield Lead SK
Cotgrave Coal SK
Cothercott Baryte SJ
Cotmanhay Coal SK
Coton Park Colliery Coal SK
Cottage Pit 2 Coal SJ
Cottam Colliery Coal SK
Cottam No 1 Colliery Coal SK
Cottam No 2 Colliery Coal SK
Cotterill Farm Colliery Coal SO
Cottesmore Iron SK
Coup's Pit Coal SK
Coventry Coal SP
Cow and Calf Lead SK
Cow Hole Lead SK
Cowdale Limestone SK
Cowley Colliery Coal SK
Cowley New Colliery Coal SK
Cowlica Rake Sough Lead SK
Coxbench Other Rock SK
Cracken Edge Sandstone SK
Cradleypark Coal SO
Cradleypark Colliery Coal SO
Cranford East Pits (Butlins) Iron SP
Cranford Quarries Iron SP
Cranford West (Clay Cross Co) Iron SP
Cranford West Pits (Butlins) Iron SP
Crank Pit (Smalley) Coal SK
Crashpurse Lead SK
Craslow (Caslow) and Bakers Vein Lead SK
Crawshaw Fireclay Clay SK
Crawshot (Crosha) Pipe Lead SK
Crawstone Ironstone Mine Iron SJ
Cresswell Part Fluorite SK
Cresswell Parts Fluorite SK
Cresswell's Pit Coal SK
Creswell Colliery Coal SK
Crich Limestone SK
Crich Mineral Railway - Butterley Co Limestone SK
Crich Mineral Railway - Clay Cross Company Limestone SK
Crickheath Hill Mixed SJ
Crimbo Pipe Lead SK
Croft Lead SK
Croft Other Rock SP
Cromford & High Peak Railway Limestone SK
Cromford Canal Unknown SK
Cromford Moor Lead SK
Cromford Sough Lead SK
Cronstat Sough Lead SK
Crooked Acre Lead SK
Crops Acre Iron SP
Cross Flatts Pit Coal SJ
Cross Road Limestone SP
Crossdale Head Lead SK
Crossvein Lead SK
Crotie Rake Lead SK
Crow Hole Colliery Coal SK
Crowholt level Lead SK
Crown 5 Coal SJ
Crowthers Pit (Elsecar) Coal SK
Cuckoo Pit Coal SK
Cupola Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Cutthorpe Coal SK
Cutthorpe Colliery Coal SK
Cwm Dingle Baryte SO
Cwmdwla Baryte SO
D Buttons Pit Coal SK
Dale Lead SK
Dale Sandstone SK
Dale (Wirksworth) Limestone SK
Dale Abbey No 1 Colliery Coal SK
Dale Abbey No 2 Colliery Coal SK
Dale Sough Lead SK
Dale View Sandstone SK
Dalefield Lead SK
Dalefield Lead SK
Dalley Coal SK
Dalley Coal SK
Damstead (Swanwick) Colliery Coal SK
Dane Bower Colliery Coal SK
Danethorn Coal SJ
Darfield Main Coal SE
Dark Lane Limestone SK
Darklane Coal SJ
Darley Dale Lead SK
Davis Lead SK
Daw Mill Coal SP
Dawley Parva Coal SJ
Day Hole Colliery Coal SK
Daykin Colliery Coal SK
Daykins Gin Pit Coal SK
Deans Piece Pit Coal SK
Dearleap Coal SJ
Deep pit Clay SJ
Deep Rake Lead SK
Deepfield Coal SJ
Deep's Pit Coal SK
Deggs Main Colliery Coal SK
Dell Farm Fireclay Clay SK
Delph 7 Coal SJ
Delphhouse (East) Coal SJ
Delphhouse (West) Coal SJ
Denbigh Hall Colliery Coal SO
Denby (Alder Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Big Close Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Blind Foundation Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Brick Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Brook Kiln Close Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Bushes Pit) Coal SK
Denby (One Rope Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Rough Close East Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Rough Close South Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Rough Close West Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Stone House Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Top Croft Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Wagtail Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Wagtail Pit) Coal SK
Denby (Yew Tree Pit) Coal SK
Denby Common Coal SK
Denby Drury Lowe Colliery Coal SK
Denby Hall Colliery Coal SK
Denby Ironworks Iron SK
Denby Old Adit Level Coal SK
Dene Limestone SK
Dent Main Coal SK
Desford Coal SK
Devonshire Lead SK
Dexter Colliery Coal SP
Dhustone Other Rock SO
Dibdal 1, ,2 3 Mixed SJ
Digby Colliery Coal SK
Diglake Colliery Coal SJ
Dilhorne Common Coal SJ
Diminsdale Coal SK
Dimminsdale (Lime & Lead Works) Limestone SK
Dimple Fluorite SK
Dines Castle Colliery Coal SK
Dingle Calcite SJ
Dingle Colliery Coal SO
Dingle Pit Coal SJ
Dinnington colliery Coal SK
Dirtlow Rake Calcite SK
Dirty Rake Lead SK
Dirty Redsoil Lead SK
Ditchford Iron SP
Dobbing Hill Coal Pits Coal SK
Dobholme Drift Coal SK
Dock Drift 2 Coal SJ
Doe Lea Coal SK
Dog (Murchison) Pit Coal SJ
Dog Low Lead SK
Dog Pits Coal SJ
Doglow Wood 'Wad' Manganese SK
Dogskin Lead SK
Dolly Pit (New) Coal SK
Dolly Pit (Old) Coal SK
Don Vale Fireclay Clay SK
Dongey Pit Coal SJ
Donington Island Clay SK
Donisthorpe Coal SK
Donisthorpe 1 & 2 Coal SK
Dore (New) Coal SK
Dore (Old) Coal SK
Dosey Lane Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Doulting Stone Limestone ST
Dove Holes Limestone SK
Do-Well (Dowell) Coal SK
Dowlow Works Limestone SK
Downton Hall Limestone SO
Dowsithills Lead SK
Dr Mansons Colliery Coal SK
Dragonseye Vein Lead SK
Drakelow Sandstone SO
Draycott Cross Coal SJ
Dream Lead SK
Dronfield Silkstone Main (New) Colliery Coal SK
Dronfield Woodhouse Colliery Coal SK
Dropping Well Colliery Coal SK
Drummers Venture Lead SK
Dry Hole Colliery Coal SK
Dryhurst Pit Coal SK
Duckmanton Iron SK
Duckmanton Ironworks Iron SK
Dudley Limestone Caverns Limestone SO
Duffield Bank Wood Other Rock SK
Dukes Sandstone SK
Dumolo's Coal SK
Dungworth Fireclay Pit Clay SK
Dunnington and Hardbeat Lead SK
Dunrake Lead SK
Dunstead Coal SK
Dunston Cobnar Colliery Coal SK
Dunston Colliery Coal SK
Dunston Grange Colliery Coal SK
Durton's Pit Coal SK
Duston Iron SP
Dusty Pit Lead SK
Dustypit Mine Lead SK
Dutchmans Copper SK
Eagle Lead SK
Eagle Colliery Coal SO
Earls Barton Pits Iron SP
East Buxton Quarry Limestone SK
East Cannock Coal SK
East Drift Ironstone Iron TF
East ecton Lead SK
East Grit Lead SO
East Roman Gravels Mixed SJ
East Staveley Coal SK
East Wotherton Baryte SJ
Easton Neston Iron SP
Easton On The Hill Iron TF
Eastwood No 1 & 2 Pit Coal SK
Eastwood No 3 Pit Coal SK
Eastwood No4 Pit4 Coal SK
Ecclesall (Silver Hill) Coal Pits Coal SK
Eccleshall Coal SK
Eccleshall Common Coal SK
Eckington Drift Coal SK
Eckington Park Collieries Coal SK
Ecton Deep Copper SK
Ecton Hill (Bonsall Trials) Mixed SK
Eddysbury Hill Coal SJ
Edge Hill Limestone SP
Edge Mount Pot Clay Clay SK
Edge Rake Lead SK
Edithweston Limestone SK
Edmunds Main Colliery Coal SE
Edwin Richards Whinstone SO
Egg Pit Coal SK
Eight Acre Pits (Blackwell) Coal SK
Elder Tree Vein Lead SK
Eldon Bent Vein Lead SK
Eldon Hill Limestone SK
Ellen Cliff Coal SK
Ellin Bank Ganister SK
Ellistown Coal SK
Ellowes Coal SJ
Elm Tree Coal SK
Elsecar Coal SK
Emanuels Venture Lead SK
Emms Hill Coal NZ
Empire Coal SO
Endcliffe Limestone SK
Enderby Mixed SK
Engine Close Lead SK
Engine Pit (Morley Park) Coal SK
Enterprise Lead SK
Erewash Furnaces Iron SK
Essington Farm Colliery Coal SJ
Essington Wood Colliery Coal SJ
Ettingshall Farm Mixed SJ
Exhall Coal SP
Exhall old Coal SP
Exhibition Colliery Coal SK
Exton Park Iron SK
Fackley Engine (1753) Coal SK
Fairtrial Lead SK
Fall Hill Gypsum SK
Fallswood New Colliery Coal SK
Fallswood Old Colliery Coal SK
Far Gatten Baryte SO
Far Lawn Colliery Coal SK
Farley Coal SJ
Farm 1 - 6 Coal SJ
Farm House Colliery (Pogmoor) Coal SE
Fauld Gypsum SK
Fence Coal SK
Fender Coal SK
Fenton Colliery Coal SJ
Fentons Old Pit Coal SK
Fern Coal SK
Fern and Roman Caves Lead SK
Fernilee Coal SK
Fieldgrove Lead SK
Fieldhouse Coal SK
Fiery Dragon Lead SK
Finedon (R.T & B.) Iron SP
Finedon (Wellingborough) Iron SP
Finedon Furnaces Iron SP
Finedon Hill Iron SP
Finedon Park Pits Iron SP
Finney Coal SK
Fir Vale Coal SK
Firbeck Main Colliery Coal SK
Fireset Lead SK
Firthwood Colliery Coal SK
Fishers (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Fishley Colliery Coal SK
Five Acre Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Flamstead Drift Coal SK
Flate Farm Colliery Coal SK
Flaxpiece Lead SK
Flint Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Florence Colliery Coal SJ
Flourish Sand/Gravel SK
Flowering Garden Lead SK
Fly Colliery Coal SO
Folly House Coal SK
Ford Coal SK
Ford Lane Coal SK
Ford Pit Coal SK
Forecroft Coal SK
Forest Rock Granite SK
Forge Coal SJ
Forty Horse Coal SK
Foundation Pit Coal SK
Foxcloud Lead SK
Foxfield Coal SJ
Foxhole Rake Lead SK
Foxhole 'Wad' Manganese SK
Foxholes Lead SK
Foxholes Lead SO
Foxley Oaks Colliery Coal SK
Foxoak Colliery Coal SO
Fox's Venture Lead SK
Foxt Coal SK
Foxt Wood Coal SK
Freehold Coal SJ
Freezland Lead SK
Friday Lead SK
Fritchley Sough Lead SK
Furlongs Pit Coal SK
Furnace Coal SJ
Furnace Coal SK
Furnace Colliery Coal SK
Furnace Hill Coal SK
Furness Pit Coal SK
Furnessvale Limestone SK
Gang Lead SK
Gank Hole Ochre SK
Garden End Lead SK
Garrow Tree Hill Colliery Coal SK
Gaskin Level Lead SK
Gate Head Bottom Coal Mine Coal SE
Gate Head Coal Pit Coal SE
Gate Pit Coal SJ
Gatestoop Lead SK
Gatten Baryte SO
Gaunts Coal SK
Gaunts Wheeldon Mill Coal SK
Gautries Rake Lead SK
Gayfields Clay SJ
Gayton Wood Iron SP
Gedling Colliery Coal SK
Gells Lead SK
Gells - Old Lead SK
Gentshill Coal SK
George Lead SK
Gibraltar Ganister SK
Gillow Heath Coal SJ
Giltbrook Colliery Coal SK
Gipsy Lane Clay SK
Gitchfield Coal SJ
Glapwell Colliery Coal SK
Glascote Coal SK
Glascote Clay SK
Glascote Clay SK
Glasshouse Coal SK
Glasshouse 1 Coal SJ
Glead and Hard rakes Lead SK
Gleadhall Pit Coal SK
Glebe Lead SK
Glebe Coal SK
Glebe Limestone SK
Glitchfield Level Coal SJ
Glory Fluorite SK
Glory Shaft Lead SK
Glossop Vale Ganister SJ
Golconda Mixed SK
Golden North (Codnor Park) Pit Coal SK
Golden South (Codnor Park) Pit Coal SK
Golden Valley Colliery Coal SK
Goldsitch Pit Coal SK
Gollconda Baryte SK
Gomersal Colliery Coal SK
Good Hope Clay SJ
Good Luck Lead SK
Good Luck (Crich) Lead SK
Goodluck (Yokecliffe) Lead SK
Gorrell Spring Pit Coal SK
Gorseydale Lead SK
Goscote Colliery Coal SK
Gosforth Colliery Coal SK
Gospel Lead SK
Gospel Oak Colliery Coal SO
Gospel Oak Ironworks Iron SO
Gospel Oak No 1 Pit Coal SO
Gothards Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Gowhole Coal SK
Goyt's (Goit's) Moss Sough Coal SK
Granby Coal SK
Granby No3 Coal SK
Grange Colliery Coal SJ
Grange Colliery (Kimberworth) Coal SK
Grange Mill Limestone SK
Grange Top Limestone SK
Grangewood Clay SK
Granville Coal SJ
Granville & Gorstyhill Colliery Coal SO
Granville No1 Coal SK
Granville No2 Coal SK
Grasscroft No1 Coal SK
Grasscroft No2 Coal SK
Grasscroft No3 (Leewood) Coal SK
Grasscroft Wood Coal SK
Grassmoor Colliery Coal SK
Greasbrough Colliery Coal SK
Greasley Old Foundation Pit Coal SK
Great Black Wong Pit Coal SK
Great Gate Sandstone SK
Great Greensward Lead SK
great masson Lead SK
Great Rake Lead SK
Great Rocks Limestone SK
Greatorex Lead SK
Greaves Coal SK
Green Close Pit Coal SK
Green Lane (Rawmarsh) Colliery Coal SK
Green Lane Colliery Coal SK
Green Linnets Lead SK
Greencliffe Lead SK
Greengale Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Greenhill Coal SJ
Greenhill Lane Colliery Coal SK
Greenlands Pit Coal SE
Greenlee Sough Lead SK
Greenside Drift Coal SK
Greetham Limestone SK
Greetwell Ironstone Iron TF
Greetwell Ironstone Mines Iron TF
Gregory Lead SK
Gregory 2nd Pit Coal SK
Gregory's Limestone SK
Gregory's Sough Lead SK
Grey Millstone Sandstone SK
Greyhound Mixed SK
Greystone Coal SK
Griff Coal SP
Griff Granite SP
Griffs Fireclay Clay SK
Grin Limestone SK
Grinshill Limestone SJ
Groby Other Rock SK
Gronwen Coal SJ
Gronwen Pit Coal SJ
Grosvenor Clay SJ
Grove Coal SK
Grove (Ilkeston) Coal SK
Grove Colliery Coal SK
Groveland Colliery Coal SO
Grumblethorpe Coal SK
Grundy's Ironstone Iron SK
Grundy's No 1 Ironstone Iron TF
Grundy's No 2 Ironstone Iron TF
Gubbins Hole Mine Lead SK
Gun Lane Colliery Coal SK
Gurdall Lead SK
Gwerni Pit Coal SJ
Haddon Grove Dale Ochre SK
Haden Hill No 9 Pit Coal SO
Hadenhill No 1 Pit Coal SO
Hadley Hill Iron SK
Hady Hill Colliery Coal SK
Hady Lane Coal SK
Hag Wood Pits Coal SK
Hagg Lead SK
Hagg Stones Ganister SK
Hague Pit Coal SK
Haighen Field Coal SK
Halesfield Coal SJ
Hall Coal SJ
Hall Broom (No1) Fireclay Clay SK
Hall Broom No2 Fireclay Clay SK
Hall Dale Limestone SK
Hall Field 1, 2 Coal SJ
Hall O'Lee Colliery Coal SJ
Hallam Coal SK
Hallam Field Iron Works Iron SK
Hallams Lead SK
Hallams Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Hallicar Lead SK
Hallicar Olive Lead SK
Hallicar Wood Level Lead SK
Hallows (Wright) Pits Coal SK
Halls Old Grove Lead SK
Halls Pit Coal SJ
Hamstead Coal SP
Hanborough Station Limestone SP
Handley Wood Coal SK
Hanging Flat Lead SK
Hanging Houghton Pits Iron SP
Hangworm Lead SK
Hanley Deep Coal SJ
Hanwood Coal SJ
Harborough Lead SK
Harbour Lands Pit Coal SK
Harcourt Coal SO
Hard Hole Meer Lead SK
Hard Rake Lead SK
Hardhurst Pit Coal SK
Harewood Fireclay Pits Clay SK
Hargate Hill Sandstone SK
Harkforward Lead SK
Harlaxton Iron SK
Harper Hill Coal SK
Harpur Hill Limestone SK
Harrisons Coal SK
Harrybecca Lead SK
Hartington Coal SK
Hartington Iron SK
Hartington Moor adit Lead SK
Hartledale Lead SK
Harworth Colliery Coal SK
Haslams (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Hasland Coal SK
Haslowfield Lead SK
Hatfield Main Coal SE
Hathering Wood Sandstone SK
Haunchwood Coal SP
Have-at-all Lead SK
Have-at-All Grove Lead SK
Havenhands Pit Coal SK
Hawbush 2 Mixed SJ
Hawkesbury Colliery Coal SP
Hawksebury Coal SP
Hawkstone Copper SJ
Hay Dale Calcite SK
Hayclough Pit Coal SJ
Haycop Coal SJ
Hayes Colliery Coal SO
Hayes Wood 8, 9 Coal SK
Hayesbrook Lead SK
Hayton's Bent Copper SO
Hazard Lead SK
Hazel (Hazel Well) Coal SK
Hazelor Copper SO
Hazelwell Coal SJ
Hazle Barrow Pit Coal SK
Headington Limestone SP
Heage Colliery Coal SK
Heage Naughton Colliery Coal SK
Heanor Coal SK
Heanor Hall Coal SK
Heanor Lane Coal SK
Heath Bush Lead SK
Heath End Coal SK
Heath Hill Coal SJ
Heathcote Road Footrail 3 Coal SJ
Heather Coal SK
Heather Coal SK
Heather Old Coal SK
Heathfield Nook Limestone SK
Heathmynd Lead SO
Hedleys (Barlow) Pit Coal SK
Heeley Coal SE
helton Deep Coal SJ
Hem Heath Coal SJ
Hen & Chicken Pit Coal SJ
Henmoor Pit Coal SK
Henstock's Lead SK
Hepshaw Coal SE
Hermitage Bye Pit Coal SK
Hermitage Foundation Pit Coal SK
Hermitage Foundation Pit Coal SK
Hermitage No1 Pit Coal SK
Hermitage No2 Pit Coal SK
Hermitage No3 Pit Coal SK
Hermitage Pit Coal SK
Hewardstone Lead SK
Hewlett Pit Coal SK
Hextons Sandstone SO
Heydour Warren Limestone SK
Heyford Ironworks Iron SP
Heyspot Lead SK
High Headstocks (Norths Old) Pit Coal SK
High Holborn Colliery Coal SK
High Lees Sandstone SK
High Loft Fluorite SK
High Low Lead SK
High Moor (Modern Era) Colliery Coal SK
High Moor (Old) Colliery Coal SK
High Park Colliery (Moorgreen No 3) Coal SK
High Rake Lead SK
Highcliffe Baryte SK
Highcliffe Lead SK
Higher Stubbin Coal SK
Highfield Coal SK
Highfield Coal SK
Highfield Colliery Coal SK
Highfields Lead SK
Highfields (Manor Co) Coal SK
Highley Coal SO
Highmoor Colliery Coal SK
Hill Top Coal SK
Hill Top (Hucklow) Lead SK
Hill Top Colliery Coal SK
Hill Top Colliery Coal SK
Hill Top Colliery Coal SK
Hill Top Fireclay Clay SK
Hillcarr sough Lead SK
Hillhead Limestone SK
Hillhouse Coal SK
Hillocks Lead SK
Hills and Holes Limestone TF
Hills Lane Coal SJ
Hills venture Lead SK
Hilton Colliery Coal SJ
Hilton Main 1, 2 Coal SJ
Hilts Limestone SK
Hindlow Limestone SK
Hirst Hollow Colliery Coal SK
Hit or Miss Lead SK
Hockerley Coal SK
Hockley Limestone SK
Hockley Hall Coal SP
Hodgkinsons Horse Croft Lead SK
Hoe Grange Limestone SK
Hogsland Shaft Mixed SK
Hogstow Hall Lead SJ
Holderness Limestone SK
Holditch Coal SJ
Hole (Whole) Mouth Rake Lead SK
Hole Rake Lead SK
Hollandtwine Lead SK
Holley Wood Engine Pit Coal SK
Hollies Lead SJ
Hollingwood Coal SK
Hollingwood Common Canal Tunnel Coal SK
Hollins Pit Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Hollins Sough Lead SK
Hollinwood Coal SJ
Holly bank Lead SK
Holly Bank 3, 5, 7, 15 Coal SJ
Holly Bush Colliery Coal SK
Holly House Pit Coal SK
Hollybank (Oakerthorpe) Coal SK
Hollywood Lane Coal SJ
Holme Bank (and Holme Hall) Other Rock SK
Holme Close Colliery Coal SK
Holme grove Lead SK
Holme No1 Coal SK
Holme No2 Coal SK
Holmeley Common Pit Coal SK
Holmeley Lane Coal SK
Holmes (Cutthorpe) Coal SK
Holmewood Coal SK
Holwell Ironworks Iron SK
Holybank Limestone SK
Holymoorside (Lowood's) Ganister Coal SK
Holywell Limestone SK
Holywell New Limestone SK
Homer Hill Coal SO
Hope Coal SK
Hope Ganister SK
Hope Limestone SK
Hopewell Coal SK
Hopewell Coal SK
Hopping Hill Coal SK
Hopping Pipe Fluorite SK
Hopton Limestone SK
Hopwood Pit Coal SK
Hornesthorpes Colliery Coal SK
Hornthorpes Colliery Coal SK
Horse Grove Lead SK
Horsebuttocks Lead SK
Horsedale Sough Lead SK
Horseley Colliery Coal SO
Horsesteps Lead SK
Horsley Colliery Coal SK
Horsley Footrill Colliery Coal SK
Hough Hole Coal SJ
Hough Vein Lead SK
Howcans Coal SE
Howgrove Lead SK
Hubbadale Lead SK
Hubberdale Lead SK
Hucknall No1 & 2 (Babbington No 7 & 8) Coal SK
Hucknall No2 Coal SK
Huglith Baryte SJ
Hullingworth Lead SK
Hulme Coal SJ
Hulme Coal SJ
Hundall Colliery Coal SK
Hungerhill Sandstone SK
Hunsbury Hill Iron SP
Hunsbury Ironworks Iron SP
Huntcliff Wood Fireclay Clay SK
Huntington Coal SJ
Hurdlow End Lead SK
Hurlfield Coal SK
Hurspit Sough Lead SK
Huskar Pit Coal SE
Hutmoor Butts Lead SK
Ibstock Coal SK
Ifton Colliery Coal SJ
Ilkeston Bath Coal SK
Ilkeston Colliery Coal SK
Ilkeston Manor Coal SK
Ilkeston Old No1 (Potters) Coal SK
Ilkeston Old No2 Coal SK
Ilkeston Old No3 Coal SK
ilverdale Coal SJ
Ingmanthorpe Coal SK
Inkerman Brickworks and Colliery Coal SK
Inmanswell Colliery Coal SK
Innocent Lead SK
Intake Limestone SK
Intake Coal SK
Intake Dale Lead SK
Irchester Iron SP
Irchester Junction Iron SP
Ireland Coal SK
Irthlingborough (Butlins) Iron SP
Irthlingborough (Ebbw Vale) Iron SP
Irthlingborough Ironworks Iron SP
Isham Iron SP
Islip Ironworks Iron SP
Ivonbrook Limestone SK
Jacksons Lead SK
Jacksons Pit Coal SJ
Jamage Colliery Coal SJ
Jamage Main Colliery Coal SJ
Jamage No 1 Footrill Coal SJ
Jamage No 3 Footrill Coal SJ
James Hall over engine Lead SK
Jane Mine, Starkholmes, Matlock. Lead SK
Jewloes Sough Lead SK
Jingler Lead SK
Job Lead SK
Jobby Colliery Coal SO
Jobs (Hard and Soft) Pit Coal SK
Jobs New Pit Coal SK
Jordan Coal SK
Jowle Grove Lead SK
Judkins Granite SP
Jug Holes Fluorite SK
Keepers Cottage Pit Coal SJ
Kemberton Coal SJ
Kendal Green Drift Coal SE
Kenslow Sand/Gravel SK
Kent's Main Colliery Coal SK
Keresley Coal SP
Ketley Brook Clay SJ
Kettlebrook Coal SK
Ketton Limestone SK
Kevin Limestone SK
Kidds Dak Close Lead SK
Kilbourne Colliery Coal SK
Kilburn Colliery Coal SK
Kilburn Hall Colliery Coal SK
Kilburn Pit Coal SK
Kilburn Pit Coal SK
Kilburn Pit (Heage) Coal SK
Kilvington Gypsum SK
Kimberley Coal SK
Kimberley Pit Coal SK
King Lead SK
Kings Wood Pit Coal SK
Kingsbury Coal SP
Kingsley Moor Coal SJ
Kingswood Coal SJ
Kinlet Colliery Coal SO
Kirby Lodge Stone Pits Limestone SP
Kirk Dale Lead SK
Kirk Hallam Colliery Coal SK
Kirkby Coal SK
Kits Limestone SP
Kiveton Park Limestone SK
Knolls Baryte SO
Knotlow Lead SK
Knowles Pit Coal SK
Knowlesgate Sough Lead SK
Ladies Vein Lead SK
Lady Lands Pit Coal SK
Lady Pit Coal SK
Ladywash Mixed SK
Ladywell Mixed SO
Ladywell Coal SK
Ladywood Coal SK
Ladywood Sough Mixed SJ
Lamb Intake (Bradwell Mines) Lead SK
Lambpart Lead SK
Lampart Lane Fluorite SK
Lamport Pits Iron SP
Lane End (Fulstone) Colliery Coal SE
Laneside Lead SK
Langhouse Ganister SK
Langley Mill Coal SK
Langley Sough Coal SK
Langleyfields Coal SJ
Langmead Lead SX
Langton Coal SK
Langwith Colliery Coal SK
Larks Venture Lead SK
Lath House Lead SK
Lathkill Dale (Batemans) Lead SK
Lathkill dale black marble Limestone SK
Lathkilldale level Lead SK
Law Wood Footrill (Thorncliffe) Coal SK
Lawley 3, 4 & drift extension Coal SJ
Lawley Coppice 1-12 Coal SJ
Lawn Coal SJ
Lawn Shaft Lead SK
Lea Coal SK
Lea Hall Coal SK
Leas Sough Lead SK
Leaton Whinstone SJ
Lecett Coal SK
Lee Close Lead SK
Lee Wood Lead SK
Lees Sandstone SK
Lees and Dove Rakes Lead SK
Lee's Colliery Coal SK
Lees Cross Sandstone SK
Leewall Vein and Sough Lead SK
Leewood Coal SK
Leicester and Swannington Coal SK
Leigh Level Unknown SJ
Leigh's Colliery Coal SK
Lepers Limestone SP
Ley Wood Pit Coal SK
Leys Gypsum SK
Leywood Lead SK
Lickpenny Lead SK
Lightmoor Coal SJ
Lightwood Lane Coal SK
Lilleshall Limestone SJ
Lily Pit Coal SK
Lily Street Pit Coal SK
Limepits Copper SK
Linby Coal SK
Lincoln Hill Limestone SJ
Lindridge Coal SK
Lings Colliery Coal SK
Linicar Scrin Lead SK
Linley Lead SO
Little Barrington Limestone SP
Little Brookhead Lead SK
Little Darklane Coal SJ
Little Dobsknowl Deep Pit Coal SK
Little Dobsknowl Whimsey Pit Coal SK
Little Eaton and Denby Gangway Coal SK
Little Hartshay Coal SK
Little Irchester Iron SP
Little London pit Coal SK
Little Matlock Fireclay & Coal Mixed SK
Little Pasture Lead SK
Little Sheriff Coal SJ
Littlemoor Coal SK
Littlemoor Coal SK
Littleton 2, 3 Coal SJ
Llanymynech Mixed SJ
Lloyds Coal SJ
Llwynimapson Coal SJ
Llwynymaen Coal SJ
Llwyn-y-Maen New Coal SJ
Llynclys hill Limestone SJ
Loads (East Moor) Ganister SK
Loads Head Ganister SK
Lockoford No1 Coal SK
Lodge Coal SK
Lodge Coal SJ
Lodge Sandstone SJ
Lodge Coal SJ
Lodge Farm (Adlingtons) Coal SK
Lodge Furnaces Ironworks Iron SJ
Lodge Moor Pit Coal SK
Lodge Plantation Iron SP
Long Acre Coal SK
Long Carr Colliery Coal SE
Long Close Coal SK
Long Harry Ironstone Iron TF
Long Rake Fluorite SK
Long Rake Lead SK
Long Rake (Old Lead) Lead SK
Long Tor Grotto Lead SK
Long Tor Top Lead SK
Longacre Coal SK
Longcliff Lead SK
Longcliffdale Lead SK
Longdales Limestone SK
Longrake Calcite SK
Longstone Edge Fluorite SK
Longstone Edge Sough Lead SK
Longville Plantation Sandstone SO
Longway Bank (Lognor) Coal SK
Lords And Ladies Lead SK
Lords Cupola Lead SK
Lord's Shaft (Crich Cliff) Lead SK
Loscoe Limestone SK
Loscoe Coal SK
Loscoe and Erewash Coal SK
Loscoe Furnaces Iron SK
Loscoe Sough Coal SK
Loton Park Limestone SJ
Loundsley Green Colliery Coal SK
Lousley Limestone SK
Low Matlock Fireclay & Coal Mixed SK
Low Mine Fluorite SK
Lowcote (Lucote) Gate Pit Coal SK
Lower (New) Birchwood Coal SK
Lower Birchwood (Shady Pit) Coal SK
Lower Hartshay Coal SK
Lower House Coal SJ
Lower Slitherstones Lead SK
Lowes Hill Level Coal SK
Lowgates Coal SK
Lucks All Lead SK
Ludworth Moor Coal SJ
Lumsdale Coal SK
Lyehill Limestone SP
Machine House Engine Pit Coal SK
Mackerel Main Pit Coal SK
Maddox Coppice Lead SJ
Magclough Sough Lead SK
Magdalen Limestone SP
Magpie Lead SK
Magpie Sough Lead SK
Magshaw Lead SK
Maiden Rake Lead SK
Malehurst Pit Coal SJ
Mam Engine Lead SK
Mancetter Whinstone SP
Mandale Lead SK
Mandale Rake Lead SK
Manners Coal SK
Manners Wood Limestone SK
Manor Coal SK
Manor Silkstone Coal SK
Mansfield Coal SK
Mansfield & Pinxton Unknown SK
Mansgate Hill Chalk TA
Manton Coal SK
Manystones Lead SK
Mapperley Coal SK
Marblaegis Gypsum SK
Marehay Brickyard Pit Coal SK
Marehay Colliery Coal SK
Marehay Main Colliery Coal SK
Market Overton Iron SK
Markham Coal SK
Markham Main Coal SE
Marks Dale Lead SK
Marlpool Coal SK
Marlpool Top Pit Coal SK
Marquis Coal SK
Marriot Wood Fireclay Clay SK
Marsden New (Blackamoor) Coal SK
Marsden Pits Coal SK
Marsh Limestone SK
Marsh Farm Coal SK
Marsh Hill PIt Coal SJ
Marsh Lane Adit Coal SK
Marsh Lane Colliery Coal SK
Marsh Quarry Coal SK
Marsh Vale Coal SK
Mary Rose Lead SK
Maskhill Lead SK
Masson Farm sough Lead SK
Masson Hill Mixed SK
Matsyard Colliery Coal SK
Maury Lead SK
Maury Sough Lead SK
Mawstone Lead SK
Maypitts / Redsoil Lead SK
Meadow Coal SJ
Meadowpit Coal SJ
Meadowtown Lead SJ
Measham House Coal SK
Measham Main Coal SK
Medlicott Copper SO
Medwells Limestone SK
Meerbrook Sough Lead SK
Meerbrook Sough Lead SK
Melton Ross Chalk TA
Merebrook Lead SK
Merlin's Lead SK
Merry Hill 1,5 Coal SK
Merry Tom Lead SK
Merrylees colliery Coal SK
Mexborough Colliery No 1 & 2 Coal SK
Mexborough Colliery No 3 Coal SK
Mickley Colliery Coal SK
Mid Cannock Coal SK
Middle Engine Lead SK
Middle Peak Limestone SK
Middle Peak Quarry Limestone SK
Middlefield Rake Lead SK
Middlehay Fluorite SK
Middleton (Derbyshire) Limestone SK
Middleton Engine Lead SK
Midland Brick Iron SP
Milburgh Colliery Coal SJ
Milking Bank Clay SJ
Milking Place Vein Lead SK
Mill Dam (Old) Lead SK
Mill Green Coal SK
Mill Green Shaft Lead SK
Millclose Mixed SK
Milldam Fluorite SK
Millers Dale Limestone SK
Millfield Coal SK
Millhay Coal SK
Milltown Limestone SK
Milltown Fluorite SK
Milton Limestone SP
Milton House (Elsecar) Pit Coal SE
Milton Roadside (Elsecar) Pit Coal SK
Minerva Pit Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Minnie Pit Coal SJ
Minorca Coal SK
Mire Close Mines Lead SK
Miry Wood 2 Coal SK
Mitchells' Main (Wombwell) Coal SE
Mitchells Wood Coal SJ
Mixon Copper SK
Moat Colliery No 7 & 8 Pits Coal SO
Moat Colliery Pit No 12 Coal SO
Moat Colliery Pit No 15 Coal SO
Moat Hill Pit Coal SJ
Mogshaw mine Lead SK
Moira Coal SK
Moira Furnace Iron SK
Molyneux Coal SK
Monday Lead SK
Monks Abbey Ironstone Mines Iron SK
Monkwood No 1 Pit Coal SK
Monkwood No 2 Colliery Coal SK
Monsaldale Spar Fluorite SK
Moor Jepson Lead SK
Mooredge Coal SK
Moorfurlong Lead SK
Moorgreen colliery Coal SK
Moorhigh Lead SK
Moorhole East Coal SK
Moorhole North Coal SK
Moorhole West Coal SK
Moorland Coal SJ
Moorside Other Rock SK
Moorside Sandstone SK
Moorside Sandstone SK
Moorwood Coal SJ
Moorwood Moor Coal SK
Moorwood Sough Lead SK
Moreland Colliery Coal SK
Moreton Hall Colliery Coal SJ
Morley Mixed SK
Morley Moor Sandstone SK
Morley Park Colliery Coal SK
Morley Park Furnace Coal Engine Pit Coal SK
Morley Park Furnace Coal Pit Coal SK
Morley Park Ironworks Iron SK
Morley's Pit Coal SK
Morton Coal SJ
Morton Coal SK
Moss Fireclay Clay SK
Moss Rake Calcite SK
Moss Rake Lead SK
Moss Rake East Calcite SK
Mossbrook Coal SK
Mossfield Coal SJ
Mossfield Coal SJ
Mottram Wood Coal SE
Mouldridge Lead SK
Mount 4 Coal SJ
Mount Osborne (Southern Section) Coal SE
Mount Pleasant Coal SK
Mount Pleasant Clay SK
Mount Pleasant 2 Coal SJ
Mountpleasant Lead SK
Mountsorrel Granite SK
Mountsorrel Budden Wood Granite SK
Mouse Park Wood Pits Coal SK
Muddy Island Colliery Coal SK
Muse Lead SK
Muxton Bridge Coal SJ
Myers Lane Coal SK
Myndtown Copper SO
Myttonsbeach Lead SJ
Nab Wood Ganister SK
Nailer North (Codnor Park) Pit Coal SK
Nailer South (Codnor Park) Pit Coal SK
Nailstone Coal SK
Nall Hole Lead SK
Nantycaws Coal SJ
Nassington Clay TL
NCB Area Headquarters at Bolsover Unknown SK
Neilsons Iron SP
Nelson Street Coal SK
Neptune Lead SK
Nesfield Colliery Coal SK
Nesscliffe Sandstone SJ
Nesscliffe (Shrewsbury) Sandstone SJ
Nestfield Coal SK
Nestus Fluorite SK
Nether Cliffe Pit Coal SK
Nether Cross Lead SK
Nether Dirtlow Lead SK
Nether Heage Coal SK
Nether Heath Copper SO
Netherseal Coal SK
Netherthorpe Coal SK
Netherwater Lead SK
Nettler Dale Black Marble Limestone SK
Nettleton Iron TF
Nettleton Bottom Chalk TF
New (Hucklow) Hedge Lead SK
New Auckland Drift Coal SK
New Brampton Coal SE
New Brampton Colliery Coal SK
New British Coal SJ
New Broadfield (1927) Coal SK
New Broadfield Colliery (1919) Coal SK
New Central Lead SJ
New Deep (Rawmarsh) Coal SK
New Deer Park Pit Coal SK
New Duke Pit Coal SK
New Dunston Coal SK
New Engine Lead SK
New Farm (Barlow) Coal SK
New Granby Coal SK
New Grove Lead SK
New Haden Coal SJ
New Hawne Coal SO
New Hazard Lead SK
New Heanor Coal SK
New High Carr No 3 Coal SJ
New High Carr No 4 Coal SJ
New Horsley Colliery Coal SK
New Hucknall Colliery Coal SK
New Inn Level Coal SK
New Lane Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
New Langley Coal SK
New London Colliery Coal SK
New Lount Colliery Coal SK
New Main Colliery Coal SK
New Main No 4 Colliery Coal SK
New Main No 5 Colliery Coal SK
New Main No 7 Colliery Coal SK
New Marrs Coal SK
New Maskhill Lead SK
New Park Sandstone SK
New Pilborough Limestone SK
New Pilough Sandstone SK
New Portaway Lead SK
New Riber Colliery Coal SK
New Selston Coal SK
New Swannington Coal SK
New Townhead Lead SK
New Venture Lead SO
New Venture Lead SK
New Venture West Lead SK
New Wharf Coal SK
New Whittington Coal SK
New Winning Coal SK
New Winning (Heanor) Coal SK
New Winning Footrill Colliery Coal SK
New Winnings Colliery Coal SK
New Works Coal SJ
Newbold Backlane Colliery Coal SK
Newbold Colliery Coal SK
Newbold Ironworks Colliery Coal SK
Newbold Moor Pit Coal SK
Newcastle Coal SK
Newclose Lead SK
Newdigate Coal SP
Newfield Coal SK
Newhouse Coal SJ
Newhurst Mixed SK
Newlands Coal SK
Newlands Colliery Coal SO
Newman Spinney Gasification Coal SK
Newmarket Coal SK
Newstead Coal SK
Newthorpe (Bully Rag) Colliery Coal SK
Newthorpe (New) Coal SK
Newthorpe Colliery Coal SK
Newthorpe Lodge Coal SK
Nibble and Clink Colliery Coal SK
Nick Knolls Baryte SJ
Nick Sough Lead SK
Nickalum Lead SK
Nickergrove Lead SK
Nightingale Pit Coal SK
Nile Lead SK
Nipstone Baryte SO
Nithen End Sandstone SK
Nobold Coal SJ
Nogg Lead SK
Nook and Wryley Coal SK
Noon Nick Lead SK
Norbriggs Coal SK
Norbury Copper SO
Norfolk Coal SK
Norman Colliery Coal SK
North Cliff Sough Lead SK
North End Sandstone SJ
North Hoo Valley Lead SK
North Midland Coal SJ
North Ormsby Chalk TF
North Salterwood Coal SK
North Selby Coal SE
North Unstone Colliery Coal SK
Northfield Coal SK
Norton Coal SJ
Norton Disney Sand/Gravel SK
Norwood Colliery Coal SK
Norwood Colliery Coal SK
Notbury (Knotbury) Coal SK
Novers Limestone SO
Nunckley Granite SK
Nuneaton Coal SP
Nunlowend Lead SK
Nunnery Coal SK
Nursary Lead SK
Nursary End Lead SK
Nutbrook Coal SK
Nuthall Barbers Engine Pit Coal SK
Nuthall Burdett's Pit Coal SK
Nuthall Harris's Engine Pit Coal SK
Nuthall Pay For All Pit Coal SK
Nuthall Wood Engine Pit Coal SK
Nutseats Limestone SK
Oakerthorpe (East) Colliery Coal SK
Oakerthorpe (Furnace Coal) Coal SK
Oakerthorpe (West) Coal SK
Oakerthorpe (Wood) Pit Coal SK
Oakham Colliery No 26 Pit Coal SO
Oakham Colliery Pit No 25 Coal SO
Oakley Main Coal SK
Oakthorpe Coal SK
Oakwell Colliery Coal SK
Oakwell Wallow Pit Coal SK
Oakwood Grange Colliery Coal SK
Odin Lead SK
Old Ash Lead SK
Old Avenue Colliery Coal SK
Old Blackwell Pasture Coal SK
Old Brampton (Dixons) Coal SK
Old Brampton (Hayes) Coal SK
Old Brassington Lead SK
Old Brick (South Normanton) Pit Coal SK
Old Britain Colliery Coal SK
Old Cathole Clay Mine Coal SK
Old Cliffe Hill Other Rock SK
Old College Dream Lead SK
Old Darklane Coal SJ
Old Dean Lead SK
Old Deer Park Pit Coal SK
Old Dog Pit Coal SJ
Old Dronfield Silkstone Colliery Coal SK
Old End Lead SK
Old Engine Colliery Coal SK
Old Eye Lead SK
Old Gell's Lead SK
Old Gells Ashtree Lead SK
Old Gells Sough Lead SK
Old Grit & East Grit Lead SO
Old Gronwen Coal SJ
Old Grove Sough Lead SK
Old Hagg Coal Pits Coal SK
Old Harper Lead SK
Old Hawne Colliery Coal SO
Old High Holborn Coal SK
Old Horse Lead SK
Old Hucknall Coal SK
Old Jacobs Lead SK
Old Kennill Grove Lead SK
Old Knowl Lead SK
Old Lawn Coal SJ
Old Lion Colliery Coal SO
Old Millclose Mixed SK
Old Millclose Mine Lead SK
Old Moat Hall Pit Coal SJ
Old Moor Lead SK
Old Park Coal SJ
Old Park 3 Coal SJ
Old Pasture Lead SK
Old Pinxton (Old Engine) Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No1 (Green) Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No2 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No3 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No4 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No5 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No6 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No7 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No8 Pit Coal SK
Old Pinxton No9 Pit Coal SK
Old Pottery Pit Coal SJ
Old Radford Coal SK
Old Roundall Lead SK
Old Seedlow Lead SK
Old Tail Edge Vein Lead SK
Old Taylor's Lead SK
Old Tor Fluorite SK
Old Townhead Lead SK
Old Trefonen Coal SJ
Old Twelve Meers Lead SK
Old Wall Lead SK
Old Waterloo pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No3 (Engine) Pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No4 Pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No5 Pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No6 Pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No7 Pit Coal SK
Old Watnall No8 (Boundary) Pit Coal SK
Old Wham Vein Lead SK
Old Wharf (1840) Coal SK
Old Wharf No1 Coal SK
Old Wilkin 8 Coal SK
Old Wollaton Coal SK
Oldend Mine Lead SK
Oldhill Colliery Coal SO
Oldhill Ironworks Iron SO
oldnall Coal SO
Oldnall Colliery Coal SO
Ollersett Hall Coal SK
Ollersett Hall Water Adit Coal SK
Ollerton Coal SK
One Ash Moor Lead SK
Open Holes Colliery Coal SK
Openwoodgate Coal SK
Orchard Lead SK
Orchard Lead SK
Orchard Moor Top Pit Coal SK
Orchard Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Orchard Sough Lead SK
Ormonde Coal SK
Outwoods Sandstone SK
Over Loads Fireclay Clay SK
Overton Lead SK
Owlcotes Coal SK
Owlet Hole Fluorite SK
Ox Lee Colliery Coal SE
Oxclose Lead SK
Oxclose (Snickers) Sough Lead SK
Oxclose Colliery Coal SK
Oxclose Silkstone Main Coal SK
Oxcroft No 3 Colliery Coal SK
Oxcroft No 4 Colliery Coal SK
Oxcroft No 5 Colliery Coal SK
Oxcroft No1 Colliery Coal SK
Oxen Sough Lead SK
Oxlow end Lead SK
Oxlow Head Engine Lead SK
Oxlow Rake Lead SK
Packthread Lead SK
Paddock Coal SJ
Paddock Colliery Coal SK
Padley (Hartshay) Coal SK
Page's Lead SK
Palterton Old Colliery Coal SK
Parish Coal SJ
Park Gate Colliery (Tankersley) Coal SK
Park Hall Coal SJ
Park Hall 5, 6 Coal SJ
Park Hall Colliery Coal SK
Park House Coal SJ
Park Wood Sandstone SJ
Park Wood Coal SK
Parkers Pit Coal SK
Parkers Shaft Lead SK
Parkhouse Colliery Coal SK
Parkhouse Colliery Coal SJ
Parklands 1 Coal SJ
Parliament Limestone SK
Partridge Nest Ironworks Iron SJ
Partridges Pit Coal SJ
Paupers Venture Lead SK
Peacock Coal SK
Peacock Coal SK
Peacock Coal SK
Peak Forest Tramway Limestone SK
Peakshill Sough Lead SK
Peakshole Sough Lead SK
Pearson Colliery Coal SO
Pearsons Venture Lead SK
Pearsons Wood (Blackamoor) Pit Coal SK
Peasunhurst Limestone SK
Peawit Colliery Coal SK
Pelsall Colliery Ebenezer Pit Coal SK
Pelsall Colliery No 1 & 2 Pits Coal SK
Pelsall Colliery No 10 Pit Coal SK
Pelsall Colliery No 8 & 9 Pits Coal SK
Pelsall Hall Colliery No 3 & 4 Pits Coal SK
Pennerley Lead SO
Penny Lead SK
Penny Hole Coal SK
Penny Pie Coal SE
Pentirvin Lead SJ
Pentrich Coal SK
Pentrich and Oakerthorpe Coal SK
Pentrich Pits (Around Pentrich Village) Coal SK
Pentrichcommon Sandstone SK
Penylan Coal SJ
Perkinsbeach Lead SO
Perseverance Lead SK
Perseverance Lead SK
Perseverance (Carsington) Lead SK
Pewit Coal SK
Philips Pit Coal SK
Phoenix (Cossall) Iron Works Iron SK
Picking Pitts Gate Lead SK
Pidgeons (Pigeons) Old Engine Pit Coal SK
Pienet Nest Shaft & Vein Lead SK
Pierces Pit Coal SK
Pigeons (Pidgeons) Pit Coal SK
Pike Hall Lane Fluorite SK
Pike Lane Mixed SK
Pilborough Limestone SK
Pilsley Colliery Coal SK
Pim Hill Other Rock SJ
Pindale Lead SK
Pindale End Lead SK
Pindale Old Limestone SK
Pindale Scrins Lead SK
Pindar Park Ironstone Pits Iron SK
Pinder Taker Lead SK
Pingle Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Pingot Clough Coal SK
Pingot Collery Coal SK
pinxton Coal SK
Pinxton No1 & No6 Coal SK
Pinxton No3 Coal SK
Pinxton Sleights Coal SK
Pit Close Gypsum SK
Pitchcroft Limestone SJ
Pitcholds Lead SO
Pitsford Iron SP
Pittaways Limestone SP
Pitts Lead SK
Placket Lead SK
Plain Spot Coal SK
Planting Pit Coal SE
Plants Farm Coal SJ
Playhatch Chalk SP
Plough Flats Coal SK
Plumbley Coal SK
Plumptre Colliery Coal SK
Plumptree Colliery Coal SK
Plymouth No2 Coal SK
Plymouth No4 Coal SK
Plymouth No5 Coal SK
Pocketgate Slate SK
Podmore Hall Footrail Coal SK
Polesworth Coal SK
Pollington Colliery Coal SK
Pond Farm Coal SK
Pontesford Colliery (Nags Head) Coal SJ
Pontesford Snailbeach Lead SJ
Pontesford White Grit Unknown SJ
Pool Clay Pits Mixed SK
Pool Hayes Coal SJ
Pool Lane Coal SK
Pooley Hall Coal SK
Poorlots Other Rock SK
Portabello Lead SK
Portaway Lead SK
Portland Lime Works Limestone SK
Portland No1 Coal SK
Portland No2 Coal SK
Portland No3 Coal SK
Portland No4 Coal SK
Portland No5 Coal SK
Portland No6 Coal SK
Portland No7 Coal SK
Portland Tramway Coal SK
Portley Coal SJ
Portobello Olive Lead SK
Portway Lead SK
Potosi Lead SK
Potosi Lead SK
Potsherd Coal SK
Potters Engine Pit Coal SK
Potters Pit Lead SO
Pretoria chert Other Rock SK
Prices No. 1 Clay SJ
Primrose Lead SK
Primrose Lead SK
Prince Albert Lead SK
Prince Albert Colliery Coal SE
Princes End Coal SJ
Prospect (Alport) Lead SK
Providence Lead SK
Providence Lead SK
Pudding Bag Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Pudleyhill Coal SJ
Putwell Hill Lead SK
Pwll-y-Glouge Pit Coal SJ
Pye Hill Coal SK
Quarnford Pit Coal SJ
Quarry Copper SK
Quarry Farm Coal SK
Quarry Gate Coal SK
Quickset Lead SK
Rachel Pit Coal SK
Rackity Lead SK
Raddle Pits Lead SK
Radfields Coal SK
Radford Coal SK
Railway Colliery Coal SK
Railway Pit Coal SK
Railway Pit Ganister SK
Rake Head (Hugh Grove) Lead SK
Rakeway Coal SK
Rally Quarr Limestone SP
Ramcroft Colliery Coal SK
Ramcroft Drift Coal SK
Ramsdens Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Randle Coal SJ
Rangeleys (Fallswood) Pit Coal SK
Ranter Lead SK
Rantertackers Lead SK
Raper Fluorite SK
Ratchwood Lead SK
Rath & Cowlica Rake Lead SK
Rath Rake Sough Lead SK
Ratlinghope Copper SO
Raven Lead SK
Ravens Tor Lead SK
Ravenscliffe 3 Coal SK
Ravensleach Sandstone SK
Rawdon Coal SK
Rawmarsh Nether Field Lane Pits Coal SK
Rectory (Pinxton) Coal SK
Rectory Colliery Coal SK
Red Barn Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Red Grinshill Sandstone SJ
Red Rake Lead SK
Red Street No 1 & 2 Footrill Coal SJ
Redcarr Wood Limestone SK
Redfield Pit Coal SJ
Redgates Foundation Pit Coal SK
Redhall Coal SJ
Redhill Limestone SK
Rednal Copper SJ
Reeve Edge Sandstone SK
Renishaw Iron SK
Renishaw Colliery Coal SK
Renishaw Park Colliery Coal SK
Renishaw Park No1 Pit Coal SK
Renishaw Park No2 Pit Coal SK
Renishaw Park No3 Pit Coal SK
Renishaw Park No4 Pit Coal SK
Renishaw Park No5 (Blacks) Pit Coal SK
Renishaw Station Colliery Coal SK
Reservoir Colliery Coal SK
Rhadley Mixed SO
Ribden Lead SK
Riber Lead SK
Riber Fluorite SK
Riccall Coal SE
Richardsons Coal SK
Ricklow Lead SK
Ricklow Marble SK
Riddings (Hollyhurst) Coal SK
Riddings Colliery Coal SO
Riddings Old Deeps Colliery Coal SK
Rider Hill Lead SK
Ridge Hill Baryte SO
Ridgeway Sandstone SK
Ridgeway Sough (Wakebridge Level) Lead SK
Riley Lane Coal SK
Ringing Rake and Masson Sough Lead SK
Ringinglow Coal SK
Ringstone (Railway Pit) Coal SK
Ringstone (Top Pit) Coal SK
Ripley Coal SK
Ritton Castle Lead SO
Roach Sandstone SK
Roach Other Rock SK
Roach Hey Wood Coal SJ
Robbinetts Drift Coal SK
Roberts Pit Coal SJ
Robey Fields (Engine) Pit Coal SK
Robin Hood Coal SJ
Robinett's Engine Pit Coal SK
Robins Shaft Lead SK
Robinsclough Coal SJ
Robinson & Dowlers (Overseal) Pit Coal SK
Rock Mixed SO
Rock Coal SJ
Rock Valley Sandstone SK
Rod Knoll Mine Coal SK
Roewood Coal SJ
Rogers Pit Coal SJ
Roman Boundary Lead SJ
Roman Gravels Mixed SO
Rookery 3 Clay SJ
Rookery black marble Limestone SK
Rookery Colliery Coal SJ
Rope and Chain Coal SK
Rorrington Lead SO
Roscoe Coal SK
Rose Rakes Lead SK
Rosewood black marble Limestone SK
Rotherside Coal SK
Rough Close Coal SK
Rough Piece Coal SK
Roundhill Mine Mixed SO
Roundlow Lead SK
Roundtain Baryte SO
Roundwood Sandstone SJ
Roundwood Colliery Coal SK
Rowbottoms Close Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Rowson Green Colliery Coal SK
Rowter Hole Lead SK
Royal oak Lead SK
Royledge Lead SK
Rudgards Ironstone Iron SK
Rufford Coal SK
ruggs hall Lead SK
Rushall Limestone SK
Rushy Lead SK
Rutland Coal SK
Rutland (Cobnor Wood) Coal SK
Rutland No1 Coal SK
Rutland No2 Coal SK
Rutland No3 Coal SK
Rutland No4 Coal SK
Rutland Railway Iron SK
Ryder Point Limestone SK
Rye Flats Coal SK
Ryefield Colliery Coal SK
Sacheveral Farm Mixed SK
Sacheveral Lane Fluorite SK
Sallet Hole No1 adit Mixed SK
Sallies Baryte SJ
Sally Wood Old Coal SE
Salop Street 2 Clay SJ
Salters Lane Coal SJ
Salterwood Coal SK
Salt's level Copper SK
Saltwells Colliery Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 1 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 10 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 14 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 15 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 18 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 19 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 2 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 20 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 21 Pit Coal SJ
Saltwells Colliery No 22 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 23 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 24 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 26 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 27 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 28 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 28 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 29 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 3 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 30 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 31 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 36 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 4 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 5 Pit Coal SO
Saltwells Colliery No 6 Pit Coal SO
Samuel Lead SK
Samuels Scrin Lead SK
Sand Pit Footrill Coal SJ
Sandhole Lead SK
Sandhole Sough Lead SK
Sandwell Park Coal SJ
Sandy Dale Pit Coal SK
Santley Lead SJ
Saxton Pits (Blackwell) Coal SK
Scaldwell Pits Iron SP
Scholes Colliery Coal SK
Scholes Old Colliery Coal SK
Schoolfield Colliery No 2 Pit Coal SO
Schoolfield Colliery No 3 Pit Coal SO
Scotwell Colliery Coal SO
Seedlow Lead SK
Selston (Underwood) Coal SK
Selston 1576 Sough Coal SK
Selston Colliery Coal SK
Seymour Colliery Coal SK
Shady Hall No1 Coal SK
Shady Hall No2 Coal SK
Shake Rope Vein Lead SK
Shallcross Hall Coal SK
Shallcross New Coal SK
Shaw Lane Limestone SK
Shaw Wood Coal SK
Shaw Wood No2 Coal SK
Shawcross Colliery Coal SE
Shawe Coal SJ
Shawfield Coal SJ
Shaws Limestone SK
Shaws Engine Lead SK
Shaw's Pit Coal SK
Sheaths Pipe Lead SK
Sheepbridge No 1 Colliery Coal SK
Sheepbridge No2 Coal SK
Sheffield Colliery Coal SK
Shelve Mixed SO
Shelve Pool Baryte SO
Shelve Trial Lead SO
Shepherds Lead SK
Sherwood Coal SK
Sherwood Colliery Coal SK
Shining Bank Limestone SK
Shining Cliff Lead SK
Shiningbank Limestone SK
Shiningcloud Lead SK
Shinning Sough Lead SK
Shipley (Deepfield) Colliery Coal SK
Shipley (Newcastle Pit) Colliery Coal SK
Shipton Lead SO
Shirebrook Coal SK
Shireoaks Iron SK
Shireoaks (Belper) Coal SK
Shirland Coal SK
Shorthill (Cruckmeole) Coal SJ
Shovel & Toby Lead SK
Showsley Pits Iron SP
Shrubbery Coal SJ
Shuffle Rake Lead SK
Shuttlebank Lead SK
Shuttocks Wood Copper SO
Sick Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Sicklebrook Lane Colliery Coal SK
Sicklebrook No2 Coal SK
Siddons Mine Coal SK
Side Lead SK
Sidfordholm(e) (Sydfordholm(e)) Shaft Lead SK
Siggate Head Lead SK
Silence Lead SK
Silkstone Main (Stainborough) Colliery Coal SE
Sills Limestone SK
Silsoe Sandstone TL
Silver Eye Lead SK
Silver Hillocks Lead SK
Silverdale Coal SJ
Silverhill Coal SK
Simonfield Coal SK
Sing-a-bed Coal SK
Sitch Lead SK
Sitwell Clay Mine Coal SK
Skegby Coal SK
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) Coal SK
Skegby Dunsell (Dunsil) Engine (1814) Pit Coal SK
Skegby Engine (1795) Coal SK
Skegby Engine (1808) Pit Coal SK
Skegby Hard Coal Coal SK
Skegby Runiw Coal SK
Skiers Spring Coal SK
Slack Breaks Lead SK
Slack Mine Lead SK
Slackrake Lead SK
Slaley Sough Lead SK
Slatepitdale Coal SK
Slatepitdale Clay SK
Slaters Lead SK
Slaters Lead SK
Slayley Mixed SK
Sliding Pits Lead SK
Sling Coal SK
Slingtor (Slinter Tor) (Owlet Hole) Lead SK
Slinter Unknown SK
Slinter Top Baryte SK
Slinter Wood Lead SK
Slitherstone Lead SK
Slitherstone Lead SK
Sloads Farm Pit Coal SK
Slone Pit (Blackwell) Coal SK
Smalldale Baryte SK
Smalldale Head Fluorite SK
Smalley Coal SK
Smalley Footrill Coal SK
Smalley Hill 1 Clay SJ
Smalley Hill 2 Coal SJ
Smalley Mill Sough Coal SK
Smallpenny Level Lead SK
Smeadow Lead SK
Smiler Lead SK
Smithfield Sough Lead SK
Smithy Coe Lead SK
Smithy Wood Colliery Coal SK
Smithycove Lead SK
Snailbeach Mixed SJ
Snake Lead SK
Snelston Lead SK
Sneyd Coal SJ
Snibston Coal SK
Snibston No 3 Colliery Coal SK
Snowdon Lane Colliery Coal SK
Softley (Soughley) Ganister SE
Somersall Coal SK
South Ferriby Chalk SE
South Leicestershire Coal SK
South Normanton Coal SK
South Normanton Old Coal SK
South Roman Gravels Mixed SO
South Thoresby Chalk TF
South Witham Limestone SK
South Wood Coal SK
Southfield Lane Limestone SK
Southgate Colliery Coal SK
Sowell Pit Coal SK
Spans Pit Coal SK
Spar black marble Limestone SK
Sparklow Lead SK
Spawcroft Coal SK
Speed Grove Lead SK
Speedwell Coal SK
Speedwell Lead SK
Speedwell Lead SK
Speedwell Lead SK
Speedwell Colliery Coal SK
Speedwell Colliery Coal SK
Speedwell Pit Coal SJ
Speetley Limestone SK
Speighthill Coal SK
Spencer Lead SK
Spencers Level Lead SK
Spink Hill Colliery Coal SK
spinney level Lead SK
Spital Colliery Coal SK
Spitalwell Pits Coal SK
Spitwinter Ganister SK
Spout Coal SJ
Spratton Pits Iron SP
Spratts Barn Sandstone SP
Spring Bank Pit Coal SK
Spring Foundary (Highfield) Pit Coal SK
Spring Meadow 1, 2 Coal SK
Springfield Coal SK
Springfield Pit Coal SK
Springhill Mixed SK
Springhill Colliery Coal SJ
Sprint Lead SK
Squilver Baryte SO
Squilver Hill Lead SO
St Johns Coal SK
St Johns Coal SK
Stablehill Coal SJ
Stadford Hollow Lead SK
Stafford Coal SJ
Stafford Coal SJ
Stafford 1, 2 Coal SJ
Stainsbro Limestone SK
Stancliffe Limestone SK
Standhills Coal SJ
Stanfree Old Pit Coal SK
Stanhope Coal SE
Stanhope Bretby Coal SK
Stanley Coal SO
Stanley Sandstone SO
Stanley Colliery Coal SK
Stanley Footrill Colliery Coal SK
Stanley Kilbourne Colliery Coal SK
Stannage (Stanage) Coal SK
Stannage (Stanedge) Pole Coal SK
Stannington Wood Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Stanton Coal SK
Stanton Colliery Coal SK
Stanton Ironworks Iron SK
Stanton Moor Sandstone SK
Stanton Park Sandstone SK
Stantongate Iron SP
Stapeley Lead SO
Stapleford Coal SK
Stapleford Hill Copper SK
Stapleford Hill Sandstone SK
Star (Old Brampton) Coal SK
Stars Wood Fluorite SK
Starswood Fluorite SK
Starswood Fluorite SK
Starvehouse Lead SK
Station Limestone SK
Station Limestone SK
Station 1,2 Coal SJ
Station Colliery Coal SJ
Stations Pit Coal SK
Staveley Lower Ground Coal SK
Staveley Upper Ground Coal SK
Steeplehouse Limestone SK
Steeraway Limestone SJ
Steetley Coal SK
Steetley Limestone SK
Stenson Sand/Gravel SK
Sterndale Sough Lead SK
Stillingtons Lead SK
Stiperstones Unknown SJ
Stitchen Lead SK
Stockingford Coal SP
Stoke Old Engine Lead SK
Stoke sough Lead SK
Stone Big Close Iron SK
Stone Edge Pit Clay SK
Stone House Coal SK
Stone Lane Coal SK
Stone Trough Colliery Coal SJ
Stonebrake Limestone SK
Stonedge Cupola Lead SK
Stonesfield Slate SP
Stoney Lee Limestone SK
Stoney Lees Mines Lead SK
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 4 Lead SK
Stoney Middleton Dale Level 5 Lead SK
Stoneycroft Limestone SK
Stoneyford Coal SK
Stony Butts Lead SK
Stoop Sough Lead SK
Stoppards Pit (West Hallam) Coal SK
Storeton Sandstone SJ
Storforth Lane Colliery Coal SK
Storrs Bridge Clay SK
Storrs Fireclay Clay SK
Stortons Pits Iron SP
Stour Colliery Coal SO
Stowe Ironworks Iron SP
Strathfield Coal SK
Strawberry Lee Fireclay Clay SK
Strelley No2 Coal SK
Stretton Coal SK
Strong's Limestone SP
Stubber's Green Colliery Coal SK
Stubbin Pit Ganister SK
Stubbins Wood Pit Coal SK
Stubden Edge Ganister SK
Stubley Colliery Coal SK
Stubley Hollow Coal SK
Suckstone Lead SK
Summerhill Coal SK
Summerley Colliery Coal SK
Sun Rake Lead SK
Sunday Lead SK
Sutton Coal SK
Sutton Coal SK
Sutton Vein Lead SK
Swad Dale Pit Coal SK
Swadlincote Old Coal SK
Swainsley Copper SK
Swainsley Copper SK
Swaithe Main Coal SE
Swallow Wood Colliery Coal SK
Swallow Wood Pit (Masbrough) Coal SK
Swallownest Lead SK
Swan Coal SJ
Swang Lead SK
Swans Coal SK
Swanwick (1st Cinderhill Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (1st Outseals Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (2nd Cinderhill Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Bakers Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Bond Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Bullocks Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Cinder Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Clays 1804 Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Clays 1812 Whymsey Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Crab Tree Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Croft Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Dam Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Engine 1795 Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Engine 1799 Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Engine 1833 Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Engine Pits) Coal SK
Swanwick (Farnsworth Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Folly Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Hool Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Lane Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Level Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Meadow Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Middle Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (New Delves Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (New) Colliery Coal SK
Swanwick (North Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Oak Tree Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Orchard Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Parkin Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Sleithmoor (Sleetmoor) Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Tissington Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Water Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Wellington 1814 South Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Wellington 1823 North Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (White Lane Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Wind Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick (Wood Pit) Coal SK
Swanwick Common Colliery Coal SK
Swanwick Deep Pit Coal SK
Swanwick Engine Pit Coal SK
Swanwick Old Pit Coal SK
Swanwick Sough Coal SK
Sweeney Pits Coal SJ
Swingate-Babbington Sough Coal SK
Swinney Coal SK
Swinton Common Colliery Coal SK
Swithland Woods Other Rock SK
Sycamore Limestone SJ
Tagg Hill Pit Coal SK
Tagg Lane Lead SK
Talbot Holes Lead SK
Talke Green 5 Coal SK
Talke o'th Hill Coal SJ
Tamworth Colliery Coal SK
Tankersley Coal SK
Tankersley Park Ironstone Pits Iron SK
Tankerville Mixed SO
Tansley Green Coal SK
Tapton & Lockoford Coal SJ
Tapton & Wallsend Coal SK
Tapton Colliery Coal SK
Tapton Grove Colliery Coal SK
Tapton Hall Colliery Coal SK
Tar Tunnel Bitumen SJ
Taylors Pit Coal SK
Taylors Shaft Lead SK
Taynton Limestone SP
Tear Breeches Fluorite SK
Tearne Sandstone SK
Tearsall Farm Fluorite SK
Tedgness Sandstone SK
Temple Fluorite SK
Temple Normanton Colliery Coal SK
Tetford Hill Chalk TF
Teversal (Butcherwood) Coal SK
Teversal Quary Coal SK
Thacker Lead SK
Thatch Marsh Coal SK
Thatch Meadow Lead SK
The Beeches Coal SJ
The Pits Limestone SK
Thingdon Iron SP
Thirbycliffe Coal SK
Thistleton Iron SK
Thistly Close Colliery Coal SK
Thompsons Ancaster Limestone SK
Thoresby Colliery Coal SK
Thorncliffe Coal SK
Thorncliffe Iron Works Iron SK
Thorncliffe Main Coal SK
Thorncliffe Water Drift Coal SE
Thorne Coal SE
Thornhills Sough Lead SK
Thornset Colliery Coal SK
Thornsett Brows Coal SK
Thornsett Hey Coal SK
Thrapston limestone grading and sidings plant Limestone SP
Throstle Bank Adits Coal SK
Thumper Sitch Level Lead SK
Tibbington Colliery No 4 Coal SO
Tibbington Colliery No 8 Coal SO
Tibshelf New Top Coal SK
Tibshelf Old Bottom Coal SK
Tibshelf-Newton Sough Coal SK
Ticknall Mixed SK
Ticknall Lime Yards Limestone SK
Tideslow Rake Lead SK
Timbertree Colliery Coal SO
Timperley Sough Lead SK
Timperley Vein Lead SK
Tin Smelting Co. (Boundy and Owen) Tin SK
Tinkers Barn Limestone SP
Tinkers Drift Colliery Coal SE
Tinkersick Coal SK
Tinkersick Colliery Coal SK
Tinsley Park Collieries Coal SK
Tinsley Park No. 7 Pit Coal SK
Tinsley Park No. 8 Pit Coal SK
Tinsley Park Nos. 2, 4 & 9 pits Coal SK
Tinsley Park Nos. 3, 5 & 6 Pits Coal SK
Tipton Coal SO
Tomfield Pit Coal SJ
Top Cloddy Pit Coal SK
Topley Pike Limestone SK
Topyard Coal SJ
Torr Works Limestone SK
Towcester Ironworks Iron SP
Tower Hill Colliery Coal SJ
Townend Common Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Townfields Coal SK
Trefar Clawdd Coal SJ
Trefonen Coal SJ
Trowell Moor Old Coal SK
Trowell Moor Old Sough Coal SK
Trownymain Colliery Coal SK
Trueblue Lead SK
Trumans Pit Coal SK
Tuckies Coal SJ
Tunstead Limestone SK
Turkey Old Coal SK
Turn Oak Colliery Coal SK
Turners Yard Clay SJ
Turnoak Colliery Coal SK
Twelve Meers Lead SK
Twentylands Lead SK
Two Oaks Coal SK
Two Rakes Head Lead SK
Tynytwmpath Coal SJ
Ughill Fireclay Clay SK
Ulceby Vale Chalk TA
Ulfington Coal SJ
Unstone Colliery Coal SK
Unstone Grange Colliery Coal SK
Unstone Main Coal SK
Unstone Main Colliery Coal SK
Unstone Silkstone Colliery Coal SK
Upper Balldmeer Lead SK
Upper Balls Green Mine Limestone ST
Upper Birchwood Colliery Coal SK
Upper Blobber Lead SK
Upper Cross Lead SK
Upper Cross (Moss Rake West) Calcite SK
Upper Cupola Lead SK
Upper Golconda Lead SK
Upper Gornal 1 Clay SJ
Upper Harper Lead SK
Upper Hartshay Coal SK
Upper Hubbadale Pipe Lead SK
Upper Loads Fireclay Clay SK
Upper Orchard Lead SK
Upper Orchard - Weston Lead SK
Upper White Rake Lead SK
Upperfield Lead SK
Usher Wood Pot Clay Clay SK
Valley Colliery Coal SK
Venusbank Lead SJ
Verge Wood Coal SK
Vergin Lead SK
Vernon Coal SK
Victoria Lead SK
Victoria Coal SJ
Victoria (Hollingwood) Coal SK
Victoria Colliery Coal SK
Victoria Colliery (Rawmarsh) Coal SK
Victoria Colliery (Worsbrough Common) Coal SE
View Limestone SK
Wadsley Common Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Wadsley Park Ganister & Coal Mixed SK
Wagbeach Level Unknown SJ
Waingroves Coal SK
Wakebridge Mine Lead SK
Wakerley Iron SP
Walkers Old Engine Pit Coal SK
Wallow Pit Coal SK
Wallsend Coal SK
Wallsend Colliery Coal SK
Walsall Wood Coal SK
Walton Coal SE
Walton Colliery Coal SK
Walton Hall Colliery Coal SK
Walton Way Drift Coal SK
Wapping Lead SK
Wardlow Sough Lead SK
Warner Limestone SK
Warren House Colliery Coal SK
Warren Vale Colliery Coal SK
Warsop main Coal SK
Wash House Colliery Coal SK
Wasp Nest Vein Sough Lead SK
Water Holes Lead SK
Water Icicle Close Lead SK
Waterbank Lead SK
Watercress Level Unknown SO
Waterfall Lane Colliery Coal SO
Watergrove Lead SK
Watergrove Sough Lead SK
Waterhole Lead SK
Waterloo Bye Pit Coal SK
Waterloo Colliery Coal SK
Waterloo Colliery Coal SK
Waterloo Pit Coal SK
Watermills Footrail 4, 5, 6 Coal SJ
Watersaw Fluorite SK
Watersaw Rake Lead SK
Waterspout Pit Coal SK
Waterswallows Whinstone SK
Watnall Colliery Coal SK
Watts Grove Lead SK
Watts Pit Iron SK